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Tuesday, May 31, 2011
May 31, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:03 PM :: 10510 Views
  1. HB838: Reapportionment Funds Held up by Abercrombie
  2. Public gathers at Schofield Memorial Day Remembrance Ceremony
  3. Kalapa: State Limits on Tax Deductions will Hurt Non-Profit Sector
  4. Duckworth not considering run for Hawaii posts
  5. Hanabusa holds 3rd DC Lobbyist Fundraiser of Year
  6. Hanabusa still hasn’t Moved into District
  7. BoE to conduct every kind of Audit—EXCEPT the Financial one
  8. Filling Up the General Fund: HVCB market blitz targets 3 cities
  9. Medical home model Improves patient care
  10. The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan: Easier Eligibility Standards for Hawaii Residents
  11. Senators Question Guam Base Plan
  12. Hawaii may become only state where injuring or killing someone while driving without License is not a Felony
  13. Act 221 Scammers still pushing Lanai Windfarm
  14. What You Won't Learn From Honolulu Council Financial Disclosure Forms
  15. Council Devises Escape Hatch for Recycling Subsidy
  16. City might permit fireworks storage
  18. Fake CO2 readings keep going up as atmosphere cools
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Monday, May 30, 2011
May 30, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:02 PM :: 11739 Views
  1. Ronald Reagan, Memorial Day 1986: “They chose to reject the fashionable skepticism of their time”
  2. Abercrombie’s Tough Deal: Penny-pinching Governor demands Control over decision to “Extend Life”
  3. Molokai Anti-Wind Group Forms
  4. Memorial Day Events:
  5. Only 12 remaining Hawaii WW2 Vets of 442nd
  6. Molokai Veterans Group Comes a Long Way
  7. Hirono finally shows up in Hawaii to do interviews
  8. DOE to tighten tenure rules: School administrators undergo "employee termination training" (but they aren’t actually going to fire anyone)
  9. OHA awards $4.3M for education, health and income
  10. Maui Man escapes, so soft-on-crime Judge Lets him out of Prison
  11. High cost of Nursing Home Care produces Surplus of LTC Beds
  12. Hawaii Gov. Abercrombie intends to veto redundant measure extending stimulus oversight
  13. No Wind on Molokai (Literally)
  14. HC&S: Sugar ‘at the top,’ can anything knock it off?
  15. Ex-Maui officer, once called a hero, pleads guilty in theft, sex extortion
  16. Costs force MEO out of senior chore service
  17. Kauai Property Tax Appeals up 35%
  18. Fences protect 8,000 acres of Kaua‘i wilderness
  19. Enviros Panic as Huge new Oil Field opens up in Texas
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Sunday, May 29, 2011
May 29, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:16 PM :: 10812 Views
  1. Hawaii Family Forum: Religious Freedom takes a Beating in Legislature
  2. Israel Day Hawaii Celebration May 29
  3. Rep Gene Ward plans for July 4th Maunalua Bay
  4. OHA behind effort to block Hydro on Kauai
  5. HPD Chief Replaces APEC Coordinator Months Before Event
  6. Star-Advertiser calls for Abercrombie to sign Charter School Ethics Bill
  7. Star-Advertiser: Hawaii well poised to offer an alternative to the Wisconsin model of dealing with public sector unions (Raise taxes $600M and give the unions 9 paid days off)
  8. Law's delay halts foreclosures until Oct 1
  9. Hawaii public schools set goal of serving more food cooked from scratch in cafeterias
  10. BYU officials defend hotel proposal
  11. Hawaiian stilts make comeback in former Homeless Tent City
  12. Pair circling isle on foot to help combat meth use
  13. High-tech meters to drive new system
  14. Feds slow to fund Alii Drive repairs
  15. For 55 years, a Hawaii man has fulfilled a promise to tend the grave of his friend's brother
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Saturday, May 28, 2011
May 28, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:50 PM :: 14776 Views
  1. Complete list of Neighborhood Board Election Results
  2. Berg: Support needed for Community Benefits Bills on Council Agenda
  3. Association of Alternative Newsweeklies protests subpoena of Maui Time online Commenters’ IDs
  4. Hawaii Workers Comp Fails Workers and Doctors—but Lawyers are given a “Raft of Protocols”
  5. VA, Pentagon to combine Electronic Health Records
  6. Homeless leave Waianae, move Downtown
  7. WW2 Memorial Needs Paint, Abercrombie Admin blames Lingle
  8. Hawaii spends $12,399 per student: DoE blames HECO for poor Student Performance
  9. New 3 yr Mainland Prison Contract Overdue
  10. Hunters hit back at DLNR “Propaganda”: No Axis deer on Big Isle
  11. Interest in electric vehicles high in Hawaii: Honolulu creates an online permitting system for home charging stations
  12. Dismissal sought in Kaho'ohalahala residency dispute
  13. Maui: Ex-police officer pleads guilty in theft and sex assault cases
  14. Hawaii County Cost of Gov’t Commission focuses on How to extract more money from Residents
  15. County programs serving few a burden to taxpayers
  16. Bicyclists protest Waialae road plan
  17. Hawaii Puppy Mill Faces 153 Animal Cruelty Counts
  18. Lawmakers from Both Sides Rally for Housing Counseling Funding
  19. Akaka votes to Bankrupt Medicare
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Friday, May 27, 2011
May 27, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:48 PM :: 13659 Views
  1. Naming names: Who are the alleged Sovereignty-mortgage scammers?
  2. Maui Victims of Sovereignty Mortgage Scammers may lose home
  3. Study: Hawaii Drivers rank 50th in Driving Skills
  4. $600 million in New Taxes
  5. Hawaii Government agencies are tops in DC lobbying
  6. Tulsi Gabbard announces Democratic campaign for CD2
  7. DLNR to step up enforcement against Fishermen
  8. Abercrombie on CoR: No plans to call for Special Session
  9. Attorney: Seizure of Molokai Ranch for Windfarm may be illegal
  10. 189 Properties in Rail’s Path: Myths about Eminent Domain
  11. Gov. Ariyoshi Schools Abercrombie on how to balance a Budget
  12. State to sell piles of junk to fill General Fund
  13. Obamacare: Medicaid cuts will cost Hawaii $150 million over two years
  14. County Mayors Meet With Governor Over Contract Talks
  15. Abercrombie: Special Session Unlikely, Revenues Forecast Unchanged
  16. Hawaii Gov. Abercrombie signs extension of 5 percent pay cut for state leaders
  17. Did Hawaii Do Enough To Fix Public Pensions?
  18. Maui land sought for geothermal power plant
  19. Sovereignty Activists indicted for Stealing from Hawaiians (once again)
  20. Rep Herkes defends ACT 48 Foreclosure Reform
  21. For Tulsi Gabbard, Serving Hawaii Means Leaving City Council Early
  22. HPD Officer's Sentencing Delayed
  23. UH students tell City Council about bike route disconnections
  24. Hawaii health department reopens food plant
  25. Queen Liliuokalani School Closes Its Doors
  26. WSJ: Hawaii Hotel Sues Marriott
  27. Lahaina museum to be featured in film on China’s 1911 Revolution
  28. Akaka reintroduces bill to reunite Filipino World War II veterans and their children
  29. Honolulu Mayor Advances Plan to Demolish Waikiki Natatorium
  30. Spike in rat lungworm reported
  31. HNN: Bu La`ia: The Legend Continues
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Thursday, May 26, 2011
May 26, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:41 PM :: 16754 Views
  1. Test of Shield Law? Maui PD subpoenas ID of online commenter who threatened Cop
  2. Brookings: Muslims expel reformer from Manoa mosque, claim Arabs discovered Hawaii
  3. Gallup: Hawaii residents are Least-Stressed in US
  4. VIDEO: Fontaine Factor Discusses Domestic Violence in Hawaii
  5. After raising taxes on poor, Abercrombie announces $13M Crony Capitalist Giveaway
  6. UH Hilo to be home to NASA International Lunar Research Park
  7. Akaka, Inouye join in unanimous Senate rejection of Obama Budget
  8. VIDEO: Ryan: Obama, Dems "Shamelessly Distort And Demagogue Medicare"
  9. VIDEO: Joe Klein: NY-26 Was A "Victory For Socialism"
  10. Everyone Holding Breath for State COR Numbers
  11. Clayton Hee corrects years of lies on Ethics Statements: SA blogs about it
  12. Abercrombie still trying to balance budget on backs of Seniors
  13. Abercrombie’s Corporate Welfare goes to OHIO???
  14. Bill to alter homes tax exemption advances
  15. Research facility at UH-Hilo would test gear for lunar work
  16. 10 yr sentence for Filipino who liberated nearly $300K from Democrat Operatives Meheula, Winer
  17. Clownish Hawaii Democrat Media Begins Running Free Campaign Propaganda for Hirono
  18. APEC Calls for Seamless Free Trade across Pacific
  19. Former Big Island Mayor Yamashiro Will Be Remembered as ‘Best Mayor’ and ‘Loyal Friend and Mentor’
  20. Civil Beat Gets it Wrong on Democrat Money flooding into Hawaii 2010 Campaigns
  21. Goodwin Liu withdraws appeals court nomination
  22. After Abercrombie wrecks Budget, Aoki blames Lingle
  23. State partners with NASA to work on space exploration at UH Hilo
  24. Obama gives Abercrombie $13M to reward Cronies
  25. Incentive reduced for solar water heating program
  26. Kauai Council approves $269M budget—25% increase; Rapozo casts lone ‘nay’ vote
  27. The Kama’aina Pumping Scandal Remains Scandalous
  28. CB: For Filipinos, Politics Is More Than Just Numbers
  29. Anti-Bullying Program introduces “Transgender Clownfish” to Elementary School Students
  30. Hawaii Doesn't Require Lost Gun Reports
  31. 'Speedy Trial' Violations Rare in Hawaii
  32. Alleged Scam Psychiatrist came to Hawaii after losing MD license in Colorado
  33. Tesoro Buys Libyan Rebel Crude for Hawaii Refinery
  34. Hawaii heat source debated
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Thursday, May 26, 2011
May, 2011 Letters to the Editor
By Letters to the Editor @ 1:30 AM :: 7438 Views

Playing Politics: Kapolei Neighborhood Board Rejects $500K Community Benefit Package

Berg: Allow Mobile Home Parks to provide Affordable Housing?

Judiciary to Host new Divorce Law Seminar

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011
May 25, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:27 PM :: 16828 Views
  1. Abercrombie’s Medical Homes: Global Budget to control your Healthcare
  2. Only 53% of House Seats change hands in 7 years
  3. WSJ: An Anti-Israel President: The president's peace proposal is a formula for war
  4. WT: Obama’s next war -- President’s ill-considered Islamist backing puts Israel in the cross hairs
  5. 4 Schofield soldiers killed in Afghanistan bomb attack
  6. Inouye, Akaka stab Hawaii in back: Call for delay in South Korea Free Trade Pact
  7. Senator Hee amends latest financial disclosure, questions remain
  8. DePledge: Nobody cares about Residency
  9. Rail Math Just Doesn’t Add Up
  10. Shapiro: Public should win tug of war over control of rail authority
  11. Will current controversies change public opinion on rail?
  12. Critics: HPD Chief Isolated, Too Close To Union
  13. Father says son found gun at Oahu middle school
  14. Is Restricting Freedom of Movement a Healthcare Solution?
  15. Filipinos Overtake Japanese As Top Hawaii Group
  16. Hawaii can play a leading role in America's quest to explore and colonize space
  17. $2.6M for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  18. Hawaii Co Water rates hiked 18%
  19. Kauai to Regulate Peddlers in Parks
  20. Robber Baron will not Represent Molokai
  21. Hawaii Consumers #3 in Credit Card Debt
  22. Council pursues Obama's library
  23. Shakedown Fails for Now: Telescope foes lose bid for legal fees
  24. OHA To publish How To guide for Shakedown Artists
  25. Argentina: Hawaii doctor nabbed for Medicare billing fraud
  26. Hawaii woman accused in $50 million Chinese company fraud
  27. United States for Travel Freedom Caucus Plans to Stop TSA ‘Abuses’
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011
May 24, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:03 PM :: 12603 Views
  1. Hirono launches Campaign by misleading public on education reform, clean energy
  2. DoD raises Worldwide Force Protection Condition to Bravo
  3. Abercrombie first few months: Anger, secrecy, waffling, and the birther distraction
  4. AARP: Pension Tax flawed, would balance budget on backs of Seniors
  5. Inouye to Micros: Get Lost
  6. Progressives Continue to Obsess over Redistricting
  7. Hawaii Finance Director: Moody’s GO Bond Downgrade Will Cost Hawaii Taxpayers
  8. Parents Fume over DoE Response to Campus Shooting
  9. Child Abuser heads Small DoE Charter School
  10. Legislation seeks to shed light on operations and spending as DoE Starves Charters of Funding
  11. Rail Supporters spread Conspiracy Theories about Lawsuit
  12. SA: Kalihi rentals revamp right way to go
  13. PVT Launches Waste-to-Energy to power 12,000 homes
  14. KIUC Sets meeting for Luddites to Destroy Hydropower proposal
  15. Queen’s MD: Stressed Caregivers abandon Elderly at Emergency Room
  16. Guam Vets: "For major surgery we would much rather go to the Philippines than Hawaii"
  17. Hawaii Planned Parenthood Celebrates Teen Pregnancy by demanding more taxpayer dollars for Abortion Mill
  18. 911 tape for Fireworks blast reveals disdain
  19. Maui Charter panel eyes voting powers of County Council
  20. Hawaii's Best High School: Mililani High School
  21. Native Hawaiian educational programs to receive more than $41M in federal funding
  22. Charges against HPD officers dismissed
  23. National Veterans Golden Age Games are coming to Hawaii this week for the first time in 25 years
  24. Noreen Yamane new chancellor of Hawaii Community College
  25. UH Manoa: Feral Cat Count In Progress (Your tax dollars at work)
  26. Why is America the 'no-vacation nation'?
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Monday, May 23, 2011
May 23, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:16 PM :: 11964 Views
  1. Bloody Primary: Hirono vs Case vs Hanabusa for Senate?
  2. Aiona vs. Hannemann for CD2?
  3. Federal Law Enforcement Foundation: Hawaii Muslims not sanctioned to use our name
  4. Gulen Cult strikes out in Hawaii Legislature, School?
  5. Hawaii PUC Stats show Windfarms cause Blackouts
  6. DoTax still has no explanation for sudden discovery of $134M
  7. Gov. Tim Pawlenty announces Presidential Campaign
  8. Larry Mehau associate John Carroll to run for US Senate as Libertarian
  9. Study: Humans Wiped Out Land Crabs 1000 yrs ago In Hawaii (they were delicious)
  10. Abercrombie to Democrats: We’re running out of time to Survive
  11. Abercrombie signs measure for SHORTER school day (180-day law killed)
  12. Abercrombie teams up with Karl Rove against AARP
  13. State Auditor Attacks Successful Charter School
  14. Small Charter Schools kept on Life Support by KSBE in order to use up all the Charters
  15. Highlands Intermediate student in police custody following gunshot on campus
  16. Progressive Democrats begin to panic over Reapportionment
  17. UH Manoa Ethnic Studies Fraudsters: APEC meeting a chance to promote 'Value of Hawaii'
  18. SA to Council: Allow rail authority to do its job
  19. ILind: Foreclosure Law will allow Condo Fee Deadbeats free ride
  20. Odds Against Entrepreneurship In Hawaii
  21. Hawaii technology office on course for creation
  22. Groups call on students to challenge themselves
  23. Special report: youth gangs in Hawaii
  24. US Wind Installations Dropping Sharply
  25. Korean TV show a boon for tourism
  26. Tonga: Hawaiian Kingdom visa scheme is a scam
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Sunday, May 22, 2011
May 22, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:30 PM :: 15136 Views
  1. VOTING EXTENDED: SATURDAY was last day to vote for Honolulu Neighborhood Board
  2. Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels not running for President
  3. Candidates sought for Hawaii County seat on UH Board of Regents
  4. Reapportionment: Democrats don’t want to count Military Personnel, do want to count Felons
  5. Business owner and Consultant? Clayton Hee’s False Ethics Reports
  6. Maui News Who do you expect to be the Republican nominee in the 2012 presidential race?
  7. No Audit of the DoE, but State Auditing Charter Schools
  8. Failing Molokai School converts to Charter, now succeeds. Teachers work longer day get paid more
  9. Charter School in Tents Whips DoE
  10. Growth trends like in Ewa will guide reapportionment changes
  11. VIDEO: Abercrombie “We don’t deserve to hold office if we can’t deliver as Democrats”
  12. SA: Charities that feed homeless should stop
  13. Kat Brady compares compares Halawa to Auschwitz as Fat Criminals lose weight, ACLU says system is cracking
  14. Developers Pitch Hoopili development for Ewa
  15. Five years after nearly closing, Kahuku Medical Center holds open house
  16. Kapaia Bridge: After four years of talk and studies, Kauai County decides to do nothing
  17. Ulua Hunters Needed: Fishing ban in NW Hawaiian Islands is Killing Monk Seals
  18. UPI: Ultralights need more regulation?
  19. Government Steps Up Repayment Of Student Loans
  20. Rump Presbyterian Church votes to allow oral, anal sex for Clergy
  21. Handi-Van driver accused of sexually assaulting mentally handicapped woman
  22. “Pacific Gibraltar: U.S.-Japanese Rivalry over the Annexation of Hawaii, 1885-1898,” by William Michael Morgan
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Saturday, May 21, 2011
May 21, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:38 PM :: 9733 Views
  1. Maui Armed Forces Day Picnic TODAY
  2. Israel Day Hawaii Celebration May 29
  3. VIDEO: Herman Cain announces GOP Presidential Bid
  4. Abercrombie signs public lands bills into law
  5. Natural Resource Agencies Collaborate to Help Conserve Forestry Lands in Hawaii
  6. Hirono vs. Lingle Round 2?
  7. Rep. Johanson Selected for Prestigious Emerging Leaders Program
  8. Senator Clayton Hee files false ethics reports for years
  9. Sen Josh Green Leads Doctors into Medical Jail
  10. Plata o Plombo? Electronic Medical Records Subsidy Keeps Kona Hospital in Black
  11. Construction industry worries about fallout from rail lawsuit
  12. Abercrombie tells Nurses it is their own fault if HGEA doesn’t take care of them
  13. Honolulu Reapportionment Commission Named
  14. Hawaii Ranks #3 in Homelessness
  15. With APEC breathing down their necks, Honolulu Work Crews suddenly become efficient
  16. State Guests “Disinvited” From Pirates of the Caribbean Screening
  17. State Supreme Court issues rules to accompany foreclosure proceedings
  18. Hawaii human trafficking suspect appeals civil case loss
  19. FBI Adopts Waipahu School
  20. Hawaii County Illegal Smokers being ticketed
  21. High hopes for ignition interlock
  22. Windward bike-sharing program promotes government waste
  23. E-Waste Recycling program falling apart as trash piles up
  24. First Wind issues $200M in notes for new wind projects
  25. Latino Community Grew Almost 40% in Hawaii Over Last Decade
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Friday, May 20, 2011
May 20, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:23 PM :: 14023 Views
  1. VIDEO: Abercrombie squares off with Maui Nurses
  2. Djou responds to Hirono Campaign Announcement
  3. UHERO County Forecast: Uneven Recovery Continues
  4. SA: Abercrombie off to rough start
  5. Police Roust Kenoi, Chang from Drunken Party
  6. Hawaiian Home Lands Owes $2,500 for Treadmill
  7. HTA: Tourism set for near-record year
  8. Dead on Arrival: Obama Admin to ask for $250M for Honolulu Rail
  9. District Pork Hard to Track at the Ledge
  10. Legislators raise GE Tax $350M, proud of …uh… not raising GE Tax
  11. Surprise, surprise: Maui hydro proposal causing controversy
  12. Long-awaited Kuhio Park Terraces revamp begins
  13. Castle doubles down on schools (good money after bad)
  14. DoE employee arrested in first child enticement case involving 'live victim'
  15. Study: HIV on the rise with Asian and Pacific Islander Women
  16. Less Federal Funds: Hawaii's anti-terror funding cut despite APEC
  17. Geothermal: How Much will OHA make after theft of Wao Kele O Puna
  18. Were Kings and Queens of Hawaii Really Hawaiian?
  19. Hawaiian Rights vs DLNR at Supreme Court
  20. US judge fines contractor for human trafficking
  21. Regents Split on Research Center's Future, Punt Decision to UH President
  22. Cayetano: 14 years, 10 dogs, and Salmon
  23. Maui Chamber needs more donations to continue Fourth of July fireworks
  24. Maui selected for smart-grid demonstration
  25. Castle Foundation commits $10 million to public education
  26. Transsexual Farrington HS Student now edits website
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Thursday, May 19, 2011
May 19, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:44 PM :: 15046 Views
  1. Hawaii WW2 vet to Obama: “Shape up and start acting like an American”
  2. FRIDAY Last Day to Vote for Honolulu Neighborhood Board
  3. Larry Mehau Associate Mazie Hirono Announces Campaign for US Senate
  4. Hawaii Judges Cannot Be Impartial About Rail Project
  5. US Census: Hawaii home ownership only 57.7%
  6. DBEDT: State Forecasts Remain Optimistic
  7. RESULTS: Cain tops Hawaii GOP Presidential Straw Poll
  8. Courthouse News: Watchdogs & Ex-Hawaii Officials Aim to Shelve Mass Transit Project
  9. Not to Rule over Hawaii: Obama's 9th Circuit nominee Goodwin Liu heading for Defeat Thursday?
  10. To Rule over Hawaii: Obama nominates former Planned Parenthood Board member for 9th Circuit
  11. Social Security Admin releases Top 100 baby names for Hawaii
  12. Your Private Information Public? HHS Audit finds massive Security Gaps in Electronic Medical Records
  13. Victory: Senate Republicans Save Hawaii from Berkeley Liu
  14. Cabanilla, Wooley, English among Least Effective Lawmakers
  15. Neighborhood Board Voting ends Friday
  16. Homelessness Industry Admits 75% would go to shelters if we stop feeding them on the Streets
  17. Three Weeks After Rail Fact-Finding Trip, Still No Report
  18. State forecasts increase in jobs
  19. AP, ABC Weigh in on Moody’s Hawaii Downgrade
  20. BOE wants single, more rigorous track to earn high school diploma
  21. Common Cause Targets Instant Runoff Voting for a Comeback Next Year
  22. Kauai Resort property tax hike fails
  23. Kau: Modest version of Hawaiian Riviera Resort envisioned
  24. Council to chop W. Hawaii golf subsidy
  25. Oi: Bill to ban texting in crosswalks won't work, but changed attitudes would
  26. UH Board of Regents To Vote on Major Research Center's Closure
  27. "Interim" is the Title for 8 of 19 Deans at UH Manoa
  28. Daily KOS Claims Lingle has no future
  29. Bank Lobbyist Served on Hawaii Fore closure Task Force
  30. Big Save stores sold to Times
  31. Hawaii Libertarian Party Convention to meet Saturday
  32. Accused Murderer Walks after Two Mistrials
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011
May 18, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:26 PM :: 9826 Views
  1. Abercrombie’s Medical Homes scheme rejected by Mayo Clinic, other top clinics
  2. HGEA to Nurses: State not Responsive to Negotiations
  3. APEC Prep: Abercrombie Reveals 90-Day Homeless Plan
  4. Schatz still trying to find “More Federal Funds”
  5. Top Abercrombie Fundraiser Endorses Republican Presidential Campaign
  6. HCDA Hearing on Future Development of Barbers Point/Kalaeloa
  7. Moody’s Cuts Hawaii’s Bond Rating
  8. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted May 16
  9. Analysis: Budgets Swell for All but Two Hawaii Depts.
  10. Abercrombie copies Waihee: Secrecy led to Broken Trust
  11. Ward: 18 Bills which were originally Republican Ideas
  12. Shapiro: Senate race a re-run of 2002?
  13. Council, Mayor Threaten to Sue Each Other Over New Rail Agency
  14. What if Honolulu Rail Fails?
  15. Moody’s Downgrades State of Hawaii’s General Obligation Bond Rating
  16. Could add 0.2% to interest rate on Bonds
  17. Hawaii Pacific Health touts Financial Incentives agreement with HMSA: Make OUR patients more healthy—by throwing the sick ones out
  18. Lawmakers as Bait to Lure Lobbyists
  19. State aims to clear out homeless for APEC
  20. Abercrombie: Don’t feed the Homeless
  21. Hawai‘i federal judges look like poster kids for rail suit
  22. The EA Rip-Off: Why Hawaii’s Environmental Policy is Failing
  23. Hippies found Squatting in Back of Washington Place
  24. Free Ride: Council rejects plan to end Free Bus Fares on Big Island
  25. APEC Targets Pacific Wide Free Trade Zone in Upcoming US Summit
  26. DARE Funds Cut
  27. New Fraud Claim Against Missing Bank of America Employee
  28. Stalled Once, Developer Returns With New Master Plan For Ewa, Kapolei
  29. Breaking: Koolauloa politics heat up, physical assault alleged
  30. Record number earn Native Hawaiian law certificate
  31. Sun Yat-Sen’s Views About Overthrow?
  32. BOOK REVIEW: Man who added Hawaii to the map
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011
May 17, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:29 PM :: 15712 Views
  1. Moody’s Cuts Hawaii’s Bond Rating
  2. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted May 16
  3. Study: Hawaiian Islands Feudal system in 1400 AD
  4. Lingle Pushes Senate Decision to Summer
  5. SHOCK POLL: Labor unions ranked high in influence
  6. VIDEO: Abercrombie Bickers with Maui Nurses
  7. Nurses group questions MMMC rent payments for empty structure
  8. HPD's 2 deputy chiefs intend to give up posts
  9. Honolulu inflation ranked No. 4 in nation in 2010
  10. SA: OIP has public duty to issue opinion
  11. Fact Check: Abercrombie wrong about Medicaid Enrollment Growth
  12. Beacon Communities' birthday emphasizes 'journey' ahead
  13. HMSA, Kaiser in the black so far this year
  14. Unity House tries to sell Lotus hotel
  15. Wind Farms get a pass while Enviros hammer KIUC over dead birds
  16. Property taxes 180% higher after Supreme Court rejects Kauai Ohana Amendment
  17. Crisis? Council: $200K trash haul study waste of money
  18. Kauai Councilman Votes Money for his own Non-profit
  19. FACE Rallies for illegal migrants
  20. Star-Advertiser makes room for Democrat Campaign Commercial
  21. Obama’s sister: Private schools should share resources with Public Schools
  22. Court rejects appeal of Kamehameha case
  23. VIDEO: Hawaii Law Enforcement Memorial ground breaking
  24. Dopers fire back at Green, Shapiro
  25. Akaka introduces foreclosure overhaul in Senate
  26. Hawaiian Crab Extinction Linked To Ancient Human Presence
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Monday, May 16, 2011
May 16, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:54 PM :: 8546 Views
  1. Hawaii GOP sets March 13 for GOP Presidential Caucuses
  2. Hawaii Republicans Pass first-ever Resolution Against Akaka Bill
  3. Abercrombie: Nurses must suffer to pay for Medicaid Expansion
  4. Abercrombie: I am right and people are ungrateful
  5. CB: Abercrombie Says He Will 'Roll Over' AARP—Pension Tax coming back
  6. Democrat Senate Primary: Hanabusa, Hirono, Hannemann duke it out over chance to defeat Case
  7. If She Runs, Lingle Wants 'Strategy for Victory'
  8. Poll: Concern grows over rail's cost
  9. U.S. Supreme Court declines Kamehameha admissions case
  10. HR: Hawaii GOP Resolutions Oppose Rail Project, Akaka Bill and All Tax/Fee Hikes
  11. Calvin Say: ERS Reform is most important accomplishment
  12. Medicaid Cuts to affect 50% of Molokai
  13. Survey: 93% of Molokai Residents say no to Wind Farm
  14. The rise in the cost of petroleum will not stop the recovery, Hawaii experts say
  15. Local Psychiatrist Says Hawaii ready for APEC
  16. Crisis? State peddles program for renting of bicycles
  17. Traceability expert leaves Hawaii
  18. Meda Chesney-Lind chosen as commencement speaker
  19. Gingrich endorses Obamacare
  20. ABC: Trump Not Running for President
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Sunday, May 15, 2011
May 15, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:00 AM :: 7599 Views
  1. VIDEO: Huckabee announces he is not running for President
  2. Lingle: “Seriously considering” Senate Run
  3. Poll Heavy with Democrats but Abercrombie Approval still Drops to 50%
  4. Bombastic, In your face Abercrombie is Out of Control
  5. Pension: Reigning in Hawaii's labor costs
  6. Lawmakers Should Have Taken Own Pension Medicine
  7. SA: Address costs of elder care before coping turns to crisis
  8. SA: Placing needy in housing costs millions
  9. Does OIP have the legal authority to “punt”?
  10. Who is making these judgment calls in the Honolulu Prosecutor’s Office?
  11. Telescope opponent says Hawaiian goddess will testify
  12. After decades of paying $1 a year, Bowfin girds for big rent increase
  13. Maui Lawmakers sorry film tax credit on cutting room floor
  14. TheBus No. 1 in rides to work
  15. Officers' memorial to break ground
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Saturday, May 14, 2011
May 14, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 10:44 AM :: 12660 Views
  1. Hawaii State Republican Convention to Meet this Weekend
  2. HMSA: Mail-order Pharmaceutical plan losing support of Hawaii Physicians
  3. Seeking Development Approval, Kyo-ya easy mark for Abercrombie’s Free Sand Shakedown
  4. Legislative Wrap-up Video: Rep Ward, Sen Slom Town Hall meeting Hawaii Kai
  5. If CoR cuts forecast, Abercrombie will demand Special Session
  6. Transit Case Assigned To Mainland Judge
  7. Hall Stepping Down as Hawaiian Homes Deputy after Treadmill Purchase exposed
  8. New OIP refuses to challenge governor on judge names list (Quid pro Quo)
  9. Price of Rail Environmental Study Doubled To $156 Million
  10. Protesters Hound Alternative Energy Projects Statewide
  11. HMSA, Straub, Wilcox, Pali Momi sign agreement to ration care
  12. Hyperbole: Abercrombie promises Gov’t Spending will Cut Kauai Unemployment in Half
  13. Hawaii Muslims help State Department Brainwash International Students
  14. Unpaid wages mount for hundreds in job city says wasn't for rail
  15. Bed bugs and superbug bacteria linked
  16. $349 Million In Lost Revenue: The Economic Cost Of Violence In Hawaii
  17. VIDEO: Yagong counters mayor’s budget plan
  18. HOPE Probation Works: Why Choosing Research and Facts Over Sensationalism and Anecdotes Make for Better Criminal Justice Policy
  19. First Wind unable to find location (so sad)
  20. Reporter gets dirt on Elected Official, but does not use it
  21. Hawaii's sex offenders Part 3: Protecting your children
  22. Wanted for Rape in Hawaii, Fugitive busted in Oregon 11 years later
  23. Deputy police chief's son arrested in alleged theft
  24. 442nd vet changed Hawaii through politics and law
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Friday, May 13, 2011
May 13, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:47 PM :: 10100 Views
  1. Obamacare: HMSA announces statewide scheme to cut costs
  2. Honolulu Cellphone Ban: You can Walk the walk, but don’t talk the talk
  3. Hui files federal lawsuit to stop rail plans
  4. Council member wants 'Plan B' to raise taxes, raid Bus funds in case rail funding is short
  5. Rail transit rolls forward with stops for questions
  6. Abercrombie: Put Multi-Member Districts on ballot for 2012
  7. Shapiro: Senatorial Pique forces Special Session
  8. Say, Oshiro Best in Hawaii House at Passing Own Bills
  9. Impact of New Retirement Rules: Smaller Pensions
  10. PBN: ‘Frustrated’ Abercrombie is good CEO because he uses Twitter, and gave an excuse for not releasing Judicial nominees
  11. Civil Beat Shares Hawaii Legislative Agency Salaries
  12. Efficiency?  Cost Cutting? Hawaii's largest health insurer will raise its premiums by 3.7% in July
  13. Crisis?  $4.5M for new Judiciary Building
  14. Fear of being politically incorrect strangles UH Athletics
  15. Aulani to hire 800 "cast members" to fill "roles"
  16. Update: Nordstrom will pursue theft charges against HPD deputy chief's son
  17. HNN: Sex Predators Among Us
  18. Why Trial Lawyers Love Enviros, OHA—and fear Mainland
  19. Psychos, race baiters duke it out on Hawaii County Council
  20. Luddites, Anti-Superferry protesters prepare to defeat Hydro Power on Kauai
  21. A Grandmother Speaks Against Wind Farm
  22. Political Correctness Tours to begin in Honolulu
  23. Last bale of Hawaiian Waste trash disposed of
  24. Honolulu Mulls Phone Ban for Pedestrians
  25. Hawaii's newest public school fills fast
  26. Regulators lift consent order against Central Pacific
  27. Omidyar won’t say how long he will pay for Civil Beat
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Thursday, May 12, 2011
May 12, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:08 PM :: 9013 Views
  1. Plaintiffs Seek Injunction to block Honolulu Rail Construction, Contracting
  2. Brookings: Honolulu The Bus is #1 Transit System in Nation
  3. Honolulu’s Frieda Takaki to head US Employee Stock Ownership Foundation
  4. Porn Pastor to appear at former Wahiawa XXX Store
  5. VIDEO: Newt Gingrich announces Presidential Campaign
  6. Psychiatrists Boycott Honolulu Meeting Over Desmond Tutu Invitation
  7. Council puts rein on rail spending
  8. General Fund Deposits down 2.3% or up 2.9%, depending…
  9. Hawaii’s agencies outspend private business on Washington lobbying
  10. Convention Center May Not Host President, Other Leaders During APEC
  11. Honolulu mayor: possible prostitution spike for APEC
  12. APEC Practice Run: 10,000 Psychiatrists
  13. Nanny City: Bill would outlaw holding iPads and cellphones while crossing city streets
  14. Hawaii foreclosure decline is mainly due to major lenders holding back on new filings, experts say
  15. Trust in supervisors cited in Police overtime scam
  16. Council ends discount on tipping fees for recycling
  17. Money for Candidates: 9-11 trooothers thank Hawaii Co Council
  18. Lawmaker Carroll fined for late filing of reports
  19. Pflueger asks appeals court to dismiss manslaughter charges
  20. Abercrombie demands Turtle Bay owners give ag land to Trust for Public Land
  21. Kailua Fireworks Group Seeks Support from Businesses, Residents, for 4th of July Show
  22. Hyphen APA Heritage Month Profiles: Cindy Adams, Executive Director of the Hawaii Meth Project
  23. Coal, Eucalyptus chip in to generate power 
  24. Oi: No “screaming invective” for traditional marriage
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011
May 11, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:00 PM :: 13717 Views
  1. Berg: Allow Mobile Home Parks to provide Affordable Housing?
  2. Hawaii Nursing Home Care costs 58% more than National Average
  3. VIDEO: Rep Gene Ward’s Sine Die Speech
  4. SA on Hawaii ERS Debt? Nothing to see here, just move along
  5. Harimoto on Rail: “There Will be Problems”
  6. Hawaii to limit Medicaid eligibility, reduce benefits to save $75M
  7. DoE Loses only $16M in budget
  8. AG Louie, ACLU team up to allow Delivery of Medicated Marijuana
  9. Their incompetence could give lawmakers a pay raise
  10. Abercrombie upset after Star-Advertiser identifies him as failure
  11. Federal Judge Calls Legislature’s Inaction “A Terrible Thing”
  12. Legislature Fails to fund settlement for DoE rape Victim
  13. CB: Hawaii Republicans Strike Out at Legislature
  14. Not dissuaded by rejection of Pension Tax - Abercrombie
  15. After dropping Vaccination Funding, Schatz tries to talk insurers into paying for it
  16. Isles' long-term care costs high, survey shows
  17. Carlisle Admin repeats Hannemann and Harris Admin calls to divest Affordable Housing
  18. Berg: Put Zoo in Diamond Head Crater
  19. Crisis? Counties pour money into Swampland, Open Space, Vacant positions, Reserve Fund, Swinging bridge
  20. Kauai County auditor hampered by external delays, influences
  21. Kam Schools is top Spender on Lobbying
  22. Schatz prepares for APEC: 200,000 Japanese Hula Dancers showcase Hawaii’s legitimacy
  23. Former Ag Bennett Defends State’s Manslaughter Case Against Jimmy Pflueger
  24. Honolulu is Only City in America with Increasing Home Prices
  25. Kakaako: Open Space preferred to Presidential Library
  26. Cabanilla pushes Democrat Takeover of Public Housing Agency
  27. Facebook Post blows Liquor Inspectors’ Cover
  28. Dispute Over Hawaii Kai Marina Association’s Financial Management May Go to Court
  29. Coming to Hawaii Soon? Fishermen Attempt Suicide after “Catch-Share” Regulations Destroy Industry
  30. Alarming combo: Bedbugs with 'superbug' germ found
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011
May 10, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:03 PM :: 11323 Views


  1. Coverup: DoE changes tests, surveys to create illusion of progress
  2. UPDATE: Hawaii Right to Life PAC endorses more Honolulu Neighborhood Board Candidates
  3. Hawaii Congressional Delegation: How They Voted May 9
  4. Borreca: Abercrombie will face a day of reckoning
  5. The Table of Shame - can we afford everything we wish for?
  6. Nails in the Coffin: Legislature approves 252 bills this year
  7. As Redistricting Looms: Abercrombie touts Return to Multi-Member Districts
  8. Hawaii Ethics Commission Hasn't Issued Advisory Opinion Since 2006
  9. ACT 221 Scammers on Big Wind: Governor must Seize Molokai Ranch and Give it to us!
  10. Higher Electricity Sales mask Effects of Decoupling
  11. Crisis? Kauai County Begins Hiring
  12. Recycling subsidy in danger
  13. Murkowski welcomes U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka back to work after rib injury
  14. APEC Preparations: Weak start for state’s homeless initiative
  15. APEC Preparations: Prostitution expected to surge for APEC
  16. APEC Preparations: Free plane ticket to Texas for homeless woman in Waikiki
  17. Point Panic Homeless Camp proposed as Site for Obama Library
  18. Expensive Private School Brainwashes Manoa Children
  19. Pot-Heads, State of Hawaii team up to soak landowner for $15,000 a day
  20. Hordes of Wildly Posturing Activists block Appointment of Kauai Archaeologist
  21. Sellers’ Remorse: Maori get head back
  22. Hitler Poster Child Changes Life, Finds Hawaii Home
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Monday, May 9, 2011
May 9, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:28 PM :: 7425 Views
  1. Medical Homes: Will Medicaid patients suffer to save HGEA, UPW?
  2. Opening Pandora's Box Of Hidden Tax Increases
  3. DHHL outlines plan to reduce number of leases, keep beneficiaries waiting
  4. Special Session? Rep Belatti outlines Legislative Payraise Scenarios
  5. SA: Students do better when they spend less time around the DoE
  6. SA: Authorize and Sell Rail Bonds Now
  7. JAL: Golden Week visitors to Hawaii down 41.7%
  8. Aloha Cargo, part of Young Bros Monopoly, reaps benefits of Superferry’s demise
  9. NYT: Hawaii Captive Insurance Laws help create “Shadow Insurance Industry”
  10. Hawaii Tax Credits behind Obama Admin scheme to Tax Drivers by Miles Driven
  11. Hawaii Foreclosure Law could weaken Mortgage Securities Market
  12. OHA’s Robert Klein helping Gold Coast Residents make State pay for their Seawall
  13. Session Wrap: Agriculture, Aina Fail to inspire Taxes and Subsidies
  14. Petition to Require an EA for EA Exemption Lists
  15. UH Tree Ring Study: Global Warming started in 1700s
  16. Crazy Scene: 10,000 psychiatrists gathering for annual meeting in Honolulu
  17. Samoa to jump forward in time by one day
  18. FP: Inouye threatens Cut-off of Palestinian Aid Money if Hamas Joins Gov’t
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Sunday, May 8, 2011
May 8, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:27 PM :: 12547 Views
  1. Honolulu GOP Releases List of Republican Neighborhood Board candidates
  2. UHERO: Hawaii’s Government Pork feeding frenzy coming to an end
  3. Abercrombie to Democrats: We are to blame for all of Hawaii’s Problems
  4. Huge Success: Duke Aiona’s Drug Courts 1/3 of National Recidivism Rate
  5. Nonaka: New Taxes cost $2400 for family of four
  6. Abercrombie Declares War on AARP, promises to bring back Pension tax
  7. Abercrombie may call Special Session to balance Budget on Backs of Seniors, Employees
  8. Pension tax idea galvanized potent voting bloc
  9. HB865: Abercrombie doubles Freight Tax to hire more HGEA
  10. Maui Budget: Spending, Taxes Both Hiked
  11. Oily Characters: Robin Danner studies North Dakota Indian Reservation to learn how to set up government
  12. New Hawaii law signed last week makes it harder for lenders to confiscate people's homes
  13. Abercrombie-Schatz Initiative to help homeless fails to get even one person off streets
  14. Environmentalists rally against proposed beach hotel tower
  15. Invasive Species Control Threatens Endangered Native Birds
  16. Kauai County’s energy savings flicker
  17. Taiwan sponsoring exhibit on Hawaii-educated Sun Yat-sen at Honolulu's city hall
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Saturday, May 7, 2011
May 7, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:18 PM :: 13074 Views
  1. Feds may prosecute State employees who carry out Medical Marijuana Program
  2. Abercrombie Imposes Obamacare: Medical Homes are future of Health Care Delivery
  3. Inouye Introduces Bills to Imprison Fishermen, seize boats
  4. SB120: Legislators authorize raid of more than $17 million in special funds
  5. Abercrombie: “Political Status quo strongly in place--We did not get all we wanted”
  6. Abercrombie signs Foreclosure bill, Vetoes two others
  7. HGEA Hiring Re-started: Bigger state budget restores some jobs
  8. Obamacare: Governor announces ‘medical home’ concept
  9. State to cut funding for Ohana, Evercare
  10. How Legislators will get their pay raise after voting against it
  11. Ever optimistic, lawmakers hope for veto of pay-cut bill
  12. More public schools drop out of summer sessions
  13. Session Wrap: Hawaii Gets New Appointed Education Board, Not Much Else
  14. Session Wrap: Energy Bills Pass, But Little Spark
  15. Undersea cable bill sunk by lawmakers
  16. Legislature votes to force Ratepayers to bail out biofuel project
  17. Rolling in Dough: Kauai FY12 supplemental budget $21 million higher
  18. Yagong displeased with mayor's plan to delay retiree insurance premiums
  19. Hawaii Legislature passes bills to help Hilo lessees
  20. Hawaii to receive more than $47 million in Title I education money
  21. Install Waikiki street cams
  22. Just in time for APEC, Environmentalists continue to allow Spread of Bedbugs throughout Hawaii
  23. Four Castle students arrested on suspicion of burglaries
  24. Clayton Hee kills effort to fix flawed DUI law
  25. Kakaako homeless man is the King of Clean
  26. HMA teams up with mainland company
  27. Among The Truthers
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Friday, May 6, 2011
May 6, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:14 PM :: 13011 Views


  1. Panos to Council: Floating Rail Bonds before federal funds are secured is dereliction of duty
  2. Video: Kahuku Wind turbines don’t even turn on windy day
  3. SA: Dick Rowland: The Grassroot Institute founder promotes the cause of liberty
  4. High Turnout in Neighborhood Board Elections
  5. How Abercrombie suckered Senate into Creating GE Tax Bogeyman
  6. Will Force Special Session to raise taxes more: Abercrombie expected to veto Flawed Legislative Pay Cut Extension
  7. CoR, Unfinished Business Could Bring legislature Back For More
  8. Hawaii kills undersea power cable bill (For now)
  9. Solar power firms fight for subsidies
  10. Hawaii Lawmakers Agree to Pension Reform for New Hires
  11. Freight Tax Doubled: Hawaii Consumers forced to pay for HGEA Jobs
  12. Kenoi's budget cuts 2%
  13. Geniuses: Kauai Co figures out that it doesn’t make sense to sell bonds and not use the money
  14. Treadmill Mystery At Hawaiian Home Lands
  15. Palafox gives up UH medical school post
  16. Police officer found not guilty in false-overtime case
  17. Law Stops Non-Judicial Foreclosures For 12 Months
  18. Sen Akaka recovering after breaking 2 ribs while preparing to denounce Special Forces
  19. CB Poll: Only Obamabots think Obama gets credit for Killing Bin-Laden
  20. Is Councilmember a Radio-Controlled Robot?
  21. Homeless Tent City in Waianae: They don’t do anything, leave loads of trash behind
  22. Dopers: Obama Reneges On States Rights on Medical Marijuana
  23. Visitor industry gives back to Maui County troops
  24. Gambling With Hawaii: The fight over legalizing gambling
  25. Hawaii hotel occupancy slips; room rates rise
  26. New Deal for Hong Kong and US trade
  27. 7-Eleven plans to add 46 stores in Hawaii
  28. Oahu H-POWER plant expansion reaches halfway point
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Thursday, May 5, 2011
May 5, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:50 PM :: 14288 Views
  1. Hawaii Christian Coalition to Pray over Capitol May 5
  2. Study: Hawaii has most expensive rentals in Nation
  3. VIDEO: House Republicans speak up on Taxes, Budget
  4. Marumoto: State becoming addicted to Marijuana Money
  5. Berg on Transit Authority: Mayor, Council Leadership put Cronyism ahead of qualifications
  6. Cam Cavasso: Family and the Future
  7. Hawaii Right to Life PAC endorses Neighborhood Board Candidates
  8. Slom: Business freeze hiring in response to Legislature, Non-Profits may close doors
  9. Hawaii citizens missed some lawmakers’ bullets; bit others
  10. Marumoto: Retirees have won the Day, Pension Tax is Dead
  11. Political Correctness: SEALS who got Bin Laden also captured Jihadi murderer of Big Isle man—and were prosecuted for it
  12. Inouye, Akaka votes: A ticket to USA for Guantanamo detainee who attempted attack on Honolulu
  13. UH Medical School to lose Tobacco Settlement Funding
  14. Akaka, Inouye to hold hearing to complain about ‘racist’ language used by Special Forces killing Osama
  15. Hawaii Legislature poised to approve broad changes in public worker retirement benefits
  16. Slom Questions If State Legislative Budget is Balanced
  17. Its Party Time! Jobs Available Soon At Some State Agencies
  18. Abercrombie, BoE, Obama’s Sister put on Education Reform Dog n Pony Show
  19. Hawaii lawmakers to vote on massive pay hike
  20. Race Hustlers Recognize State Akaka Tribe is Illegal
  21. Conklin: Best for Process to fizzle once again
  22. Bond sales for rail work get preliminary approval
  23. Honolulu Council Learns Rail Contractor Gave A Gift — Two Months Later
  24. Abercrombie sends out Lawyer to Argue for Judicial Secrecy
  25. UH Manoa Perfesser gets no jail time for Rape of Child
  26. Hawaii Conspirator in Thai Laborer Trafficking Case Admits Guilt
  27. Hawaii lawmakers kill proposal to end Medicare Part B reimbursement benefit to public retirees
  28. Hawaii Hotel Room Revenue up 19%
  29. REAL ID: Hawaii Not In Compliance, Residents may be blocked from flying without Passports in January, 2013
  30. Schatz: Feds Will Provide APEC Funds
  31. Legislators seize Tobacco Funds, cut $4 million from medical school fund
  32. After 30 Years of Failure, Legislature votes to re-fund Aloha Tower Development Corp.
  33. Proposal would require developers to provide warning sirens
  34. Kauai Bus Shelters $50K Each
  35. Hawaii Co Ending Free Bus Fares
  36. $40 Million Revenue Bond Bill Benefits Energy Venture
  37. Pork Project: Inouye delivers $5.5M for Green Energy and Pig Slop
  38. Guam Mayors Concerned About Possibility That Marine Buildup Won't Happen
  39. Oahu elementary school accredited as International Baccalaureate World School
  40. Maryland suspends Hawaii autism doctor's license
  41. HPD Officer Had 2x Legal Alcohol Limit
  42. Trial opens for HPD officer accused in overtime pay scandal
  43. Kau: Convicted Killer Occupies Million Dollar Shoreline Parcel
  44. Michigan Republicans Threaten to cut off Michigan Welfare Card use in Hawaii
  45. Gambling with Paradise: Illegal activities in Hawaii
  46. 'Million-dollar sharks' a boon to eco-tourism, says study
  47. Legislature praised for work on Dogs, Peacocks
  48. Donald Trump's lawsuits could turn off conservatives who embrace tort reform
  49. SA: Championship series needs reform
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011
May 4, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:18 PM :: 15827 Views
  1. Double-Digit Spending Increase and Taxes to Match: Senate Passes Budget 24-1
  3. Sewer Line Back Up Closes Capitol Toilets
  4. Big Victory for Abercrombie’s HSTA/DoE/BoE: Legislature stalls 180 day law
  5. First Item on New BoE Agenda: Take Care of Matayoshi
  6. Online shopping tax bills die in Hawaii
  7. ILind Looks at 14 Bills Passed by Legislature
  8. State's Flu-Shot Program Threatened
  9. Stanley Chang caught lying about Support for Gas Tax Increase
  10. Debt Service on Rail Bonds $380M/year
  11. Hawaii House-Senate committee backs health care reform conformity bill
  12. FACT CHECK — HGEA: Public Nurse Pay 'Woefully' Behind Private Sector?
  13. Hawaii Loses Substitute Teacher Class Action Suit, Could Owe $70 Million
  14. Price of Tavares: Battle over permits doubles cost of center for Molokai veterans
  15. KIUC Pursues Real Renewable Electricity, so Enviros Mount Opposition
  16. Luddites push Kauai Co to Harass Seed Industry
  17. Homeless Bills Miss Deadline
  18. Attorney General Louie confirmed by Hawaii Senate, completing Gov. Abercrombie's Cabinet
  19. Inmate sues state and prison guards fired for beating him
  20. Shapiro: Green on right track to make medicinal pot rules more rigid
  21. Trailer Parks for Homeless on Ag land?
  22. Kahuku Village managers Ousted
  23. Developers may be shut out of cash for affordable housing
  24. Mid Pacific Institute Enviros brainwash Preschoolers
  25. HPD Releases Cost for President’s Hawaii Security Detail
  26. Book Reviews of Biography of Obama’s Mother
  27. CBS chief calls 'Hawaii Five-0' next billion-dollar franchise
  28. Hawaii attorney general may join BCS lawsuit
  29. The Oracle Nation Of Islam Answers The Call To Hawaii
  30. “Khalid Shaikh Mohammed basically gave up nothing until after he had been waterboarded”
  31. Tight security at Obama granny's Kenya home
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011
May 3, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:11 PM :: 14581 Views
  1. SB1274: Obamacare being used to Weaken Right to Appeal Insurance Coverage Denials
  2. Abercrombie signature gives special rights to Men who wear Dresses
  3. Nuclear Regulatory Commission looking into Depleted Uranium paperwork violations
  4. Maritime Industry Leader: Throw out Jones Act requirement for US Built ships
  5. Poverty Pimps Thrilled about State Akaka Bill
  6. After they raise our taxes, legislators will be seeking cover
  7. Pay raises for legislators not dead yet
  8. Abercrombie, Obama’s Sister and Omidyar cronies to discuss how to protect HSTA/DOE/BoE from angry parents
  9. Abercrombie Donor Kelly Hu Hosts Poker Tourney
  10. Pork Project: Hawaii Legislature Finds Money to Help Oahu Slaughterhouse
  11. Money for Inter-Island Cable, Credits For Clinton Crony Studio Dead?
  12. Governor Lobbies Lawmakers to pay for dark cable to Lanai, Molokai Big Wind projects
  13. Wind farm, ACT 221 scammers, push back against Geothermal expansion
  14. PUC denies First Wind's request for 'Big Wind' extension
  15. Michigan Welfare Money being Spent in Hawaii
  16. Do you know how long I’ve been in Government? Honolulu Councilmembers shout at testifiers
  17. WHT: Kenoi Campaign Manager cancels no-bid Police Services Contract after media Inquiries
  18. Kyo-ya Hotel: Three of Five Zoning Board Members have Conflicts of Interest
  19. Hawaii Trial Judges Worst Paid in U.S.
  20. Crisis? 16.9% More Spending for Kauai Human Resources Dep’t
  21. Crisis? $30M Projects for Kona
  22. Hawaii homeowners threatened by foreclosure would have options to stay in homes
  23. Hawaii Muslims painted as Victims by Islam Day Proponent
  24. Six decades after death, Maui man receives Medal of Honor
  25. State Court Employees Contribute $19,489 to Japan Relief Fund
  26. Hawaii Seeks to Prohibit Sale of Intact Pets
  27. With Enactment of Hawaii Employment Non-Discrimination Law, One-Quarter of U.S. States Ban Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity
  28. Program nurses a need
  29. Work resumes at Oahu's oldest church for construction of a multi-purpose center
  30. Obama’s friend pleads no contest in prostitution case
  31. Rasmussen: No Osama Bounce for Obama
  32. Donald The Mole


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Monday, May 2, 2011
May 2, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:06 PM :: 19224 Views
  1. Special Forces exterminate Osama Bin-Laden: Hideout was mansion next to Pakistani Military Academy
  2. Legislature to vote on $350M Increase in GE Tax
  3. Whirlwind legislative session draws to a close May 5
  4. Abercrombie signs Eight More Bills into Law
  5. Local Reaction To Osama’s Death: Relief, Worry
  6. Threat Level Raised At All Hawaii Army Installations
  7. How Much Hawaii Legislature’s Tax Hikes Will Cost You ($600M)
  8. Hawaii Legislature Increases Taxes, Spending, but Some Controversial Tax Measures Die
  9. Pay Raises for Hawaii Lawmakers Still on Table
  10. Law Lets Session Draw to a Close With Few Legislators Filing Disclosures
  11. Legislative Session Schedule for This Week
  12. Mortgage Foreclosure Bill Makes Cut
  13. Obama's close friend to appear in Honolulu court on Prostitution Rap
  14. Bill to protect victims of abuse nears OK
  15. Hawaii has nation’s Highest Teen Suicide Rate
  16. BoE Chair Horner continues to abuse Audit word 
  17. APEC conferees will see greener Nimitz Highway
  18. NYT: Standing Up for Guest Workers
  19. Project could help Nanakuli
  20. Honolulu Should Not Give Corporate Welfare Through Favoritism in Recycling Contracts
  21. Councilmember Tulsi Gabbard to drop use of Tamayo
  22. Four Seasons Resort reopens, recovered from tsunami damage
  23. Kauai Co Auditor surprised by county’s skyrocketing electric bill in 2010
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Sunday, May 1, 2011
May 1, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:47 PM :: 6668 Views
  1. Hawaii spending to increase despite down economy
  2. Contractors Fear GE Tax Hikes Will Hurt Business
  3. House, Senate Reach Deals on Tax Increases
  4. County looks ‘OK’ despite cap on TAT: If tourism picks up, any excess will go into state’s general fund
  5. Bailey: Why are we struggling so hard with the concept of the importance of instructional time in Hawaii?
  6. DoE: 66% of class of 2014 won’t be taking Algebra II
  7. UH pays teachers more than nearly 40% of other PH&D universities
  8. Casino: Midnight at The Sausage Factory
  9. SA: Panel must assure openness to Democrat groups in redrawing voter districts
  10. Obama not immune from state's twisted bureaucracy
  11. Failed Solar Water Heaters to be replaced by On-Demand Hot Water heaters at Mayor Wright…
  12. …meanwhile Hawaii Energy to hand out more Solar Water Heater rebates with federal funds
  13. It Begins: Snapshots of 1930s Japan add “context” at new Arizona Memorial Visitor Center
  14. Parks Statewide Get Sprucing From Thousands Of Volunteers
  15. Medical? Behind backs of Doctors, Doper slips cannabis oil into feeding tubes of cancer stricken child
  16. State Health Officials Declare Latest Dengue Outbreak Over
  17. Land titles expert wrote 'Mahele' book
  18. Hawaii UPW was trailblazer in Communists’ quest for Government Unions
  19. Republican Lawmakers push back against Democrats’ Birther scam
  20. Food shortages and a frigid winter intensify pressures in North Korea
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