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Monday, March 31, 2014
March 31, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:19 PM :: 8741 Views
  1. High-End Realtors Behind Anti-GMO Push
  2. Developers Watch SB3122: Can OHA Deliver for Us?  Will Race-Baiting Pay?
  3. Unite Here Local 5 Teams Up with Homeless Industry: Targets Korean Community with Urine Attack
  4. Lawmakers say hospitals should cut costs, staff expenses
  5. Rooftop Solar Not 'Low Cost'
  6. Oahu's retail stores are feeling the pinch early this year
  7. U.S Secretary of Education answers questions about children’s schooling
  8. Obama To Endorse Brian Schatz In Hawaii's Heated Senate Democratic Primary
  9. Will Our U.S. Senate Candidates Make it Had to Find Info About Contributors?
  10. James Lovelock: environmentalism has become a religion
  11. "There were many [gays] who didn’t care about marriage at all"
  12. Leading Bikeshare Company Already bankrupt
  13. Courts could be short-changing victim's fund
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Sunday, March 30, 2014
March 30, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:18 PM :: 5188 Views
  1. OHA’s “New Body Politic” Will Exclude 77% of Native Hawaiians
  2. But Shouldn’t We Do Something About the Two Gorillas in the Bar?
  3. Kakaako Developers give $850K to Abercrombie, Buy HCDA Board
  4. Mitsunaga's Make-Work Project Unstable, Unsafe
  5. Borreca: Obamacare Problem Bad News for Abercrombie This Week
  6. Geistling: Universal Coverage Does not Equal Single Payer
  7. Supporters march to extend health coverage to children with autism
  8. 11.3% Spending Hike: Maui County Budget Out of Control
  9. Prius driving eco-lesbians take over Kona Chamber of Commerce
  10. Hawaii Population Up 3.2% in 3 years
  11. Illegal TVRs Increase as NUCs are Lost
  12. Maryland to replace $157M online health exchange with technology from Connecticut marketplace
  13. Stanley Chang Will Join House Progressive Caucus
  14. Hanohano: Nobody Offended if I use word 'Jap'
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Saturday, March 29, 2014
March 29, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:19 PM :: 4607 Views
  1. March 28, 2014: Election Commission Releases Updated Candidate List
  2. Hawaii Legislative Watch: People vs. government
  3. Hawaii Legislative Watch: Education
  4. Caldwell Refuses to Veto Food Truck Bill, Signs Bill Hiking Special Use Permit Fees
  5. $58.4M CIP for UH
  6. Hotels and Condos Drive Construction Upturn
  7. Billionaire: Ratepayers Must Suffer So Green Energy Cronies Can Enrich Themselves
  8. Ige: Hawaii senators need time on health exchange
  9. Candidates' name order could change on 2014 ballot
  10. State agency wrongly approved Kakaako tower, lawsuit alleges
  11. Kakaako Developers Try New Trick to Skirt Affordability Requirements
  12. OHA Crony: Anyone Who Opposes Development of Kakaako Makai is a Racist
  13. Will Sierra Club Abandon Wooley's Anti-GMO Nuts to Secure Harris the HD48 Appointment?
  14. State addressing wellness, under-staffing of corrections officers
  15. HPD: Undercover officers neverevernever have sex with prostitutes
  16. Hawaii Dept of Transportation Sabotaging OMPO
  17. Protest held outside office of accused Hilo dentist
  18. Is MoveOn Breaking Faith with the Progressive Community?
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Friday, March 28, 2014
March 28, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:20 PM :: 5485 Views
  1. Feds: Hawaii Health Connector Clients at 'High Risk' for Identity Theft
  2. Slom to GAO: Audit the Hawaii Health Connector
  3. Citizens from all Islands Meet to Establish Hawaii Independent Party
  4. Abercrombie: I'll Keep Morita at PUC -- For Now
  5. Hawaii Senate Committee Waters Down Pro-Hunting Legislation with Amendment
  6. Rules for Protests at Hawaii State Capitol Challenged as Unconstitutional in Federal Court
  7. Senators Snip Millions More Off State Budget, Deficit Spending Looms
  8. Caldwell: Budget Growth based on Hotels, Condos
  9. Kiewit: Nobody has Ever Tried to Force This Much Rail Thru Urban Area This Fast
  10. Eyeing The Sovereignty Struggle
  11. Tip Credit: Do The Math, If You Can
  12. Employees Scoop Up 1000+ hours overtime at mental hospital in one year
  13. State responds to slow Dental investigation criticism
  14. U.S. Secretary of Education to visit Hawaii
  15. Plan to Force Homosexuality into Catholic Schools
  16. Jones Act hits Guam despite exemption
  17. Land Board to Assess Fines Against Hawaii's Public Utilities Commission Chair
  18. Kauai: Anti-GMO Pro Tourism Crowd
  19. Hotels, Builders and Surfrider Foundation Team Up Against Dairy Farm
  20. Attacked by Raging Idiots, Kauai Well project’s delay could mean its death
  21. Ruderman still buying Tomatoes from Ha
  22. Green Energy Arrogance:  “I am the leader of the future” 
  23. Pot legalization called potentially devastating to islands
  24. 6 Months later Am Samoa Congressman Still MIA
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Thursday, March 27, 2014
March 27, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:00 PM :: 7365 Views
  1. Sunetric Sells Out to Mainland Company for $16M
  2. Disabled Veteran Dies Under Anesthesia at Notorious Dentist Office
  3. Senators Jockey for Position as Kim, Ige Head for Higher Office
  4. Neal Milner: Fixing the Sad State of Campaign Coverage in Hawaii
  5. Will Senate Investigators Be Able to Fix the Hawaii State Hospital This Time?
  6. SB3064: Don’t let Oahu interests dictate MMMC’s future
  7. Hawaii mulls $15M tax hike to pay for useless Obamacare exchange
  8. Head of Hawaii Health Connector called to testify on Capitol Hill
  9. Hawaii Health Connector joins federal exchange in softening March 31 enrollment deadline
  10. Honolulu City Council Leaders Cutting Into Mayor Caldwell's Budget
  11. Sustainability = Barrel Tax Extension
  12. Kauai utility getting lots of interest in liquefied natural gas effort
  13. More People Are Underemployed in Hawaii Than Are Jobless
  14. The search for a home for Mr Obama’s library and museum has begun
  15. New HCDA rules allow for 'Intervenors'
  16. Some election workers won't endure 14-hour shifts this year
  17. Ha Appointment to be considered after Ruderman Makes Fool of Self
  18. Anti-GMO Hypesters Take Travelling Roadshow to Maui
  19. Gabbard Joins Push for New Ban on Online Gambling
  20. ‘Break through your fears’
  21. Legislation would increase allowance for foster families
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014
March 26, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:58 PM :: 9246 Views
  1. Prince Kuhio: The bridge from Kingdom to State
  2. Hawaii to run out of cash reserves in 2016
  3. Judge rules Thai workers were exploited, physically abused on Hawaii farms
  4. Hawaii Disconnector? Only 350 Sign Up for Obamacare With One Week to Go
  5. Study: Over 145,000 'Underinsured' in Hawaii
  6. Forced to Burn All its Federal Money, Health Connector Puts out RFP
  7. The Cost of Regulating Biotechnology and Genetically-Engineered Food
  8. VIDEO: Sen Sam Slom and Mike Hansen on Jones Act
  9. The 2014 Hawaii Medal of Honor Ceremony
  10. 'Land Power in the Pacific' Comes to Sheraton Waikiki
  11. Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals Launches Honolulu Chapter
  12. Obama Hawaii Vacation Cost $7.8M--Just for the Flights
  13. Clayton Hee, HPD Agree: Police CAN Have 'Sexual Contact' With Prostitutes
  14. Prosecutor: "A couple of HPD officers were notorious"
  15. Schatz Rides Wave of Wealthy White Retirees from Mainland
  16. After Two Years Ignoring, State Reopens Complaint Against Coma Dentist
  17. Government-owned Farmland: A Failure Since 1971
  18. SB2423: Schools Will be Allowed Charity Fundraisers (Again)
  19. New Assessment: Smarter Balanced Nonsense?
  20. Arne Duncan heads to Hawaii with gaggle of staffers
  21. SB2054: Insurers to Be Required to Cover Autism
  22. Obamacare reorders life for insurance commissioners
  23. State Admits CATO Welfare Study is Correct
  24. Hawaii 29th Most Dependent on Federal Spending
  25. State Board Members Resist Releasing Financial Disclosure Forms to Public
  26. OCCC employee's widow fights for benefits after death ruled 'homicide'
  27. Meth Head to Score $35K after Being Shot in Struggle With Sheriff Deputy
  28. Hawaii lawmakers hear about marijuana dangers
  29. Anti-GMO Activists to Pay $5627 for Kauai Rally 
  30. Hawaii County Opposes Federal Grab for Control of Kona Water
  31. Detailed Gallup-Healthways Well-Being report hints to why Hawaii lost No. 1 slot
  32. Honolulu 6th Worst Parking in USA
  33. Sovereignty Activists Make their Case to 'World Muslim Council'
  34. Drug Addicts Take Over Restrooms at Hilton Waikiki
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014
March 25, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:13 PM :: 7057 Views
  1. Beyond Obamacare: Solving Hawaii's Healthcare Cost Problem
  2. Guilty: Physical abuse, exploitation, and barbaric security measures at Maui Pineapple
  3. Heritage Foundation: Program offers HOPE for repeat drug offenders
  4. Senate Informer: Life of a Bill
  5. Video: Are You Being Told The Truth About Plastic Bags?
  6. Connector Celebrates 4th Anniversary of Health Care Law, Urges Consumers to Apply
  7. Report: Hawaii Tops List of Unaffordable Rentals
  8. Closed Primary Lawyer Tony Gill to Be Next Democrat Chair?
  9. Honolulu Mayor May Seek Joint Obama Library Bid
  10. Judge Considers Whether Eco-Terrorists Should be Given Targeting Information
  11. HR71: Audit the HCDA
  12. City seeks member on HCDA board
  13. Kauai Council Districting denied
  14. Maui: TAT Will Fund 11% Hike in Spending
  15. U.S. Approves LNG Exports from Oregon Plant
  16. Consumer Advocate Barred from Challenging Windfarms
  17. Locklear: US Attack Submarine Needs Going Unmet in Pacific
  18. Flood Insurance Hikes Will Drive Down Property Values
  19. Moanalua High field replacement project delayed by Red Tape 2 years
  20. Easy for Visitors to Give Drugs to Inmates at Hawaii Prisons
  21. Homosexual Pleads not guilty to Murdering his Lover, Chopping Up Body
  22. Vegan Religious Dogma Behind Rise in Obesity
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014
March, 2014 Letters to the Editor
By Letters to the Editor @ 12:01 AM :: 3775 Views
  • Wind-Word Side: Pono Choices
  • Political Corruption, an Open Letter to Hawaii State Representative Creagan
  • Airline Employees Hit With Layoffs
  • Council Candidate Iwasa Speaks out Against Sign-Waving
  • GMO Protests Could Save DoE Money
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Monday, March 24, 2014
March 24, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:20 PM :: 4898 Views
  1. Legislators Consider Permanent Hunt for Old Child Molesters--Except those Employed by Government
  2. Hawaii Supreme Court: Must Counties Maintain Accurate Public Records?
  3. Two Weeks after Price Fixing Settlement, Saltchuk Named 'World's Most Ethical' Company
  4. Djou will run for old Hawaii seat
  5. Abercrombie Travels First Class to meet With Crony Capitalists, Commie
  6. Will Obamacare make a big enough wave to wash out Abercrombie?
  7. Obamacare plans bring hefty fees for certain drugs
  8. RTTT Success tied to Teacher Evaluations
  9. Judge: Department of Human Services negligent in the case of a young boy who died
  10. Will Legislature Act to Push Homeless into Shelters?
  11. At Shelters Homeless Kids, Parents Learn Together in Preschool Programs
  12. Kauai:  Public meetings have been dominated by fringe members of the public who stage public tantrums and rely on intimidation and disruption to achieve their goals
  13. State looking to Nickel and Dime Tourists Some More
  14. Project SAM Schools Hawaii Legislators on Marijuana
  15. Working group formed to deal with narcotics problem in Hawaii
  16. Marijuana Dispensaries needed to Help Small Children Get Marijuana
  17. Hawaii homeowners face rising flood insurance rates
  18. Run Amok: Ernie Martin Seeks Change to Shoreline Permitting
  19. Hawaii ASEAN Defense Summit Proves Pentagon Serious about Asia Pivot?
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Sunday, March 23, 2014
March 23, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:41 PM :: 3912 Views
  1. If You Want a Tax Appeal, Beware the Weekend
  2. Ansaldo Breda Forced to Buy Back Defective Trainsets
  3. Kakaako: Sneaky Legislative Tactic of the Day
  4. Five Months Hassle With the Hawaii Health Connector--And Still No Insurance
  5. HMSA Thanks ACA for Adding 18,000 new HMSA Quest Medicaid Customers
  6. Lawyers Seek Permanent Hunt for Homosexual Child Molesters--Except those Employed by Government 
  7. Legislators Eager to Give Marijuana to Children
  8. Hilo Dentist accused of putting woman in coma also accused of threatening employees
  9. Jail visitations cancelled due to staff shortage
  10. Obama Visits Leave 'Trail of Broken Budgets'
  11. Electronics recycling rules preposterous
  12. New state office building could revitalize Chinatown
  13. Red Tape Makes $350K Homes Unaffordable
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Saturday, March 22, 2014
March 22, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:05 PM :: 5300 Views
  1. Mainland Homosexuals Laugh at Hawaii Single-Issue Candidates
  2. March 21, 2014: Election Commission Releases Updated Candidate List
  3. Hawaii Health Connector: Only 23 Employers Applied March 1-15
  4. VIDEO: Rand Paul Gets Rousing Welcome at UC Berkeley
  5. Video: Freedom and Film
  6. Catch the Wave of HOPE with Nick Vujicic at Aloha Stadium
  7. Feds Deny Hawaii health exchange money request
  8. Council Considers Tax Hike on Non-Profits
  9. HCR102 Pushes DBEDT Energy Agenda: Big Cable, AKP, Crony Capitalism
  10. Challenge to U.S. Shipping Law: Still Hoping in Hawaii
  11. Cachola Angered by Expose of Corruption Allegations
  12. Puna Residents Angered by Ruderman's Help to Illegal Land Developer
  13. Ruderman Secretly Lobbies Against Appointment of Pro-GMO Farmer to Ag Board
  14. Hawaii lawmakers to end to prostitution exemption
  15. Abercrombie pledges corrections system overhaul
  16. Reforms Put More Students on Busses at Less Cost
  17. Kahoolawe funding bill advances in Senate
  18. Obama's team to visit Hawaii next month to talk about presidential library
  19. Complete Streets to be Completely Jammed: Caldwell Begins Eliminating Lanes
  20. HCDA Condo Approval Headed for Court
  21. Homosexual Child Molestation Leads to Another Lawsuit
  22. Bill allows more 'medical' pot
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Friday, March 21, 2014
March 21, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:08 PM :: 5927 Views
  1. Full Text: Hawaii restrictions on gun carrying held unconstitutional
  2. Sen Slom asks GAO to Investigate Hawaii Health Connector
  3. Hawaii lawmaker calls for federal investigation into Obamacare spending
  4. Hawaii lawmaker challenges Alabama group’s ‘Teaching Tolerance’
  5. Senator Russell Ruderman Defends the Haters of Technology
  6. HART Lawyer Gives Last Word on Rail Case
  7. HECO 'Renewable Watch' Shows Erratic 'Clean' Energy Flow in Real Time
  8. Own Ivory? 89% Chance You Won't Be Able to Sell it Legally if Clayton Hee Gets His Way
  9. New Reading and Math Tests to Get 'Test Run'
  10. Brookings: Great Recession Pushes Hawaii Long Term Unemployed to Margin of Labor Market
  11. Auditor: Eight Transportation Special Funds Do Not Meet Criteria
  12. Abercrombie has a temper:  Once he’s mad at you he won’t easily forget
  13. State GOP chair confirms Djou congressional run
  14. Hawaiian Electric expects cost savings of up to $500M a year using LNG
  15. Legislature's Move to Shorten School Year Puts Exclamation Point on Deceptive Partisanship
  16. Hawaii House revives, kills GMO food label bill
  17. 4 complaints follow doctor involved in dental tragedy on Hilo
  18. Cachola Expenses Under Fire--Bought SUV With Campaign Funds
  19. Hawaii Law Lets Police Have Sex With Prostitutes
  20. Daily KOS Readers Support Second Amendment
  21. 9th Circuit Calls for Briefings in Hawaii Gay Marriage case
  22. Hirono, Schatz, Hanabusa Demand Executive Order Mandating More Trannies on Base
  23. Hanabusa: Bought and paid for by Turkish Government?
  24. Judge denied second term for 'erratic' and 'bizarre' behavior
  25. Firefighter arrested for trying to run down cyclists, impersonating cop
  26. Dangerous trend with children and e-juice grows in Hawaii
  27. Borreca: Kakaako will be Worse than the Bronx
  28. Kalaeloa: Home to Solar Farms 'Plagued with Blackouts'
  29. Council panel OKs shoreline-wall bill
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Thursday, March 20, 2014
March 20, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:52 PM :: 5474 Views
  1. Rep Pat Saiki Elected GOP Chair
  2. NPR: Me and Mr. Jones
  3. Reps. Johanson and Fukumoto Mid-Session Report
  4. Hawaii laments defense cuts in Asia-Pacific theater
  5. Feds: 34,000 Hawaii APIs Eligible for Health Care Savings
  6. Grassroot: Minimum Wage Hike Will Not Lift Working Families out of Poverty
  7. Lobbying? Average citizen should not have to consult lawyer to testify before Legislature
  8. Army on budget, on schedule with hypersonic missile program
  9. Abercrombie Administration Appoints Wrong "William Richardson" to HHC
  10. State investigates: 1000 Homeowners Victimized by Solar Fraudsters Turn on illegal photovoltaic systems 
  11. Hawaii's moral challenges prompt Baptist Ministry
  12. Mortgage Scammers Team up to Push Hawaiian Roll
  13. Hanabusa campaign goes ballistic about progressive group’s endorsement
  14. Gabbard among Elle's D.C. 10 most powerful women
  15. HPD Joins SHOPO in Opposing Public Records of Police Discipline
  16. Public schools challenged to build on success
  17. DoE Upgrades Food Service in Response to Audit
  18. Is Hanauma Bay Preserve Undermined by Disrepair and an Opaque Budget?
  19. Maui Police OT a record after first lady’s visit
  20. Obama Library Proposal Includes Possible Hawaii Carve Out
  21. Ernie Martin Bill would ease path to approval to build shoreline retaining walls
  22. Hilo woman in coma following wisdom teeth extraction
  23. Newcomers With no Sense of History Protest Kauai Dairy Farm
  24. Tough on Crime Bills Move In Legislature
  25. Trannies in the Ladies Room? No Problem Says Hawaii 'Civil Rights' Commission
  26. Anti-Marijuana Message from Puna
  27. United Considers 100s of Sister-Island Layoffs
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014
March 19, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:33 PM :: 7125 Views
  1. Duke Aiona: Our Road to Success
  2. Race to the Top: Feds say Hawaii has Made Huge Progress
  3. Potheads May Have Harder Time Getting Medicated
  4. House Alters Hawaii Senate's Minimum Wage Bill
  5. DHHL Takes OHA, County Fingers out of Geothermal Pie
  6. Star-Adv: Get tougher on habitual thieves
  7. Three bills to Push Homeless into Shelters scheduled for hearing Wednesday
  8. Debunking Some Recent Anti-GMO Arguments
  9. Hawaii Tax Credit Craziness
  10. Hawaii Man Moves to Vegas, Signs up for Obamacare, Gets Stuck with $407K Hospital Bill
  11. Slower State Revenue Growth Threatens Efforts to Boost UPW-Controlled Hawaii Prisons at Expense of Cheaper, Cleaner Arizona Prison
  12. DOE: New School Bus Plan Could Save $.5M By End of Year
  13. Former prison guard pleads guilty in drug smuggling case
  14. Homosexual Child Molester Was Leader of Hawaii ACLU
  15. Victims of Homosexual Child Molester Speak Out, At Least one Suicide Tied to Case
  16. Caldwell Expands Office Budget in Tight Times
  17. Surprise: New zoo director second in a row with no previous zoo experience
  18. City requests $500K for bus-rail integration study
  19. The Education of Energy Advocates
  20. Republicans Running Only Two Candidates on Maui
  21. Brian Evans for US Senate?
  22. DNC Spends in Hawaii, RNC Does not
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014
March 18, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:14 PM :: 4381 Views
  1. SB2435HD1: Will GMO Labeling come back to Life in Frankenbill?
  2. Cornell Prof dismantles claims that GMO crops are “pesticide centered technology”
  3. Challenge Highlights Flaws in Hawaii's Anti-GMO Law
  4. Last Year’s $844 Million Surplus is Borrowed from the Future
  5. Hawaii Legislative Watch: Taxes
  6. Portnoy Lashes out at Zell, Claims Parr Petroleum Hawaii Refinery is at Risk
  7. Hawaii Health Connector Partners with Planned Parenthood
  8. March 25: Small Business Day at the Capitol
  9. Abercrombie Administration Orchestrates Pre-K Rally
  10. Wonderland: OK for Unremarkable, Lazy Liberal to be Unqualified
  11. Huge Tax Hike Coming: Law mandates unfunded liabilities be paid
  12. If Abercrombie Were Nicer to His Staff They Wouldn't Quit
  13. State health exchange must reduce costs, director says
  14. Hawaii Minimum Wage is Really $10.67
  15. 150 Doctors Back HHSC Privatization
  16. Louie: DHHL Controls Geothermal Development, royalties
  17. Na Wai Eha hearings postponed — indefinitely
  18. Maui News: Military Cuts Inviting Disaster
  19. Legislators are considering bills to require more details of misconduct
  20. Neighbor island companies fear loss of tourism and higher fares
  21. Kauai Mayor Proposes Tax Hikes
  22. Food rules need not cut off needy
  23. Hawaii labor force hits a record high
  24. Clear Legal Sanctions Can Get Users Off Drugs
  25. Hawaii mayors on pros and cons of GM crops on their islands
  26. Group developing school standards exams delays ‘field test’
  27. Fire Department: Solar Panels Cause Shock Hazard
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Monday, March 17, 2014
March 17, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:03 PM :: 3844 Views
  1. March 17, 1959: Eisenhower Signs Hawaii Statehood Bill
  2. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted March 17, 2014
  3. Hawaii Unions Resist Reforming Benefits for Public Retirees
  4. Health Connector Fixes 79% of Glitches, But Nobody Wants Obamacare
  5. Waitlist problem needs action now
  6. City sidewalk squad to Push Homeless to Accept Shelter
  7. State to lose more than $200 million for military construction
  8. Former Rep. Meyer Pulls Papers to Run for Sen. Hee’s Seat
  9. Mililani Trask Files to Run for OHA Seat
  10. How Deep Is Your Wallet?
  11. BLNR makes Dairy farmer Wait 5 Years for Lease Approval
  12. Homeless Shelters Must Spring for Commercial Kitchens
  13. DHHL construction leaves neighbors rattled
  14. Guard Charged with Jail Rape
  15. Hawaii Ranks 2nd to Wyoming in Electing Women to US House

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Sunday, March 16, 2014
March 16, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:26 PM :: 4326 Views
  1. Mayors Are Still After GE Tax Surcharge Authority
  2. HD5 Democrats’ Insidious Secrecy, Rigged Election Earns Lava Tube Award
  3. Wilson Shows Up Late, Makes Clerks Run Personal Errands, Doesn't Read Pre-Sentence Reports, Refuses to Release Performance Reviews 
  4. Obamacare Takes Focus Away from 'Transformation'
  5. Obamacare Penalty Much More than $95
  6. Kona Hospital supportive of public-private partnership bill
  7. Housing First is a key start to tackling homelessness
  8. Check Your Name: Hawaiian Roll to be Published
  9. 'Smart grid' payoff should be lower rates
  10. More liens filed against Failing 'Green' Energy Scheme, Hu Honua
  11. Tax Credits are Only Reason for Tech Companies to be in Hawaii 
  12. HSTA Contract, Funding Squeeze Schools Scheduling longer days
  13. Facilities expenses eat up charter schools' budgets
  14. Raising the minimum wage will simply increase costs for employer and employee
  15. Kauai Tax Hikes Proposed to Pay for $4M in Raises
  16. Anti-GMO Activists Grab for Gay and Robinson
  17. Punatic Testifies as Expert at Green and Ruderman's Roundup Hearing
  18. Matson to Undercut Young Brothers Barge

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Saturday, March 15, 2014
March 15, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:43 PM :: 4069 Views
  1. March 14, 2014: Election Commission Releases Updated Candidate List
  2. ACLU Sues Maui County over Employee’s Website
  3. UHERO: Impact of Federal PURPA Subsidies on Hawaii Alternative Energy market
  4. Election Year CIP: Abercrombie Spoons out Another $36.6M
  5. Hawaii lawmakers question Need for health exchange
  6. Failed Obamacare Exchange becomes Issue in Oregon Gubernatorial Race
  7. Bills to raise general excise tax stalling
  8. Wilson weighs whether to release personnel records
  9. Disgusting Toxic Mold Growing in Moiliili ‘Health’ Food Store Run by Anti-GMO Activists tied to Tulsi Gabbard
  10. Challenge Highlights Flaws in Hawaii's Anti-GMO Law
  11. Matson Could be Fined $80M to $400M for Molasses Spill 
  12. $1.56B budget estimated for rail: HART Has no Idea How Much to Borrow
  13. HB2205: Property crime bill toughens penalties for repeat offenders
  14. Kaneshiro: Murderers, Rapists Among 200 Hardened Criminals Given Phony Work Release to Ease Overcrowding, Balance Budget 
  15. UH Puts out Surprise Request for New Stadium
  16. How has dam safety changed since Kaloko’s deadly breach?
  17. Charges still pending for Iolani Palace vandal suspects
  18. Council toughens rules on food trucks
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Friday, March 14, 2014
March 14, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:59 PM :: 4440 Views
  1. Apo: Trustees Begin Process of Dissolving OHA
  2. McDermott sends 'cease and desist' letter to DOE Superintendent Matayoshi
  3. After Mysterious Disappearance, Patricia McManaman Returns as director of the Department of Human Services
  4. Obamacare in Hawaii: Fixing What Wasn’t Broken
  5. PUC chair, green activist under investigation, accused of violating HI conservation law
  6. U.S. District Court's Honolulu Rail Compliance Order – A Slam Dunk
  7. UH College of Education Ranks 74th in Nation
  8. UH law student named state’s Mother of the Year
  9. Djou might take another shot at U.S. House seat
  10. Female Senators Demand New Hearing: Wilson fails to properly prepare for court, mistreats staff
  11. HB2281: Gov’s office asks “emergency” funds to Cover Bhagowalia Resignation
  12. Abercrombie's budget gets annual cut by Legislature
  13. 2012 Election Sabotage: Audit Vindicates Hawaii County Clerk
  14. Tom Yamachika
  15. Major health care bills moving through Hawaii Legislature
  16. HART seeks builders for first nine rail stations
  17. Questions still about American Samoa Governor's health
  18. Anti-GMO Activists Still Trying to Get Rid of Kauai Mayor
  19. Pivot to Asia Docs Leaked in Spy Case
  20. Jet Fuel Leaks Near Honolulu Water Supply Source
  21. Soda Taxes Do Nothing to Address Obesity
  22. Boyd Gaming in Hawaii Captive Insurance market
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Thursday, March 13, 2014
March 13, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:02 PM :: 5182 Views
  1. Pat Saiki to be Hawaii GOP Chair
  2. Full Text: Hawaii Bar Association New Testimony on Wilson Nomination
  3. Principal: “Pono Choices will not return to Molokai Middle School”
  4. Waitlist Patients Burden Hawaii Hospitals
  5. Hawaii Ranks #2 for Dividend Taxes
  6. $500M Swept Away by Council on Revenues
  7. House Finance Committee Cuts $180M from Abercrombie Budget
  8. House Approves $211M Judiciary Budget
  9. Election Year: Abercrombie Writes Check to Kupuna Care as Medicaid Applicants Get Cut Off
  10. Election Year: Abercrombie Tosses Out Another $64.7M CIP
  11. UH Law School Drops Sharply in National Rankings
  12. UH medical school moves up in Best U.S. Medical Schools rankings
  13. Feds Give Hawaii DoE $1.7M for 'Persistently Low Achieving Schools'
  14. Bill Proposes Sunshine Law Exemptions for City Council Members
  15. Carl Icahn, Sam Zell vs Portnoy Family in 'Vicious' fight over Hawaii Lawyers' Land Management Fees
  16. Maui News, Star-Adv Agree: Obamacare Exchange Unnecessary Here
  17. Bob Jones: Mike Wilson Should Withdraw
  18. HECO To Begin Importing LNG in Move to Cut Fuel Costs
  19. Lawmakers again push for shipping law reform
  20. Billion Dollars Disappears: Abercrombie Not Worried
  21. Deaf vs Dumb at Legislature
  22. $29.13/hr: Is Hawaii’s welfare as high as study claims?
  23. Hawaii Lawmakers Juggle Multiple Tax Credit Proposals
  24. HART reveals rail station images; asks for a new loan
  25. Chinese Railroad May Buy Ansaldo
  26. Abercrombie: "I’m tired of fighting you"
  27. Health  Connector Updates thru March 8, 2014
  28. Could Sharks be taking a bite out of Hawaii's Tourism?
  29. Senator wants probe into whether UH sports TV contractor got 'preferential treatment'
  30. Electricity: Parker Ranch Pays $680K, Waimea Hospital $1.2M
  31. Bill would put property crime criminals behind bars, not probation
  32. Global Horizons Settlement: Farm worker rights groups to share $800,000
  33. Zimmerman vs. Roseanne Barr
  34. AG Louie Warns Other States about Anti-GMO Activists
Read More..
Wednesday, March 12, 2014
March 12, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:10 PM :: 5694 Views
  1. Council on Revenues Knocks $478M Hole in Abercrombie Budget
  2. Most Wanted: FBI Searching Big Island for Anti-Biotech Terror Bomber
  3. Hawaii: Update on Second Amendment Legislation
  4. Concrete Brutality: HART Rail Stations Revealed
  5. HECO Begins Installing Smart Meters on Oahu
  6. Interconnection Intersection - Marco Mangelsdorf
  7. Lawsuit: Liberal Activist was Homosexual Child Molester preying on Native Hawaiian Boys --100s of Victims
  8. Timeline: Illegal B&B Charges Part of Abercrombie's Calculated Plan to get Rid of Morita
  9. Abercrombie: When the day comes when people don't want your picture, then you know you’re in trouble
  10. Schatz to Skip First Two Senate Debates
  11. Eco Terrorists are Exhibit 'A' in Case Against GMO Registry
  12. Council bill would raise taxes on residential vacation homes
  13. Lawyers, Clients Should Fear Retaliation by Judges
  14. Waitlisted patients cost isle hospitals $62M a year
  15. Hawaii's High Prices Scare Away Some Mainland Visitors
  16. Abercrombie Admin Forcing Honolulu to Spend Billions More on Sewage System
  17. Tighten control of UH construction
  18. Muslims Team up With Sovereignty Activist Leon Siu 
  19. Hawaii Republican lawmakers have little to show
  20. HELCO pauses geothermal expansion
  21. Smart Meters are on Open Docket, Limiting Public Disclosure
  22. SB2857 Could Chase Electronics Out of Hawaii
  23. Long-sought check in substitute teacher’s hands
  24. Hawaii Superferries Transport Marines in Japan
  25. NIMBY's Continue to Whine About Dairy Planned for Kauai
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014
March 11, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:43 PM :: 7123 Views
  1. House Speaker Joe Souki Endorses Jones Act Reform
  2. HI lawmakers want private providers to subsidize Obamacare exchange
  3. With Asset Test Gone, Thousands Pile into Hawaii Medicaid
  4. For Sale Cheap: One More Bankrupt Alt-Energy Scheme
  5. DLIR: Employment will Expand 4% on Construction Boom
  6. Back from Afghanistan: Soldiers Return to Schofield
  7. Anti-science dominates Senate climate marathon
  8. PUC Fight: Abercrombie Admin Suddenly Decides to Nail Hermina Morita on Illegal B&B
  9. Unemployment: Nearly 7% of Hawaii Workers Quit Looking
  10. Hawaii's economy simmers; Abercrombie says it sizzles
  11. Reward Campaign Contributions from Illegal Mainland Developers?  Ruderman says "That's what we do"
  12. Hanohano says she was thrown 'under the bus'
  13. Lawmakers propose fees for Hawaii health exchange
  14. Get Medicaid? Lose Kupuna Care
  15. HHSC Privatization Still Alive
  16. City considers voucher program for Housing First
  17. Decimal Dust: Honolulu Ethics Director Takes His Case for More Money to City Council
  18. Star-Adv: Common Cause Backs Bill Gutting Sunshine Law
  19. Big Wind Programmatic EIS to be released in April
  20. HECO starts trial run of smart-grid technology
  21. While Homeowners Wait, HECO Fast Tracks its own Solar Farm
  22. Five Year Wait for State to Approve Horseback Riding Permit
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Monday, March 10, 2014
March 10, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:12 PM :: 5655 Views
  1. Solomon Pushes for Approval of Mililani Trask's Overpriced Geothermal Contract
  2. Brian Schatz Dances all Night to California Billionaire's Tune
  3. Price Fixing: Horizon, Sea Star to Pay $3.4M Fine
  4. KIUC Elections: Anti-Smart Meter Paranoiacs Lose Again
  5. Maui: Hawai'i Free Press Editor to Speak
  6. $340M: State's loss on 'green' energy tax credits
  7. Sen. Ige’s campaign
  8. To Diversify GOP, 'Find Right Messengers'
  9. Here Come Hawaii's Super PACs!
  10. Hawaii Next? Feds open investigation of Md. ObamaCare site
  11. DoD: Hawaii, Guam are Nuclear Targets of North Korea
  12. City officials will defend Housing First's price tag
  13. Star-Adv: Legislature Should Reject OHA Kakaako Betrayal
  14. Hanohano Retells Shark Testimony Story
  15. Caldwell Working to Jam up King Street
  16. HART, Water Board Top City Salaries
  17. DHHL 37 Homes With Substandard Septic Systems
  18. Return of Friday night lights?
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Sunday, March 9, 2014
March 9, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:53 PM :: 4709 Views
  1. HB1503: Prohibit Landlords from Evicting Marijuana Smokers
  2. Whither the Independent Appeals Officer?
  3. Hawaii National Guard builds global partnerships, proven on battlefield
  4. Precisely as Expected: Abercrombie Uses Failure of Obamacare to Call for Single Payer
  5. Abercrombie's about-face on HCDA rewards war chest
  6. Abercrombie woos seniors, but they’re not buying it
  7. ILWU Preparing to Endorse Ige?
  8. GMO crops reduce use of pesticides
  9. UH's poor oversight adds costs to delayed project, audit says
  10. Housing First: Caldwell vs Martin
  11. Save Our Kakaako coalition rallies against proposed development
  12. GMO debate: Earth Island Journal sees Opportunity to Control KSBE Land, Campbell Estate
  13. Officer says he’s target of HPD retaliation
  14. Sovereignty Debate Just a Matter of Faith?
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Saturday, March 8, 2014
March 8, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:47 PM :: 3764 Views
  1. UHERO: Is Monopoly a Barrier to Hawai’i’s Ascent?
  2. Lawmaker says advocacy group pays Hawaii teachers to attend ‘tolerance’ training
  3. Informational Briefing on Grants-in-Aid
  4. March 7, 2014: Election Commission Releases Updated Candidate List
  5. Catch the Wave of HOPE with Nick Vujicic at Aloha Stadium
  6. Video: Japan and the Free Market
  7. Justice: Judge Orders County to Stop Registering GMO Farmers
  8. Budget: Abercrombie Plays Politics as Legislators Grapple With Cutting his Bloated Budget Proposal
  9. PUC Approves Natural Gas Imports, Could Cut Electric Bills
  10. Star-Adv: How dare Lawyers Rate Enviro-Activist Judge 'Unqualified'
  11. Local Pollsters: Merriman Group Should Get Lost so We can go Back to Manipulating Public Perceptions
  12. UH Admin Blew $28M TV Rights Deal
  13. DHHL betraying its lessees
  14. Another Activist Complains about Treatment at Hearings
  15. Liquid Metal Heading to O`ahu’s North Shore
  16. Officials: Threat to Oahu's Water Supply More Serious Than Thought
  17. Only One Meth Importer Convicted, Rest Walk Free
  18. Airlift concerning to tourism officials
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Friday, March 7, 2014
March 7, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:36 PM :: 5513 Views
  1. OHA Reopens Akaka Tribal Roll, Announces Plan for ‘Governing Documents’
  2. Hawaii’s schools aren’t the best, so what’s with pay raises, shorter class schedules?
  3. Ige Slams Abercrombie over Pension Tax Hypocrisy, Morita Appointment
  4. Full Text: Souki Reprimands Hanohano—conduct “intimidating, disruptive”
  5. Abercrombie Appoints Rep Wooley Director of Office of Environmental Quality Control
  6. Pine: 50,000 Solar Panels for Kahe Point?
  7. Council Candidate Iwasa Speaks out Against Sign-Waving
  8. UH Manoa to host veterans conference
  9. Accusers: Wilson A Drunk, Harasses Women—Defended by Crooked Lawyers
  10. Wilson Co-Owns Illegal TVR With Former Law Partner, Girlfriend
  11. KITV Full Cover-up Mode:  Co-Conspirator ‘Clears Up’ Illegal TVR
  12. Wooley Looks Over Wreckage of Anti-GMO Idiots’ Dreams
  13. Election funding bill raises some concerns as measure passes first reading in Hawaii Senate
  14. Tax payment backlog
  15. Prison Guards Punch Kids, Costs State $180K
  16. Hawaiian-Language Education Bills Advance
  17. VA Bumps Up Home Loan Limits

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Thursday, March 6, 2014
March 6, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:22 PM :: 4321 Views
  1. Zoning Board: Abercrombie's Supreme Court Pick Operating Illegal Enterprise for Over a Decade
  2. Hawaii Obamacare Medicaid Applications–Even Less Than The Few
  3. Full Text: Big Island Papaya Farmer Sues to Invalidate anti-GMO Ordinance
  4. AG Decides to Claim Deficiencies, but no Criminal Activity in UH Project Management
  5. In Face of Lawsuit, DOE Pushes Ahead with Overpriced Chevron Solar Deal
  6. Hawaii urges residents to ‘tell a friend’ about Obamacare
  7. The Real Stories Behind "The Descendants"
  8. Rep. Beth Fukumoto named to National Future Majority Caucus Advisory Board
  9. The Jones Act Strikes Oil
  10. Hawaii Bar Assn:  Enviro Activist Wilson 'unqualified' for Supreme Court
  11. Bread Prices to Soar as State Forces Shutdown of Hawaii's Only Flour Mill
  12. PUC: Abercrombie, Morita Meet, Discuss Price of Her Retention
  13. Congress May Investigate failed Hawaii Health Connector
  14. After 23 Years, State Senate Investigates Mental Hospital
  15. Civil Disobedience: Heroic Big Island Farmers Refusing to Register GMO Crops
  16. Pro and Con GMO regulation bills fail in Legislature
  17. SB622: Environmental Court passes Senate
  18. Declining Economy May Turn $844M Surplus into Deficit
  19. Hawaii advances bill requiring Internet sales tax
  20. Election Year: Neil 'Pension Tax' Abercrombie vows to fight to ease taxes for kupuna (LOL!)
  21. Competing Hawaii minimum wage cross over to House, Senate
  22. SB2131: In State Tuition for Veterans Makes Crossover
  23. Busted by Campaign Spending Comm, Activist Leads Rally for 'Clean Elections' Bill
  24. Obama Budget Hikes Airline Fee AGAIN
  25. Another $200K Hawaii disability Fraudster Busted 
  26. Rail: Million dollar fence being taken down 3 years after going up
  27. Luxury Resort Developer Pierre Omidyar Buys Ritz Carlton on Maui, Rebrands as 'Montage'
  28. Suspected gambling machines to get a day in court
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014
March 5, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:32 PM :: 4872 Views
  1. Tulsi Gabbard Office Manager tied to Chris Butler Cult
  2. Survey: Hawaii Ranks 5th for Economic Health
  3. Solomon Pushes for Approval of Overpriced Geothermal Contracts
  4. Survey: Honolulu Traffic Gets 18% Worse
  5. Dead on Arrival: Obama’s FY 2015 Budget includes $250 million for rail
  6. Hawaii Democrats Statewide Caucuses March 5
  7. UHERO: Climate Change Behind Push for Water Conservation
  8. 'Sovereign Council' Scores $675K to Sell Obamacare
  9. Caldwell Brings in Outside Planners to Redevelop Blaisdell Center
  10. Mainland Enviros Cheer Hawaii's On-Bill Financing Solar Scheme
  11. Bronster: Papaya Farmer files lawsuit over GMO Law
  12. 'Clean' Energy: Hawaiian Dredging accuses Hu Honua of stealing Computers, Information
  13. Middle class, poor increasingly footing cost of island’s electrical grid
  14. Ian Lind: Hawaiians Suffered With Rise of Democratic Party
  15. Military Cuts begin at Wheeler
  16. Legislators Vote Against Free Speech in Election Campaigns
  17. Obamacare Funds Kahuku HS Health Clinic Targeting Teens
  18. Reforming Juvenile Justice
  19. Revising Public Workers Laws
  20. Legislators Vote to Cut School Hours
  21. State Hospital favoritism complaints prompt anti-nepotism bill
  22. Hawaii Has Fewest Taxing Bodies of Any State
  23. Solomon: Thielen and Ruderman are 'Like That'
  24. Minimum Wage Poverty Threshold Requires Too Much Paperwork
  25. State of the City: Potholes, Sewers And Name-dropping
  26. Honolulu 7th Worst Airport in USA
  27. Rep. Hanohano's Use of Hawaiian Leads to Tension on House Floor
  28. Transgender Student Recants Sexual Assault Report
  29. Health Department requested leak detection at Red Hill in 2003
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014
March 4, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:40 PM :: 5242 Views
  1. Who Needs Health Connector? Feds Already Had Website offering Hawaii Insurance Policies
  2. National Park Tourism in Hawaii Creates $314 Million in Economic Benefit
  3. Abercrombie: Petulant, Paranoid, Vindictive, Clueless
  4. Honolulu Mayor Responds to Questions About Campaign Contributions from Waikiki Developers
  5. House Should go after Brower Before Censuring Hanohano
  6. Star-Adv: Reappoint Morita, PUC policy should favor consumers
  7. Upcoming Primary election will be start of new era for OHA
  8. UPW Blocks Contraband screening at Halawa Prison
  9. Only Four Guards Caught Testing Positive for Drugs
  10. Ernie Martin Comes out against Housing First
  11. Lawmakers to vote on child porn bill
  12. Latest Obamacare Fix Tough to Implement
  13. Obama-Backed Patent Reform Could Hurt Innovation at UH
  14. Energy Excelerator Provides Boosts for 'Clean' Energy
  15. For oil traders, a vexing new risk related to Jones Act
  16. Honolulu 4th Worst City to Find a Job
  17. Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command might be restructured or moved to the mainland
Read More..
Monday, March 3, 2014
March 3, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:55 PM :: 4665 Views
  1. Complete List of Bills Set for Third Reading in Senate, House March 4
  2. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted March 3, 2014
  3. No Public Warfare Yet, in Intraparty Fight for D.C. Insider Mantle
  4. Abercrombie: I've had some real Donnybrooks
  5. Civil Beat: Hanohano a Problem to be Solved
  6. Star-Adv: Limit discretion in judicial secrecy
  7. Anti-GMO Activists Admit only 41% on Maui Want Permanent GMO Ban
  8. DHHL beneficiaries struggle in arid conditions
  9. Cronies Line up for Special Purpose Revenue Bonds
  10. HB 1594 / HB 2170: Unlimited tax Credits for Hotel Developers
  11. Developers of 2 Waikiki High-Rises Have Donated Heavily to City Officials
  12. Handi-van riders fed up with unreliable service
  13. China Fields New Intermediate-Range Nuclear Missile -- Target Guam
  14. Drugged driving deaths triple in Hawaii after Medicated Marijuana Legalized
  15. A crush of bills moving to meet First Crossover deadline this week
  16. What Did Hawaii Delegates Do With Salaries During Shutdown?
  17. A Moment of Silence: Tommy Waters Running for Stanley Chang’s City Council Seat
Read More..
Sunday, March 2, 2014
March 2, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:38 PM :: 4651 Views
  1. Letter: Waikiki Rep Brower Threatening to Smash More Shopping Carts?
  2. Supreme Court Rejects Kauai Springs Appeal
  3. Aloha, Justice Acoba
  4. Well Then, How Do We Stimulate Business?
  5. Star-Adv: State Should Dump Obamacare Exchange
  6. Mufi Gives Abercrombie Winning edge
  7. Schatz Picks up lots of Support from Mainland, Developers
  8. Former governors lend support as Ige opens campaign HQ
  9. School Health Teacher Says no to Gay Sex Ed for 11 year olds:
  10. HHSC Privatization Proposal Revised
  11. SB2284: Clayton Hee tries to make Hospitals Responsible for Home Care
  12. SB2934: Solar Scammers Creating new Opportunities to Fleece Homeowners
  13. HB1943: PRP Backs Smart Grid
  14. Inouye to face off against Solomon for state Senate seat -- Again
  15. Big Island homesteaders still waiting on DHHL
  16. After Welching on Promise of Free Representation, Anti-GMO Activists Seek to 'Intervene'
  17. Kauai: Morons, Idiots, & Imbeciles Continue to Whine about Dairy Farm
  18. As Tax Cut Advances, Beer entrepreneurs seek to reawaken brewing industry
Read More..
Saturday, March 1, 2014
March 1, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:26 PM :: 5169 Views
  1. House Passes More than 200 Bills on to Senate
  2. Heritage Foundation: Hawaii HOPE Probation Potentially Worthwhile
  3. Video: Grassroot Institute Talks with Tom Yamachika, Tax Foundation of Hawaii
  4. Obama Reappoints Abercrombie to Council of Governors
  5. GMO Protests Could Save DoE Money
  6. February 28, 2014: Election Commission Releases Updated Candidate List
  7. Hannemann has strong words for Hawaii Democrats
  8. Abercrombie Signs Bill with Smiley Face, Condemning Hundreds of Hawaii teachers to Layoff
  9. Eligible families have until April 30 to file applications for Preschool Tuition Vouchers
  10. Obamacare behind $101M HMSA Operating Loss, Ratehikes Coming
  11. HGEA Unit 9 nurses Agree to Contract, get 8% raise
  12. Predictable Caldwell Proposes $34.2M Property Tax Hike
  13. Tip Credit: Hee Fails to Screw Restaurants, Makes up Bizarre Excuse
  14. As Homeless Continue to Refuse Shelter, Hawaii advances bill to fine lying at bus stops
  15. SB 451: Reform the PUC
  16. HECO revises standards for rooftop PV systems
  17. Star-Adv Backs Increased fees on developers
  18. Kenoi’s Proposed $412M Budget Highest in Six Years--Nothing for Pension Debts
  19. Soft on Crime: Manslaughter conviction set aside in Maili fatal beating case
  20. PBN Focus on Jones Act for NJ Salt Shortage
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