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Tuesday, June 30, 2015
June 30, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:17 PM :: 5017 Views
  1. $4M Lawsuit Claims Bumpy Kanahele Defrauds Am. Samoa of Tsunami Recovery Funds
  2. Hawaiian Electric Proposes Higher Solar Price Structure
  3. Hawaii Reapportionment Commission Breathes A Sigh Of Relief
  4. Ige Releases ‘Intent to Veto’ List
  5. Critics Question Ige's Sex Trafficking Veto
  6. "Zero Emission Vehicles" Are Not Emission Free
  7. It Begins: Kenoi, Hawaii County Council Launch Push for GE Tax Hike
  8. It Begins: Kauai County Council Majority backs GE Tax Hike
  9. State, Counties have time to Raise Your GE Taxes, But they can't be Bothered to use Existing Federal Road Building Funds
  10. Former Tax Director is Al Hee's Lawyer and Alibi
  11. Rep Tom Brower Gets in Fight With Homeless, Loses
  12. Brower: Homeless Becoming Angry, Unsafe
  13. University Shuts off Telescope Protesters' Access to Toilets
  14. Gay Marriage: We Tricked Stupid Hawaii Voters and now we Laugh at You
  15. Civil Beat Promotes Anti-Religion Sex Show at Honolulu Museum of Art
  16. Hawaii governor plans to veto sex trafficking bill
  17. Busted: Another Luxury Real Estate Broker Behind Anti-GMO Hype
  18. Former Oahu probation officer pleads guilty to theft, forgery
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Monday, June 29, 2015
June 29, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:58 PM :: 4227 Views
  1. Grassroot Institute Publishes HART Check Register
  2. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted June 29, 2015
  3. Patriotism: Hawaii Ranks 24th
  4. Report: Jones Act Reform Could Help Save Bankrupt Puerto Rico
  5. Hawaii State Judiciary Launches New Environmental Court
  6. Deadline Today: Will Ige Veto Rail Tax Hike?
  7. Officials may be fudging Rail Financial numbers for political purposes
  8. Ethics panel's media policy must be voided
  9. No Pule: Civil Beat Attacks Prayer at Hawaiian Charter Schools
  10. Governor must quit pandering to interests of protesters
  11. Supreme Court upholds power of independent commissions to draw districts
  12. Ige's Entry to Politics Approved by President of Hawaiian Tel
  13. Hawaii Wrestles With Vagaries of Solar Power
  14. Volunteer HPD officer pleads guilty for not reporting game room assault
  15. KPD to buy body cameras, Tasers
  16. Guam Veterans Still Unable to Use 'Choice Card'
  17. Pacific Missile Range Spends 17% of Budget on Electricity
  18. Puerto Rico’s Governor Says Island’s Debts Are ‘Not Payable’
  19. Is sugar’s dominance in peril?
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Sunday, June 28, 2015
June 28, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:27 PM :: 6018 Views
  1. Danner: Hawaiian Homes Commissioners "Have Rings in Their Noses"
  2. Bribed by Bumpy: Former American Samoa Government Official Sentenced to 22 Months in Prison
  3. Independence Means Freedom from Special Funds
  4. Gay Marriage Decision Requires New Policy Rationale of Legislature?
  5. You Can’t Get on a Canoe Without a Real Plan
  6. Health Dep't Taking Action to Reduce New HIV Cases in Hawaii
  7. Project Imua: Hawaii Student payload tested at NASA Flight Facility
  8. State Attorney General Asks Five Legislators to Take Lie Detector, Four Refuse
  9. Legislators Will not Overrule Ige Veto of Rail Tax Hike
  10. Rail: See no evil, hear no evil, say no evil
  11. Federal highway funding: After years of stalling projects to create demand for rail, it's Use it or lose it time
  12. Greenmail atop Mauna Kea stymies Ige administration, McCartney a Proven Loser
  13. Sharia Court of the Eco Religion Will Rule on Anything it Wants
  14. Farmers question need for eco-court
  15. Fight for gay dominance doesn't end with historic ruling
  16. Is county’s structure right?
  17. Maui police officer arrested again for public drunkenness in California
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Saturday, June 27, 2015
June, 2015 Letters to the Editor
By Letters to the Editor @ 10:42 PM :: 3801 Views

  • Gay Marriage Decision Requires New Policy Rationale of Legislature?
  • Tortured Souls--The New Normal
  • Hilo Hospital Cuts are Bandaids
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Saturday, June 27, 2015
June 27, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:18 PM :: 5761 Views
  1. Hawaiian Homes Commission: Proposed Federal Rules Inappropriate
  2. Mauna Kea: Ige Claims he will do Whatever Necessary to Keep Road Open
  3. Hawaii Supreme Court: County Initiative Preempted by State Law
  4. You Can Never Know What Plantation Days Meant From Google
  5. Hawaii Family Advocates Responds to Gay Marriage Ruling
  6. Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage may pave way for expanded gun rights in Hawaii
  7. Hawaii 61% Against Supreme Court Gay Marriage Decision
  8. Major ethics investigations underway at the city
  9. City Ethics Commission rejected staff concerns about restrictive media policy
  10. Altars to be moved out of roadway -- But only because Protesters Agree to it (And Media again barred)
  11. Equal Right to Access Mauna Kea?
  12. Environmental Court to Take Control of Hawaiian Rights, Sometimes Civil, Sometimes Criminal
  13. Monday is Deadline for Veto Announcements
  14. Hawaii businesses blocked from health care subsidies until state finalizes eligibility process
  15. Countdown to Oahu's plastic bag ban
  16. WaPo: 35% of Hawaii Roads are 'Poor'
  17. Homeless Harass Students at HCC
  18. Study: Electric Cars Worse For Environment Than Gas Powered Cars
  19. Kauai Solar Farm: Industrial Eyesore Tipping Point
  20. Democratic Party Completely Dead in Marianas Islands, Obama sends Photo of Dog
  21. Pilot program to eliminate 'invasive' fish species by electrocuting them
  22. Stop HECO Stopped: Lack of standing for group challenging state energy policy
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Friday, June 26, 2015
June 26, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:40 PM :: 4597 Views
  1. Maui: Protesters Stop Haleakala Telescope Construction Convoy
  2. Visitor Arrivals Jump 9.3%
  3. Even Where Gay Marriage is Legal, It’s not Equal
  4. Judicial Activism From Supreme Court on Marriage
  5. Rail Fail: Caldwell Admits He Was Lying About Massive Property Tax Hike used to Justify GE Tax Extension
  6. Martin vs Caldwell: Petty Amateurs Duke it Out
  7. University: Mauna Kea Resolution in Ige's Hands
  8. Arrested protesters post bail, return to Hawaii mountain
  9. University Conspires to Keep media out as Protesters Clear Rocks
  10. Star-Adv: Clock is Ticking on Hawaii's Obamacare Waiver Application
  11. Sierra Club Attack on Agriculture Schizophrenic
  12. Hawaii Supreme Court rules against county marijuana initiative
  13. Hawaii Traffic Up 8.1%
  14. After Getting Big Fat Raise, UPW Returns EMS to 8 hr Shifts
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Thursday, June 25, 2015
June 25, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:30 PM :: 3775 Views
  1. NYT: Ige’s diffidence risks making things on Mauna Kea worse
  2. Ige Fails to Clear Mauna Kea Protesters, Relies on 'Mutual Respect and Aloha'
  3. Ige 'On National Stage' Faking It -- Touts 7 solar farms blocked by HECO, PUC
  4. NYT: Obamacare Ruling May Have Just Killed State-Based Exchanges
  5. TMT crews fail to reach Mauna Kea summit Because Police not willing to clear path
  6. Protesters Jubilant, Plan to Come Back Again and Again
  7. Exposed: Attack on Ethics Director is All About Rail
  8. Let public know about misconduct by police officers
  9. Two more HPD officers charged for game room attack
  10. Demonstrators also protest against solar telescope construction atop Haleakala
  11. Peter Apo: Ticking Clock 18 Months until Federal Recognition is Dead
  12. Ige in DC touting 7 solar farms blocked by HECO, PUC
  13. Anti-GMO Activist, Luxury Realtor Plan Cane Smoke Lawsuit
  14. Bridging the Space Between Islands with a Ferry System Could Lower Costs
  15. Oahu EMS workers to change schedule again--After Getting Huge Raise
  16. Hoffmann, Ruderman consider Big Island mayor’s run
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Wednesday, June 24, 2015
June 24, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:16 PM :: 6486 Views
  1. Proposed Federal Rules for Hawaiian Homelands Parallel Obama Admin Rewrite of Indian Law
  2. Full Text: Court Orders Release of Kanaiolowalu Roll
  3. CNHA to Administer 'US Tribal Justice' on Mauna Kea?
  4. CNBC: Hawaii Worst State for Business
  5. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted June 22, 2015
  6. Video: Adventures of a Monsanto Agronomist
  7. Wine Taxes: Hawaii Ranks 12th
  8. Sexual Paranoia: Why Professors Are Becoming Scared of Their Students
  9. HS Sports: Hawaii 2nd Lowest Gender Gap
  10. Kaiser: King v. Burwell will not Affect Hawaii
  11. Video: Crying Police Apologize to Telescope Protesters
  12. Protesters Occupy TMT site; "This is a Place for Religion, not Science"
  13. New rules in the works to Control public use of Mauna Kea
  14. 'Significant changes' made for Thirty Meter Telescope construction in Hawaii to resume, board member says
  15. Non-Hawaiian people of Hawaii are not 'guests'
  16. Al Hee Criminal Trial Begins
  17. What Is Really Being Sustained by 100 Percent Renewable Energy?
  18. Medicare cuts, underpayments could mean $3.3B loss for Hawaii hospitals, study shows
  19. HECO: Legislature Killed Chance to Cut Electric Rates with Bulk LNG
  20. $40K--PCard Pays for DLNR first-class travel
  21. The Public Has the Right to Know About Police Misconduct
  22. Practice or Preach: Anti-GMO Activists Begin Making Excuses
  23. Prices Going Up Due to Bag Ban
  24. Hawaii County Water Rates Going up 24%
  25. Kalihi 'Over Burdened' With Public Housing
  26. UH plans to spend extra $500,000 on athletic stipends
  27. Texas couple's plan to open North Shore business falls flat
  28. Marines looking at deploying aboard foreign ships as Jones Act Continues to Fail Military
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Tuesday, June 23, 2015
June 23, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:05 PM :: 3932 Views
  1. Caldwell refuses to sign Council Budget Bills
  2. Ige in DC to Teach Feds How to use Green Energy Hype to Jack Up Rates, Taxes
  3. Ouch! Mounting Medicare Cuts Hurt Hawaii Hospitals
  4. University of Hawaii: The empty ‘marketplace of ideas’
  5. Internal Report: Gay Human Rights Campaign a Judgmental White Men’s Club
  6. Feds Extend Hawaii NCLB Waiver
  7. Star-Adv to Police: Don't Arrest Telescope Protesters
  8. Civil Beat Witch-hunt Continues--One Very Confused White Supremacist
  9. Corrupt Charter School Could Leave Taxpayers on the Hook for Debts
  10. Caldwell vs Martin 2016?
  11. Why Do We Tax Food in Paradise?
  12. Homeless Families Have Free Housing Waiting, Not Motivated to Sign paperwork
  13. 47 Homeless Flown Back to Mainland
  14. Former PUC chair says solar industry pursing narrow self-interest in opposing NextEra buyout
  15. $90M Kahuku wind farm project on agenda for public meeting Tuesday
  16. Humpback Blowback: Over 3,000 Testify on Federal Sanctuary Expansion
  17. Kenoi Fails on Key Hilo Tourism Project
  18. HPD Officer Allegedly Caught Breaking into House
  19. Council lets Kauai police purchase 105 body cameras, Tasers
  20. Muslims Demand UH Divest from Israel
  21. Two Miles of Fencing Torn Down:  To Liberate Pigs, Goats?
  22. Study: Scant evidence that medical pot helps many illnesses
  23. Two Military Trannies Switch Gender, Hook Up--Get Invited to White House
  24. Lawsuit: Man Claims he Got AIDS from Honolulu Blood Transfusion
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Monday, June 22, 2015
June 22, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:20 PM :: 4794 Views
  1. Contested Case or Court Case? The Hawaii Supreme Court Decides
  2. Oahu, Maui Among Metro Areas That Least Resemble U.S.
  3. Anti-Telescope Protesters Prepare for 'Showdown' Wednesday
  4. Hawaii Hospitals: $3 billion in losses due to Medicare cuts and underpayments
  5. Bag Ban to Nickel and Dime Consumers, Small Businesses
  6. Full accounting needed in delay of tax refunds
  7. Progressive Utah Shows Reactionary Hawaii Way Forward on Homelessness
  8. "Being Homeless in Hawaii Easier than Michigan"
  9. What can we do to make housing more affordable?
  10. The Death of Aaron Torres: ‘What’s the Big Secret?’
  11. Environmental Court to open next week
  12. Enviros Plan to Give Themselves More of our Tax Money 
  13. Study: Teen Marijuana Use Decreases With Legalization
  14. Usual Activists Exploit Charleston Attack to Celebrate Themselves
  15. Gay Activist Excited by BoE Sex Ed Plan
  16. U.S. developing 'Plan B' for deporting Saddam Hussein's convicted Honolulu-bound plane bomber
  17. Honolulu City declares June 21 Chinese Communist 'Confucius Institute' Day
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Sunday, June 21, 2015
June 21, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:54 PM :: 3597 Views
  1. $481M 'Clean Energy' Tax Hike: Fewer flights and fewer visitors to Hawaii would be expected
  2. Telescope Construction to Re-Start Wednesday
  3. Friends Don’t Let Friends Pay Higher Taxes?
  4. BoE Appoints New Superintendents
  5. Fishery Management Council Questions use of Turtles to Strangle Tuna Industry
  6. Preparing for OHA Toll Booth?  Mauna Kea Traffic now being Counted
  7. Stopping TMT would be singular event that irreparably damages Hawaii's future
  8. On Cue from on High, Usual Protesters Show up for Red Hill Meeting
  9. Homeless Moving from Mainland 'Not Uncommon'
  10. PHOCUSED: Don't Build Homeless Shelter, Give us Money Instead
  11. Abstinence-based emphasis replaced with new program
  12. Star-Adv: New Sex Ed Policy risks well-being of Hawaii youth 
  13. White-Collar Make Work: Politicians perfect the art of leaving business undone
  14. Growing popularity of (tax free) e-cigarettes pushes Hawaii to raise legal smoking age to 21
  15. School Bus Fees? Hawaii Nearly Alone
  16. UH vs Arnold: 'Histrionics, Little Substance'
  17. Ticket Scalping Scandal: FBI Seizes Computers at Arizona Memorial

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Saturday, June 20, 2015
June 20, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:40 AM :: 3561 Views
  1. APHIS on Invasive Species: "The truth is we just don't care that much"
  2. Hawaii Obamacare Exchange hasn't Paid IT Vendor Since January
  3. Luxury Realtor Behind Maui Anti-GMO Initiative Shifts Attack to State's Last Cane Plantation
  4. HPD Officer Arrested Breaking into House
  5. Bill on Hawaii governor's desk could spell relief for older Oahu homes under historic review
  6. Witness: Pier situation ‘out of control’
  7. Am Samoa citizenship battle
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Friday, June 19, 2015
June 19, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:50 PM :: 7919 Views
  1. DHS: For First Time Majority of Homeless Refusing Shelter
  2. DLNR Steps in to Save Sea Cucumbers Harvested at Behest of Anti-GMO Huckster Promoting Quack Cancer Treatment
  3. Ward, McDermott Call for Souki to Drop Complaint Against Ethics Chair
  4. Government of a Few: New Data Shows Just How Broken Hawaii's Democracy Really Is
  5. European Trade Talks 'Can Open Jones Act'
  6. Rail’s Deep Black Hole
  7. The Average Honolulu Worker Needs 12.8 Years of Wages to Buy a House
  8. Endangered Bats May Stop Wind Farm Developers
  9. Marijuana to be Legal Cash Crop for Puna?
  10. Another Attack on Tourists in Hanalei?
  11. Food Justice
  12. Hawaii Kai Abuzz Over Possible New Restrictions on Maunalua Bay
  13. Governor signed off on $2M for Hawaii Health Connector 2 weeks ago
  14. Hawaii’s High Court Considers Whether Police Misconduct Should Be Public
  15. Hawaii Claims Zero Prisoners on the Lam Right Now
  16. No apparent misuse in Honolulu’s pCard spending
  17. Navy responds to hundreds at meeting over Oahu’s drinking water
  18. Pasha quietly drops Tacoma route, beefs up L.A. services
  19. Guam Second Amendment Forum Saturday
  20. Military Contractor May Lose Medical License over Homosexual Harassment of Military Personnel
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Thursday, June 18, 2015
June 18, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:00 PM :: 4558 Views
  1. Hawaii Lowest Median Income for Families with Father Present
  2. Sex Ed? Board of Ed Says 'Trust Us'
  3. Anti-GMO Activists Attack State’s Last Cane Plantation
  4. Secret text of Trade Agreement ‘forms a new Pacific Union’
  5. Rail Creates Only 870 Local Jobs
  6. Hawaii Government Workforce Seventh Least Productive in USA
  7. Hawaii Transportation Energy Plan--Mostly Tax Hikes
  8. Kauai Council Will Have to Cut Positions to Fund Union Contracts
  9. Ethics Complaint: Kenoi Hired Campaign Manager for $110K Job
  10. FBI Investigating Terrorist Muslims in Hawaii, other States
  11. Hawaii DoE Evades Feds by Holding Back School Suspension Data
  12. Controversy Grows Over federal takeover of Moanalua Bay
  13. Up to ten wind turbines could be added to Kahuku wind farm
  14. Co-op seeking to buy HELCO adds consultant
  15. Employers, UH System Asked to Rearrange their Schedules Because of Rail Traffic Jams
  16. Falling Rail Junk Damages 12 cars on H-1 ... So Far
  17. Videos Used to Convince People to Die, Save Insurance Company Money
  18. Maui Homeless Choose Cave over Shelter
  19. Homeless Czar Has Been in Limbo for 6 Months, But the End May Be Near
  20. State vector control unit ‘limping along’
  21. MPD: Arrests Show Integrity of Police
  22. Suspected in Murder, Assault: Homeless male receives beating in jail
  23. Hawaii—and all other states—fail to comply with international law on the use of lethal force by police
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015
June 17, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:13 PM :: 4421 Views
  1. Hirono, Schatz Nominate Three for Federal Judge
  2. DUI Enforcement? Hawaii Ranks 27th
  3. Meet the Gay Activist in Charge of Federal 'Safe Schools' Policy
  4. Hawaii is home to the nation’s largest share of multiracial Americans
  5. Excuse for Tax Hike Evaporates as New bids for rail stations come in $9M below estimates
  6. Hawaii's Phony Renewable Energy Standards: How 35% Renewable = 115% Renewable
  7. The Solar farms we sabotaged would have saved $800M, but its all the PUC's Fault, HECO says
  8. Honolulu on track to end veteran homelessness by year's end
  9. Hawaii #1 in Homelessness
  10. Hawaii #1 in Welfare, So Lets Give the Homeless Even More money as a 'Solution'
  11. How Military Policies Drive Up Rents on Oahu
  12. Hawaii Public Schools Must Offer Gay Sex Education, Board Decides
  13. Case Against GMOs Evaporates in Federal Courtroom
  14. After 9 Months Serving Billy Kenoi, Social Climber Peter Boylan Returns to Oahu Tail Between legs
  15. Circus: UH, Arnold file second replies to NCAA infractions panel
  16. Souki’s reported investment in Hawaiian Electric a “mental error”
  17. Sources accuse women's prison managers of covering up guard assault
  18. After Burning Thru Trust Fund, Kahoolawe commission raises only $38,000 online
  19. Hawaii Lowest Rate of 'Self-Insurance' Plans
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Tuesday, June 16, 2015
June 16, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:54 PM :: 4166 Views
  1. Sex Ed: BoE Opting In to Opt Out?
  2. Best Cities for Families? Honolulu Ranks 92nd
  3. Couch Potatoes Short in Hawaii
  4. Hawaii Food Stamp Use Drops After Waiver Allowing Able Bodied to Collect Expires
  5. Waiting for your tax refund? -- Keep Waiting
  6. Hawaii Health Connector Cuts of Multi-Million Dollar Cash flow to Profitable Nonprofits
  7. Kona Hospital Layoffs: Public-Private Partnership Needed
  8. Study Looks at Emergency Room Readmissions in Hawaii
  9. Judge Hears Arguments: Expected to Slap Down Ruling on Maui Anti-GMO Initiative Soon
  10. Will Monsanto Be Able to Reverse Effect of Anti-GMO Hysteria?
  11. Hawaii Democrats to Anti-GMO Protesters: "Just Keep at it"
  12. Greenmail: Hokulia Shakedown artists try to use Herbicide Claims for cash
  13. White-Collar Make Work: Natatorium EIS
  14. Fortune: Honolulu 10th Best City to Get a Job
  15. Homeless Advocates Admit Shelters not Filled Up, Homeless Can Quit Being Homeless Any Time They Want 
  16. Homeless Person Dies Alone in Jungle Because Activists Blocked Effort to Force Him into a Shelter
  17. Wailuku Suicide Might Be Alive Today if he had not been let out of Prison Again and Again
  18. HPD officer pleads no contest to assault charges at nightclub
  19. Hawaii’s strict gun laws are unconstitutional
  20. Even After Attempted Murder Conviction, Criminal Defense Lawyer Wins Second Chance at Mental Disturbance Defense
  21. Criminal Refuses Orders, Complains About Result
  22. Hawaii Only 3.1% of Mortgages Upside Down
  23. Kauai County Bill would require B&B owners to live in same building
  24. Falls of Clyde to receive funding from Scotland?
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Monday, June 15, 2015
June 15, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:11 PM :: 4255 Views
  1. Is "Safe-Sex" Education the Reason Behind the Drop in Abortion in Hawaii?
  2. Why Johns Hopkins Quit Providing Trans-Gender Surgery
  3. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted June 15, 2015
  4. Sand Island Homeless Housing Based on Eugene, Oregon Success
  5. More sit-lie bills being heard Monday
  6. PHOCUSED: Don't Build another Homeless Shelter, Instead Give the Money to Us
  7. Desperate to keep the Homeless, Homeless UH Activists Publish 'Study' Likely to be used by Lawyers 
  8. Kids in foster care benefit from being placed with ohana, and Hawaii leads nation
  9. Kakaako Developer Sells Singles for $625 psf, calls it 'Affordable'
  10. H Power Begins Burning Sewage Sludge
  11. PUC Rejects Independent Solar projects, Sets Stage for NextEra to Build its Own
  12. Did the ethics commission violate the sunshine law?
  13. Anti-GMO Hooser Arrested for Trespassing
  14. Schatz Desperately Playing Catch-up to Gabbard 
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Sunday, June 14, 2015
June 14, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:39 PM :: 4135 Views
  1. Where’s the Tax Stamp on that Eggplant?
  2. June 14, 1900: The Abolition of Slavery in Hawaii
  3. 96.8% of Hawaii Gays stay outside 'Marriage'
  4. State Will Run Deficit For Rest of Ige Administration
  5. Hawaii Kai: Protesters Reject Federal Control of Maunalua Bay
  6. HB321: Mainland Dopers Expect to Sell Average Hawaii Family $185 Worth of Weed Annually
  7. New Arnold generation brought worse woes to UH
  8. Could an energy co-op be a viable alternative to NextEra-HEI merger?
  9. Hawaii Business Roundtable releases sales pitch for 'high tech' corporate welfare
  10. Speaker Souki stocked up on shares of Hawaiian Electric before merger announcement
  11. Man dies following police-involved shooting in Wailuku
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Saturday, June 13, 2015
June 13, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:48 PM :: 3810 Views
  1. Hilo Hospital Cuts are Bandaids
  2. Escape Hatch in 100% Renewable Bill Signed into Law
  3. Honolulu? You Need to Be a Millionaire to Retire
  4. TMT to Boost UH Hilo Astronomy Program, add Scholarships for Hawaii Students
  5. Land Board's Roehrig Shakes Down DFS for Lucrative 'Hawaiian Sense of Place' Contract
  6. Ernie Martin Political Games Deliver Council HART Appointment to Developers' Attorney
  7. City Spends $15K/week to Provide Garbage Collection Services to Homeless Camps
  8. Homeless man Finally in Jail After allegedly Attacking 75 year old woman with baseball bat
  9. SB791: Autism Insurance Bill on Ige's Desk
  10. Ige Signs Cesspool Conversion Credit, Turtle Bay Conservation
  11. HI Tech Tax Credit Scammers Want Another Billion of Your Tax Money 
  12. Religious Freedom or a State Religion on Mauna Kea?
  13. Anti-Telescope Protesters Prevent Workers from Stopping Oil Leaks on Mountain
  14. Hawaii, Alaska need Exemption from Federal Freshwater Grab
  15. Lawsuit aims to halt seafloor mining--but only by US Companies
  16. Preparing for Next lawsuit: UH Coach Still Working Without 'Fully Executed' Contract
  17. Domestic Violence: Another 'Taskforce' another 'Strategic Plan'
  18. Profitable Nonprofit: Another Embezzler Convicted, Stole $153K from Disabled
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Friday, June 12, 2015
June 12, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:55 PM :: 3837 Views
  1. Kahuku Windfarm Draft EIS: 21 Years of Death for Shearwater, Nene, Hoary Bat and more
  2. Sea Level Rise? Nonsense, Oahu is Rising From the Sea for Next 1.5M Years
  3. The Carbon Tax Charade
  4. Tweet Analysis Shows Hawaii #1 in Job Satisfaction
  5. Sales Tax Collections Per Capita: Hawaii Ranks #2 in USA
  6. NextEra Behind Bogus Windfarm Tax Credit Study
  7. BWS: Leaking Red Hill Tanks Just 100' Above Key Aquifer
  8. Survey: Multiracial in America
  9. $1.6B Waikiki windmills plan means Higher Electric Rates
  10. NextEra Buying HEI Because of Renewables
  11. Hawaii’s clean-energy goal has some escape clauses
  12. HMSA rate request could lower with federal financial relief
  13. Hawaii Health Connector: Abject Failure only 8,200 Paid First Premium
  14. Arnold-UH spat is making both sides look like losers
  15. Hawaii lawmakers reject Obama on trade authority
  16. Strangled by Regulations, Sea Link Molokai Ferry proposes changes to PUC
  17. Incompetent State putting up $10M to acquire 500 acres of ag lands in Central Oahu -- Will be Fallow for Years to Come
  18. Ads Seek to Overcome Anti-GMO Ignorance
  19. Green Police Now Control a Green Court to Lord over Hawaii
  20. Why Are the Autopsy Results for Man Tasered by Honolulu Police Still a Secret?
  21. Trapped Rats: Hawaii County pCard audit may be delayed
  22. Union: Hackers Have Personnel Data on every Federal Employee
  23. Why are bail amounts so inconsistent?
  24. Homeless Dude Suspected of Murder Arrested and Released Again and Again
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Thursday, June 11, 2015
June 11, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 10:44 AM :: 3714 Views
  1. Three Steps to Turn Hawaiian Homelands into Indian Tribe
  2. Full Text: UH files lawsuit against former men’s head basketball coach
  3. Study: Hawaii 4th Best State for Teen Drivers
  4. US House Votes to Permanently Ban Hawaii's Tax on Internet Access
  5. Kamehameha: The Founding of the Hawaiian Kingdom
  6. Rail: The Cost is the Benefit
  7. Media: Court Orders Release of Native Hawaiian Roll
  8. Rail Operating Costs Pegged at $1.7B, Tax Hikes Planned
  9. HGEA: We Will Make Privatization as Expensive as Possible
  10. Star-Adv: New HSTA Leaders Must End Their Attack on Testing
  11. Hawaii works on waiver to preserve state's Prepaid Health Care Act
  12. TMT issues trespass notices, verbally warns protesters
  13. Lindsey's Taxpayer-Funded Scheme Includes Golf Course, Cemetery on DHHL Land
  14. Maui pCard investigation results in changes, but so far no charges
  15. Ethics Director Survives Political Challenge--for now
  16. Climate Adaption Commission Claims Hawaii will Drown in Burning Sea of Acid
  17. Greenpeace Director: Anti-GMO Activism Puts Ideology Ahead of the Needs of the Poor
  18. Civil Beat: Feds Should Use the Monk Seal as an Excuse to Take over Hawaii Waters 
  19. State to conduct aerial hunting on Mauna Kea
  20. China deploys surveillance ships to Hawaii
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Wednesday, June 10, 2015
June 10, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:17 PM :: 4829 Views
  1. Insurgents Win HSTA Leadership Election (again)
  2. Hawaiian Electric Shareholders Finally Approve NextEra Merger
  3. Calvin Say case shakes up Hawaii Supreme Court
  4. Full Text: UH Manoa Interim Accreditation Report
  5. Star-Adv: Ernie Martin -- Dysfunctional, Disjointed, Failure -- Should Resign
  6. Who Got the $130M Wasted on Hawaii Health Connector?
  7. Ige: State will Run Deficits for Duration of my Administration
  8. Thousands Protest:  Once Feds Grab Control of Hawaii Waters, we'll never get it back
  9. Big Changes Ahead for HSTA
  10. Connector clients treated unfairly
  11. Kaiser: Big Rate Hike Coming, but HMSA Makes us Look Good
  12. Telescope Protesters’ camp allowed to remain in Spite of 'No Camping' Rule
  13. Escape Hatch in 100% Renewable Bill Signed into Law
  14. Escape Hatch in Oahu Plastic Bag Ban
  15. Fear of Lawsuits after Armed robbery at 'Birthing Stones' spurs OHA to clear Lake Wilson homeless encampment
  16. Homeless 'Feel at Home' on Street Fronting Canal
  17. City Crews Remove 22.5 Tons of Garbage from Homeless Camps
  18. KHON did not Demand Resignation of Nestor Garcia After Repeat Ethics Violations
  19. Contractor Campaign Contributions Raise Concerns of Corruption
  20. DoT Admits Zipmobile Needed only 15 minutes of Repair Work
  21. Coach Arnold's Attorney Lines Up Witnesses NCAA Doesn't Know About
  22. UH steps up security after second burglary at Institute for Astronomy
  23. 161 Calls Missed During 911 Outage
  24. DCCA Disciplinary Hearing Decisions Posted Online
  25. HB119: ABLE Allows Disabled to Save Money without losing Benefits 
Read More..
Tuesday, June 9, 2015
June 9, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:55 PM :: 4973 Views
  1. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted June 8, 2015
  2. Ige Signs Bill Setting 100% Renewable Energy Goal
  3. SB359: First step toward "carbon tax" in Hawaii
  4. Maui hospital privatization negotiations to begin with governor's signature
  5. Republicans Right all along About Obamacare 
  6. New McCarthyism:  Civil Beat Randomly Targets Mitch D'Olier for Opposing Gay Marriage
  7. No school in Hawaii  evacuated due to pesticide drift from seed companies
  8. HNN Hypes Waianae as Destination for Homeless
  9. HGEA Contract Forces Kona hospital to cut 34 staff, close skilled nursing unit
  10. Domestic violence efforts blocked
  11. Hawaii Highest Proportion of Children in Private School
  12. Kauai Mayor 'Fired Up' over Drug Treatment Facility Once Blocked by OHA
  13. Oahu's rooftop solar industry heats up after months of decline
  14. Major Oahu solar energy farms on hold are not dead yet, PUC chief says, (Iwase is Dreaming)
  15. Civil Beat Logic: Raise Property Taxes to Cut Cost of Living
  16. Hole in door at Subaru Telescope not from bullet
  17. Arnold's reply to NCAA notice may raise more issues at UH
  18. Booker T. Washington’s chief mentor was born and raised in Hawaii
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Monday, June 8, 2015
June 8, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:25 PM :: 4246 Views
  1. Can OHA Keep Na'i Aupuni from Stealing $2.6M?
  2. Full Text: Court Dismisses American Samoa Suit for US Citizenship
  3. Travel Assoc: FAA Bill before Congress Should Cut Taxes on Airfares
  4. Police investigating bullet shot into Mauna Kea observatory
  5. The Inside Story of How Karl Rhoades Screws up a Bill
  6. FBI Investigating Oregon Obamacare Exchange, Hawaii Next?
  7. Star-Adv: Push back against Thieving Administrators Gives UH 'a Bargain'
  8. Hawaii: Asian-Based Civility Trampled by Professional Activism
  9. Anti-GMO Boss Developed Marketing Techniques in Manoa
  10. Hawaii Police Have Killed More People Per Capita Than Most of the U.S.
  11. Soft on Crime: Alleged Bisexual Child Molester Caught on Video (Repeat offender)
  12. Star-Adv: Push 'Talia's Law' and help save a young child's life
  13. Mandatory tips are subject to state general excise tax
Read More..
Sunday, June 7, 2015
June 7, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:11 PM :: 5252 Views
  1. Whither the Resort Fee?
  2. Waianae Coast schools a national model for counseling
  3. UHERO Electric Vehicle Forecast for Hawaii
  4. UHERO: Neighbor Island Tourism Still Has Room to Grow
  5. Abortion Down 30% in Hawaii: Planned Parenthood, McDermott Agree it is due to Improved Contraception
  6. SB519: Vacation Rental Tax Will Give State Interest in Tourism Everywhere
  7. Council plays into hand of Homelessness Industry rather than trying to aid homeless
  8. Gunshot Damage at Mauna Kea observatory
  9. Stalemate continues atop Mauna Kea
  10. No love for Kahoolawe After Commission Burnt all its money?
  11. Crony Capitalist Billionaires Pour Money into Schatz, Gabbard Campaigns
  12. Trial set for Developer who Welched on Marina Deal
  13. Gay Activist Joins Assault against Sunshine Law, OIP--Calls for Appointed Neighborhood Boards
  14. Another Alleged Homosexual Child Molester Busted
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Saturday, June 6, 2015
June 6, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:29 PM :: 4563 Views
  1. Supreme Court Seizes Control of Telescope Case, Will Decide Who Gets Payoffs
  2. Not Really Closing: Another $70M to be Wasted on New Hawaii Health Exchange Plan
  3. Almost 80% of Hawaii Obamacare Enrollees Have Failed to Pay Premiums in 2015
  4. Hawaii Cigarette Taxes 5th Highest in USA
  5. Maui County Meets with Municipal Utility Operators
  6. PUC: HECO Sabotages Seven Big Solar Projects on Behalf of NextEra
  7. IDEA: 9th Circuit Slaps Down DoE Harassment of Autistic Student, Parents
  8. Repeat Homosexual Child Molester Gets 10 Years
  9. Suspected Killer Walks, But then Can't Get out of Jail after being Busted for Loitering in Park
  10. Latest Tax Hike Idea: Garbage Fee
  11. Developer: Send Spy to Disrupt Homeowners Association
  12. Gov. Ige’s Telescope decision sets Hawaii back 30 years
  13. Environmental Cost: Activists Scheme to Collect Money from Seabed Mining
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Friday, June 5, 2015
June 5, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:20 PM :: 4059 Views
  1. Raising a family in Hawaii is already difficult, why are you making it harder?
  2. Daily Beast Celebrates 'Triumph' of 'Samoa's Caitlyn'
  3. Adulthood - Interrupted: Hawaii Leads the Way
  4. Study: Hawaii Charitable Giving at all-time high
  5. Big Island Press Club: Keeping Government Transparent
  6. State Technology Transformation 'will not move forward without the right people in place'
  7. After Wasting $130M, State Gives up on Obamacare Exchange
  8. As Predicted: Lawyer Plans Quick Lawsuit to Keep the Homeless, Homeless
  9. Council Funds its Own Homelessness Experts, Refuses to Pay for Caldwell's
  10. Lobbyist for Indicted Union Fund Appointed Deputy City Clerk
  11. Ethics: Lobbyists shielded from accountability, illicit behavior by public officials will continue
  12. Musical Chairs at Hawaii Senate Now Ended
  13. Hospital cuts spark public outcry
  14. Attention Drug Addicts: Hawaii County halts some pre-hire urinalyses
  15. Federal Judge Orders Guam to Redefine Marriage Unless US Supreme Court Allows States Freedom to Choose
  16. Report: So-Called Human Rights Campaign a 'Gay White Men's Club'
  17. UH Prof: Idiot Anti-GMO Activist is a Junk Science Embarrassment
  18. CB: E-W Center must get serious
  19. Sucker Bait: Koa grower poised to sell ‘carbon credits’
  20. Hanabusa Scores Another Cush Gig Downtown--Gas Co This Time
  21. Free Floating Anxiety: Hanalei Mob Attacks Tourists 
  22. Appeals court: No birthright US citizenship for American Samoa
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Thursday, June 4, 2015
June 4, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:42 PM :: 4661 Views
  1. Court Orders Release of Native Hawaiian Roll
  2. How Corn Ethanol Is Worse For Climate Change Than The Keystone Pipeline
  3. Live the Words You Speak
  4. Representation based on 'Eligible Voters' would Underrepresent Families
  5. So you want to run the university like a business? Try making nice to the faculty.
  6. Sit-lie ban: Lawyers Circle, Eager to Keep the Homeless on the Streets
  7. Residents, Military, FAA Pose Sharp Questions about Waikiki, Kaena Windfarm Scheme
  8. Ige Has Until June 29 to Sign Ethanol Mandate Repeal
  9. Trial for Patrick Oki of PKF Pacific Hawaii pushed to January
  10. Abercrombie Spins Conspiracy Theories About Latest UH Manoa Faculty Infighting
  11. Is Hanabusa Through With Politics?
  12. Singapore’s Brilliant Housing Plan a Model for Hawaii
  13. Peter Apo to Hoopili -- I can help for a Price
  14. B&B Sheep and Wolves
  15. How Island Appeal Adds to the Nation’s Highest Rents
  16. Adulthood Interrupted--Hawaii Leads the Way
  17. HI Congressional Delegation interested in Talia's Law
  18. Soft on Crime: One Day for Robbery, One Day for Murder
  19. Lewd acts reported in Maui parking lots linked to police employee
Read More..
Wednesday, June 3, 2015
June 3, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:05 PM :: 4988 Views
  1. HMSA blames Micronesians for 50% Rate Hike
  2. Feds: Only 8,200 Hawaii Obamacare Enrollees Pay First Premium
  3. Hawaii "Is Exception To Constitutional Law" In State Reapportionment
  4. Auditor: HGEA Keeps UH Research Corp from Achieving Potential
  5. City Plans Sand Island Modular Housing for Homeless
  6. Déjà vu: Offshore wind plan vs. whales and solar
  7. Honolulu Among Worst in US: 78% of Jobs Created since 2010 do not Pay 'Living Wage'
  8. Mauna Kea: Shake Down and Payoffs
  9. Feds:  Al Hee Stiffs Board of Water Supply for $5M, Faces Criminal Charges
  10. Some teachers unhappy with union election do-over
  11. Budget leaves DOE short by $22 million
  12. Privatization of Hospitals will relieve Hawaii Nursing Crisis
  13. Council overrides mayor's veto of expanded sit-lie bill
  14. Kenoi Cronies Stall Ethics Bill
  15. Untangling the Ethics of Educational Travel
  16. Hawaiian Electric Co. delays $235M LNG project for two years
  17. Solar Scammer Sticks Library With Defective System
  18. UH budget to allocate some funds based on student enrollment
  19. Lack of School Nurses in Hawaii Contributes to High Absentee Rates
  20. Psychiatrists Going Crazy as Criminal Lawyers Swamp System With Bogus Mental Health Exams
  21. Kahuku Windfarm Plans to Kill Many Endangered Birds
  22. Crappy Wildlife 'Jobs'?  Pacific Whale Institute
  23. Anti-Dairy Obsessives File Federal Lawsuit
  24. HPD Ignores FOIA Request for 21 months
  25. Inmate allegedly robbed man in Makakilo after escaping OCCC
  26. Double Jeopardy? Deedy trial put off, pending appeal
  27. Multiple sources: Flasher on Maui is a police officer
Read More..
Tuesday, June 2, 2015
June 2, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:51 PM :: 5257 Views
  1. Fox, Henhouse: Caldwell Appoints Hanabusa to HART Board
  2. UH Releases ‘implementation plan’ for control of Maunakea
  3. Koa Ridge Arguments Before Supreme Court - State Prohibited From Rezoning "Potential" IALs?
  4. EPA, State, Navy Agree on Red Hill Fuel Tank Upgrades
  5. Communist Party: 'Aloha' best Hollywood feature about Hawaiian sovereignty movement
  6. Study: Hawaii 5th Safest State
  7. Obamacare: HMSA 50% Rate Hike on Individual Plans
  8. State ethics chief might be headed for some trouble
  9. Kenoi entertainment funded in new budget, Scrutiny Expected
  10. Will HEI Shareholders Approve NextEra Merger by June 10 Deadline?
  11. Rusting Junk: $1.6B Hawaii offshore wind energy project to be discussed Wednesday
  12. Snookered: How Pseudoscience Gets Mainstreamed
  13. Three Perfectly Good Mauna Kea telescopes to go
  14. Desperate: Ritte makes 'Groundless, Unfair' Charges over Haleakala Telescope
  15. 'Aloha' About Bumpy's Shakedown of State, Bank
  16. After Burning up all its money, Kahoolawe Commission outlines plans for scaled-down operations
  17. No-frills housing units target Waianae homeless
  18. City's latest plan to house the destitute involves modular or container-style units at Sand Island
  19. Child Molester gets 8 Years for Kiddie Porn
Read More..
Monday, June 1, 2015
June 1, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:35 PM :: 3574 Views
  1. Hawaii Congressional Delegation: How They Voted June 1, 2015
  2. Why Unions Want Exemption from the Minimum Wage Hikes They Fought For
  3. Antiquated Law Spares Rail Lobbyists in Honolulu Ethics Scandal
  4. Media Ethics: Why is Nestor Garcia Still a TV Reporter?
  5. High standards of ethics needed
  6. Explanation is required from HSTA Bosses
  7. Kahuku residents express concerns surrounding new proposed wind farm
  8. Want to Fill Up Your Homeless Shelter? Ditch Some of the Rules
  9. Kakaako Population up 474%
  10. Eased housing rules may breathe life into project
  11. Family pursues lawsuit alleging Handi-Van fault
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