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Thursday, December 31, 2015
December 31, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:04 PM :: 3610 Views
  1. First Hawaiian No Longer Servicing OHA ‘Malama Loans’
  2. State of the State Budget 2016
  3. New High School? What is DoE’s top priority?
  4. Man OK With Pedophilia Loses Bid to Teach Kids
  5. 2015 Wrapup Stories
  6. 14 new state laws to take effect on New Year's Day
  7. Honolulu Charter Commission denies proposals for public vote on rail
  8. Hawaii Medicaid Fraud makes  Top Ten Government Waste List for 2015
  9. Report: Hawaii’s Phony Hi-Tech Tax Credit Schemers Not getting any Venture Capital
  10. State Negotiating New IT Contract in Wake of Obamacare IT Debacle
  11. Kakaako homeless moving into HCDA areas to Evade enforcement and Stay out of Shelter
  12. Minimum wage hike could mean higher prices for consumers
  13. NCAA appeal due or dead Jan 6
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Wednesday, December 30, 2015
December 30, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:07 PM :: 3908 Views
  1. Only Moments Left to Stop Fed Wreck
  2. Last Day: Say "No!" to Interior Department Rule
  3. Grassroot Comments on DOI Proposed Rule
  4. Real ID Begins Jan 10: Will Washington State Residents Need Passport to Fly to Hawaii?
  5. Hawaii’s Expensive Green Energy Program Saves No Energy
  6. KOLEA: After Burning $155M, Hawaii’s Other Obamacare Eligibility System Falls Short
  7. Report: Return County TAT Deal to Status Quo Ante
  8. Hawaii Visitor Arrivals Set New Record for November
  9. Jones Act Unions file protest over crewing of APL Guam
  10. Champagne Taxes? Hawaii Ranks #3 in USA
  11. Overrun by Solar, Wind Scammers, Does HECO need NextEra Bail Out?
  12. Judge Tosses Solar Scammers Suit out of Court
  13. Telescope: Hawaii Supreme Court invalidates lower court documents
  14. Local Food Win: Enviros Fail to Kill off Ahi Fishery
  15. City’s explanation of discrepancies in real property tax assessments don’t satisfy
  16. Caldwell’s Repaving Project Continues to Slip
  17. Star-Adv: Homeless Tent Cities are Not a Solution
  18. After Six Years, Homeless Man Decides to Accept Shelter
  19. AG: Woman Collected Welfare Illegally for 7 Years
  20. Center for Food Safety – Luddite of the Year?
  21. Anti-GMO Councilmember Concerned About Marijuana Strains with ‘Strong Hallucinogenic Properties’
  22. Vandals set fire to Ewa Beach church lawn, destroy religious statues
  23. Advocate of sex with minors kept from becoming Hawaii teacher
  24. Dispute continues over aerial shooting that’s killed thousands of goats, sheep on Mauna Kea
  25. Dengue Hits 190 Cases
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Tuesday, December 29, 2015
December 29, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:56 PM :: 4177 Views
  1. Green Party v Nago: ‘Mistakes were made, Election Office Fell Short’
  2. Hoopili: Is the State Prohibited from Rezoning "Potential" Important Ag Land?
  3. Obama Vacations Cost Nearly $500K per Day
  4. Survey Designed to Push for Long Term Care Insurance Mandate
  5. Top High School Teams to Compete in Lifesmarts Hawaii State Championship
  6. Hawaiian Humane Society restores services under city contract
  7. Lifting US Oil Export Ban could substantially change Jones Act dynamics
  8. Bill to drop American Samoa flight fee reaches Senate
  9. Former Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona appears to set stage for mayoral run
  10. Loophole: Legislators Made marijuana dispensaries tax free
  11. Hawaii County to Hire Dopers for 97% of Jobs
  12. Crushing Defeat for so-called ‘Innocence Project’ as Federal Judge Rejects Tweeker’s Effort to Re-try Murder Conviction
  13. Giant New Year’s Party Moved to Accommodate Homeless Tent City
  14. Lack of Recycling Centers May Drive Homeless out of Rural Locations
  15. Oil Still Accounts for 71.3% of Hawaii Electricity—Dropping Prices Panic Green Energy Profiteers
  16. State regulators roll back the net-metering electricity scam
  17. Alt-Energy Schemers Publish new Rent-a-Poll
  18. Upheaval at KITV
  19. Former med student sues University of Hawaii for sex harassment, termination
  20. Dengue Fever Case Count Holds At 181
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Monday, December 28, 2015
December 28, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:30 PM :: 3525 Views
  1. Gov. Scott Walker to Speak at Hawaii Lincoln Day Dinner
  2. 5 minutes to stop federal creation of a Hawaiian tribe
  3. Housing: Cheaper to Rent than Buy -- only in Honolulu and Silicon Valley
  4. Hawaii Democratic Presidential Caucus Date Changed to Help Clinton beat Sanders
  5. Rewarding Failure: NCAA Bans UH, UH Compliance Director Gets a Promotion, Gib Arnold Gets $700K
  6. Leader of almost 260 meth addicts wants to lease Waianae site for Homeless Tent City
  7. How Can We Get our ‘Medical’ Dope onto Airlines?
  8. Wind Schemers Chased off of North Shore, Focus on Waikiki for Offshore Wind Facility
  9. University Of Hawaii Seeks A Speedier Path To Graduation
  10. We Need More Transparency In Our Public Boards
  11. Hawaii-Made Dengue Vaccine Deployed in Philippines
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Sunday, December 27, 2015
December 26, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:17 PM :: 3224 Views
  1. Delays Upon Delays at DHHL
  2. 5 minutes to stop federal creation of a Hawaiian tribe
  3. KPD implements first body-worn camera program in state
  4. Joint Hearing Set for Marijuana Dispensaries
  5. Big Q: 83% Say Nai Aupuni Must Stop
  6. Telescope project stalled ‘for years’
  7. Aiona for Mayor?
  8. HSTA, UH to Claw Back Millions from Ige Budget
  9. KPD officers 1st in state to use new body-worn cameras, despite SHOPO disapproval
  10. Ignorance: Anti-Pesticide Superstitions Allow Banana Disease to Wipe out Crops
  11. Does Pesticide Exposure Cause Anti-GMO Activism?
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Saturday, December 26, 2015
December 26, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:53 PM :: 3347 Views
  1. Jones Act unfairly hurts Hawaii while jeopardizing security of U.S.
  2. DHHL Funding: Ige to Appeal Court Order?
  3. Gov. Ige goes big on budget for buildings
  4. Prosecutor: Legislature Must Close Baby Killer Loophole
  5. Defending GMOs ‘Right thing to do’
  6. Police Memorial to Begin Construction
  7. Leasehold: State to Loosen its Grip on Hilo Businesses, Resorts
  8. What's next for marijuana in Hawaii?
  9. Obama: “I Feel Small”
  10. Dengue Hits 181
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Friday, December 25, 2015
December 25, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:47 PM :: 3823 Views
  1. How Christmas Came to Hawaii
  2. HART Didn’t Pick Lowest Bid For Rail Stations
  3. ‘Conditional’ -- 22 Delegates Demand Changes to Aha Agenda
  4. Obamacare: COFA Gets 60 Day Extension after 4,300 fail to Reenroll
  5. Ige Issues New Homelessness Emergency Proclamation
  6. Wine & Dine: Rail Lobbyist Chairs Honolulu Charter Commission
  7. Hawaii Attorney General to Push for Nationwide Marijuana Legalization?
  8. Judge upholds rule allowing more Hawaii bigeye tuna fishing
  9. Electric Vehicles Less Than 1% of Total
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Thursday, December 24, 2015
December 24, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:35 PM :: 3366 Views
  1. How Christmas Came to Hawaii
  2. Leaked Email Reveals Aha Agenda
  3. Need a Job? OHA is Hiring
  4. Judges Lead Grassroots Effort to Help Landlords and Tenants Curb Evictions
  5. 2016: Unemployment Taxes to Drop 26%
  6. Airport Division Turned Blind Eye to Sex Harassment
  7. Nai Aupuni Leaves Rowena Akana, two others out of Oprah Aha
  8. 2016 Legislative Calendar Released
  9. HART Didn’t Pick Lowest Bid For Rail Stations
  10. Unfunded liabilities for Hawaii's state pension increase this year and will keep rising until 2023
  11. Anti-GMO Activists Act Without Giving Much Thought
  12. Family Flees Honolulu Finds Paradise in Houston, Texas
  13. Child Molester Exploits Homeless Teen—Gets 10 Years
  14. Allow ride-hailing, taxis to innovate
  15. Milner: Ige should hand more money to Profligate UH Administrators 
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Wednesday, December 23, 2015
December 23, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:02 PM :: 7283 Views
  1. Mafia Godfather Larry Mehau Dies
  2. NCAA Suspends Gib Arnold – UH Regents Then Award Him Another $700K
  3. 5 OCCC guards accused of smuggling drugs—back at work after 30 Day Suspension
  4. UH Coverup: Did Asbestos Litigation Shake Down Fund UH Cancer Center?
  5. State hosted Obama’s roots but (fortunately) isles don’t reap his fruits
  6. Founder of Kamehameha Schools would almost certainly have supported the telescope project
  7. Those wary of Monsanto’s aim should tour its property
  8. What Could $1.5 Billion Buy You (Besides More Of The Rail Project)?
  9. HART awards 3 Station contract to Nan, Inc.
  10. Jones Act great for some but most of us here suffer
  11. Marijuana Grow-Op Faces $1.5M Electric Bill
  12. Espero Still Pushing For More Citizen Oversight Of The Police
  13. Kenoi Staffers Claim he is Going to Make Appointments to Ethics Commission
  14. Residents to challenge property assessments
  15. Hawaii: 11,000 New Residents for 2015
  16. Lawyers Show Homeless How to Evade City Sweeps, Stay out of Shelter by Moving to State Parcels
  17. Ige’s homelessness plan just a start
  18. Businesses blame King Street bike lane on drop in sales
  19. LEDs Produce 40% Electricity Savings
  20. CPA mobility bills unlikely to gain traction next year
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Tuesday, December 22, 2015
December 22, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:48 PM :: 4153 Views
  1. What Is The Office Of Hawaiian Affairs?
  2. Akina, Chang, Lilly: Is Nai Aupuni State-Sponsored?
  3. Ige Presents Supplemental Budget--$31B in New Spending
  4. OHA Publishes 2015 Annual Report
  5. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted December 21, 2015
  6. GAO: Freeze Funding for Littoral Combat Ship Building
  7. NCAA: Arnold violated NCAA ethical conduct rules, UH Program Banned
  8. Ige Budget Coverage
  9. Will Duke Aiona Run For Mayor Of Honolulu?
  10. Half of Nai Aupuni Candidates Fail to Register for Oprah Aha
  11. ‘We got crushed’: NCAA hands down sanctions against UH
  12. Gov. Ige puts lump of coal in UH’s coffers
  13. $250 million for Rail part of a year-end Congressional spending bill
  14. Airports Division 3 years Behind on $2.7B Modernization Program
  15. NextEra Testimony: How Lawyer Planted ‘HECO as a Snack’ Remark in Media
  16. NextEra-HECO to put almost all intervenors on the stand
  17. Federal Budget: Corporate Welfare Continues to Flow to Wind Farms, Solar Contactors
  18. Why is island hopping so expensive?
  19. State has yet to lend out one penny of $150M in solar loan funds
  20. Investors’ claim triggered Hoana Medical bankruptcy  (Latest Act 221 Debacle)
  21. Hawaii’s flawed ‘concealed carry’ law makes us easy victims
  22. Dengue fever outbreak in Hawaii has global impact
  23. GMO Primary: Ilagan vs Idiot Ruderman in Puna
  24. City Crew To Sweep Kakaako — Again
  25. How City Charter will Provide Kyo Ya End Run
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Monday, December 21, 2015
December 21, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:30 PM :: 3730 Views
  1. Report: Hawaii Youth Drug Overdose Deaths Double
  2. 2018: Hanabusa vs Ige?
  3. HART Plays ‘Big Game of Chicken’ With Council
  4. Billionaire’s Website Favors HSTA Plan to Make Peasants Pay 25% More GE Tax
  5. After Decades of pandering to Filipino WW2 Vets – Hirono asks Obama to finally Let a few 80-year olds into USA
  6. ‘Natural’ Supplements Industry Behind Overharvesting of Sea Cucumbers
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Sunday, December 20, 2015
December 20, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:36 PM :: 3733 Views
  1. How Christmas Came to Hawaii
  2. The Racial Spoils System Invents a Tribe for Native Hawaiians
  3. HRC: Hawaii Counties Not Gay Enough
  4. UH Manoa #1 in Eyes of Chinese Communists
  5. GEMS: Gets Everyone’s Money Swiftly
  6. Lawsuit: OHA Paying Lawyers Millions of Dollars to Evade Sunshine Law
  7. Na‘i Aupuni convention unlikely to craft anything credible or legal
  8. Hawaii Republican Presidential Caucus -- So far, GOP’s nominee for president is anyone’s guess
  9. Ige Budget Constrained by Act 268
  10. NextEra hearing delayed Until February
  11. Hawaii reading scores improved after ‘preschool to third grade’ initiative
  12. States Are Struggling To Keep Medical Weed Safe
  13. Church opens Work Farm for the Homeless
  14. Bill 85 Requires Taxi meters for Uber, Lyft
  15. Aloha Stadium study waiting on direction from Gov. Ige
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Saturday, December 19, 2015
December 19, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:08 PM :: 3786 Views
  1. A new test on Hawaii’s future?
  2. Latest On The Hawaiians-Only-Oprah/Costco-Everyone-Wins Election
  3. The U.S. Constitution Still Applies to Hawaii
  4. VIDEO: Law & Corruption in Hawaii
  5. TAT Already Applies to TVRs—but DoTax Not Enforcing it
  6. State Quietly Approves Oceanic-Charter Merger
  7. Video: Millennials as Free Market Champions
  8. Hawaii Poorly Prepared to Resist Infectious Disease Outbreak
  9. Wastebook 2015: The Farce Awakens
  10. HECO Overstaffed, Underskilled—1,000 Deadwood Employees Boost your Electric Rates
  11. New law: Tax Credits for Alt-Energy Projects to Begin Before the Projects are Built
  12. Ige: State Had trouble getting Truth from Health Exchange
  13. Treatment of troubled youth better in Hawaii
  14. Should Hawaii caregivers receive training in-hospital?
  15. Gun permit applicants denied over medical dispute
  16. OCCC Overcrowded, Fobs Prisoners off on Feds
  17. Military tops isle spending gains
  18. Obama Returns Again
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Friday, December 18, 2015
December 18, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:23 PM :: 3266 Views
  1. Hawaii Family Advocates Geared up for 2016 Legislative Session
  2. Fake Energy Savings? Airport Division Lets Contractor Write its own Check for 20 Years
  3. Audit: Old Contracts Tie Up DHHL Special Funds
  4. HHSC, DoH: Nineteen special funds and two trust funds did not meet criteria
  5. Judiciary: Six Funds out of Compliance
  6. Vegetarian Questions
  7. Obama to Arrive Tomorrow
  8. Decision to forgo election toxic for Nai Aupuni
  9. Rail costs rise another $12M—and More Overruns Expected Soon
  10. Building Costs Day by Day--Rail Contracts Delayed Until Tax Passes
  11. NextEra Energy expected Hawaii's governor to favor sale of Hawaiian Electric
  12. Kauai utility's members have each saved nearly $1,000 in 2015
  13. Obamacare: Hawaii Insurance Rate Hikes Among Top 4 in USA
  14. Obamacare: Only 8,000 re-enroll for 2016 
  15. Caregiving mandates could cost Hawaii hospitals an extra $23M
  16. Covanta Contract Reeks of Corruption
  17. City property appraisal not legal, attorney says
  18. Dengue Cases up to 160
  19. Kauai Pesticide Report Delayed to Jan 6
  20. Ala Wai Sewage Spill—Caldwell Had Nobody Watching Largest Sewage Pumping Station
  21. State's largest prison over capacity, with plumbing and cell lock problems
  22. Feds Fine Hawaiian Air for Cheating Customers

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Thursday, December 17, 2015
December 17, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:41 PM :: 4118 Views
  1. VIDEO: Hawaii Could Still Get the Fed Wreck
  2. 5 minutes to stop federal creation of a Hawaiian tribe
  3. Science--The Life of the Land
  4. Feds: ‘Organic Farms and General Opposition to Chemicals Present Insurmountable Obstacle’ to Dengue Eradication
  5. Lawsuit: Deadly ‘Natural’ Supplement contained “methamphetamine-like chemical”
  6. Desperate: Obamacare Deadline Extended 48 Hours
  7. Honolulu Awarded Sexual Assault Justice Initiative Grant
  8. Honolulu: Average Small Business Invoices $105K per Year
  9. Class Action Suit Filed over Canceled Soccer Game
  10. With TMT project stalled, heavy equipment removed from Mauna Kea
  11. Ige: Telescope Waiting on State, State Waiting on a District Court Judge
  12. Peter Apo Debunks Claims of ‘Sacred’ Mauna Kea
  13. Williamson Chang: Nai Aupuni Convention Contrary to Supreme Court Order
  14. Kauai Council—$800 per Year GE Tax Hike to pay for Plan to Force you out of your car
  15. Honolulu Charter Rewrite Just for Kyo Ya Developers
  16. City Puts 465 Homeless into Homes
  17. City says number of documented homeless could grow in new year
  18. HPD chief outlines body cam plans, challenges Police Commission Discipline
  19. Kakaako Street ownership dispute clouds rail acquisition
  20. Honolulu, Kahului rank low in airport survey
  21. Dengue fever outbreak in Hawaii biggest in 60 years—thanks to anti-pesticide activists
  22. How the Fed's rate hike makes Hawaii’s biggest problem even tougher
  23. Amicable Divorce?  Hawaii Ranks #11
  24. Poll: Hawaii 3rd Most Desired State
  25. Hawaii: 2nd Fewest Gun Dealers Per Capita
  26. Eco-Shysters Study Fisheries Agreements for Path to Total Shutdown

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015
December 16, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:21 PM :: 4793 Views
  1. Nai Aupuni’s "Oprah Theory Of Elections"
  2. Grassroot: Nai Aupuni is undercutting its own efforts
  3. Hawaii Ranked in Bottom Five States for Economic Freedom
  4. Word with Ward: Portnoy, Kato Discuss Shield Law
  5. Honolulu Is the 11th Best City for Singles
  6. DoH Posts Interim Administrative Rules For Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  7. Study: Honolulu Lowest Per-Patient Health Spending in USA
  8. Criminal Hee Claims ‘Food Allergies’ Should Exempt him from Prison—Sentencing Delayed Again
  9. "Nai Aupuni has the integrity of a Costco membership at this point."
  10. Ritte: “Bad Joke -- It’s not going to Work.”
  11. Nai Aupuni Devolves into Embarrassing Circus
  12. Big Island Delegates May Take $4000 Bribe
  13. Nai Aupuni: Dwindling Time Left for Tribal Cronies
  14. New Lawsuit Challenges Nai Aupuni Blood Quantum
  15. Honolulu Charter Commission Exempts itself from Ethics Disclosure, Plans Kyo-Ya Amendment
  16. Obamacare Deadline Extended 48 Hours
  17. Health reform's escape hatch may be too narrow for states seeking to use it
  18. Kohala: Existing Pot Growers Demand Protection from State-Controlled Corporate Crony Marijuana
  19. Anti-Dairy Obsessives at Kauai Meeting with Governor
  20. ‘Deficiencies’ found in dengue effort—More Pesticide Needed, anti-Pesticide Activists Remain Silent
  21. DOE tackling shortage of special education teachers
  22. Charter School Paying $110K/Month for Portable Classroom
  23. Criminal Al Hee Sentencing Delayed Until January 6
  24. Kauai police chief explains body camera usage, despite union protest
  25. Lawyer Targets Police After Arrest of Monk Seal Harasser – Caldwell Panders
  26. Criminals, Thieves Cleared out of Kewalo
  27. Hawaii Renters Among Most Cost-Burdened
  28. State's unclaimed property pot exceeds $200M
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Tuesday, December 15, 2015
December 15, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:04 PM :: 4123 Views
  1. Nai Aupuni Terminates Election—$5000 Bribe Offered to Delegates for a Self-Appointed ‘Aha of Cronies
  2. Internet tax ban could offer relief for Hawaii businesses
  3. 87 Times More Homeless in Honolulu than Las Vegas
  4. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted December 14, 2015
  5. Trump Files to be on the Ballot in Hawaii
  6. Another Triumph of Jones Act Shipbuilding: USS Milwaukee breaks down on Maiden Voyage
  7. HSTA Taxes Without End—$750M / year Forever
  8. Kauai Council Considering Massive GE Tax Hike
  9. Caldwell Turns on Kealoha—But Still Claims he has no Authority over Chief
  10. Micronesians Face Long Waits as ObamaCare Deadline Today
  11. Feds to Stick Hawaii With 3% Obamacare Fee
  12. HPD detective arrested on suspicion of abuse of family member
  13. Maui Jail Overcrowded
  14. Hawaii a model for how to improve K-12 education
  15. Others have shown interest in buying Hawaiian Electric, Gov. David Ige says
  16. 70 Pages of Secret NextEra Documents to be Made Public
  17. Excuses: Ige Claims lack of infrastructure on state-owned lands stymies development
  18. Kakaako Homeless Sweep—One More Decides to Accept Shelter
  19. Governor turns his back on Hawaii football fans
  20. Honolulu Council Dumps P-Cards in Wake of Kenoi Scandals
  21. Hawaii County Council to Reform Kenoi-Controlled Ethics Commission?
  22. Hawaii County Council Wants to ‘Loosen’ Sunshine Laws
  23. How Casinos Fiscally Impact Counties
  24. Anti-Gun Nuts Disappointed to Report only 16 Gun Deaths in Hawaii
  25. Ivory: Animal Liberation Nuts to Renew Harassment of Antique Dealers, Musicians, Gun Collectors
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Monday, December 14, 2015
December 14, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:38 PM :: 3247 Views
  1. Audit: H-Power Contracts Designed to Hide Waste, Fraud, and Abuse
  2. Court Of Appeals: Pig Hunting is a Traditional Hawaiian Practice (In This Case)
  3. Nai Aupuni, Telescope: If not this, then that.  So settle.
  4. Nai Aupuni Undermines its own Legitimacy
  5. Has the ACLU Tied Homeless Sweeps up in Red Tape?
  6. Hawaii County Police body cameras still in the works
  7. State Energy Bank costs money but has no loan portfolio
  8. Dopers to Run up Multi-Million Dollar Electric Bills
  9. NINBYs, ENVIROs Sue to Block Affordable Housing
  10. Hawaii Republicans Majority-Minority, 50% Female
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Sunday, December 13, 2015
December 13, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:44 PM :: 3530 Views
  1. Law & Corruption in Hawaii
  2. Why you should oppose the DOI Proposed Rule—And How
  3. Charter Commission Agenda: Defer all ‘Proposals to Dismantle HART’
  4. Jonesing for a Fix? Delving into the Merchant Marine Act of 1920
  5. Chained dogs on Legislative Agenda for 2016
  6. An Early Christmas Present from IRS to Heald Students
  7. Star-Adv: Cancelling IT Contracts is Ige’s Only Real Accomplishment
  8. How Many Federal Billions has Hawaii not Spent?
  9. TAT already applies to TVRs but state lacks ability to ensure compliance
  10. ‘Worst state for doing business’
  11. Mountain’s sacredness seems a recent thing
  12. Ige: UPW, HGEA to Represent Workers at Kaiser-Controlled Maui Memorial Hospital
  13. Bunda Lined up to Take Ernie Martin’s Seat
  14. City Lets Varona Village Decay for 20 Years
  15. Dengue outbreak largest in US State in more than 60 years
  16. Report: Hawaii Best State for African-American Students
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Saturday, December 12, 2015
Letters to the Editor, December, 2015
By Letters to the Editor @ 9:41 PM :: 4316 Views
Chained dogs on Legislative Agenda for 2016
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Saturday, December 12, 2015
December 12, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:25 PM :: 3767 Views
  1. A Short History of Islam in Hawaii
  2. ‘Hawaii’s George Soros': The Hidden Funding Behind Efforts to Disrupt Hillary Clinton’s Opponents
  3. Wanna Be A Drug Dealer? Hawaii has an Opportunity for You
  4. After Telescope defeat: “It would be very hard for a new project to come here, ever”
  5. Hawaii's Telescope Controversy Is the Latest in a Long History of Land-Ownership Battles
  6. Hoana Medical—Another Act 221 Tax Credit Company Goes Bankrupt
  7. Ige Still Chasing Vaporware – The Key to 100% Renewable is a non-existent technology
  8. Obama Coming to Hawaii Dec 19
  9. Thanks to ACLU, Kakaako Makai Homeless Sweeps Tangled up in Red Tape!
  10. Police Union to Fight Against Deployment of Body Cams on Kauai?
  11. Doped Up Cop, firefighter told medical pot not OK at police, fire departments
  12. Homosexual Child Molester Chases Boy in Kaneohe
  13. All Four Counties Switching to LED Streetlights
  14. Attorney: Aloha Stadium turf inspection finds flaws
  15. Court Upholds Right to Tresspass
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Friday, December 11, 2015
December 11, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:40 PM :: 4855 Views
  1. Medicare Penalizes Maui Memorial, Pali Momi, Wahiawa General over Safety Incidents
  2. Hawaii: 64% of your income for infant child care
  3. After Recent Failures, Ige Admin Revamps IT Project Approval Process
  4. UHERO Hawaii Forecast: Expansion Will Continue, Despite Global Challenges
  5. Education: U.S. House Passes ObamaCORE!
  6. Recent IT Failures Cost State $259M
  7. Marumoto vs Trump
  8. Hawaii County review of Kenoi’s alleged spending scandal stalls, while state investigation continues
  9. HPD Latest: Overtime irregularities, theft and kidnapping
  10. Lawmaker wants police commission to have disciplinary powers
  11. Charter school stricken by financial strain
  12. Teachers want action at ‘unsafe’ Pahoa school after spate of violence
  13. Advocates continue to lobby for CARE Act as caregivers increase in Hawaii
  14. HIRA Summed Up
  15. Homeless Dump Feces in Downtown Mailboxes
  16. NextEra Merger News
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Thursday, December 10, 2015
December 10, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:07 PM :: 4748 Views
  1. Why You Should Mahalo the Grassroot Institute
  2. HSTA Launches Push for 25% GE Tax Hike
  3. Hawaii Island Energy Cooperative would deliver transformation better, faster and cheaper
  4. National Report: Hawaii Ranks 6th in Protecting Kids from Tobacco
  5. Gambling with our health in 2016
  6. Report: Hawaii Ranks #1 in Overall Health
  7. Christmas Comes Early for Teachers’ Unions With No Child Left Behind Rewrite
  8. Sugar Subsidies to be Cut in Budget Bill?
  9. Another Muslim Makes Unsubstantiated Claims of Honolulu Harassment
  10. Muslim Leaves Suspicious Package at Honolulu Airport, Then Retrieves it, Escapes 
  11. Don’t increase GET to fund HSTA plan
  12. Honolulu Council Approves Massive GE Tax Hike for Rail
  13. Hawaii Internet access tax will end under bill expected to pass Congress—Consumers to Save $20M
  14. Ige: Opposing NextEra is a Key Achievement of My First Year in Office 
  15. Schatz--Talking to an Empty Chair
  16. As deadline looms most have yet to re-enroll in Obamacare
  17. Kaiser, HMSA Hike Rates, Cut Coverage for 20,000 Seniors
  18. U.S. Bids A Not-So-Fond Farewell To ‘No Child Left Behind’
  19. Kakaako Sweeps to Begin Again--110 Tents Put up by Homeless Refusing to Accept Shelter
  20. Kenoi not doing his job but Won’t Resign
  21. Bobby Bunda Raising Money to Succeed Ernie Martin—in 2016?
  22. Shutting Down rail project Would Save Billions
  23. HPD Officer Arrested After Allegedly Beating Trucker
  24. Video: Police Officer Takes Down Monk Seal Harasser
  25. City council considers stricter rules for taxis, rideshare companies
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Wednesday, December 9, 2015
December 9, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:50 PM :: 3482 Views
  1. Hawaii Might Finally Be Forced To Include Military Among ‘We The People’
  2. Retired Hawaii police officers frustrated by barriers to concealed carry
  3. Teacher Quality? Hawaii Scores D+
  4. No Joke: Hanabusa named Distinguished Visiting Scholar at UH Manoa
  5. Robotics championship to qualify Hawaii teams for World event
  6. 2015 Most Charitable States--Hawaii Ranks 21st
  7. Ige Seeking Applicants for 170 Boards and Commissions
  8. Rail: Massive GE Tax Hike Proposed Without Cap
  9. HSTA urges 25% GE tax increase -–$750M/year to Lard Coffers
  10. Lawmakers Criticize University of Hawaii Budget, Maintenance
  11. HMSA tells kupuna they’ll pay more
  12. Insiders Still Pushing Federal ‘Rule’ for Fake Indian Tribe
  13. What The Supreme Court’s TMT Decision Didn’t Say
  14. Amid union dispute, police body cams remain stacked in supply closet
  15. HECO's Smart Grid roll-out continues to be plagued by delays
  16. How Pothole May Cost The City $1.2M
  17. Tsutsui Uses Soccer Debacle to Push ‘Sports Authority’
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Tuesday, December 8, 2015
December 8, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:58 PM :: 3717 Views
  1. GEMS: Electric Ratepayers Pay Millions for Nothing
  2. Evenwel: Will Supreme Court Overturn 50 Years of Hawaii Apportionment Law?
  3. Nai Aupuni: The View from Outside the Hawaii Bubble
  4. Debating Inouye on Jones Act
  5. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted December 7, 2015
  6. Gauging Home Affordability: The Challenge
  7. Does Your State Adjust Its Income Tax Brackets For Inflation?
  8. Hawaii might finally be forced to include military among ‘We the People’
  9. Existing Mauna Kea Telescopes at Risk thanks to Supreme Court: ‘Master Lease is Holy Grail’
  10. Protests over Mauna Kea unlikely to ever go away Thanks to State’s Miserable 1978 Constitution
  11. March 8 Hawaii GOP Caucus—Civil Beat Gets Almost Everything Wrong
  12. Anti-GMO Activists Team up with Rail Consultant to Ramp up Fear
  13. PUC Approves Another Ridiculously Expensive Electric Supply Contract
  14. Thanks to UPW, Repairs to Public Housing Cost $820M
  15. Hawaii Democrats Join 10-State Push for ‘Debt-Free’ College Tuition
  16. Hawaii Universities Ranked by Earnings of students
  17. Airport Div Cancels Commuter Terminal, Wastes Three Years
  18. Woman prisoner claims she repeatedly had sex with male, female guards
  19. Legal dispute brewing between state, U.S. Soccer over cancelled soccer match
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Monday, December 7, 2015
December 7, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:26 PM :: 3246 Views
  1. Forgotten Honouliuli: Jack Burns, Police Spy
  2. A-1 A-Lectricitian--Feds Overreach on Election Regulation
  3. KIUC Nominating Committee Selects 5 Candidates for Board Election
  4. Pearl Harbor Day
  5. Maybe Hee’s pals could repay funds?
  6. ACLU Policy Helping Homeless Stay Homeless
  7. NextEra hearings need more light
  8. FSM Resolution Calls for Early Termination of COFA Agreement
  9. Ethanol Requirement Expires Dec 31
  10. Native Americans Warn Native Hawaiians of the Dangers of Federal Recognition
  11. Dengue Could Last for Months
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Sunday, December 6, 2015
December 6, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:34 PM :: 3252 Views
  1. Please! Spend More!
  2. US Soccer Champs Cancel -- Aloha Stadium Unsafe Field
  3. Telescope: Will TMT Stick Around for more of the Hawaii Treatment?
  4. Nai Aupuni Seriously Unraveling
  5. Guam plebiscite case similar, different from Hawaii
  6. Insiders Now Control All Top UH Positions—No Longer Have Anybody to Blame
  7. DHHL needs reform to go along with added funding
  8. FACE says ‘No Cap’: Council Should Give Rail Anything it Wants
  9. Maui Council proposes 2016 legislative package
  10. Affordable Housing: Can we blame outsiders for Conditions we Created Ourselves?
  11. 67-Year Old Building Demolished Without Historic Review
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Saturday, December 5, 2015
December 5, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:36 PM :: 4154 Views
  1. The Hawaii Supreme Court's Fractured Rationale For Invalidating The TMT Permit
  2. Full Text: Court Orders State to Fund Hawaiian Homelands
  3. Fitch: We Anticipate Successful NextEra Merger
  4. NASA: Antarctic ice growth causing Sea Levels to DROP
  5. Muslim Complains Hawaii Less Whipped Down by Political Correctness than California
  6. Phobia of Stupidity in High Places
  7. Hawaii gun sales not rising with the rest of the nation
  8. Christian Escapes Muslims in Iran -- Murdered by Muslims in California
  9. Hawaii's housing problem could be fixed by modifying regulation
  10. NextEra’s plans largely confidential
  11. Getting Rid of Obamacare Exchange Costing State Another $27M-$30M
  12. List of Criminal Hee Political Contributions
  13. Retaliation? State firing Kulani prison warden
  14. Former Police Commissioner Demands Kealoha Resignation
  15. Ungrateful Bums Trash Apartment but Landlord Wiling to Try Again
  16. More Than 25% of City Garbage Trucks Broken Down
  17. Schatz Goes to Paris for Global Cooling Denier Summit
  18. Can we GMO our way out of the mosquito mess?
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Friday, December 4, 2015
December 4, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:34 PM :: 4714 Views
  1. Hawaii Biotech Receives Contract To Develop Dengue Vaccine–Anti-GMO Activist Gabbard Supports
  2. Akana: OHA Employees ‘Suspiciously’ Placed at Top of Na’i Aupuni Ballot
  3. CATO: US Constitution Still Applies to Nai Aupuni
  4. “Green McCarthyism”--A leading solar advocacy group is drawing criticism from its own industry
  5. Employment Opportunities with the Hawaii State Legislature
  6. New Program Helps Hawaii’s Young Male Victims of Sex Trafficking
  7. VIDEO: Things you need to know about medical marijuana dispensaries
  8. Am Samoa: New Embarrassments for Faleomavaega sister
  9. Does Transit-Oriented Development Need the Transit?
  10. Feds Scoop up $10M from Hawaii Criminal, Civil Actions
  11. Census Bureau Releases New ACS Data for Hawaii
  12. Its Official: Hawaii Obamacare Exchange Finally Closed
  13. The End for Telescope Construction in Hawaii?
  14. Telescope opponents: Construction equipment must be removed
  15. Will Rent-Seekers Find Way to Shut Down Haleakala Telescope?
  16. A very busy time for court rulings on Hawaiian issues
  17. HART Plan to Open Partial rail System for Propaganda Purposes
  18. Caldwell Admin Caught Lying about Failed Trash Pickups
  19. 1500 Homeless Moved into Housing Every Year—And its not enough
  20. $1000/plate: Yet Another Caldwell Fundraiser
  21. Mental evaluation ordered for former Maui police officer charged with exposing himself
  22. Dengue Count Hits 136—Biotech Vaccine Contract Signed—No anti-Vaxxers in Sight
  23. Monsanto ‘Roundup' Cases Proceed in Calif. Courts
  24. Desperate: Old Boys Still Rely on Inouye to Defend Jones Act
  25. Native Hawaiians Take out $4.2B in Mortgages
  26. NextEra News
  27. Muslim Shooter came from Pakistan in 2014—Obama says, Lets invite some more
Read More..
Thursday, December 3, 2015
December 3, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:01 PM :: 5966 Views
  1. Open Letter to OHA: Defund Nai Aupuni
  2. Full Text: US Supreme Court Affirms Injunction Against Nai Aupuni
  3. Full Text: Hawaii Supreme Court Invalidates Telescope Building Permit
  4. The Nai Aupuni Ship is Sinking
  5. Hawaii Hotels Will Collect $271M in “Resort Fees” This Year
  6. Politicians and pals of convicted criminal Al Hee push judge for lenience
  7. Only 4,500 Sign up for Coverage as Obamacare deadline looms
  8. Nextera hearings: Customers to fund $30B ‘green’ goal
  9. Solar Contractors Fighting to Keep Electric Rates High
  10. Iwase: Lack Of Transparency At NextEra Hearing Is ‘Going To Smell’
  11. Star-Adv Pushes GE Tax Hike on Airlines
  12. Lawyer: Ethics Comm Must investigate Planning Department Relationship with Haseko
  13. State Ethics Panel Wants To Make Disclosures Easier For State Officials
  14. Hawaii Shippers Council expects Hawaii legislature to discuss Jones Act reform next year
  15. Hawaii Reduces Deficient Bridges by 63%
  16. Kauai Anti-GMO Activists Still Can’t Find Any Victims
  17. Iolani cancels Christmas excursions Due to Excessive Number of Muslim Terrorists in Europe
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Wednesday, December 2, 2015
December 2, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:37 PM :: 3703 Views
  1. Auditor: More Charter Schools Could Face Financial Collapse
  2. Gabbard: Obama Could Cause ‘Devastating Nuclear War’ With Russia
  3. Planned Parenthood Turns Tragedy Into Censorship
  4. NextEra to build, own and operate solar energy systems for Navy in Hawaii
  5. Visitor Arrivals Set New Record, but Spending Drops
  6. Court voids permit for construction of Thirty Meter Telescope
  7. Progressives Denounce you for Opposing Syrian Muslim Refugees—While ISIS Cheers ‘Lions’ of Islam for Murdering 14 at Calif. Center for Disabled
  8. East Oahu Billionaire, Ige Admin Team Up to Promote State’s Largest Homeless Tent City—on Waianae coast
  9. ACLU Homeless Sweep Lawsuit Going to Mediation
  10. Maui Mayor Arakawa Five Point Program to Force Homeless to Accept Shelter
  11. NextEra: Rooftop Solar Contractors Fight Industrial Solar Contractors For Control of Your Electricity
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Tuesday, December 1, 2015
December 1, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:18 PM :: 3631 Views
  1. Desperate: Nai Aupuni Extends Voting
  2. What’s Next in Akina vs Na’i Aupuni Case?
  3. Judicial Watch: “A state election has been stopped on civil rights grounds”
  4. UH: Mauna Kea better off under our Stewardship
  5. As PUC Hearings Begin, NextEra Touts Old-Boy Network of Supporters
  6. “Should HECO be converted into electric cooperatives?” (video)
  7. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear A-1 A-Lectrician Case
  8. Revolving Door: KITV Reporter Becomes Caldwell ‘Information Officer’
  9. DBEDT: 47% of neighbor island homes sold to out-of-state residents
  10. Monsanto uses less than 1% of Total Hawaii Pesticides
  11. Video: Jones Act Business Forum
  12. Petition: Puerto Rico Demands Freedom from Jones Act
  13. Sending Christmas trees to Hawaii costs more than sending them to Singapore
  14. State Begins Construction on Kakaako Homeless Shelter
  15. Cost of NextEra: $7000 per Family
  16. Nai Aupuni Extends Voting—“Clearly they had a dismally low number of people participating”
  17. Na‘i Aupuni squares off with the U.S. Constitution
  18. Nai Aupuni Has Parallels on Guam
  19. Health Connector’s end extended to Friday
  20. State Claims Computer Crash Not Caused by ‘Cyber Monday’ Overload
  21. Ige Admin: PISCES Must Make Money for Ariyoshi or be De-Funded
  22. Filmmaker tried to push out Maui film commissioner
  23. Hawaii Airport Parking Rates Increase 20% to 25%
  24. Kailua NIMBYs Find New Way to harass Small Business
  25. Armed Homosexual Child Molester Hunted in Waipahu
  26. Supreme Court Digs Into Redistricting
  27. 2,900 HIV/AIDS Cases in Hawaii
  28. Dengue Cases Hit 112
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