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Thursday, September 30, 2010
September 30, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:54 PM :: 6429 Views

Flashback: Neil Abercrombie rejects Investigation of Pay-to-Play Earmark Schemes

HCF: Blank votes beat all BoE Candidates

Djou: HR2378 will hurt Chinese tourism in Hawaii

Source: Kiewit set to sock City with major change order on rail project

43% of school board votes left blank on Oahu

KITV’s Denby Fawcett launches attack on Aiona

Democrat Shapiro calls latest RGA Aiona ad “a test fart”

Piltz says views in line with Arakawa, supports candidate

HGEA to demand legislature make salaries secret

CB Opinion: Honolulu Should Not Start Rail Construction Until Engineering is Complete and Final Cost is Known

Hirono, Djou split votes on spending measure

Democrat Borreca uses Rolfing book to bash Christians

Rep. Gene Ward Sponsors Debate on Constitutional Amendment: Elected vs. Appointed Board of Education?

Kamehameha Schools is considering buying the city land currently sought for a hotel

Star-Advertiser still pushing global warming scam

Hawaii tops nation in millionaires per capita

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010
September 29, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:03 PM :: 10284 Views

VIDEO: Abercrombie voted for bonuses for Wall Street Execs

Duke and Lynn Team Up Online

Djou introduces legislation requiring community hearings on neighborhood half-way houses

Randy Piltz Endorses Alan Arakawa for Mayor

Willoughby vs Hirono: “A choice between higher taxes and lower taxes”

CB: Aiona Shines at Energy Expo

Hawaii GOP Targets 15 key Districts After Primary

GOP ad campaign backs Aiona

SA: Elections office breathes easier

Justice eludes Hawaiians, OHA study says

Officer's arrest third for HPD this month

As predictable as sunrise, anti-developments activist disrupt Haleiwa hotel meeting

Young Brothers will appeal PUC's interim approval for Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines

Maui Council Candidate Ellie Cochran ‘not proud’ of her criminal past 

CEO resigns Kona Hospital

Laupahoehoe charter school enters final stretch

ONE YEAR LATER: American Samoa works to improve tsunami warning system

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010
September 28, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:43 PM :: 12202 Views

Rothenberg: Democratic poll shows Djou ahead by double digits

CB: Duke 'n Lynn Firing on All Pistons

SA: Aiona’s proposed four-day workweek worth exploring

SA: Democratic-backed anti-Djou commercial's claim does not add up on closer examination

CB: Obama Backs Hanabusa, but GOP Not Scared

The Rundown (post-primary)

Pamela Young: Top BoE vote-getter

Visitor spending up 18%: Hotel occupancy rose by more than 10 percentage points in July

U.S. officials threaten to temporarily take over the state's enforcement of workplace safety

City Council to Homeless: Get Off Our Sidewalks!

Kaua‘i firemen caught fishing off Ni‘ihau in fireboat

Abandoned for 13 years, Hilo housing project stumbles again

Commemorations will mark the anniversary of a tsunami that raked the Pacific islands

Shapiro: The feds have a place in our schools

Jeremy Harris is long gone but his unsold books live on

Obama tells questioner he's 'Christian by choice'

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Monday, September 27, 2010
September 27, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:08 PM :: 12998 Views

Aiona accepts eight debate invitations, Abercrombie declines two

Aiona Video: How can Hawaii rediscover the path toward good-paying jobs?

HCF: Clear lack of vision at the Board of Education

Hanabusa voted to make Hawaii #1 in high taxes

Abercrombie finally cornered into debating, Shapiro spins furiously

HGEA Refuses to endorse molester’s employer Rep Rida Cabanilla for HD 42

Civil unions may be unspoken issue in governor’s race

Kalapa: Greatest issues are economy, business climate

More RTTT money being spent on teachers’ salaries

City's $30M overrun a warning about sloppy management

Utah and Four-Day Workweeks

Caldwell to sign off on fireworks limits

Fair Elections Now Act could help make Congress accountable to us, the conscious, enlightened, and progressive

Hawaii Supreme Court reinstates convicted drug dealer’s law license

Roberts buses involved in 5 deaths

ONE YEAR LATER: Rebuilding continues on ruined homes in Samoa

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Sunday, September 26, 2010
September 26, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:43 PM :: 9093 Views

Aiona accepts eight debate invitations, Abercrombie REJECTS two

Abercrombie and Aiona agree to 2 TV debates, Abercrombie rejects two

Aiona, Finnegan to hold voter meeting in Mililani

Abercrombie admits his education reform proposals based on failed Act 51 disaster

Omidyar’s Kanu Hawaii claims not to be an Abercrombie group

More Omidyar propaganda: Slavery or fertile fields?

Obama e-mail urges support for Hanabusa for Congress

Democrat Borreca still bitter because Manoa liberal Caldwell is unemployed

John Willoughby Answers 10 Questions From Civil Beat

Hannemann’s Landslide Loss Calls For Re-evaluation of Honolulu’s $5.5 Billion Fixed-Rail Project and Openness

Another Energy Audit Criticizes 'Lethargic' Stimulus Spending

Drug suit could net millions for state: State lawyers want the settlements revealed after reaching a deal with the last defendant

Protesters rally against planned hotel in Haleiwa

County Council again delays ethics reform

Risky fish?

State removing people, ungulates, dangerous rocks from Kalalau

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Saturday, September 25, 2010
September 25, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:08 PM :: 13558 Views

Hawaii Family Forum: Did we miss an opportunity?

Rep Karl Rhoads, Oahu Co Democrats try to knock Iraq War Vet off HD 28 ballot

HUD: All Hawaii Federally funded construction projects jeopardized by override of Lingle’s veto

Best for Guard, Reserve: State of Hawaii receives DoD Freedom Award

Hawaii Muslims cancel big September 11 feast, move it to September 11 Julian instead

Aiona has gubernatorial race to himself as foe vanishes 

Abercrombie leaves isles for five days and counting

Duke Aiona accepts two debate invitations, says Abercrombie is stonewalling

Democrat Party officials dispute Iraq War Veteran's candidate eligibility

HUD flags local-hire laws: Housing officials back Lingle's position, but one measure already excludes federal work

Oahu's Muslim Community puts shoes to infidel children

Public financing of Big Island campaigns helps incumbents

Rep. Herkes requests Attorney General review of Hawaii Health System Corporation Loan to Alii Health Center

A Decade of Dispute: Molokai Veterans Go to Federal Court, sue Tavares

Homeless murder self-defense ruling baffles victim's sister

Major pot grower gets 2 months: 80 plants, 6.9 pounds of marijuana found at home

Nakamura surprises self with council showing

Catholophobes block construction of monastery 

Third isle wind farm proposed: The newly formed Kawailoa LLC plans to build up to 43 turbines on the North Shore

Utah egg farm sued slavery contractor on behalf of workers, meanwhile Hawaii eco-farms say ‘not our problem’

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Friday, September 24, 2010
September 24, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:54 PM :: 11379 Views

Forum: Elected or Appointed Board of Education - What is the Best Choice?

Full Text: Aiona, Finnegan unveil energy, environment, agriculture plans

Panos: Kiewit rail construction is unpermitted

VIDEO: New Djou ad rebuts “rattled” National Democrats

Djou makes “Pledge to America”

Djou votes against $14,457,000,000 in new taxes

Hawaii Christian Coalition compares candidates for General Election

New York, Hawaii Top Earners Face Highest Tax Under Obama Plan, Study Says

Aiona sees jobs in energy

Inouye demands $4 TRILLION in new taxes

GOP 'Pledge' makes closing argument to voters

Civil Beat’s Omidyar gives $750,000 to Abercrombie group

KHON2 camera covered with Abercrombie sticker

Hirono votes $14.5 Billion in new taxes, Djou rejects

Ewa Beach website exposes Cabanilla, Espero, Bradshaw 

Cabanilla’s ad may have violated military law

Rape, stabbings, attempted murder as Homelessness Industry keeps homeless on streets out of shelter

SA: Give fireworks ban a chance to make you forget Independence Day just a little

Invasive, hoofed animals fall into policy gap

UH System enrollment tops 60,000

Kyoya Tower Opposed By Environmentalists

KITV: Developer Eyes City Park Land For Haleiwa Hotel

Hawaii County, firm in mediation over asphalt deal

Taxpayers fund eco-scammers retaking Kau council seat

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Thursday, September 23, 2010
September 23, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:21 PM :: 9992 Views

Gubernatorial Debates? Abercrombie says “It’s not my job”

Shapiro tells Hawaii media how to spin debate story

Nov 2: Focus on kids--abolish the current BoE

Aiona/Finnegan campaign releases transportation and health plans

VIDEO: New RGA ad highlights Aiona’s education plan

CNBC VIDEO: Djou on Summers’ resignation, House GOP policy agenda

Full Text: House Republican Caucus "Pledge to America"

Fred Rohlfing’s Island Son Presents an Alternative View of Hawaii Politics

Woodward: Obama at odds with military commanders

Aiona: No new taxes

Aiona pushes 4-day week for the state

KHON: Aiona: Abercrombie ducking debate challenge

Media begins negotiating debate format

Ian Lind echoes Shapiro on how to spin Aiona’s Debate challenge

Boylan: “It’s the most chaotic election we’ve ever had.”

Case: Don’t underestimate Aiona, Abercrombie got 15% GOP crossovers

Adrienne King endorses Aiona/Finnegan ticket

Carlisle to bring ex-aide to City Hall: The mayor-elect says he will nominate his prosecutor's office deputy as managing director

CB: Mazie Hirono Against John Who? In 2nd Congressional District

SA: Protect Hawaii health care law from Obamacare

Hawaii collects more than $100M in back taxes

TIME: Paradise Paradox: Why Life in Hawaii Leads to Early Death

Hawaii Gains Maximum Welfare Funding

CBS News plugs Hawaii 5-0 coast to coast

NLRB rejects complaints against Times

NCQA: Kaiser Permanente is Hawaii's highest-rated health plan

Hawaiian Telcom passes last regulatory hurdle to exit bankruptcy

Tech-firm CEO charged with girl's sexual assault

Lanai Solar Farm Says Mahalo For Upgrade

Council passes fireworks limits

Council Passes Relief In Property Tax Mix-Up

Kauai: Green vigilantes scour island 

Enriques breaks silence to media

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010
September 22, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:03 PM :: 9881 Views

Gubernatorial Debates? Abercrombie says “It’s not my job”

Hanohano: Abercrombie is ducking debate challenge

CNBC VIDEO: Djou on Summers’ resignation, House GOP policy agenda

Aiona presses Abercrombie: Dem accused of ducking debates

Volcanic Ash: Abercrombie's passion, energy and focus aid in election victory

Hawaii gov. candidates begin fall campaign short on funding

True Djou: "I Have Never Voted For a Tax Increase"

Hawaii-based eBay founder won't endorse Whitman for governor

Obama's policies drag down Democratic governors

Honolulu mayoral transition off to a bumpy start

Molokai veterans sue Tavares over ‘threats’

Former state labor inspector indicted on identity theft charges

Fireworks bill: Council set to vote Wednesday

Council delays action on ethics reform: Mayor Kenoi's proposal seen as too stringent

Construction project aims to revitalize Big Island

Non-profits could lose tax exempt status (Thanks, Obama)

Shapiro: Has the train to nowhere reached its destination?

Construction jobs resurgent at Honolulu job fair

Rep. Mark Takai hosts rare D.C. fundraiser

Navy opposes changes to 90-year-old shipping law

Pacifists defeat ultra pacifists -- knotted gun to be displayed

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010
September 21, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:43 PM :: 15856 Views

Debates: Aiona’s Open letter to Abercrombie “All you have to do is say ‘yes’.”

Djou to hold telephone talk-story with constituents

Senate’s only Republican Akaka Bill backer to be stripped of seniority, positions

NYT: In an Ugly Human-Trafficking Case, Hawaii Forgets Itself

Aiona prods Abercrombie to accept his debate plan 

Republicans woo Hannemann voters

Duke vs. Neil: Compare and Decide

Republican crossovers picked weaker Democrat Abercrombie?

Mix of stalwarts and young guns brought Abercrombie success

Carlisle Prepares For Mayoral Transition

Hawaii's next governor won't have much money to play with

Carlisle vs Oshiro over TAT?

Ambition Narcissism Leads to Hawaii Political Turnover

Keeping Up With the Congressionals

Howie Dean’s Democracy For America Backs Hanabusa

Wharton Wishes Willoughby Success in 2010 General Election

Pasha gets PUC approval for interisland shipping

Hawaii's personal income up 0.8% in 2Q

Kaneshiro to reshape crime office

Researcher: Meth decline not linked to campaign

Kaneohe Murder-Suicide Suspect Had 18 prior convictions

Queerty:  IRS: Hawaii Family Forum Must Pay Tax Penalties For Being a Lobbying Group In Disguise

Incest: Bringing Out The Conservative In Everybody

Bedbugs are back in Hawaii  (Thank an environmentalist)

Genetically modified coffee company in Hawaii sold

North Korea To Name New Leadership

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Monday, September 20, 2010
September 20, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:50 PM :: 12198 Views

Duke Aiona challenges Abercrombie to six debates

Republican legislative candidates unite behind action plan

“Voters have spoken: The status quo in Hawaii and in Congress is unacceptable and they want change” – Djou

VIDEO: Djou releases new ad “Making a difference” 

Star Advertiser endorses Aiona’s Debate challenge

Duke Aiona: "The issues ... are too important to have them discussed in the manner I have seen done in the primary."

Hawaii Republicans Unveil 2011 Action Plan

Mufi + Neil = Love?

Abercrombie lovin’ Shapiro suggests (hopes?) GOP should continue where Hannemann left off 

Democrat Borreca: Abercrombie easily slips into bombast

Carlisle cites city finances as top priority

Tavares threatens veterans with retaliation: Molokai vets file suit over planned center

HELL-CO to grab for your “Green”-- electric rate hikes coming thanks to the environmentalists

Concerned citizens Professional activists tour shrimp farm

Senate Panel Approves $218 Million for Defense Projects in Hawaii

UH ties funding request to goals

Apathy In Board Of Ed Elections

Pilago wins North Kona council seat outright

Naeole-Beason Denies Ethics Charges by dope lobby activist 

Third Party and Non-Partisan results

Primary Wrap Up Analysis articles:

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Monday, September 20, 2010
Letters to the Editor September, 2010
By Letters to the Editor @ 12:02 AM :: 6686 Views

Respect and noted excellence

Abercrombie’s capitalist: Printing Mufi’s capitalists’ letter is a “dis-service” to the community

"Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives."  

19 Presidents and no church in sight?

Hawaii newspapers favor Democrats over 20-9 

Primaries disenfranchise General?

Vet Center of Hawaii Outreach

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Sunday, September 19, 2010
September 19, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:55 PM :: 11628 Views

Primary Election Results—THIRD READ

Kaauwai congratulates Aiona-Finnegan

Democrat team: Abercrombie, Schatz, and Larry Mehau

Neil Abercrombie 2009: A year of corruption

"We don't want Abercrombie"

Voters voted against Hannemann, not in favor of Abercrombie

Aiona plans to concentrate on economic recovery and job creation

Omidyar’s Kanu Hawaii scammers key to Abercrombie victory ($100/barrel oil anybody?)

ILind: Mufi got smoked

Oshiro beats Okino in closely watched Hawaii House race

Turnout Drops to 40.9% vs 42.35% in the 2006 Gubernatorial primary

Carlisle Wins Honolulu Mayor's Race

Wrap-up articles on individual races

Voting machines malfunction as confused voters cast spoiled ballots on election day

SA: Politicians must stem isles' rising poverty rate

With China's largest carrier, Hainan Airlines, yet to take to island skies, the state is looking for other carriers to begin service to Hawaii

Chinatown raids: HPD's gambling sweeps yielded cash, surveillance equipment and gaming machines, but no arrests

Kona Hospital Foundation leader indicted for forgery

Academy plans cut military activity

Sending a meth message, does it work?

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Saturday, September 18, 2010
September 18, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:53 PM :: 9103 Views

Find Your Polling Place -- Polls open 7AM to 6PM TODAY

Washington Times: Sandwich Isles Communications poised to go into bankruptcy

The Tsunami and Mufi’s Samoan Connection

American Samoa Dept. of Education Exec Arrested for Witness Tampering, Obstruction

New Gaza aid convoy to undermine peace talks

On eve of vote, Abercrombie, Hannemann acrimony visible in Hilo

Hannemann says he takes fruit that comes out of nowhere, bops on head

SA: Rundown of competitive legislative Races

Absentee Voting Sets Record

CNN: Hawaiians head to the polls for bitter primary battle

Hawaii Family Forum to refocus on charity work, ease lobbying

House candidates clash over civil unions

Gay Union Local 5 buys anti-Hannemann ads

Hawaii reaches agreement with feds on overseas ballots for Nov. 2 election

Recktenwald talks about efficiencies during his first remarks as chief justice

Obamanomics: Hawaii median income drops by $8500

Global Horizons: Kauai Coffee slaves want to get rich off us

State of the City 2010: Oahu Infrastructure is Failing

Rob Tam’s HQ vandalized

HPD lieutenant charged with abuse by his Sergeant wife

'Cluster' home project causes stir

WSJ: Man From Minnesota Teaches Hawaiians a Thing or Two About Their Own Language

Hundreds Of Maui Voters Placed In Wrong District

Voter registration numbers questionable

Lingle's senior policy adviser to speak in Hilo

More Candidate profiles:

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Friday, September 17, 2010
September 17, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:41 PM :: 10951 Views

Abercrombie predicts Duke Aiona will be next governor

Lingle to host 7th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference

DoT Director Brennon Morioka resigns

Will Hanabusa Support Stopping Tax Hikes on Small Businesses Before Congress Skips Town?

AP: 1986 all over again

Gay-Atheist lobby fails to have Calvin Say disqualified 

Oshiro calls photo of men kissing “negative imagery’

Gay-Atheist lobby extracts $20K from Hawaii Family Forum for opposing gay civil unions

Negative advertising works in Hawaii

Patronage: New Honolulu mayor to decide 137 city jobs

Native Hawaiians: Vulnerability To Early Death At All Ages

Hawaii's first-time unemployment claims drop by 20%

Poverty in Hawaii continues to grow

SA: Complexities of the sun yield clues for forecasts

Senator Hemmings says wife is innocent of theft charges

Republican activists urge crossover vote…for Abercrombie

SA Owner David Black hosts BC Liberal Party leadership meeting at mansion 

Last Minute Fundraising reports:

More candidate profiles:

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Thursday, September 16, 2010
September 16, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:01 PM :: 12221 Views

Pay to Play: Hawaii faces constitutional challenge

Djou: Most independent, bipartisan member of Hawaii delegation

Aiona: My Appointed BoE would make Audit a top priority

Prevedouros: Case, Carlisle panic

GOP: Ed Case repeats losing three-way Special Election strategy

Mayoral race: Ed Case appeals for crossover votes

Carpenter: “I don’t think it ever gets healed over” between Hannemann, Abercrombie 

Inouye: Abercrombie is a stranger -- Abercrombie: “same kind of result as 1986”

Pfluegers, Others Indicted In Tax Fraud Case (hid assets during Kaloko case)

Hawaii students improve SAT scores as fewer DoE students participate

BOE to vote on Molokai school consolidation

UHPA burns $305K mostly to back Abercrombie, HSTA ‘s PAC broke

Sen. Slom: Vote for Panos the Engineer

Hannemann rolls the dice on GOP appeal

City Council will vote on a measure to restore residential rates for 247 homeowners

Some Hawaii Kai voters still lacking corrected mail-in ballots

Money flows to House, Senate incumbents

Foreclosures hit all-time high—Hawaii 10th in nation

Reports of gunfire in Chinatown uncover (well-known) suspected illegal gaming operation

Honolulu police officer arrested on suspicion of shoplifting

Hilton Hawaiian Village's 1,400 workers vote 'yes' to strike

Hawaiian Telcom plan gets FCC approval

Hawaii Beach Case Appealed to U.S. Supreme Court

UH aims to raise cap on nonresidents

Hokulia bypass bond in hands of shuttered insurer

Hawaii State Department Recognized for Being Energy-Efficient

Hemmings' wife gets probation

HCC plan to erect a 'knotted gun' statue questioned

More Candidate Profiles:

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010
September 15, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:48 PM :: 9891 Views

VIDEO: National Democrats criticize Djou for voting against $40B tax hike

Hannemann’s property tax hike forces eviction of Kalihi non-profits

VIDEO: Hanabusa “can’t say no”

New Study Finds Positive Return on Investment for States that Invest in Quit Smoking Treatments

Waikoloa Workforce Housing CEO: How Hawaii County officials sabotaged affordable housing project

Lingle nominates Scheuer to head DLNR water resources

Lingle calls on Republicans to cast GOP ballots

Abercrombie pushes for gambling, gay marriage

UPW Members protest their leadership again

Cayetano, Roth Support Appointed School Board: Say It Would Make School Leaders More Accountable

HSTA, HGEA squabble over which insolvent health plan to save

Mark Recktenwald sworn in as Hawaii chief justice

Alexander & Baldwin seeks approval on a 2,500-home project outside Kahului

Gay-Atheist Democrats demand Okino Expulsion

Mufi Group says Lingle is stalling rail

Caldwell tries to pretend he is not Hannemann

Theft, rape cases jump in isles

Shapiro: Neil Abercrombie = Jack Burns

Democrats 90% solution

Cayetano to Lingle: Check Rail EIS carefully before signing 

Number of absentee voters increasing

Civil Beat Shares Hawaii Legislature Salaries

FAA to cover cost of Lihue Airport expansion

What "The 25 Most Expensive Homes" Reveal About the U.S. Economy

Company offers plan to install free solar panels in isle homes

Interest Groups squabble over endorsements:

More candidate Profiles:

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010
September 14, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:57 PM :: 14194 Views

Video: Duke Aiona launches first TV ad

Lingle: “Rail EIS is not on my desk as some have incorrectly stated”

Jerry Burris: “Abercrombie is one of just a handful of members of Congress who do not declare a religious affiliation”

Confirmed: Neil Abercrombie does not claim to be Episcopalian

Which kills more: ideology or religion?

Crichton: Environmentalism is a religion

VIDEO: Ground Zero Mosque leader “9-11 truthers are conducting the most exalted jihad."

Hawaii Democratic Convention renews call for closed primary

Hawaii AARP releases Voter guide

Hannemann to Abercrombie: I admit I will raise the GE Tax, when will you admit it?

Hannemann Seeks Non-Democrat Voters

Inouye's coyness promoting confusion

Takamines, longtime legislators, differ with the ILWU over Dem Nomination 

ACT 221 Scammers target Rep. Issac Choy

City prosecutor hopefuls lay out visions 1 last time

Shapiro: A taxing connection for Caldwell

Economy is top issue in packed Maui mayoral race

State Auditor doing her part for the DoE/BoE/HSTA: DOE Management Audit Would Overwhelm Her Staff

VEBA: HSTA files lawsuit against Lingle

BOE names Kathryn Matayoshi as superintendent

CB: Island Values flyer is inflammatory but accurate

SA: None of the 14 Hawaii farms (such as my son’s ML&P) are accused of doing anything wrong

Trapped With a Dying Dog: Understanding Human Trafficking, on a Smaller Scale

Review discovers campaign violations by Hawaii County Council members

Kauai Shrimp farm meeting spurs public interest

Kauai electric utility wins approval for rate hike

Quarantine possible to contain coffee berry borer pest

Suspect in 1996 Waikiki Gay Sex Tourism murder provides writing samples

More Candidate Profiles:

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Monday, September 13, 2010
September 13, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:06 PM :: 13266 Views

Star-Advertiser & Abercrombie sing duet on Religion: Only we the elite may draw lines between right and wrong

Inouye part of triumvirate responsible for 15.7% of US transportation pork

“Islam Day”, HB444 promoters fund lying “Abercrombie is an Episcopalian” radio ad

Civil Beat Poll: Voters Don't Want Lawmakers to Bring Back Civil Unions Bill

ILind: Kirk Caldwell’s “hidden home” gets huge tax break

Hannemann advertisement implies key endorsements

SA: Don't lose your right to vote

Democrats: Rules made for ignoring II 

Pay-to-Play: Hawaii faces constitutional challenge

Duke Aiona Hosts ‘Ohana Event and 9/11 Remembrance

Honolulu Prosecutor candidate appeals to fight fans

VIDEO: Tea Party remembers 9/11 in Hilo

Rod Tam Responds To Criminal Investigations

Stephens Media is Suing Bloggers

Hannemann: Honolulu Civil Beat Poll Showing Him Behind in Gubernatorial Race is Faulty

Partisans fight over “Progressive Democrats” label

Akaka Bill — Series of 3 Lectures Cover 3 Points of View

American Samoa voters may amend constitution

Local farms in labor bind: Agriculture relies on foreign workers, but the firms that supply them face scrutiny

War on coffee pest begins this week

More candidate profiles

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Sunday, September 12, 2010
September 12, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:09 PM :: 5075 Views

Mufi’s venture capitalist to Neil’s: “F*** you”

Aiona: “Loyalty, duty and self-sacrifice prevailed over fear, uncertainty and sadness.”

Governor’s Ball draws 400

Prevedouros sees hope as poll numbers tighten 

Democrats choose between “Bully” and “Cog” 

UPI: No love lost between two Dem gubernatorial candidates

Passion for public service paved chief justice's path

September 11 in Hawaii

Hanabusa forms committee to consider ACLU’s lawsuit threat over Senate prayer 

KITV: Election Machines Working Fine For Saturday's Primary

Mufi gets $250K from rail contractors

Charter School's plan aims high

The city is lax with public-view rules for 250 historic homes getting property tax exemptions

SA: Keep cameras rolling for Hawaii film industry

Study: Hawaii timeshare occupancy hits 90 percent

Developer’s Poll: The Big Island of Hawaii Community Supports the $1 Billion Development at ‘Aina Le’a

More candidate profiles:

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Saturday, September 11, 2010
September 11, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:21 PM :: 8693 Views

Hawaii Muslims cancel big September 11 feast, move it to September 11 Julian instead

Lingle: September 11, 2010 is Patriot Day and Day of Service and Remembrance in Hawaii

Djou: “Out of the ashes, American courage and charity emerged”

Hawaii GOP: Let Democrats sort out their own races

Hawai`i Free Press readership grows 74%

500 soldiers gather at Fort Shafter to observe the attacks' ninth anniversary

Hanabusa Commercial “may not be the best”, Democratic leadership “wasn’t satisfied”

Abercrombie campaigners sentences for Governor’s office sit-in

Civil Beat Robo-Poll says 30% of conservatives support hippie from Buffalo

Hannemann camp questions validity of poll

Abercrombie: “I’m not pandering”

Unions having hard time speaking with single voice

Hawaii Holds First Higher Education Summit

Gay-Atheist Democrats threaten Okino with expulsion

Slaves worked at A&B too: Kaua‘i Coffee linked to human-trafficking lawsuit 

Kulani: State panel approves Youth Challenge Academy but not National Guard training

North Hawaii hospital CEO White quits; second to step down in 2 years

Coffee berry borer: How did it get here? What are its potential impacts?

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Friday, September 10, 2010
September 10, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:08 PM :: 13174 Views

LA Times: Djou, youthful leaders reshaping Hawaii GOP

Hanabusa: What we see...

Rep Djou job fair draws 600 job seekers

NRCC moves to preempt National Democrats’ false ad

GOP: Hanabusa videotaped campaigning inside polling place limits

Highest suicide rate in US: Hawaii DoE highschoolers

Lingle on Furloughs: “Circuit Court should never have issued the injunction”

Aiona: Lower revenue projection requires “state to spend within its means”

Cam Cavasso Senate campaign wins Okino endorsement, national attention

Djou: Relieved over release of South Korean fishermen

Honolulu Retreat: Healing the pain of abortion 

CB/Merriman Poll:  Abercrombie 48% to Hannemann 31%

Transsexual BoE member gives $6000 to Abercrombie

ML&P, ILWU make excuses about the slavery in their midst 

Discovery of invasive beetle threatens Kona coffee embargo

Sierra Club launches

Judge: Military's Ban On Gays Is Unconstitutional

CB’s Chad Blair complains that Hawaii politics is not Godless

School Furlough Protesters To Be Sentenced Friday

Djou Hosts Job Fair, Says He's Seeking Work Too

State GOP files complaint against Hanabusa

HGEA Letter Addresses Hannemann Endorsement: Union Leader Says Dissension Is Media Creation

Shapiro: HVCA, HCVA, VCAH: Where’s my Excedrin?

Ad slamming Abercrombie funded by five Hawaii residents

A-1 A-lectrician tied to Island Values commercial

Outdoor Circle calls Republican signs “hideous”

Infrastructure Management Group wins rail contract

City scoops land for Honouliuli sewage treatment plant expansion

Survey: Hawaii has 4,881 time-share units in the works

Hawaii human trafficking guilty plea rejected

Military engineers to upgrade Micronesian Health Facilities

Kauai County admits to violating federal law by killing birds due to lighting at facilities

Maui County’s high suicide rate draws action

Federal dollars sought for isle

School photographer found not guilty in sex assault case

More candidate profiles:


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Thursday, September 9, 2010
September 9, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:56 PM :: 7937 Views

Smart Business Hawaii PAC endorses Carroll for Governor, King for LG

Ka’auwai: “If Hanabusa won’t be voting for herself, why should anyone else?”

Haha’ione Elementary site of Townhall meeting on proposed appointed School Board

Need a job? 50 employers to attend Rep Djou’s job fair

Maui TEA Party releases list of approved candidates

UPDATE: Schatz, Hirono, Hannemann, others ineligible for Democratic Party support

UPDATE: Hilo, Kona, Maui events to mark September 11 attacks 

SA: Aiona sees danger if Hawaii returns to one-party rule

Moneyed Hippie stays broke: Abercrombie raises most money, burns it

Candidates submit final money tally before primary

State supreme court: blocking furloughs was premature

Shapiro: Democrats: Rules made for ignoring?

Thai workers describe being lured into slavery in U.S.

'Transparency' applies to rail

Alternet: Mufi IS less moral

Hawaii Islam Day leader speaks out against Koran burning

Missile programme raises concern in Hawaii (Anti-Americans begin campaign)

Release of refunds leads to 22% drop in Hawaii's August tax collections

Hawaii hotel tax revenue jumps 25%

Bored of ed?

Regulators guarantee Hawaiian utility’s ‘green’ profit

Coffee parasite discovered in Kona

University of Hawaii presents state's first-ever higher education summit

Cert Petition In Hawaii Beach Takings Case: Is The Right To Accretion A "Property" Interest?

More Candidate profiles:

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010
September 8, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:36 PM :: 18031 Views

Will Obamacare kill HHSC?

Gov Lingle appoints Figuera and Kouchi to Senate

Small Modular Reactors: Creating Energy Independence for Hawaii

VIDEO: Rep. Djou hosting job fair with 40 employers Thursday

DoE high schoolers have nation’s highest suicide rate

Mufi promises to “discuss possibility of increasing GE Tax” Star-Advertiser lies about it

Panicked desperate national Democrats, unions pour money into Hanabusa campaign

CB: Aiona did build Hawaii drug Court system

RNC chair Steele hopes to rally Hawaii Republicans with visit

SA Hypocrites: Stop using religion to divide (repeats Abercrombie Episcopal lie)

Abercrombie Slams Hannemann For Using Religion To Divide: In New Ad, Christians Urged to Vote Hannemann, Not Aiona

Shapiro: Hannemann's tactics ungodly

SA Profiles Hannemann, leaves out arrest, MMLG

Abercrombie: Vote early before you find out the truth about me

Complete list of Consolidated polling stations 

Honolulu Magazine: Trains Kill Buses

City: "Idiot" version for rail EIS is award-winning

HHS regional director Schultz visits Hilo Medical Center and talks reform

AP: Hawaii brothers guilty of ill-treating Thai workers

NYT: Forced Labor

The Nation: Federal Indictments in Human Trafficking Scheme

Lingle fills vacant senate seats


Education Week provides the arguments HSTA will be using to neuter RTTT even more

Honolulu inflation rises 2.5%: Gas and electricity increases are cited for the jump from the first half of 2009

Hawaiian Airlines' traffic jumps 5.5%

Lehman Estate Files to Foreclose on Ritz Kapalua

Rush Limbaugh, The Haney Project and Hawaii

Old Farmer's Almanac: Global cooling to continue

More Candidate Profiles: Meet your Kauai County Council candidates

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010
September 7, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:17 PM :: 6836 Views

Hilo, Kona, TEA Party events to mark September 11 attacks

Schatz, Hirono, Hanabusa, Hannemann, ineligible for Democratic Party support

VIDEO: Djou releases new commercial

Abercrombie frames himself as an agent for grubbing pocket change from military industrial complex

RTTT to fund teacher bonuses (No accountability here)

Finnegan: “If we were truly supportive of charter schools, we would have equal funding by now”

Borreca: “This year there is a strong and vocal Republican minority”

RAIL: Kobayashi nails Mufi’s EIS “idiot version” costing $33,022/month

Case family Star-Advertiser: Human trafficking must stop (hypocrisy must stop first)

Green Can Have Dear Economic Price 

24 apply to be next schools chief (as BoE prepares to pick Matayoshi)

Panos Prevedouros winning PBN online poll 

Birds of a feather: Lyla “Islam Day” Berg endorses Neil Abercrombie

Atheists, others attack Tulsi Gabbard over non-profit

Shapiro: Where are the leaders in Election 2010?

More candidate profiles:

Indigenous groups gather to heal

ILind prepares gay atheist lobby for Fall Campaign 



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Monday, September 6, 2010
September 6, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:23 PM :: 5059 Views

Hawaii media suddenly converts Abercrombie to Episcopalian

$11,480 per family: Prevedouros puts the check in the mail

Mainland rail contractors recognize Hannemann’s “distinguished service”

Abercrombie: Hannemann using religion to divide voters

Ken Wong’s name disappears from Mufi campaign site

GOP Chair Michael Steele headlines Hawaii GOP fundraiser

School valued for inclusive atmosphere

SA: Defend Hawaii campaign law

Hawaii Muslim leader cheers triumphal Ground Zero Mosque, calls conference for September, 2011

Well offers chance to clear most of meter waiting list

Rocky road for Kealanani: With no work started on the subdivision, a bank guarantee is allowed to expire

Garden Isle missile site will expand: Testing for a land-based defense system would bring a new complex to the island

Feds spending $1.4M on Midway lead paint clean up

Candidate Profiles


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Sunday, September 5, 2010
September 5, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:26 PM :: 7793 Views

Star-Advertiser endorses Hannemann, Aiona

Obama’s 9th Circuit nominations rejected by Senate

18,000 new voters as Christians register and felons are knocked off rolls

More Porkulus? Djou and Hanabusa clash on additional federal aid to states

Hawaii Political Dirty Tricks Go High Tech

GOP turncoat Anderson joins Hannemann campaign

Abercrombie open to legalized gambling

Maui mayoral race: Economy in spotlight as old political foes quarrel

Rivals protest endorsement of Tamayo by her nonprofit

State lauded for support of Guard and Reserve

Hawaii human trafficking case covered world-wide

Hawaii electrical grid maxes out on intermittent power supplies

Hawaii 9-11 Truther comes back from Gaza to celebrate as anniversary approaches

Hawaii scammer defrauds deaf

Matson cuts fuel surcharge

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Saturday, September 4, 2010
September 4, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:28 PM :: 12590 Views

Early Voting sites open now across state

Cardines: “Improve the future of Hawaii’s families by voting”

Adrienne King’s pro-life conversion

Aiona: Hawaii’s economic recovery being slowed at federal level

Aiona: Democrats ‘two peas in a pod’

Arakaki: Abercrombie is not for Christians

Hannemann’s Venture Capitalist Splinter cell

Honolulu Mayoral Candidate Caldwell Launches Negative Ad

Quitting erodes public trust (Ko Olina’s Apo management reshuffle)

KITV: Judge Dismisses DUI Charges Amid HPD Investigation

Human trafficking suspect surrenders

Sierra Club forces fish farm to withdraw application

Maui News: Bogus Ocean temperature sensors record sea ice in Hawaii

Kauai night football shutdown by Federal Department of Eco-Religion

Kauai: Nabeshima-Costa pleads guilty to sexual assault of a minor

Council OKs condominium tax rates bill

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Friday, September 3, 2010
September 3, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:29 PM :: 8748 Views

Governor Lingle applauds confirmation of Mark Recktenwald as Chief Justice

Use your Maka’i Card to donate to Hawai’i Right to Life Education Fund

Study: Hawaii roads #1 in potholes, #47 in cost effectiveness

SA endorses Schatz, Finnegan for Lt Governor

Gary Okino endorses Charles Djou for Congress

Star-Advertiser Gaian Religionists demand submission while complaining about Jesus

Indictment: Case, Omidyar’s ML&P used alleged slavery contractor (Eco-slavery)

No fuss, no muss: Senators unanimously approve CJ Recktenwald

Kaua‘i a second stop, today, in Aiona’s ‘Connecting’ campaign

SD25 Faulty ballots raise election concerns

Rod Tam hungry to be Mayor

Kauai Mayor candidate pushes hemp

Hawaii County Council candidates woo ag votes

Leaving Hawaii to go from Homeless to Homeowner


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Thursday, September 2, 2010
September 2, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:29 PM :: 13148 Views

VIDEO: Arrogant Olbermann calls Hawaii GOP Chair “Ka-u-away” anti-Semite

Hawaii DLNR gives 11 acres to 9-11 truther group

New RGA Ad: Duke Aiona will grow Hawai‘i’s green economy

9/12 Taxpayer March on Washington

Alan Cardines to direct Hawaii Family Forum

Aiona dedicates new Shriners Hospital for Children in Honolulu

UPDATE: Senate’s Key Republican Akaka Bill backer CONCEDES Alaska primary rejects Abercrombie’s “front group” claim

Duke Aiona Launches Connecting Communities Initiative

Darwin Ching for Prosecutor releases new TV Advert

Honolulu’s aging water mains: One break per day

Djou: Heroes in uniform deserve credit for success in Iraq

Ninth Circuit: Nader should have been allowed on Hawaii ballot in ‘04

Disclosures: Aiona only candidate with children and debts to go with them

Seeking the Business Vote: Top candidates for governor explain how they would make it easier for businesses to succeed

State Senate To Vote On Recktenwald Nomination

GOP’s Ka‘auwai raises national eyebrows

Ka'auwai Says Churches Now Refusing To Let Mufi Campaign (Neil kneels in joyful prayer)

Oi tries to hang scarlet letter around Aiona’ neck

SA Begins endorsements

Voters to decide on housing office

Rep. Oshiro: Carlisle's No Donkey, Either

Ballot error distresses candidates: Three Democrats from District 25 find their names mistakenly left off absentee forms

Waimea-Ni‘ihau state House race: Westside issues at forefront

Civil Beat Shares University of Hawaii Salaries

Telescope plan advances: Mauna Kea board sends application to UH-Hilo chancellor

More Abuse in Long Term Care: Wahiawa man charged with sexually assaulting a Queen's patient

CODA to Launch All-Electric Sedan in Hawaii

Proposed coal ash rule would impact Hawaii

Island birds vulnerable to global warming

Maryland hostage-taker listed Maui as hometown (Here’s what happens to people who believe in the Cult of Gore)

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010
September 1, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:29 PM :: 9667 Views

Early voting sites open Friday

Hilo debate: Hannemann applauded for smack down of Abercrombie on Akaka Bill

Hawaii GOP Chairs Tells Christians To Shun Hannemann

Inouye: “Rail is just a promise”

Finnegan: Education a passion

Cutting out the middleman: HSTA boss Takabayashi running for School Board

Campaign law limits rights, suit says

City Councilman Apo resigning to work for new Disney resort

Kauai Senate Candidates address parks, hospitals

WHT: District 7 and 8 candidates take on impact fees and ag issues

Prevedouros' aim is stopping rail

Carlisle draws multiparty support

Kelly “GTMO” Greenwell to face trial Oct. 26

Candidates rate drugs as top issue

Enviros: Our latest scheme will jack up Hawaii electric rates

Absent worker, alleged thief still got paid by the state

Army study: Radioactive residue is not a hazard

Neighbor is charged under hate crime law

Hawaii visitor arrivals jump for eighth straight month

Police investigate two cases of children assaulting teachers (Just another day in the DoE)

Abercrombie says he made a mistake accusing website of being a Republican front

Judge rejects challenge to Kauai Republican's candidacy for a House seat

Candidate questionnaires designed to protect union bosses against complaints about endorsements from union members 

NPR: Trouble In Paradise: Hawaii Waits For Drought Relief

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