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Monday, February 29, 2016
February 29, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:35 PM :: 4176 Views
  1. Dengue Here, Zika Coming but 75% of South Kona Properties Go Unsprayed due to Anti-Pesticide Fanaticism
  2. SB2478: Massive GE Tax Hike on Agenda Today
  3. HB2388: Build Many New Prisons to Give Jobs to UPW
  4. Term Limits Bill Gets Hearing
  5. Hawaii lawmakers looking into 'Work for a Day' program for homeless
  6. Maui Harassed by Homeless Demanding Money for Malt Liquor
  7. Hawaii has one of lowest Food Stamp Participation Rates in USA 
  8. Proposed Assistant HPD Chief kept Second Domestic Violence Case secret
  9. Maui County Employee Gets Months of Paid Vacation after Caught Stealing $73K in Tires
  10. ADA: Tulsi just an Opportunist
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Sunday, February 28, 2016
February 28, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:42 PM :: 4937 Views
  1. VIDEO: Tulsi Gabbard Resigns DNC, Endorses Bernie Sanders
  2. Notice Overkill?
  3. Last Week of Hearings—What’s on the Move?
  4. Bureaucracy on Maui Leading to Water Shortage
  5. Hawaii Kine Stuff - Setting the Record Straight with Al Gonzales
  6. VIDEO: Republican Legislators on HMSA Imaging Mandate, Sex Trafficking, and Shark Fins
  7. Feds Expanding Medicaid involvement in Hawaii homeless initiatives
  8. Hawaii Right to Try Legislation Receives Bipartisan Support
  9. Hawaii BOE Adopts New Standards for Science Education
  10. Aha Constitution a Negotiating Position with Department of Interior
  11. UH Proudly Announces: We are Closing Down Five Perfectly Good Telescopes
  12. Hawaii: Crooks, Cronies Line up Behind Clinton—Anti-GMO Nuts Back Sanders
  13. Legislators’ crackpot plans muddle state’s real issues
  14. Pathetic and Ineffectual Congressional Delegation Places Hawaii at Risk
  15. Feathering their own nest, UH Administrators Try to Peddle Tuition Hikes
  16. Two Years Later Still no Criminal Charges against Nepotistic Charter School Operators
  17. Is DoE Competent to Plan ‘Cool Schools’ Program? 
  18. Omidyar, A&B, Parker Ranch Score $1.5M in IAL Tax Credits
  19. Removal of HC&S Water Means no Farms to Replace Cane Plantation
  20. Seeing a NextEra Conspiracy Where There is None
  21. Dopers: Lack of Labs Gives us Excuse to Transport Kilos of Marijuana on Airlines
  22. Activists Change Kauai’s Image
  23. Taro isn't Maui's future either
  24. Mom sues again over education for hearing-impaired girl
  25. Medicare Cuts End Medical Equipment Purchases on Sister Isles
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Saturday, February 27, 2016
February 27, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 10:15 AM :: 3613 Views
  1. Constitution: OHA Cronies Want to Run Their Own Prison System, Police, and Judiciary
  2. Thousands Attend Franklin Graham Rally at the State Capitol
  3. Who’s Running: Candidates Pulling Papers as of Feb 26, 2016
  4. Hawaii Family Forum Legislative Week in Review
  5. Hawaii CON Law Throttles Health Care Access
  6. Doctors Want Nothing to do with ‘Medical’ Marijuana
  7. Hawaii gets federal help to expand Mental Health programs for homeless
  8. Seniors Fear Arrival of Property Tax Assessment
  9. Self-Satisfied: Hawaii Co Council to discuss measure that would increase term from 2 years to 4
  10. Traffic relief in Nanakuli in the works Thanks to Rep Andria Tupola
  11. Lawmakers Livid at Soft on Crime Sentence for Thieving Principal
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Friday, February 26, 2016
February 26, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:52 PM :: 5353 Views
  1. If judges act like politicians, shouldn't they be treated like politicians?
  2. Court: Kawananakoa Can’t Sue Over Tainted Rail Votes
  3. Puerto Rico moves to privatize local ferry services
  4. Report: Educational Attainment in Hawaii
  5. Hawaiians Reject Fake Indian Tribe
  6. HB1653: How 100% Mail-In Voting Could Shut Down anti-GMO Activism Statewide
  7. Sen J Kalani ‘Powdernose’ English on Cocaine Conviction—Nothing to see here, just move along
  8. DLNR Lease puts Kai Kahele’s residency in question: Senate seat requires Hilo home; DLNR requires Milolii residency
  9. Cigarette tax hike advances
  10. HB1751: Green Energy Scams Nobody Knows About Yet
  11. Expert: Hawaii would save money with liquefied natural gas
  12. Criminal trespass bill aims to fight Keehi harbor thefts, drug dealing
  13. ACLU Forces Police to Ticket 7,000 Tourists
  14. Cop charged in off-duty assault pleads not guilty
  15. Hawaii least satisfied with affordability of local housing
  16. Mom sues state Department of Education after son goes missing from school
  17. State seeks an $15M in back taxes from online travel websites
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Thursday, February 25, 2016
February 25, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:36 PM :: 5137 Views
  1. New School Construction: “Intentional misuse of taxpayers’ money”
  2. El Faro Disaster could reshape Jones Act
  3. UHERO Tries to Make Hi-Tech Tax Credits Look Good
  4. PEW: Public support for environmental regulations varies by state
  5. Who Will Win Hawaii Presidential Caucuses?
  6. Native Hawaiian Indians In A Tribe
  7. Land Board gets case—Telescope Prepares to Leave Hawaii
  8. Emergency: Push is on to Get Homeless Shelters Tied up in Environmental Red Tape Again
  9. Lawmakers look Save GEMS--alter school AC plan
  10. Pensions at Risk: Enviros Use Divestment Scheme in Bid to Take Control of ERS Billions
  11. Great News: Bill to Elect Judges Still Alive
  12. Bill on executive branch lobbying up for hearing Thursday
  13. While Considering GE Tax Hike, Kauai Pushes Executive Pay Hikes
  14. Brickwood Galuteria Free—but Former Hawaii County Council candidate charged with voter fraud
  15. Small Donors Have Nothing for Caldwell
  16. SB2820—Will 100% = 100%?
  17. Anti-Cane Burning Injunction Denied—For Now
  18. Illegal TVRs: Political Amnesia
  19. Alleged Homosexual Child Molester Retires to Hawaii after 30 years Preying on Boys
  20. Former head of school avoids prison time after stealing nearly $153K
  21. Soft on Crime: Paroled murderer charged with Honolii shooting
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Wednesday, February 24, 2016
February 24, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:58 PM :: 3737 Views
  1. Hawaiians Arrested at Nai Aupuni Tribal Aha
  2. SB2618: Should there be a Hawaii State Ferry?
  3. SB2615: Democrats to dictate theology
  4. Statewide Homeless Emergency Extended
  5. Feds: We will Recover Billions Wasted on Obamacare State Exchanges
  6. HB2632: Many Excuses to Take Your Guns
  7. Hawaii Anti-Gun Bills Scheduled for House Judiciary Committee Hearing This Week
  8. HB2528: Shooting Range for Kailua-Kona
  9. Former OHA Staffer Joins Office of Mauna Kea Management
  10. HGEA Work Rules Prevent Counties from Catching Illegal Vacation Rentals
  11. Star-Adv: We need Fewer Lanes for Cars to Increase Traffic Jams
  12. SB2313: Gender Wage Cap Can Make Millions for Hawaii Lawyers
  13. HB2773: Elected Criminals to be Reelected by Incarcerated Criminals
  14. FACE: Lets Raise Taxes to Pay for $100M of Make Work Projects
  15. Zika virus confirmed in Marshall Islands
  16. Honolulu one of worst state capitals due to lack of affordability
  17. Muslims Fish Around for Someone Opposed to Missile Defense of Hawaii
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Tuesday, February 23, 2016
February 23, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:07 PM :: 4255 Views
  1. Rep Bob McDermott Endorses Ted Cruz
  2. Hawaii’s Top Secret Japanese Prisoner of War Camp – Camp Iroquois
  3. Grassroot Salutes Court Decision Protecting Maui Hospital Plan
  4. HART Gives HECO $120 million—Says ‘Tourists’ Will Pay It
  5. 8 Protesters Arrested at Aha
  6. Ige’s School AC Scheme Crashes, Burns
  7. Report on roads left by wayside
  8. $100,000 Salaries Mushroom at DOE
  9. 6% -- More Tuition increases proposed for UH
  10. Total Loss: Hawaii ERS Loses Everything on Defunct Big Island ‘Clean’ Energy Project
  11. PUC: Electric rates should not be lowered
  12. Failed ‘Clean’ Energy Behind Rolling Blackouts on Big Island 
  13. Maui Anti-GMO Committee: County Should Buy up Ag Land and Put it under our Control
  14. Subsidies won’t solve homelessness
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Monday, February 22, 2016
February 22, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:26 PM :: 5060 Views
  1. Gun Grab: Ivory Bill Scheduled for Senate Vote on Monday
  2. Franklin Graham Prayer Rally Coming to Honolulu
  3. Kenoi Mulls Plea-Bargain, May be Forced to Resign
  4. HMSA treating its member doctors like idiots
  5. Bought n Paid For: Sen. Josh Green Is Sitting On A Half-Million Dollars Of Campaign Cash
  6. State survey shows big decline in agricultural land
  7. Movement towards Legalization Seen in Hawaii Marijuana Bills
  8. Legislation seeks more police oversight
  9. HB2773: Allow prisoners to vote from behind bars
  10. HB1524: More Debt-Financed Rooftop Solar
  11. Kauai Study group to release pesticide report March 10
  12. Council Bills Pushback Against Caldwell Scheme to Eliminate Lanes, Jam up Traffic
  13. Roads in Limbo Committee Report In Limbo
  14. Bankrupt HHSC Plans Closure of E Hawaii LTC Facility
  15. DLNR Helicopter Used to Clear Tons of Junk from Homeless Camp
  16. Dengue: Vegan, Cruelty-Free Mosquito Repellant 
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Sunday, February 21, 2016
February 21, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:17 PM :: 3047 Views
  1. General Excise Tax at 6%?
  2. Who’s Running: Candidates Pulling Papers as of Feb 19, 2016
  3. Carson and Rubio on Ballot for Hawaii Republican Caucus
  4. HB2632: Many Excuses to Take Your Guns
  5. Big Island Rolling Blackouts Caused by Lack of Wind
  6. Hawaii Gasoline Prices #1 in USA—$0.24 Higher Than California
  7. Long Term Solutions for Coastal Highway Erosion
  8. HB1013: Hawaii’s Right to Try Bill
  9. Hawaii Ag Land Use Baseline Report
  10. List of Bills Still Alive After First Lateral
  11. OHA Cronies: Scalia Death Opens Door to Fake Indian Tribe
  12. State Awash in Unspent Highway Funds, But Wants to Hike Your Fuel Taxes by $45.1M
  13. Kauai: $50M GE Tax Hike for 3% Bus Ridership?
  14. DLNR Revocable Permits: Will Legislature Save Agriculture from OHA, Enviros?
  15. Medical Marijuana: Star-Adv Suddenly Remembers that Senator J Kalani ‘Powdernose’ English plead guilty to drug felony
  16. HECO Cancellation of Bankrupt Solar Farms is latest Excuse to Kill NextEra Deal
  17. Shapiro: Left becoming as absolutist as far right
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Saturday, February 20, 2016
February 20, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:13 PM :: 3825 Views
  1. Full Text Court Order: UPW May Not Block Maui Hospital Privatization
  2. HECO: LNG is Cleaner, Cheaper Energy Alternative
  3. Which Places Benefit Most from State and Local Tax Deductions?
  4. A Comparison of Presidential Tax Plans and Their Economic Effects
  5. After Kicking Everyone Out, Aha Decides to Allow Olelo Coverage
  6. Where to Vote: Hawaii Democrats Presidential Preference Poll March 26
  7. SB2615: Gay Control of Your Son
  8. A Word With Ward - Dengue Fever with guest Dr. Sarah Parks
  9. Six More Days--Aha Delegates Preparing Tribal Constitution for Vote by Kanaiolowalu Roll
  10. HB1527: Round up all the Tax Credits, Kill Them Off
  11. A look at some of the measures that survived the first major deadline of the session
  12. Hawaii Superferry to Run Maine-Nova Scotia Route
  13. Hounded by Protesters, UH cancels Hualalai geothermal projects
  14. HART: First Railcars to Arrive March 23
  15. Parents Push Back After DoE Cancels Honors Classes
  16. Honolulu charter panel considers more powers for police commission
  17. 11 Years, Million Dollars: Lawyers Score Big in HPD Discrimination Case
  18. Hawaii County Police misconduct drops
  19. Dengue: State officials more concerned about Tourism, Federal Money
  20. Thanks to Kym Pine, City accepts ownership of more than 50 Leeward roads and infrastructure improvements
  21. It's Time To Throw The Ancient 'Merchant Marine Act' Overboard
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Friday, February 19, 2016
February 19, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:01 AM :: 3528 Views
  1. Rusting Wind Junk off Waikiki? Ige Flies to NYC, DC for Meetings
  2. HB1713—Exempt all State Employees from Ethics Laws
  3. House Incumbents: Who Has Campaign Cash, Who Doesn’t
  4. Hawaii House legislators band together to grab lobbyist donations during session
  5. HB2773: Convicts Will Receive Absentee Ballots to Give to the UPW
  6. HPD Scandals: Never Enough to Break Through Culture of Impunity
  7. Star-Adv Applauds as ACLU, Criminal Lawyers Beaver Away at Marsy’s Law
  8. HB2501: Stop Anti-Agriculture Water Grab
  9. Rail Condemnation: HART Squeezes Blood Bank for Every Drop
  10. Hawaiian Electric Claims it won't pursue LNG after NextEra Energy sale dies
  11. Energy Plan?  UH Fails Miserably after Decade
  12. Three Clean Energy Projects Collapse in One Week
  13. SB2535: Bill limiting county oversight of Geothermal advances
  14. Low teacher salaries mean high turnover, second jobs
  15. Ige Nominates Two to UH BoR 
  16. Leadership: Rep Andria Tupola Wins Nanakuli Contraflow Lane
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Thursday, February 18, 2016
February 18, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:50 PM :: 3899 Views
  1. Hawaii Joins 17-State Expensive Energy Pact After SCOTUS Stay
  2. DLNR Task Force to Analyze Revocable Permits
  3. Hawaii: Pacific VA Director Quits Without Notice
  4. CDC: Hawaii #1 for Sleep Deprivation
  5. Applicants Sought for Ethics Commission
  6. Scott Walker Addresses 400 Republicans in Hawaii
  7. Report: 60 Hawaii Bridges Structurally Deficient
  8. Marijuana: State Now Helps 13,000 Stay Medicated
  9. One Party State: Stanley Chang Campaigns to Eliminate All Republicans from State Senate
  10. Attempt to raise GE Tax is opposed
  11. SB3001: Senate Votes to Dry up Farmers’ Water Supply
  12. Hawaii Conspires With Vermont to Develop State Obamacare Software
  13. HELCO Seeks LNG Conversion for Failed Hu Honua Plant
  14. Marijuana Dispensary panel Still not Selected, Deadline May be Missed
  15. Kaneshiro: HOPE Probation is Excuse to Keep Criminals out of Prison
  16. A third of prison guards call in sick Super Bowl Sunday
  17. Public school employees get paid vacation when accused of sex with students
  18. Homeless Tent Cities – Deaths and Murders
  19. Nuisance Money: City agrees to pay $48,500 to settle sidewalk-clearing lawsuit
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Wednesday, February 17, 2016
February 17, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:36 PM :: 3764 Views
  1. Duke Aiona Open Letter to Donald Trump
  2. 2016 Hawaii Legislative Watch: Taxes
  3. Property Rights Court for Guam?
  4. Na’i Aupuni Surprise
  5. Maj. Borges decides not to accept HPD promotion
  6. SB2478: 12.5% Increase in GE Tax
  7. Seriously Considering Gas Tax Increase
  8. Hawaii Only State Taxing Girl Scout Cookies
  9. DoE—Lots of Vacant SPED Positions
  10. UH Manoa—25 Salaries over $275K
  11. UH West Oahu sees big tuition hikes
  12. The Elusive Goal of On-Time Graduation—The Atlantic Looks at UH
  13. Report: LNG Provides Electric Ratepayers ‘Lowest Overall Cost’
  14. Hearing Set in Anti-Aquarium Lawsuit vs DLNR
  15. HB2564 Deferred: Farmers Saved from Anti-Pesticide Hypocrites
  16. Deadly Cult Boat Investigation “Could Take Years”
  17. State Pulls Request For Prison Environmental Studies Exemption
  18. Marijuana Dispensary Applicants Had Trouble with DoH Website
  19. USO Gangster, Brother Start Prison Riot—Second Incident this Year
  20. Gun goes off in prosecutor’s office, no report filed with authorities
  21. Bills On Police Body Cams, Shooting Review Board Move Forward
  22. After 20 Convictions, Judge Finally Gives Lifelong Criminal Hard Time
  23. 80 days in jail after 9th violation
  24. Lunatic Acquitted killer seeks state hospital release
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016
February 16, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:34 PM :: 4972 Views
  1. Reject the Tribe: Hawaii, Maui, Oahu Public Meetings
  2. Bumpy Kanahele Quits Aha–Cites Clandestine Manipulation
  3. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted February 16, 2016
  4. BBC: Use genetically modified mosquitoes on Big Island
  5. Ige Appoints Kai Kahele to Senate
  6. Ige Joins ‘Governors’ Accord for a New Energy Future’
  7. After Bribery Indictments, State Airport Division Extends Contract, Increases Pay
  8. Aha 2016: “Everything’s going to plan — we’re going to be Indians.”
  9. State government wages war with itself over DHHL
  10. SB2496: All Absentee Voting System—Romy Cachola’s Dream
  11. House Bills Take Aim at Profligate UH Administration
  12. Hawaii attorney general files to dissolve Hawaii Health Connector
  13. Hawaii 20% Short of physicians
  14. Marijuana Bills not Moving in House
  15. Amendment would limit county oversight of geothermal
  16. ‘Revealing Emails’ May Emerge in Big Island Geothermal Docket
  17. Reports to the Legislature Hidden
  18. Homeless Tent City Sprouts on Diamond Head
  19. Veterinarian to Challenge Anti-GMO Councilmember
  20. HECO bills drop again thanks to Fracking
  21. Atheist: Conservative President May Mean More God-Friendly Military
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Monday, February 15, 2016
February 15, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:25 PM :: 3856 Views
  1. With Mike Gabbard Controlling DLNR Budget, Kailua Bay Zodiac Death too Hot to Handle
  2. It’s the Judges, Stupid
  3. March 8 Hawaii Republican Caucus in the News
  4. Telescope Protesters Fined $5000 for Illegal take and Transport of Marine Mammal
  5. SB3072: Airport Authority
  6. Hawaii PACs Already Busy Raising And Spending Cash
  7. Term Limits, Voter Initiatives
  8. Tax Credit: An Investment In Children’s Future
  9. HB2638: Public Housing Move to Work
  10. HSTA: Give Us a 25% GE Tax Hike and Eliminate Testing
  11. HPD wants gun owners in FBI database
  12. SB2725: State lawmakers seek enhanced police oversight
  13. 225 Homeless Meth Addicts Near Wahiawa
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Sunday, February 14, 2016
February 14, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:44 PM :: 5769 Views
  1. What Scalia Taught Us
  2. Solving the Online Tax Dodge with Cookies?
  3. Hawaii State, Local Taxes Take $129.73 per $1000 Income
  4. Threatened with lawsuit, DoH Agrees to Identify Marijuana Panel Members
  5. Second Amendment Bills on the Move in Legislature
  6. Jones Act Exemption, LNG Imports Key to Puerto Rico Recovery
  7. Jones Act Navy Sinking in Sea of Red Ink
  8. Former Cocaine Dealer seeks Marijuana License: Unwarranted advantages, self-dealing, favoritism, and undue influence
  9. Marijuana: Secrecy, Unknown Agendas, connected applicants and lobbyists pressuring friends
  10. OHA’s Latest Cash Grab targets DLNR Leases
  11. OHA Cronies, Hanabusa in Grab for Big Island Geothermal Cash Flow
  12. Borreca: Mauna Kea Telescope Failing Because if Ige’s Lack of Leadership
  13. Elected Judges?  Elected AG?  Senators Push to Trim Governor’s Power
  14. Legislature considers a “victims’ bill of rights” in Soft-on Crime Hawaii
  15. Three Chosen To Fill Seat Of Late Hilo Senator Kahele
  16. Hawaii bills tackle marijuana, police oversight, pesticides
  17. HPD leader under fire for soliciting support for promotion
  18. UH NCAA Violations—It’s the Administration’s Failure to Stop the Coverup
  19. March 8: Who will Hawaii voters pick for Republican Presidential Nominee?
  20. Gabbard vs Wasserman-Schultz Showdown at the Plaza Club Tuesday?
  21. Nuuanu Ave Next Target in Caldwell’s War on Cars
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Saturday, February 13, 2016
February 13, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:13 PM :: 3876 Views
  1. Pounded by Schatz and Gabbard, Ige Finally Declares Dengue Emergency
  2. VIDEO: Duke Aiona Legislative Update
  3. HGEA to Protest Against Hawaii Republican Party
  4. Video: Free Market Economics for Hawaii (with Erik Root)
  5. North Korea Nukes: The Tipping Point is Here
  6. February 11: First Triple Referral Deadline of the Legislative Session
  7. Grassroot Institute Legislative Update--February 12, 2016
  8. HB1249: Guilty until Proven Innocent of Rape
  9. Who’s Running: Candidates Pulling Papers as of Feb 12, 2016
  10. HSTA bid for raised GE Tax fails in House, Still Moving in Senate
  11. No Surprise: Hawaii’s Soft-on-Crime Judges Don’t Want To Face Voters
  12. Biofuel Shell Game: How Giant Coal Plant Becomes part of Hawaii's 'Clean' Energy Future
  13. Because Obama is a Pathetic Weakling, South Korea Will Need its own Nukes
  14. HART: Time to Plan for Permanent GE Tax Hike using Rail Extension as Excuse
  15. No Surprise: DoE Solar project long on talk, slow on PV installations
  16. HELCO geothermal plan’s strict requirements nixed deal
  17. Bills Aim to Finance Workforce Housing Developments
  18. Homeless People Crowding Waianae Busses
  19. Soft on Crime: Multiple Convictions Since 2006 out on the Streets Does it Again
  20. Prison Guard accused of sex assault on the run
  21. Hawaii Ranks #3 in Foreclosure Inventory
  22. HGEA Members Take 180 Days to Approve Building Permits
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Friday, February 12, 2016
February 12, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:07 PM :: 4529 Views
  1. HB2733: 25% Hike in GE Tax
  2. Federal Court: Unions Can't Stop Maui Hospital Privatization
  3. Shenanigans continue—House Waives 48 hour notice for Hearings
  4. Hawaii Consumers Will Save $20M/Year Thanks to Internet Tax Abolition
  5. Interior Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas to Host Panel on Self Determination
  6. Oahu Girls Court Celebrates Strength Through Adversity
  7. Plan B: TMT would relocate if permit not secured soon
  8. Puna Geothermal: Door Open to OHA-Connected Company Selling Overpriced Electricity
  9. Judge Seizes A&B Water, Transfers Control to EarthJustice
  10. Newspaper demands pot panelists’ names be released
  11. Hawaii’s Charter School Overseers ‘Under Assault’ by Corrupt Charter School Operators
  12. Hawaii fantasy sports bill could create loophole
  13. Only 53% of Hawaii Visitors Stay in Hotel
  14. Mililani: Homeless Invade Preschool, Demand Service
  15. Police transparency gaining momentum as political issue
  16. Soft on Crime: Legal Aid Society Among Hawaii’s Top Lobbyists
  17. Legislators Consider Releasing 200 Criminals on to Streets
  18. Senators grill HPD over claims department meets 'gold standard' for operations
  19. Internal probe targets alleged cheating at police academy
  20. Zika in Micronesia?
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Thursday, February 11, 2016
February 11, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:49 PM :: 5235 Views
  1. HB1829 Makes it Easier to Divert Dispensary Weed to Black Market
  2. US Senate Votes to Permanently Ban Hawaii's Tax on Internet Access
  3. The Last Farmer Standing
  4. Grassroot Asks Legislature to Stop Using the GET as a Fundraising Tool
  5. Gabbard: Obama, Kenoi show Leadership on Dengue—Where’s Ige?
  6. UHERO: Recent Trends in Hawaii's Green Economy: Agriculture, Energy and Natural Resource Management
  7. DBEDT: Residential building permits jump 67.5 percent
  8. Legislators Advance 50% Hike in GE Tax
  9. Utility Taxes Rerouted to Reward HSTA for Supporting Ige
  10. AirBnB to Become State’s Tax Collector
  11. Huge Progress? After Kicking Most Hawaiians Out, Nai Aupuni Aha Decides to … Adopt Roberts Rules of Order
  12. Thirty-Meter Telescope officials reviewing sites outside of Hawaii
  13. Hounded by Protesters, Geothermal Company Quits HELCO RFP
  14. Hawaii Needs All Types Of Farms, Including Industrial Operations
  15. Marijuana Application Process ‘Stinky’
  16. Leader of Charter School Oversight Agency Hounded out of Office By Corrupt Charter School Operators
  17. Kenoi’s Crony Ethics Board Continues to Obstruct
  18. Political Insiders Panic over Possibility of Elected Judges
  19. Committee begins search for new Kamehameha Schools trustee
  20. Honolulu Prosecutor Takes over Prosecution of Cult Boat operator
  21. HB2740: Legislators consider tough medicine for HMSA
  22. UH Rape Politics Enters Legislature
  23. Victims wait for justice as hundreds of rape kits go untested
  24. SB2316: HPV Vaccine Mandate
  25. WaPo: Obama has Failed, North Korea May Nuke Hawaii
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016
February 10, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:01 PM :: 4570 Views
  1. Hawaii: Two Anti-Gun Bills Scheduled for Hearing Feb 10
  2. Kenoi Declares Dengue Emergency, Ige Refuses
  3. Hawaii ANG Unit Deploys to Fight ISIS
  4. Irony: GMO Marijuana Growers Threatened by Pollen Drift from Organic Hemp Farms
  5. Coop Proposes Alternative Power Generation Plan for Big Island
  6. Nai Aupuni Brainwashing
  7. Judge Throws out UPW Suit Against Hospital Privatization
  8. Crazy Idea: DOE could try more efficiency
  9. Unions Push State Subsidies for Failing, Bankrupt HHSC
  10. Panel, process for giving Cronies pot licenses to remain secret
  11. SB2753--Term limits for state legislators
  12. Feudal System Saved from Souki
  13. New HPD Assist Chief Has Long History of Trouble
  14. NextEra-HEI hearings likely to be extended again
  15. Monsanto is getting tired of being everybody's whipping boy
  16. Anti-GMO Airhead Ing -- ban genetically-modified salmon in Hawaii
  17. 95 Lose Jobs--Sugar plantation layoffs announced
  18. Brower: Turn Sand Island into Gigantic Homeless Tent City for 1,500
  19. Kahele’s Son to Seek Senate Nomination
  20. Election-Related Bills Before Legislature
  21. Senators Unanimously propose creation of new airport authority
  22. Push for victims’ constitutional right-to-know renewed at State Capitol
  23. Report--Escapee Shot by Hawaii County Police
  24. Push Hawaii lawmakers for pesticide buffer zones—but only for agriculture, not golf courses or other big pesticide users
  25. Humane Society Sticks up for Cat-Obsessives
  26. Solar Contractor Pleads Guilty to Tax Cheating—May Get Prison 
  27. Waipio: 308 Acres Bulldozed for Bankrupt, Incomplete Solar Farm
  28. Talia's Bill To Curb US Military Child Abuse Passes House
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Tuesday, February 9, 2016
February 9, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:28 PM :: 4497 Views
  1. HB868 Gut n Replace: DoE Sneak Attack on Special Ed Students
  2. Fee Simple Conversion Bills Killed after KSBE Protests
  3. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted March 8, 2016
  4. Are Electric Cars Really Green?
  5. State Individual Income Tax Rates and Brackets for 2016
  6. HB1675: Gay Control of Religion
  7. State Looking For A TMT Hearing Officer–Deadline 430pm Today
  8. Bridge Aina Lea: Hawaii ‘Takings’ Case in Federal Court
  9. HB1886: Oshiro v Friedrichs to Save HGEA from Open Shop?
  10. Poll: Ige Even Less Popular than Caldwell
  11. HB1913: Small businesses in Hawaii could be exempt from G.E.T.
  12. State pension could face ‘volatile’ future
  13. Hawaii is a Sinking Ship
  14. Telescope: Will Investors Give Up?
  15. House Chairman Blocks Speaker’s Lease Conversion Bills on Orders from KSBE
  16. HB2571: Legislature Considering New HECO Business Model
  17. Proposals would expand after-school care for middle schoolers
  18. Hawaii law to limit tenants' stay in public housing advances
  19. Homeless find permanent housing during ‘successful’ start to Hale Mauliola
  20. Ernie Martin Obstructs Affordable Senior Housing project
  21. Firearms Bills At Hawaii Legislature
  22. Soft on Crime: New Ways to Let Criminals Roam Free
  23. Escapee Wanted for Shooting
  24. SB3016:  Will the Hawaii Legislature finally allow the public to see the names of bad cops?
  25. Instead of immediate DUI arrest, HPD sergeant got ride home
  26. Airport security guards accused of bribery plead not guilty
  27. Karen Awana Running For Office?
  28. Disgusting Organic Mac Nuts Infested with Salmonella 
  29. Atheists, Devil-Worshippers Renew Push to Drive God off Kaneohe Base
  30. Which is More Sacred: Crony Spawn or Albatross?
  31. Accused of Rape at UH?  Women’s Center Wants to Talk You into Admitting Guilt
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Monday, February 8, 2016
February 8, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:49 PM :: 4477 Views
  1. Pirate Video from Aha: Bumpy Kanahele Shouted Down, Walter Ritte Thrown Out
  2. HB1902 Sex Trafficking Reform Passes Judiciary
  3. DLNR Issues, Revises Kailua Bay Boating Incident News Release, Then Withdraws It
  4. HART Errors – Lack of Acknowledgement is Troublesome
  5. DLNR Sweeps Na Pali Coast--One Arrested, 70 Cited, Tons of Trash Airlifted Out
  6. Senate Superferry Bills on the Move
  7. Hawaii voters believe most misconduct is due to a few bad cops
  8. GE Tax Hike to Fund Bankrupt HHSC
  9. Where Are The Highest Paid State Workers? Public Health
  10. Only 19% Trust Aloha United Way With $5M for Homeless Projects
  11. Hawaii Energy Excelerator Funds Phony Wind Turbine Scheme
  12. Another Green Energy Scheme Goes Bankrupt
  13. Mauna Kea Telescope is Key Scientific Project for Indian Government—Will Tulsi Gabbard Step Up?
  14. Eco-Hypocrisy: Pandering, Selling Votes and Trashing the Aina
  15. HB686: Anti-GMO Morons Attack Fish without Explanation
  16. HPV: Legislators Bow to Anti-Vaxxers
  17. UH Grad Students Union Gets Hearing in House, Senate
  18. HB1802: Abusive Condo Associations
  19. Oahu 40 years Behind in Road Maintenance 
  20. 27 Years: ‘Roads in limbo’ compound upkeep problems on island
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Sunday, February 7, 2016
February 7, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:39 PM :: 3598 Views
  1. Campaign 2016: Dozens of Politicians Pull Papers in First Week
  2. Legislative Update: Death, Taxes, and Extracurricular Activities
  3. As Farms Close, Reps Ing and Lee Jump on Anti-GMO Bandwagon
  4. GEMS to Cool Classrooms?
  5. Indian Casinos for Hawaii?  Karl Rhoads Awaits Instructions from Political Bosses
  6. Aha: First week of convention Focuses Push for Fake Indian Tribe
  7. Republican Primary Season for All Players
  8. Panicky Airhead Schatz Struggles to Appear Senatorial
  9. Term limits for Hawaii legislators and initiatives could revive isle politics
  10. Ferry plans face big hurdle in swelling culture of ‘no’
  11. HB2638: Make Public Housing a Ladder to Home Ownership
  12. Lawyers Salivate at Chance to get Money for Convicts
  13. SB2313: Field Day for Lawyers
  14. Senate committee approves bill imposing tax on E-cigarettes and E-liquids
  15. Cigar Tax Cut on Agenda for 2016?
  16. Marijuana Bills – Ban Home Grown?
  17. Caldwell’s Potholes Repaired with ‘Least Durable Method’
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Saturday, February 6, 2016
February 6, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 9:46 PM :: 3471 Views
  1. DoH Releases Full List of Marijuana Dispensary Applicants
  2. Hawaii Superferry Eyed for Maine-Nova Scotia Route
  3. Anti-Family Bills Before Hawaii Legislature
  4. VIDEO: Planned Parenthood Uses Accounting Gimmicks to Hide Baby Parts Sales
  5. HSTA Pushes $750M GE Tax Hike
  6. HB1713: HSTA Bill Will Gut Ethics Law in Hawaii
  7. Feds: Caldwell’s Homeless Tent City is Distraction—Path to Failure
  8. NextEra’s ‘Unreasonable’ Plan: Windmills Everywhere and Undersea Cables to Connect Them
  9. 9th Circuit court to hear Maui GMO moratorium case
  10. Bad Day in Court for Burning Anti-Agriculture Activists
  11. Hi-Tech Scammers: Tax Real Companies to Pay for our Fake Companies
  12. Hi Tech Scammers: We don’t need to Develop any real Companies in Hawaii But You Must Give Us Money
  13. Chief Being Investigated by FBI, New Assistant Chief was arrested on a first-degree felony charge for terroristic threatening
  14. SHOPO files complaint over use of police body cameras on Kauai
  15. HB1525: Legislators Maneuvering to keep Homeless on the Streets
  16. Maui County Council Dithers as Ige Homeless Emergency Ticks Down to Feb 26 Expiration
  17. DLNR Removes 71 Homeless and Tons of Trash from Napali Coast Camps 
  18. Obamacare: COFA Has until Feb 15 to Sign up
  19. DoE School Cancels Honors Classes in Effort to Promote ‘Equality’
  20. HMSA Imaging Ban ‘A Lawsuit Waiting to Happen’
  21. Child Molestation: HB1782--Erin’s Law for Hawaii
  22. Soft on Crime: Shot at a Cop, out on Parole, Does it Again, and Again
  23. State seeks proposals for secured privately-run mental patient facilities 
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Friday, February 5, 2016
February 5, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:33 PM :: 3514 Views
  1. SB2179: Decriminalize Methamphetamines, Heroin, Cocaine
  2. Gallup: Hawaii Conservatives Outnumber Liberals—State Ranks #3 in Moderates
  3. Cult Busted: Gabbard Financier Charged with Killing, Injuring Divers with Speedboat
  4. Nai Aupuni Aha Illegally Blocks Protesters from Walking on Stolen Hawaiian Kingdom Road
  5. Final Report: Only 14,564 Apply for Obamacare in Hawaii—Lowest in USA
  6. Ige Admin Denies Proposing Superferry Revival
  7. Business in Hawaii: Regulatory barriers and crippling tax rates
  8. KSBE: We Will Fight Leasehold Conversion Bills
  9. Oahu: 596 Homeless Veterans Permanently Housed
  10. Inspector General: Honolulu VA Hospital Fails on Suicide Prevention
  11. Hawaii Union Membership Slips to 20.4%
  12. Western States try again at Freeing Themselves from 9th Circuit Court
  13. Army announces decision on ‘biofuel-capable’ diesel electric plant
  14. Judge sends TMT back to Land Board
  15. Poll: Only 16 Percent Of Voters Feel Good About Honolulu Rail
  16. Kauai Plan to Hike GE Taxes ‘Flawed’
  17. Superferry idea worth vetting
  18. Romy Cachola’s Dream Ends Badly
  19. Feds: Soapy Water Pleases Hippies, but Doesn’t Kill Mosquitoes
  20. Governor works with developer on plan to build more affordable rentals
  21. Cronies Pour Money into Congressional Delegation
  22. Committee approves HB2193—Let lawmakers veto UH tuition hikes
  23. Faculty Members Sue UH Over Claims Of Broken Promises, Retribution
  24. UH Admin Let Kaimuki Properties Sit Empty for 39 Years
  25. UH coaches will continue to be HGEA members
  26. HMSA Imaging Ban Crowds Emergency Rooms
  27. SPED: DoE ‘Inclusion’ Policy Does not Include Education
  28. Legislature: Anti-Vaxxers Win a Big Victory for Germs
  29. Legislators Pander to Anti-Pesticide Hypocrites Before Killing Bill
  30. Committee OKs Bill Granting Public Access To Police Misconduct Records
  31. Super Bowl Looms, And A Lot Of Prison Guards Feel Colds Coming On
  32. High-ranking HPD promotion surrounded by controversy
  33. Defense Bar uses Continuances to Get up to 1/3 of DUIs Dismissed
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Thursday, February 4, 2016
February 4, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:20 PM :: 5342 Views
  1. Presidential Race: Santorum Endorses Rubio--Huckabee, Paul, O’Malley Drop Out
  2. Hawaii ERS vs Petrobras: $98 Billion Bribery Case
  3. Ill-conceived ivory-ban legislation based on lies and deceit
  4. State Corporate Income Tax—Hawaii Competitive?
  5. Hawaii Open Budget Celebrates One Year Online
  6. Latest Solar Scam: Kauai Coop Warns Consumers
  7. On Peak Solar Days, Kauai Momentarily Hits 90% Renewable Energy
  8. Public Health Expert: Spread of Dengue, Zika Caused by Environmentalists
  9. Not Just Cane--Burning Lawsuit Impacts 140 Farming Operations in Hawaii
  10. Acquittal of Telescope Protesters Give Them Heckler’s Veto
  11. Ige Admin floats proposal to bring back ferry service -- then denies it (?)
  12. Kauai Council: $250M GE Tax hike won’t cure congestion
  13. HART Responsible for Pro-Bowl Parking Mess
  14. ‘Club Being Assembled’: Kenoi Cronies Stack ‘Ethics’ Commission, Prepare Whitewash
  15. Poll: Ige, Caldwell Failing On Homelessness
  16. Ige’s Hardest Job Is Just Making State Government Work
  17. HB2575 Renewable Energy: Will 100% Really Mean 100%?
  18. Storage Hype and Getting to 100%
  19. Bill would lower Hawaiian ancestry rule for homesteads
  20. Homosexual Child Molesters at Catholic Churches and Kam Schools Worked Together
  21. Lawsuit claims teachers kept autistic boy strapped to chair
  22. Resignations allow HPD to Hide Police Misconduct
  23. HB2335: Get Rid of Bad MDs from other States
  24. Reality Check: Hawaii Tourism on a 30 Year Decline
  25. Boom Goes Bust? Hughes Delays Construction of Two Luxe Towers
  26. Bike lane study to block lanes, jam traffic in Kailua
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Wednesday, February 3, 2016
February, 2016 Letters to the Editor
By Letters to the Editor @ 7:40 PM :: 4121 Views
Ill-conceived ivory-ban legislation based on lies and deceit
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Wednesday, February 3, 2016
February 3, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:03 PM :: 4964 Views
  1. Sovereignty Activists’ Declaration Protesting Na’i Aupuni, Federal Recognition
  2. Time To Elect Hawaii's Judges? Maybe Not Such A Bad Idea
  3. Renewable Energy: How the 100% Mandate Hurts Hawaii
  4. DraftKings Quitting Hawaii After Prosecutor Issues Cease-and-Desist Letter
  5. Experts split on rail’s options
  6. Mainland Homosexuals Target First Amendment, Children, Bathrooms in Hawaii
  7. HB1701: Hawaii First State to Introduce ‘Safe Child Act’
  8. HSPAN: Hawaii Capitol On Demand Video
  9. Looking back at the 2015 Hawaii Legislature
  10. Video: Anti-GMO Crackpot Peddles ‘Molecular Hydrogen’ Tablets
  11. Communist Acquitted Killer Named Inouye Professor at UH Manoa
  12. HB2712: Will Legislators Save Telescope with Zoning Change?
  13. Committee OKs Bill To Shield UH Regents From Revealing Financial Info
  14. An audit of UH?
  15. Audit: Hawaii DoE Sped Programs ‘Marginal, Inefficient’
  16. Medicare: “Value-based” payment can encourage unethical behavior
  17. Dengue Emergency? Gabbard, Ige Jostle for Credit
  18. Anti-GMO Activists, Anti-Vaxxers: Dumb and Dumbest
  19. HPV vaccination bill spurs emotional debate
  20. Committee Defers Bill to Fly Homeless Back to Mainland
  21. On the Move in the Legislature
  22. Caldwell Has $1.6M For Re-Election
  23. Nearly 6,000 HMSA members did not reenroll in ACA plans, insurer says
  24. Hawaii Had a Master Plan for Prisons in the 1970s—It Didn’t Work Either
  25. SHOPO Claims to Support Heightened HPD Discipline
  26. Pro-Bowl: Total Frustration Four Hours in Traffic
  27. Hawaii is the top state for potential savings through mortgage refinancing
  28. Kauai: 62% oil Powered Electricity, Oahu 85%
  29. Ige Not very Interested in LNG Plan
  30. More NextEra Merger News
  31. Lawsuit: Hawaii man HIV-positive after blood transfusion
  32. Legislators Push Back Against Cesspool Ban
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Tuesday, February 2, 2016
February 2, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:33 PM :: 4192 Views
  1. Incumbents Challenged on Day One--Candidates Begin Filing on Maui, Big Island
  2. McCain strikes at Jones Act to reform U.S. energy policy
  3. Report: Russian, Iranian Hackers Behind Honolulu School Bomb Threats
  4. HOPE Probation: Confronting America’s Drug-Overdose Epidemic
  5. BBB: Hawaii Ranks #2 for Scams
  6. Caldwell Raises GE Taxes $1.1 Billion
  7. Na'i Aupuni 'aha begins, protestors unite
  8. Nai Aupuni likely to broaden and deepen the mistrust
  9. Galuteria, Akana Double Dipping to Attend Nai Aupuni Oprah Aha – Ing Chickens Out
  10. After Clearing Kakaako, Caldwell, Martin Conspire to Build Gigantic Homeless Tent City in Wahiawa
  11. Legislature Mulls Fly-Homeless-Home Program
  12. 19,000 families on waiting list to get public housing
  13. Paradise?  Real Suffering Ignored While Activists Babble About Imaginary Nonsense
  14. HB1778: Kill a Baby, Go to Jail? – Not in Soft on Crime Hawaii
  15. HPD reports firing of 17 officers, major increase in discipline
  16. Hawaii Ranks 29th for Gun Control Nuts
  17. Hilo Hospital Closing Down Long Term Care, Reducing HGEA Positions
  18. Can You Afford To Be A Teacher In The Islands?
  19. NextEra-HEI merger hearing resumes
  20. Feds Force Stations to Keep Selling Ethanol Gas, Despite State Law Repeal
  21. Fans Miss Pro-Bowl Due to Long Lines at Aloha Stadium 
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Monday, February 1, 2016
February 1, 2016 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:02 PM :: 4863 Views
  1. Golf Club Aha: John Waihee Returns to the Scene of the Crime
  2. Aha Participants Asked to Leave Weapons at Home
  3. Pirate Video from Aha: Bumpy Kanahele Shouted Down, Walter Ritte Thrown Out
  4. Oprah Aha Does Not Represent Hawaiian Public
  5. Complete List of 2016 Gambling Bills
  6. Labeling a Cop Out Mentality
  7. Rail’s Numbers – A Pattern of Errors and Inconsistencies
  8. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted February 1, 2016
  9. The REIT Way Hawaii
  10. 772 Homeless Accepted Housing Last Year
  11. Drumbeat for More GE Tax Hikes
  12. REIT Tax is Back for 2016
  13. HB2638 limits Public Housing tenants’ stay to 7 years
  14. Breast Feeding Jurors on legislative agenda
  15. HB2005 Care Homes: More unannounced visits and licensing fees in exchange for more money
  16. $27M Hilo airport warehouse still vacant
  17. Must Hawaii be the State that just Cannot Plan?
  18. Civil Beat Kisses up to Ige Some More
  19. Civil Beat Kisses up to Takai Some More
  20. Fatal Boating Accident Linked to Tulsi Gabbard Cult
  21. Bullying on the Legislative Agenda
  22. Tom Brower is a Bully
  23. Human Papillomavirus Vaccine By 7th Grade?
  24. SB2158: No State Funds for Bottled Water
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