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Thursday, July 31, 2014
July 31, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:10 PM :: 4132 Views
  1. Apple Given One Hour Deadline, Accepts Termination Package
  2. Ige Unveils Action Plan for Hawaii
  3. Abercrombie: We can’t go back
  4. Tribe? How They did it in Alaska
  5. FBI Investigates Death Threats Made by Anti-GMO Leader
  6. Feds fly immigrant minors to Hawaii on taxpayer dime
  7. Abercrombie is in "serious trouble."
  8. Apple cored: Business as usual at UH
  9. With Renewables, Electric Bills Have to Rise by One Billion Dollars
  10. Polluted Golf Courses Behind Attack on Seed Farmers
  11. Diver Faces Misdemeanor Charge for Defending Himself Against Anti-Aquarium Obsessives
  12. Reform Candidates Not Impressed with Martin-Caldwell Conflict
  13. Cachola to pay fine for campaign spending violation
  14. Costs for lieutenant governor's Maui office soar
  15. Oahu Homeowners Hit with $100K Annual Property tax Bill
  16. Anti-GMO Kauai Councilmembers Used Controversy to Slip in Massive tax Hike
  17. Students to see longer school days starting this year 
  18. DoD Intervenes Against HECO Rate Hike Proposal
  19. Struggling charter school will remain open After Nepotists Ousted
  20. IDG Geothermal Partner Publishes Annual Report
  21. Former Halawa inmate pleads guilty to racketeering
  22. Pearl City 6th Grade Victim: Accused Homosexual Child Molester in Court
  23. State seeks foreclosure on Pflueger property
  24. Deadly Dentist May face Criminal Charges
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014
July 30, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:07 PM :: 3729 Views
  1. Hanabusa Attacks Schatz for Accepting Contributions from Akaka Bill Opponents
  2. Ige Renews Oath of Fealty to HSTA
  3. Lassner: We Must Polish the Jewel, not the Apple
  4. HECO Proposes 'Demand Response' Billing, Remote Shutoff
  5. Absentee ballot fraud incident has Kauai police, elections officials on alert
  6. Roofers: Obamacare Threatens Union Health Plan
  7. Medicaid Should Be Included in Paul Ryan’s Anti-Poverty Proposal
  8. Ige Pushed GE Tax Hike
  9. 7,100 Oahu Homeowners Whacked by 71% Tax Hike
  10. Doctors 'Pay for Performance'?
  11. Shake-up renews debate about need for Manoa chancellor
  12. Chaos: BLNR Resignations Stall Development Approvals
  13. Another Rate Hike: HECO Proposes Higher Peak Rates
  14. Rent Seekers Promise to Charge a lot for Geothermal Electricity
  15. Gabbard votes to condemn Obama for Guantánamo Bergdahl swap
  16. Poetic Justice: Sovereignty Mortgage Scammer Loses House in his own Scheme
  17. Suit: Foster Parents Payments Woefully Inadequate
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014
July 29, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:53 PM :: 4766 Views
  1. Shocker: Hawaii only 8th Most Socialist State
  2. Honolulu: Good Recession, Bad Recovery
  3. Fundrace: Djou Ahead by 40%
  4. Russ Grunch Council 8 Campaign Gains Momentum with Key Star-Advertiser Endorsement
  5. Commission on Water Resources Seeks Nominees
  6. In Spite of Medicaid Expansion, Hawaii Hospital Performance up 10.7%
  7. Homelessness: Council Ignores Waikiki Residents' Plea for Help
  8. Oahu: 32% of Absentee Votes Returned So Far
  9. Takai Fined by Campaign Spending Commission
  10. Aiona Could be Next Governor
  11. Manoa Chancellor: I want to stay
  12. Hawaii Health Connector Still Attempting to Take Prepaid Health Care Act Hostage
  13. Why are Hawaii electricity rates still so high even after integration of renewables?
  14. VA hands out millions in malpractice cases
  15. Luxury Resort Not Satisfied with Dairy Compromise
  16. Do Anti-GMO Voters Matter at Ballot Box?
  17. Anti-GMO Rockefellers Kill Children in 3rd World
  18. Rail Set to Destroy 115 Year old Business
  19. Unescaped inmates to wear electronic bracelets to Ease Recapture
  20. Kauai County hurts residents with tax hikes, refusal to reduce spending
  21. Troops Bemoan Missing Cars after Shipping Change
  22. Hawaii Highway Bond Deal to Benefit from Timing
  23. HHSC Squeezes Medical Coding for Revenue
  24. Nepotists Demand Funding
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Monday, July 28, 2014
July 28, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:22 PM :: 3621 Views
  1. Poll: Ige beats Abercrombie 49-39%
  2. Hawaii Rifle Association Grades Candidates on Second Amendment
  3. Hawaii’s dominant shipping carrier to pay $9 million to settle federal allegations
  4. UH Manoa's Apple to be Chopped?
  5. Replicating HOPE: Can Others Do It As Well As Hawaii?
  6. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted July 28, 2014
  7. Kauai Hearing Set on GMO Rules
  8. Star-Adv: Capelouto Only Credible Republican Candidate for CD2
  9. Oahu Homeowners Hit by 150% Property Tax Hike
  10. Apple's ouster 'a disaster' for UH
  11. Star-Adv: Limited sit-lie bill better than nothing
  12. New Day Promises Not Kept
  13. Feds Grab for Control of 19,000 Acres of Big Island
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Sunday, July 27, 2014
July 27, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:53 PM :: 3360 Views
  1. Did OHA Commit Federal Felony Testifying to Interior Department?
  2. Who Can You Trust in the GMO Issue?
  3. Kauai Diary Farm Changes Plan After Protests by Luxury Resorts, Sierra Club, and Surfrider
  4. Inversion: Is it Fair to Vote with Your Feet?
  5. UH Manoa's Apple to be Chopped?
  6. HSTA Complains, But Teacher Turnover Drops as Reforms Kick in
  7. Shapiro: Teachers Always Have Money to Buy Elections
  8. Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Update to Push Big Cable
  9. Rail Supporters Grapple for GE Tax Hike Extension
  10. Remaining contested case hearing requests for TMT sublease dismissed
  11. Hawaii #1 in Gas Prices, #4 in Gas Taxes
  12. Occupy Given $1000, Told to Get Lost
  13. Maui to consider plastic foam food container ban
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Saturday, July 26, 2014
July 26, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:26 PM :: 4168 Views
  1. Why I'm Encouraging Everyone to Vote for Dr. Keli'i Akina for OHA
  2. Hawaii Family Forum Publishes Updated Primary Voter Guide
  3. Retiree Healthcare: Hawaii's $3.5B Magic Trick
  4. General Fund Loses $180M in Year
  5. HART Receives $49.5 M GET Revenue, Buys Embossed Column
  6. Grassroot Institute & Hawaii Family Advocates: Defending Religious Freedom
  7. Department of the Interior to Meet with Hawaiians in Las Vegas
  8. Statewide Locations: In Person Early Walk-In Voting Begins Monday
  9. GOP incumbent faces rare primary fight after voting for Gay Marriage
  10. Leadership: Arakawa says he believes GMOs not harmful
  11. Hi Tech Wannabees Still Angry About HSDC Self-Dealing
  12. NZ Company Takes 44% Ownership of OHA's Pet Geothermal Scheme
  13. Coming Soon to Hawaii: Legal Pot Drives Increase in Denver Homeless
  14. Eight Illegals Flown to Hawaii for Release
  15. Does Hawaii have too many nonprofits?
  16. Recyclers Refuse to Take Glass
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Friday, July 25, 2014
July 25, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:27 PM :: 15596 Views
  1. Video: Anti-GMO Maui Mayoral Candidate Runs from Cop, Gets Tazed
  2. $15.45B Report: 560 Big Construction Projects for Hawaii
  3. US Territories Suddenly Exempted from Obamacare
  4. Quarter of Hawaii’s population now on Medicaid
  5. Aiona Endorses Three in OHA Race
  6. Lawmakers Highlight Need for More Affordable Housing
  7. Primary might solely be a reflection on Abercrombie
  8. Without presidential race, primary votes could lag
  9. OHA Postpones Aha 6 Months
  10. Anti-GMO Initiative Set for Nov 4 Ballot--Pain, Loss of Homes for Molokai if Passed
  11. PV on Oahu: Solar Shipwreck
  12. 2nd Worst in the Nation--Hawaii VA Director Heads to beach, Bike Paths
  13. Hanabusa: Schatz Votes Against Hawaii
  14. Hotel union's negative campaign targets PRP's Pet Fukunaga
  15. Hotel Workers Candidate Pushes to Keep Homeless on the Streets as Incentive for Tax Hike
  16. Googling Hawaii’s Former Board Members Yields Hi Tech Tax Credit Ties
  17. Taxes, Rent, Electricity: Forbes Says Honolulu Among Worst Places for Startups
  18. Council Votes to Use the Homeless as Battering Ram Against Administration
  19. Pension Debt Could Cause Tax Hikes for Years to Come
  20. Incorrect notices demand money from timely taxpayers
  21. Kauai Property Tax 'Burst' Costs Homeowner Another $3200
  22. Washington Post Notices Electricity is Expensive in Hawaii
  23. Hypocrites Win: Enviros in League with Resorts force Dairy to Cut Back Plans
  24. DLNR Urges Denial of Contested Case Hearings
  25. Matson potential buyer of Horizon’s Alaska service
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Friday, July 25, 2014
July, 2014 Letters to the Editor
By Letters to the Editor @ 12:50 AM :: 3869 Views
  • Anti-GMO Movement Fails to Produce Information
  • For Act 201 to Work, Replace Office of Youth Services Executive Director
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Thursday, July 24, 2014
July 24, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:36 PM :: 6267 Views
  1. The Jones Act and the Energy Price Hawaii Pays for Protectionism
  2. Malfunctioning websites still delaying Hawaii Obamacare signups
  3. Study: Hawaii’s Patient Waitlist Trend Increased
  4. MoveOn Push Poll Puts Schatz Up 40% - 33%
  5. More On That Pesky Banner-Towing Airplane
  6. Abercrombie 'Desperate and Worried Sick'
  7. Weasels: Hawaii Ethics Commission Seals Financial Disclosures for Current Board Members
  8. Legislators hammered for Lack of Support for Homeless Programs
  9. $800M: Hawaii Highway Funds at Risk?
  10. House: Courts Cannot Decide Whether Calvin Say Lives in District
  11. Victory: Kauai Council rejects anti-GMO charter amendment proposal
  12. 50,000 housing unit shortage projected in 2016
  13. Oahu Homeowners Angered by 71% Property Tax Hike
  14. Surprise! Kauai Homeowners Hit With 200% Property Tax Hike
  15. Mental Health Cuts Protested on Maui
  16. HMSA Defends Pay for Quality Programs
  17. Fisheries: Schatz, Hanabusa Question Obama Monument Plan
  18. Former Honolulu police officer pleads guilty to extortion
  19. Hilo Judge Rejects Criminals Demand that Kulani Be More Resort-Like, DPS Pledges to Help Sovereignty Movement
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
July 23, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:55 PM :: 3876 Views
  1. Video: Djou Endorsed by Veterans in Politics
  2. Hawaii GOP Urges Members not to 'Play' in Primaries
  3. Ethics: Abercrombie Misses Financial Disclosure Deadline, along with 72 other Candidates
  4. Star-Advertiser and Sierra Club Endorse Iwasa for Council
  5. Disgusting Hepatitis Infected Organic Food Leads to Lawsuit
  6. Educator, public input sought on new student assessments
  7. Matson Pays $9.95M to Settle Federal Fraud Suit
  8. Hawaiian Electric Seeks to Grab $16M from Ratepayers
  9. Abercrombie Commercials Filmed in Miami
  10. Only 5% of Kakaako Housing 'Affordable'
  11. Kalima v State: Plaintiffs ask for special master in DHHL lawsuit
  12. Hawaii Health Connector Has no Plan
  13. Hawaii has no clear vision in push towards renewable energy, state official says
  14. Republican Cam Cavasso wants to deregulate Hawaii's shipping industry
  15. Malama Solomon Must Go
  16. Kauai: How Many Employees are Currently Suing County?
  17. Prison guard admits to smuggling drugs for inmates, details how he did it
  18. Soft on Crime: 38 yrs, 21 Convictions Running Loose on Streets
  19. Transportation companies petition state, city over Uber and Lyft
  20. Maui Won’t Let It Go, Appeals Police Case Against Publisher
  21. Birther Busted for Food Stamp Fraud
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014
July 22, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:32 PM :: 4039 Views
  1. Star-Adv: Djou in the Majority a Plus for Hawaii
  2. High Cost of Big Labor: Hawaii Pension Debt
  3. Spotlight on 2014 Hawaii laws
  4. If You Want a Glimpse of the Future Food Wars, Look to Hawaii
  5. KIDS COUNT: High housing cost burdens Hawaii children
  6. State officials: 75K in Hawaii have no health coverage
  7. Aiona: OIP Should have real teeth
  8. Secularists:  Time to Suppress the Christian Vote (again)
  9. Nightmare: Hee as Governor 
  10. Partners in Crime: Abercrombie wins Caldwell’s backing
  11. Hanabusa: Abandon US Embassy in Iraq
  12. Star-Adv Endorses Iwasa for Council
  13. Farms Challenge Kauai Anti-GMO Law in Federal Court
  14. Kauai Anti-GMO Ordinance--Another Money Pit
  15. Crowley in talks to buy Horizon Lines’ P.R. trade--Hawaii, Alaska May be Up for Grabs
  16. Task force contemplates tax relief for Hawaii Island homeowners 
  17. Abercrombie Viciously Slashes UH Budget--Students, Teachers Suffer
  18. Congress Takes Action On Opposing Internet Bills
  19. City suspends routine flight operations for police and fire helicopters
  20. Aerial advertising pilot arrested at Dillingham Airfield
  21. Suit filed against PUC Chair Morita, Kauai county
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Monday, July 21, 2014
July 21, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:19 PM :: 3418 Views
  1. Tribe? Hawaii’s ‘Other’ State Elections Include Prisoners and Lots of Dead People
  2. Keli'i Akina Only OHA Candidate to Reject Independent Hawaiian Nation
  3. Hawaii's highest-in-the-nation energy costs stay intact by politics, monopoly
  4. Star-Adv: Djou in the Majority a Plus for Hawaii
  5. PRP Emails Reveal Connections to Former Aide to Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell
  6. Criminals: 33 Escapes This Year, Five Still at-Large
  7. Childbirth in Hawaii Cheaper than Most States
  8. Mental Health Care Suffers as Maui Memorial Plans for Budget Cuts
  9. Science Debunks the Anti-GMO Myths
  10. Kauai County Wastes $125K Defending Anti-GMO Ordinance
  11. 'Positive Finding' on Alaska’s petition to delist humpbacks
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Sunday, July 20, 2014
July 20, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:04 PM :: 3904 Views
  1. Hawaii Convenes First Marine Resources Enforcement Conference
  2. HB2427: One Stroke of the Pen
  3. As Voting Begins, Abercrombie Still Apologizing for Pension Tax
  4. Machado: Fear the lawsuits, Embrace the Fake Tribe
  5. Land is power — especially for Fake Indian Tribe
  6. 100 Tent Homeless Camp 'Quite Comfortable' in Kakaako
  7. Hawaii's Highest-In-The-Nation Energy Costs Stay Intact By Politics, Monopoly
  8. Kauai GMO petition decision due this week
  9. Photos: People Who Will Lose Their Jobs if Anti-GMO Hypesters Win
  10. Study: AIDS Infections Declining for Everybody Except Homosexual Males
  11. Tsutsui too Busy to Be Bothered with a Loser Like Clayton Hee
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Saturday, July 19, 2014
July 19, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:19 PM :: 4732 Views
  1. Photos: Chinese spy ship off Hawaii
  2. VIDEO: Who benefits from push for Hawaiian “tribe”?
  3. Bipartisan Action to Get Hawaii Veterans Immediate Access to Care
  4. KIUC to hit 50% Renewables in 2015
  5. 98,000 absentee ballots mailed to Oahu voters
  6. OHA Roll Full of Dead People
  7. Hawaii VA Now 2nd Worst in USA
  8. “Renewable energy” is a scientific contradiction
  9. Access ruling a must-read for all officials
  10. Buzz-worthy bioengineering has sound fundamentals
  11. Schatz Wastes $3.5M on Biofool Cronies
  12. Reprieve for Kalaheo Clinic while HHSC Explores Partnership with Wilcox
  13. Liberal Arts Profs Want More Money
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Friday, July 18, 2014
July 18, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:31 PM :: 4037 Views
  1. VIDEO: Hawaii AG Serves DHHL Eviction Notice to former Hanabusa Crony on H1 Freeway
  2. HSDC Tries To Justify Hi Tech Self-Dealing
  3. VIDEO: GOP Lt Governor Candidates Debate
  4. Ocean Patch Claims Are 99.5% Garbage
  5. OHA election really matters
  6. HART: $250M in Cost Overruns Coming
  7. HART Six Figure Rail Real Estate Salaries 'Startling'
  8. Seniority--Hawaii's Cargo Cult
  9. Schatz, Hanabusa Agree:  Neither Has Accomplished Anything in Congress
  10. Abercrombie Budget Axe Whacks 70 Jobs at UH
  11. Hawaii Co Pushback Against Property Tax Hike
  12. Abercrombie: Sea Level Rise "isn't going to happen"
  13. There’s Something Better Than Dreams of Silicon Hawaii?
  14. EMS workers unhappy with UPW's proposed 12-to-12 shift change
  15. Honolulu City Council to discuss extending  Criminal background checks
  16. Pivot: Obama picks non-pilot to head Air Force in Pacific
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Thursday, July 17, 2014
July 17, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:33 PM :: 4828 Views
  1. Poll: Majority Oppose Federal Involvement in Native Hawaiian Recognition
  2. Turtle Bay Deal Wins 2014 ‘Rusty Scalpel’ Award
  3. DoE: Access Learning Program enhances teaching, learning
  4. DoE guidelines for free and reduced-price meals released
  5. Act 195 Stealing Hawaiian Assets
  6. More Appointments Rushed for LUC, HHFDC
  7. Obama, Pacific Islands Leave US Tuna Fleet 'without fishing access to the Pacific Ocean'
  8. Federal Election Commission Investigating Hawaii Democratic Party
  9. Phony Environmentalists: Sierra Club, Surfrider Back Resort Against Dairy Farm
  10. Rail Grabs for $210M in Handivan, Bus Funds
  11. Faulty HTA data had broad effect
  12. DHS to Cabanilla: No Ticket Home for Homeless
  13. Matson's Pricing Power may be 'Significant' in 2016
  14. Hawaii's top court affirms public trial access
  15. Former Oahu charter school clerk sentenced for theft
  16. Double-Dipping Truckers Delivered Toxic Soil to Kapolei Development
  17. Hawaii on Federal Conference Blacklist?
  18. Schatz Complicit in Pension Tax Scheme?
  19. GMOs: Schatz Steps in the Gooey Stuff
  20. Ethnic Divisions Simmer Below Surface of Democratic Primary
  21. KOS: Ige Campaign Part of Conspiracy
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014
July 16, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:41 PM :: 5264 Views
  1. Dr. Akina calls for State to get out of nation-building business
  2. New Native American Tribal Regulations Implicate Hawaiian Sovereignty
  3. Duke Aiona Plan to Reduce Affordable Housing Shortfall 91%
  4. Honolulu Ranked 'Best City for Child-Free Living'
  5. WSJ: In Hawaii Happiness Costs $122K/year
  6. SHOPO Endorses Janet Grace for State House
  7. “Parallel science” of NGO advocacy groups: How post-modernism encourages pseudo-science
  8. How I Wish I Were a Papaya Princess…
  9. Homeless in Hawaii? Lawmaker wants to give you a free flight home
  10. $204 million Obamacare grant reduces Hawaii’s uninsured population just 2.75 percent
  11. House Bill Could Free Hawaii Consumers from $20M Internet Tax
  12. Upcoming CLE: Hawaii's Shoreline and Coastal Law and Regulation
  13. Hawaii Symphony announces two-year agreement with Musicians
  14. New Apps Make Campaign Spending Data More Accessible
  15. Ige: Hawaii Should Have Sought Blanket Exemption from Obamacare
  16. Abercrombie's Inflammatory Rhetoric Causes Mass Resignations
  17. Snub to Seniors A Mistake by the Governor
  18. Hanabusa Dinged over 36% Legislative pay Raise
  19. UPW Agrees to Stop Sabotage of EMS in Exchange for 12% Raise
  20. 'Housing ASAP' to Focus on Homeless Families
  21. Hawaii's rural hospitals look for partnerships to avoid more shortfalls
  22. Scott Family: Murder of Unborn Child Also a Crime
  23. National Republicans Overcome Democrats to Push Thru Hawaii Tax Cut
  24. Dairies disagree about milk price proposal
  25. TOD: Mayor Wright right for revamp
  26. Mainland Homosexuals Switch from Hula to Nirvana
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014
July 15, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:59 PM :: 4698 Views
  1. Djou Raises Another $435K
  2. OHA Trustees Vote to Proceed with ‘Aha in Six Months
  3. Where the U.S. wiretap hotspots are? Not Hawaii
  4. City to hold Airport TOD Plan community workshop
  5. TOD Plan to Bulldoze Mayor Wright Homes
  6. Djou's congressional effort has raised $435,000 so far
  7. Winerways: Schatz Backers Caught Lying About Social Security
  8. Abercrombie takes credit for Legislature's frugality
  9. Star-Adv: Abercrombie wrong to cancel on AARP, seniors
  10. The Rundown (primary money 2014)
  11. World Upside Down: Kauai Resort Sues to Block Dairy Farm in name of 'Environment'
  12. Hawaii Milk Price Controls Promote Mainland Milk
  13. 26 Quit Boards and Commissions to Avoid Disclosure
  14. Hawaii State Hospital gets new administrator amidst safety controversy
  15. Senate committee subpoenas Hawaii State Hospital administrators
  16. Patient accuses paramedics
  17. State Rep Calls For One-Way Plane Tickets For Hawaii Homeless
  18. City wants public input on Complete Streets program
  19. PRP Helps 6 Hawaii County Council Candidates
  20. Storm clouds on the Horizon Line in Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska
  21. Solar Shakeup: RevoluSun in Decline
  22. Queens, Moanalua only top-rated Hospitals
  23. Survey: Honolulu 8th Best Retirement Center
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Monday, July 14, 2014
July 14, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:24 PM :: 3419 Views
  1. Indian Tribe? Hawaii Political Leaders Haven’t Learned a Thing Since 1999
  2. Hawaii's State Debt Now Represents 92% of the Average Taxpayer's Income
  3. "Disrespectful to Kupuna" Abercrombie Cancels Debates
  4. Report: Hawaii Highest Energy Costs, Lowest Consumption
  5. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted July 14, 2014
  6. Republicans Sending Staff to Hawaii to Boost Fall Campaigns
  7. Hannemann’s independent campaign appears to struggle with fundraising
  8. Kim Exempt Hawaii from Obamacare
  9. Leading Dems Reject Anti-GMO Lunacy
  10. Neighborhood Board Elections Coming Up
  11. New campaign spending rule brings 'better transparency'
  12. Without Contractor Giveaway, UH Doesn't Need 7% Tuition Hike
  13. Staff shortage forces closure of ambulance units
  14. Hawaii Lowest Proportion of Health Savings Accounts
  15. Maui Anti-GMO Vote Would Shut Down Molokai's Largest Employers
  16. Fish collecting issue needs cooler heads prevailing
  17. UH Fails to Pay Students on Time
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Sunday, July 13, 2014
July 13, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:44 PM :: 4633 Views
  1. Would You Be Shocked?
  2. 90% Reject Akaka Tribe, Feds May Quit
  3. Same-sex marriage foes flex muscles in election
  4. Abercrombie Chickens out of Debates
  5. Feds Won't Let HI Tech Scammers Give Money to Themselves--So they Take State Funds Instead
  6. Unions Suck Hospitals Dry
  7. Council Moving to Scrap Sale of City-Owned Housing
  8. Kauai County Officials Plot to Give Themselves Raises
  9. Maui County Council Member Don Guzman Helped Mamuad Campaign on County Time
  10. How to Keep Hawaiians Divided
  11. Voting machines checked for primary election
  12. HNG Soldiers Return From Afghanistan
  13. Hawaii National Guard soldier fighting for his life
  14. Pacific Islands Hit by Exodus
  15. Greenwood goes without pension payments from state
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Saturday, July 12, 2014
July 12, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:44 PM :: 4115 Views
  1. Max Fowler HD27--One of 14 to Watch in '14
  2. HTA: Tourism Data Faked Since 2013?
  3. Hawaii Politicians’ anti-GMO campaigns support ‘trendy activism’
  4. Dear Politicians: Why You Should Take That Evil Corporate Money
  5. State Department documents rise in human trafficking
  6. Abercrombie Appoints Three to BLNR
  7. Abercrombie Appoints Two to Ethics Commission
  8. Abercrombie's claims state's "in the black" as tax revenues are declining
  9. Larry Ellison Buys Lawn Gnome for $174K
  10. WaPo: Hawaii Governor, Senate Among Top 10 Primary Races
  11. Loan Shark Hanabusa Makes $117,000 loan to her campaign
  12. Californians, Realtors Max Donors to Kauai Anti-GMO Thug
  13. Corruption, Fraud, Nepotism: State rejects grant to Rep. Cabanilla's nonprofit
  14. Judge orders Rep. Say to prove he lives in his district--One day before Primary
  15. Challenge to Defend State Religion Against 'Deniers'
  16. Maui hospitals in 'preliminary' talks with HPH
  17. Hanabusa Uses Road Projects to Push Massive Tax Hike
  18. City Hauls Away 3 Tons of Garbage from Homeless Camps Weekly
  19. Mainland Homosexuals Swap Out Hawaii Boss
  20. $225K Salary: UH System Creates New VP for Admiration or Something
  21. Salary hikes finalized for Big Island mayor, council
  22. Rate Hike Coming: South Kohala wind farm to Vacuum Up $0.24 per kwh
  23. Hawaiian Electric Still gets 86% of energy from oil and coal
  24. State looks for developer to transform Mayor Wright Homes
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Friday, July 11, 2014
July 11, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:09 PM :: 3455 Views
  1. Hawaii 3rd Highest Unemployment Rate for Mentally Ill Persons
  2. The Sky Fell last month, but almost nobody noticed
  3. Leadership? Abercrombie Tries to Dodge Question About Hawaiian Kingdom
  4. Waihee Discusses Issues Surrounding Native Hawaiian Government Meetings
  5. Star-Adv: Nearly Unanimous Rejection of Akaka Tribe Not Good Enough for Us
  6. Leading Democrat Candidate for CD1 Rejects Gay 'Marriage'
  7. Kauai Anti-GMO Charter petition likely to die
  8. Don’t ‘Superferry” GMOs
  9. Abercrombie's Homeless Czar Vanishes
  10. HNN: Homeless in Hawaii
  11. Hawaii is so convinced it can lower recidivism, it’s already spending the money it thinks it’ll save
  12. Espero: Disappointed about governor's veto of harbor security bill
  13. Young Guns: Meet Honolulu's New Generation of Gun Owners
  14. United Airlines Ground Workers in Hawaii Vote for Concessions to Keep Jobs
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Thursday, July 10, 2014
July 10, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:17 PM :: 5331 Views
  1. Aiona Raises $360K, 99% from Hawaii
  2. Report: After Obamacare, 28% of Hawaii is on Medicaid
  3. The High Cost of Hawaii's Affordable Housing Shortfall
  4. Hawaii’s Downward Spiral Of State Tax Collections Is Alarming
  5. Unfunded liabilities leave HI taxpayers ‘drowning in debt,’ fiscal watchdog says
  6. TRO Provides Insight into Assault, Arson Attack on Carroll Cox
  7. Casino Connection
  8. U.S. Senate Democrats introduce bill to counter Hobby Lobby decision
  9. Video: Is Uber Super?
  10. Report: 32% of Hawaii Rural Roads in Poor Condition
  11. Meet the Republican Who Could Take Hawaii Away From Democrats
  12. What the Hawaii Senate race tells us about the Democratic Party
  13. Hanabusa Running Like a Loser
  14. First Hawaiian Owner Guilty--Funneled Money to Iran
  15. 18 Quit Boards, Abercrombie Replaces Ethics Chair
  16. Kauai Anti-GMO Activists too Stupid to Write Initiative
  17. Suddenly Everybody Says Vote for OHA
  18. Council Advances Five Bills to Free the Homeless From the Streets
  19. Council Moving to Scrap Sale of City-Owned Housing
  20. Former OCCC inmate says guards sold drugs, cigarettes to inmates; slept on job
  21. Solar Scammers Victimize Consumers--'Rogue systems' continue to plague Hawaii
  22. Big Wind, Big Cable Dormant Until After Election
  23. UH Regents to Reconsider Tuition Hikes
  24. UH Still Hard-Pressed to Address Repair and Maintenance Backlog
  25. UH Competes with Stadium Authority over How Much to Waste on New TOD Stadium
  26. Nursing Home Inspections: DoH Says it Will Dodge Federal Sanctions
  27. Auto Manufacturers Spread out Tab for Expensive Jones Act Shipping
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014
July 9, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:11 PM :: 3617 Views
  1. Djou Seeks Seat in Majority for Hawaii
  2. Register to Vote: July 10 Deadline for Primary Election
  3. Matson, Crowley to Grab for Horizon’s Alaska, Hawaii Ships?
  4. How might the Jones Act be altered to make US shipping competitive?
  5. Radio Ad Hits Hawaii Democrats ‘Costly Sweetheart Deals for Political Insiders’
  6. Hawaii Under Attack From The Air!
  7. At Meetings Statewide, Hawaiians Unite Against the Akaka Tribe
  8. City Ethics: Hire Spouse, Throw in Cellphone, Overtime
  9. Abercrombie Vetoes 7 Bills, 6 Become Law without Signature
  10. 51,700 LED Streetlights to be Financed by 'Public-Private Partnership'
  11. Djou: No Problem with Name Recognition against no-name Opponents
  12. Speakers laud Hawaiian unity against federal recognition
  13. Did Hawaiian Hearings Set Up a Political Train Wreck?
  14. Judge Protects Papaya Farmers from Eco-Terror Attacks
  15. Healthcare Pay-For-Performance Folly
  16. Kauai Council to consider property tax hike
  17. Legislature Never Overrides Abercrombie Vetoes
  18. Mass Resignations from LUC to Avoid Exposure of Financial Interests
  19. Thousands of Dollars in Golf and Millions of Dollars in Contracts
  20. Special Counsel Reinstates Hawaii VA Whistleblower
  21. BioMass: Coal-based Green Energy on Maui
  22. Should Hawaii Legalize Marijuana?
  23. Homeless Losing ID While Jailed 
  24. Thousands of Illegals in Hawaii eligible for temporary deportation relief
  25. Another HPD sergeant arrested for driving under the influence
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014
July 8, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:16 PM :: 5135 Views
  1. Register to Vote: July 10 Deadline for Primary Election
  2. DBEDT: Decline of Nuclear Family Makes Kakaako Development Possible
  3. State Touts First $3M in Sub Prime 'Green' Energy Loans
  4. Small steps to turn government workers into stakeholders
  5. Chilling crimes against activist must be solved
  6. Lahaina 100-1 Against the Akaka Tribe
  7. Abercrombie Chief of Staff Coppa Sells 'High End Real Estate'
  8. Kakaako could generate $5B
  9. 14 quit in wake of disclosure law
  10. Hawaii, Liquefied Natural Gas and the Jones Act
  11. Hanabusa Stands With Farmers and Scientists Against Schatz, Anti-GMO Protesters
  12. Punchy Hanabusa Slams Schatz on experience, appointment and ability to read bills.
  13. Republican candidate Marissa Capelouto wants to restore the American dream
  14. Fishing for Ige Votes, Borreca Slams Abercrombie Support of Geothermal
  15. Hawaii County Property tax hike proposed
  16. Proof that 'Sustainability' is a Fraud--All Hawaii Politicians Agree on It 
  17. Hirono Whines That Pro-Hunting/Fishing Bill Isn’t Full Of Gun Control Language
  18. Tons of glass not being recycled, problem could get worse
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Monday, July 7, 2014
July 7, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:25 PM :: 3600 Views
  1. July 7, 1898: Hawaii Republic Annexed by USA
  2. For Act 201 to Work, Replace Office of Youth Services Executive Director
  3. Winer Paid $149K for 2012 Smear Campaign
  4. Hawaii Prepaid Act Boosts Part-Time Work 1.4%
  5. Hawaii Ranks #5 in Cigarette Taxes
  6. Fisheries council: Obama Sanctuary Endangers American Fishing Industry 
  7. Elder Abuse Cases Triple
  8. Is UH Doing Its Part to Combat Sexual Assaults on Campus?
  9. Hawaii Among 'Loosest' States in USA
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Sunday, July 6, 2014
July 6, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:46 PM :: 4467 Views
  1. For The Record: Hawaiian Homelands Debunks Kalaeloa Raceway Story
  2. Winner and Still Champ! Oh, No!!
  3. 1874: Liliuokalani Cheers as Marines Occupy Queen’s Palace
  4. How Bumpy Kanahele Gets State Land and Contracts
  5. Shimabukuro, Martin Defend Illegal Dumping Violator with $240K Unpaid Fines
  6. Low Voter Turnout Due to Perceived Corruption
  7. Chaotic and Belligerent Abercrombie--Budget Again Slipping
  8. Cayetano's negativity taints heated race for U.S. Senate
  9. VIDEO: Schatz, Hanabusa Agree On Jones Act
  10. Desperate Abercrombie Unleashes 15 Minute Campaign Commercial
  11. Could Kalihi be the next Kakaako?
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Saturday, July 5, 2014
July 5, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:02 PM :: 3629 Views
  1. Grassroot Institute Talking About Kakaako
  2. Legislators Conspire to Impose pot dispensaries after Election
  3. Kahe Solar Farm to Cost $0.161 per kwh
  4. Before Fire, Threat to Burn Coco Palms Resort?
  5. Fresh faces fill Honolulu City Council campaigns
  6. Usual Activists Complain About Urination Ban
  7. Fisheries service moves to protect sharks
  8. The Obamas Have Spent Over $44,351,777.12 In Taxpayer Cash On Travel
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Friday, July 4, 2014
July 4, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:01 PM :: 4694 Views
  1. List of Independence Day events statewide
  2. Hawaii Family Forum Publishes Primary Voter Guide
  3. The 1840 Hawaiian Constitution and the Fourth of July
  4. Djou: Independence, the Strength to Vote for Change
  5. Pat Saiki: Celebrate Independence by Voting for New Candidates with New Ideas
  6. Alaska Rep Young Legislation Blocks Presidential Power to Lock Away Oceans
  7. Hawaii Ranks 46th in Patriotism
  8. The Verified Complaint In Equity: The Declaration Of Independence
  9. ‘We Have Not Forgotten’: Presidents on the Fourth of July
  10. Testifiers Say No to Fake Indian Tribe at Waimea, Kona meetings
  11. Abercrombie, Ige Agree -- Nobody Wants Obamacare in Hawaii
  12. Abercrombie: Keep the Homeless Here, No School for Kakaako
  13. VIDEO: Geothermal royalties signed over to DHHL
  14. Abercrombie misrepresented geothermal potential
  15. Resignations Mount Amid Concerns Over Public Financial Disclosure Bill
  16. North Shore Senate Race a Litmus Test for Hawaii GOP
  17. Politicking changes with early voting
  18. Further Proof Scummy Politics Works
  19. Abercrombie Ads Slick, Obnoxious, Sellathons
  20. Candidate Q&A — OHA At-Large Position: Keli’i Akina
  21. Hawaii VA Wait 109 Days -- Still Worst in USA
  22. Are you ‘mad as hell’ about business climate?
  23. Lawsuit: Tax Hike to Pay for Health Exchange is Unconstitutional
  24. Cocaine use up among Hawaii workers and job applicants
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Thursday, July 3, 2014
July 3, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:04 PM :: 4619 Views
  1. Email Reveals Plan to Take Control of Hawaiian Homelands as Indian Tribe
  2. Act 201 Reforms Hawaii Juvenile Justice System
  3. Kauai property crime rates spur community to action
  4. Stay seated: Hawaii will pay $81K for fall-prevention coordinator
  5. Must Hawaii Employers Preserve Absent Employees Positions Indefinitely?
  6. Volunteers Sought for Vacancies Opening Up on Boards and Commissions as Ethics law Takes Effect
  7. List of Independence Day events statewide
  8. Arson Attack on Home of Activist investigating Misuse of Hawaiian Homelands
  9. Hilo: Hundreds More Say 'No' to Akaka Tribe
  10. Elwin Ahu seeks re-establishment of people's trust in government
  11. Heartless Abercrombie Viciously Slashes State Budget, Poor to be Hardest Hit
  12. Schatz panders to Disgusting Anti-Superferry Mobs
  13. Schatz Grilled over Winer
  14. EPA officials say no health issues seen in GMO papayas
  15. Kauai Judge Tells Lesbians to Stay out of GMO case
  16. Cancer Research Being Sacrificed Because of Homeless Tent City
  17. Online Access to Hawaii Care Home Inspections May Be Delayed
  18. Hawaii County Angered by Aggressive Federal Water Grab
  19. Obama's marine reserve plan 'betrays' American fisherman
  20. Depleting federal highway fund could put Hawaii projects at risk
  21. SEC Waiver Allows Crooked Bank to Stay in Hawaii
  22. Hawaiian Air Pushes to Reform Ex-Im Bank
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014
July 2, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:24 PM :: 3787 Views
  1. Tribe? Secret DoI Meetings in Hawaii
  2. Experts fear Hawaii’s new voter registration law heightens fraud risk
  3. After Win at UH Hilo, Free Speech Lawsuits Hit Campuses Nationwide
  4. Now Playing in Honolulu – America: Imagine the World Without Her
  5. Kapaa: Hundreds More Hawaiians Say No to Akaka Tribe
  6. North Shore Windfarm Designed to Reopen Proceedings for AKP Biofuel Scam?
  7. Djou Debates at Japanese Cultural Center
  8. Ige: Don't Abolish HCDA--yet
  9. Hanabusa: Shinseki Should not Have Resigned from VA
  10. Kauai: Schatz Panders to anti-GMO Lunatics
  11. Anti-GMO Luxury Realtor Says 'Let them eat temp jobs'
  12. Hooser Claims GMOs Cause Global Warming
  13. Hawaii Congressional Delegates Whine About Hobby Lobby Decision
  14. Voter registration up as July 10 deadline approaches
  15. State Lines up 86 Units for Housing First, Homeless to be 'Assessed'
  16. By The Numbers: City Mismanagement of Affordable Housing
  17. Hawaii will pay $81K for fall-prevention coordinator
  18. New DoE Guidelines Call for Students to Participate in More Protests
  19. Nepotistic Charter School Stole Dues Money from HSTA
  20. Bill outlawing seclusion, restraint as student punishments to Become Law
  21. Kulani Prison Designed to Ease Escapes, Smuggling
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014
July 1, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:52 PM :: 4804 Views
  1. Abercrombie Capitulates, Financial Disclosure Will Become Law Without Signature
  2. New age requirements push 6000 out of kindergarten
  3. 16 Bills Signed into Law
  4. Hawaii Opioid Pain Pill Prescriptions 'only' 52 per 100 people--Lowest in USA
  5. Abercrombie's 10% budget restrictions begin Today
  6. Hospitals Face $11M in Cuts
  7. Native Hawaiians on Kauai angrily reject federal recognition
  8. Hawaii VA Hides Guam Waiting List
  9. Parents Should Have Equal Rights
  10. Sept 8 Court date set for Hawaii gay marriage Case
  11. Misnamed Civil Rights Commission Plans to Defy Supreme Court on Religious Freedom
  12. Latest Group of Charter School Nepotists Quit
  13. State employees disclose golf gifts from contractors after last year’s ethics investigation
  14. Same-Day Voter Registration to Include Electronic Poll Books?
  15. Maui seed companies say GMO moratorium could kill agriculture
  16. Anti-Aquarium Activists Have No Regard for Facts
  17. What Will They Hype Next? --Plastic garbage on ocean's surface is vanishing
  18. In Halawa, a flea market with a stadium attached
  19. Horizon Lines CEO resigns after Ocean Carrier Loses another $26.2M
  20. H-Power Runs Short of Garbage
  21. Kauai utility won't move forward with energy storage bids
  22. First Hawaiian Owner Fined $9B for Funneling Money to Iran, Sudan, Cuba
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