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Saturday, February 28, 2015
February 28, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:27 PM :: 4438 Views
  1. Jones Act Documentary Film Premier Sets the Stage for a Bigger Conversation
  2. Hawaii Rejects Sugary Beverage Labeling, Tax
  3. A Republican Vision for Hawaii: Kelii Akina Interviews Pat Saiki
  4. Why I voted to affirm Rep. Calvin Say as a qualified member of the House of Representatives
  5. 611 Candidates on Ballot for Neighborhood Board Elections
  6. Rhoads Admits Helping Say's Defense Team, Police Report Filed
  7. PUC Denies HECO's Request for End to Solar Net Metering
  8. CON: Keeping Hawaii Short of Long Term Care Beds
  9. Star-Adv: End Ethanol mandate
  10. What are Hawaii's Exports?
  11. City will build parking lots at just 4 of 20 rail stations
  12. SB1014: Senators Vote to Move Homeless Back in to Waikiki, Chinatown so they can Prey on Tourism, Small Business
  13. Homeless Trash Library, HPD Called
  14. Police Transparency Deferred
  15. Hawaii Co Budget Soars 4.3% Thanks to Unions
  16. Kauai Co Budget: Cut Spending to Pay for Union Contracts
  17. Mayor Wright tenants to share $350K
  18. Kauai County Auditor, county settle for $300K
  19. Maui Council Toys with Prosecutor
  20. Bill could allow Hawaii Health Connector to offer large group health coverage
  21. State deals with elevator inspection backlog, Blames Building Managers
  22. Anti-GMO Nailed: Regressive, Backward Luddites
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Friday, February 27, 2015
February 27, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:54 PM :: 5540 Views
  1. The Garden Island Embraces Jones Act Reform
  2. Police seek man on video at the scene of a suspicious Kona Church Fire
  3. Ige Returns from Washington, Holds News Conference
  4. Tourism: Visitors, Expenditures Drop
  5. UHERO: Economy in 2015 will look a lot like 2014
  6. Ige: Feds Should not Rush Hawaiians on Tribe
  7. Ige Finally Agrees to Release Names of Secret Advisors
  8. 'Knives are out': Gabbard faces backlash for taking on Obama over 'Islamist' extremism
  9. Local Media Still Acts Like Chris Butler Cult Does not Exist  (biding their time?)
  10. Caldwell vs Caldwell on Rail Tax
  11. Hannemann eager to calm the talk about rail's future
  12. Mufi: HART Should Wait on Tax Hike Until First Segment of Rail is Operating
  13. KHON: Waikiki Tax Hike a Trojan Horse to Develop Natatorium Area
  14. Ige Urges Support for Ching
  15. PUC to issue order after solar letter, HECO apologizes for confusion
  16. Pushed out of Waikiki, Chinatown, Predatory Bums Head West
  17. Lawmakers Consider Automatic Voter Registration
  18. Bill Legalizing Marijuana for Children Clears Senate Committee
  19. Mass Hysteria: Aquarium bills set for Judiciary Committee hearing
  20. Kym Pine's Adopt-a-Park Proposal Before Council Committee
  21. Restaurants account for 14 percent of Hawaii's employment
  22. Feds Pressure Hawaii on Cesspools
  23. Inflation 1.4% in 2014
  24. Seawater AC Minimal Savings for Maximal Capital Expenditure
  25. US refiners may seek Jones Act waiver amid strike, Torrance explosion
  26. Marad Claims Loose lips could sink Jones Act ship orders
  27. EPA Releases Hawaii Emission List
  28. Former HPD major arrested in pedestrian death in Mililani
  29. Dobelle drops lawsuit, citing legal fight's cost
  30. 44 Convictions, Lifelong Criminal Latest Alleged Escapade--Burglary While on Work Release
  31. Psychologist: Army Homosexual Rapists are Really ... uh ... Heterosexuals
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Thursday, February 26, 2015
February 26, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:21 PM :: 4615 Views
  1. List Fraud Makes Kanaiolowalu Roll 'Too Hot to Handle'
  2. HECO Denies Solar Contractors' Blockade Claim
  3. HB321 Marijuana Dispensaries: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  4. HB1482: “Hawaii Invests Local Act” Supports Crowdfunding
  5. Forced on to Obamacare: State Places 7,700 Lives at Risk to Save $20M
  6. Caldwell, Legislators Caught Lying About Portion of GE Tax Paid by Tourists
  7. Calvin Say Residency Decision Friday
  8. Hawaii hospitals face steep losses as reimbursements, state funds erode
  9. Garden Isle: Jones Act is costly for Hawaii
  10. After a Decade, Legislators Finally Getting Around to Repealing Costly Ethanol Mandate
  11. Solar Systems Cost Non-Solar Ratepayers $53M/Year
  12. Obama Pushes Tax Hike on Air Travel
  13. Legislation Would Make Homeless into Sacred Cows
  14. Proposed $500,000 Vanpool Grant the Latest ‘FrankenBill’
  15. Measures to create public isle preschool advance
  16. Minimum wage hike could Drive Up after-school care prices, Cost State $6M
  17. Middle Class Earn less in Hawaii--Even Without Cost of Living Factors
  18. Bill upholding increased public school hours advances, Amended
  19. What happens when UH faculty, staff cross the line?
  20. Bill on UH autonomy shelved by lawmakers
  21. Lab school admissions policy legal challenge
  22. HELCO Decision Marks End for IDG Geothermal Scheme
  23. Biofuels Don't Work, But Feds Keep Paying HC&S to Talk About Them
  24. Hawaii County Boosts Assessments Rather than Hiking Tax Rates
  25. DLNR Lease Renewals Slowly Strangle Hilo Businesses, Prepare Banyan Drive to be Abandoned 
  26. Hawaii bill would make super PACs disclose sources of funding and how money is spent
  27. Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement talks to continue in Hawaii next month
  28. Inmate on work furlough arrested at burglary scene near Honolulu airport
  29. HPD Plate Scanners Got 194 Hits Last Year
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015
February 25, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:34 PM :: 5892 Views
  1. HART Directors' Secret Discussion: State May Grab 25% Cut to Ease Passage of GE Tax Extension
  2. Tulsi Gabbard Hires Cult Associate as Chief of Staff
  3. Rep. McDermott sues UH Over 'Pono Choices' Secrecy
  4. Marijuana: Six Bills on the Move Thursday
  5. HELCO selects Ormat to provide an additional 25MW of geothermal energy
  6. Another Journalist Quits Omidyar: 'Blocked at Every Turn by Incompetence, Bad Faith'
  7. Ige's Secret Advisors--Broken Trust, HECO, KoOlina, HSTA
  8. Caldwell Rejects All Other Options to Spin HART GE Tax Hike
  9. HART Spins Ansaldo Sale to Hitachi as Latest Excuse for Tax Hikes
  10. Helping HART Create False Sense of Crisis, FTA says major changes to rail project would come at great price
  11. No REIT Tax
  12. Factional Considerations in Carleton Ching Nomination
  13. Calvin Say Residency Decision Friday
  14. Police Commission: Kealoha 'Exceeds Expectations'
  15. HECO holds solar hostages Taken by Contractors
  16. HHSC Emergency Funding Speeds Thru Legislature
  17. Hawaii leads nation in nursing home ratings
  18. Dobelle's lawyers drop out, cite failure to pay bills
  19. Abercrombie Rushjob on H1 to Influence Primary Election?
  20. Is a Weak Lobbying Law Getting Weaker?
  21. Commission investigates DLNR ethics complaint
  22. Shield Law Bill Clears House Judiciary Committee
  23. Randy Iwase confirmed as chairman of Hawaii PUC
  24. Hawaii lawmakers consider raising legal smoking age to 21--but only for Tobacco
  25. Hawaii Medicare patients saved an average of $1K each on prescription drugs last year
  26. TPP Coming Mid-March?
  27. China Testing New Subs able to Nuke Hawaii
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015
February 24, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:55 PM :: 4283 Views
  1. Hawaii lawmakers file resolutions seeking Jones Act exemption
  2. HB459 Amended: Parent's consent still needed for sex ed
  3. 608 Candidates Register for Neighborhood Board Elections
  4. Hawaii Republicans Unveil New Logo at Lincoln Day Dinner
  5. 332 Pages of Secret Regs: ‘Net Neutrality’ and Censorship Go Hand in Hand
  6. Surprise: Poorest Obamacare Enrollees Face $530 IRS Tax Bill
  7. California Plastic Bag Ban Suspended as 800,000 Sign Repeal Ballot Petition
  8. Hitachi Buying Honolulu Rail Contractor Ansaldo
  9. Behind Closed Doors: Honolulu Rail Officials Planned Political Strategy in Executive Session
  10. Rail a winner for Caldwell, at least in terms of cash
  11. Watchdog group accuses Roll Commission of ignoring transparency
  12. Pathetic Excuses: Rhoads Tries to Justify Ex-Part Communications With Say's Lawyer
  13. Yanking autonomy won't cure UH ills
  14. Ige: Feds Are ‘Very Helpful’ When It Comes to Hawaii
  15. DHHL Nominees Approved by Committee as Danner Sisters Whine
  16. Kauai Police Chief: "SB677 a Recipe for Cronyism and Corruption"
  17. Bill aims to tighten access at public housing properties
  18. Bill may halt noncompete clauses
  19. Hawaii Green Party Could be Removed from Ballot
  20. Ewa Field's historic area should grow, feds suggest
  21. After 15 Years of Maui County Bureaucracy and Harassment, Molokai Veterans Center Needs One Last Signature
  22. Grove Farm chose Hawaii Dairy Farms over Kauai hotel project, new book says
  23. A new tool to “follow the money” at the legislature
  24. Hawaii Most Expensive Marijuana in USA
  25. Hawaii Lowest Black Incarceration Rate in USA
  26. Bill would permanently allow concealed firearms for retired law enforcement
  27. Hawaii E-Commerce Fraud Rate 1%
  28. Corrupt 'Food Bank' Gets Boost from Kauai Mayor
  29. A New GSA Scandal Says ‘Aloha’?
  30. Hawaii Diploma Mill Offers 'Reasonable Prices'
  31. Scalia: Why Would a Treaty be Needed?
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Monday, February 23, 2015
February 23, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:51 PM :: 3770 Views
  1. State-backed Loans: $89M to Companies Tied to OHA Chair Robert Lindsey
  2. Rep Karl Rhoads Feeding Info to Calvin Say's Attorney while Chairing 'Special Committee'?
  3. SB358: Green Energy Scammers Push Legislators to Tax Natural Gas
  4. Seminar: Your Rights When HART Comes to Take Your Property
  5. Gabbard 'Mind-Boggled' at Obama's Two-Month Advance Notice of Plan of Attack on ISIS
  6. Legislation Plans for Federal Take-Over of Hawaii Health Exchange
  7. Pension Promises Are Getting Harder for Hawaii Lawmakers To Keep
  8. Revolving Door: Former TV anchor to direct communications at Senate
  9. The Future for NextEra and HECO: More Windfarms
  10. Constitutional amendment Would Transfer Control of UH Back to Legislature
  11. Abortion mongers panic over Born Alive Bills, Say Lege Should go Easy on Killers of Pregnant Women
  12. Sheriff Beats DUI Rap after Cops, Prosecutors Fail to Show Up
  13. Some schools struggle to provide adequate food, water
  14. Chinatown: Urine Smell Receding
  15. Honolulu zoning chair comes out against Malaekahana development
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Sunday, February 22, 2015
February 22, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:58 PM :: 3642 Views
  1. GMOs: How the Precautionary Principle Refutes Itself
  2. Legislative Agenda: Pot, Parents and Privacy
  3. SB473: Concealed Carry Gut and Replace
  4. How Housing First Reduced Homelessness 72% in Utah
  5. Our Best Export – Our Taxes!
  6. GE Tax Hike: Will March 3 Rail Bids Stampede House of Representatives?
  7. Gas Tax Hike to Pay for Ige's $70.9M Boost in DoT Spending?
  8. Manoa Buyout Club: Gib Arnold Could be the Most Expensive Yet
  9. Slammed by Auditor, Health Connector Cuts off Payments to 'Contractor of the Year'
  10. Ige land agency nominees: Ill Will and Bling, Just Ask Neil
  11. Star-Adv: Big Island Electric Co-op Must be Heard
  12. HGEA Negotiations Underway, Contract Expires June 30
  13. Pesticide Bill Targets Agriculture, Ignores other Users
  14. Affordable Housing Plan Will Take Decades, At the End the Problem will be Worse Than it is Now
  15. Hawaii vets express skepticism over possible changes to retirement pay
  16. Kauai: Another Wave of Mass Hysteria
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Saturday, February 21, 2015
February 21, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:25 PM :: 5275 Views
  1. 575 Candidates file for Neighborhood Board Elections
  2. HB330: Increase GE Tax by 1%
  3. Caldwell: House Would Reject GE Tax Hike if Voted Today
  4. Massive Fuel Tax Hike on the Move in the House
  5. Omidyar Website Bashes Gabbard for Telling the Truth About Islamic Terrorism
  6. State Saves $27M by Forcing 7,500 Micronesians into Health Connector
  7. Ige = Hee? New Attorney General Opposes Return of Journalists' Shield Law
  8. Bill to prohibit lawmakers' fundraising weakened, but still alive
  9. 2 sides in West Coast ports dispute reach tentative contract
  10. 28 entities apply to join PUC's decision on NextEra-HEI deal
  11. NextEra Energy plans to build Hawaii's largest wind farm on Maui
  12. Protester: Kauai Dairy Farm is "how the fascists took over in Nazi Germany and the world got a Hitler"
  13. Dairy: “If you stop farming, then this resource is going to leave the agricultural designation”
  14. Kunia Ridge: Taxes, Water Bills, Regulations Conspire to Give Real Farmers the Shaft
  15. Hawaii Most Expensive State: 17.2% Above US Average Prices for Goods, Services
  16. Senate panel weighs bill to help local victims of sex trafficking, Police Complain it is too Tough on Pimps
  17. SB677: Police Commission wants to retain firing powers
  18. Developmental Disability: Hawaii Among Best States for Early Intervention
  19. Republicans aim to curb Obama's monument designations
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Friday, February 20, 2015
February 20, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:08 PM :: 4077 Views
  1. Neighborhood Boards: 516 Candidates Enter Race With One Day to Go
  2. Takai vs Takai on Homeland Security Funding
  3. House and Senate Republicans Join Forces on Legislation
  4. Hawaii: Anti-Gun Legislation Deferred, Pro-Gun Bills Progressing
  5. Warning labels and beverage tax fail in Legislature
  6. HECO, Taxes, Pesticides, and Teacher Tenure: House Republicans Speak Out
  7. 500 Expected at GOP Lincoln Dinner
  8. 2015 Legislative Calendar: A Guide to the Deadlines
  9. 25%: Hawaii Ranks 43rd in Weekly Church Attendance
  10. House Bills for 2015: Sex, Drugs and a Place for the Kids to Hide Out
  11. Tears and Gnashing of Teeth as Cosmic Vortex Sweeps Pesticides up Mountain Causing Multiple Illnesses and Dirty Window Blinds
  12. HB 825 Provides Little Incentive for Illegal Vacation Rentals to Register
  13. More waivers convey a “Public be damned” attitude toward legislative hearings
  14. Hawaii #2 in USA: 51.2% Tax on S-Corporation Income
  15. Posturing over DLNR pick should be entertaining
  16. Tax Hikers' Latest Trick: Rail officials pretend to need $350M loan
  17. Council OKs Waikiki tax hike
  18. $800M: Key airport projects delayed, costing more than expected
  19. Feds: Settle West Coast Today or Negotiate in DC
  20. State lawmakers aim to curb HCDA's leasing power and increase public input
  21. 27 Intervenors, Next Era Opposes Them All
  22. Ike Choy's Attack on UH Programs, Ham Handed, Narrow, Destructive
  23. Ethics Comm Bans Free Trips for Teachers, DoE Staff
  24. Instead of Raising Lunch Prices, DoE Should Follow Audit Instructions for Savings
  25. Labels: Senate Panders to Anti-GMO Mob Knowing House Will Protect Hawaii from Them
  26. As Expected, House Saves Farmers from Hypocritical Pesticide Buffer Zone Bill
  27. Infested with progressives, State asks childcare facilities to track unvaccinated children
  28. Even in Face of mass Opposition, Kauai Council Continues Tinkering with anti-Fireplace Law
  29. Are Maui tour operators ignoring federal whale watching rules?
  30. Sierra Club Boss: My Environmentalism Begins When Little People Invade Lands Once Reserved for Elite
  31. Obamaville Tent City at Kakaako Presidential Library Site
  32. Bill to Abolish Hawaii Land Use Commission Is Dead on Arrival
  33. Funding to continue the Preschool Open Doors Program passes
  34. Marsy's Law: basic rights for crime victims
  35. Sylvia Luke Raises Campaign Cash During Session
  36. Menor Proposes New Housing Office
  37. Rhoads Refuses to Hear Bill to create state game management panel
  38. Willie Plays Game with Anti-Aquarium Bills
  39. A Year Later, 40 Guam Soldiers Injured in Afghanistan Remain in Hawaii
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Thursday, February 19, 2015
February 19, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:15 PM :: 4743 Views
  1. Lawsuit Challenges Secrecy of Kanaiolowalu Roll Commission
  2. Big Island Group Proposes Electric Co-Op
  3. AEI: Retire the Jones Act
  4. Ige Rejects Activists, Appoints DeCoite to HD 13 Vacancy
  5. HCR33: Will Legislators Ask OHA to Help State Create Fake Indian Tribe?
  6. Scorecard: House Omnibus Marijuana Package
  7. Senate Schedules Confirmation Hearing for Controversial DLNR Appointee
  8. Gallup: Alaska, Hawaii Lead the United States in Well-Being
  9. The Hawaii Democratic Party Wants Farmers Out of Business
  10. Creating Fake Crisis to Push Tax Hike, Council pretends to remove bus funds from rail money plan
  11. Hawaii Legislature should be fixing our tax system instead of making it worse
  12. Regulators Reject Petitions to Delay NextEra’s Purchase of HECO
  13. Health Connector Padded Rolls By Dumping 7,500 Medicaid Patients into Obamacare 
  14. Bob Jones: Obamacare Unworkable
  15. Taxing TVRs: Five Bills Still Alive
  16. Tobacco Tax: Just Another Fund to be Raided
  17. SB118: Senators Strip REIT Tax Hike Out of Bill
  18. Hawaii County: Little Chance for TAT Cap to be Lifted
  19. Hawaii Teachers Salaries 19th Highest in USA, Dead Last When Cost of Living Factors in
  20. Gabbard: Obama Misidentifies Enemy, Speech is a Diversion
  21. Legislators Tinker With Rules for Making Public Adult Care Home Inspections
  22. Lawmaker pushing to buy body cams for police statewide
  23. Maui Council Refuses to Approve Prosecutor, Then Refuses to Disapprove Him
  24. HB985 General Fund Will Cover 60% of UH Expenses
  25. HB596 Dope Addicts to Get Ticket
  26. Trannies Want Birth Certificate Change so they Can Evade Draft, Force Way into Girls Dorm Rooms
  27. Mainland Group Takes Control of Planned Parenthood Hawaii
  28. Kauai Doesn't Want Dairy?  Give Them Another Hotel Instead
  29. Boaters frustrated with poor conditions at Waianae harbor
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015
February 18, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:46 PM :: 3994 Views
  1. 2015 Hawaii Legislative Watch: Taxes
  2. Another House waiver of public notice—on an important energy bill
  3. Schatz 3rd Most Absentee Senator
  4. Hirono: ObamaCare Needs MORE Snow Days
  5. 449 Candidates File for Neighborhood Board Elections
  6. Galuteria Owes $7,000 Back Taxes After Lying About Residence, Senate to Consider Action
  7. Iwase the Fearless will Lead us to the NextEra
  8. Eight Industrial-Sized Solar Farms in the Works
  9. Land Swap?  State has not always been best land steward
  10. Lawmakers say Ching's DLNR confirmation is not in trouble for now
  11. Neighborhood boards promote civic engagement
  12. Rent High Enough? SB118 Will Tax REIT Landlords
  13. Pinata Party: Usual Suspects Grab for Tobacco Tax Revenues
  14. Cigarette Taxes Triple, Poor Hit Hardest--$500M to General Fund
  15. DoE Wants $1.7M Lunch Price Hike
  16. Senate Committee Approves 11 Nominees to Hawaii’s Development Authority
  17. The New Standard for Transparency: Open Checkbook
  18. Is State Ethics Commission looking to backpedal on “goodwill lobbying”?
  19. Big Island group exploring public energy co-op
  20. Committees Send Marijuana Dispensary Bill on to Full House
  21. GMOs: Rhetorical Excess to Fan the Flames of Divisiveness
  22. Label: Senate Continues Pandering to Anti-GMO Nuts
  23. Legislators Pander to Animal Liberationists, Consider Bill to Ban Zoos, Circuses
  24. Aquarium Collector Gets Suspended Sentence for Defending Himself Against Anti-Aquarium Obsessive 
  25. Obama making WWII internment camp in Hawaii a national monument
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015
February 17, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:33 PM :: 6555 Views
  1. SB992: Creates Tribal Judiciary, Places 12,000 Hawaiian Children at Risk
  2. Full Text: Rail Cost Engineer on 'Billion Dollar Mile'
  3. I Mua Manoa Proposes UH Budget Sustainability Plan
  4. Feb 20: Last Chance to file for Neighborhood Board Elections
  5. In Hawaii, The State of Liabilities, The Cost of Rail is Just the Beginning
  6. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted February 17, 2015
  7. House Violates Public Notice Rules for Transsexual Birth Certificate Hearing
  8. Health Connector Bungles 3,000 Applications, Those Without Insurance Forced to Pay 2% More Income Tax
  9. Ige's Appointment for DLNR Deputy Resigned to Avoid Financial Disclosure Report
  10. Ige's DPS Deputy Nominee Placed Kulani Warden on Unpaid Leave, Then Quit Job
  11. Espinda Critics "Sissies, Assassins, Cowards"
  12. Regents Spend Hours Discussing Arnold's $1.4 M Golden Parachute
  13. Rail art should recognize those who forged this mess
  14. HB631: Gender is an Opinion, Just Ask for a Change on Birth Certificate
  15. Babes Against Civility: Environmentalism Poisons Itself
  16. Star-Adv: Aquarium Compromise Relies on Science over Emotion
  17. House bill aims to set buffer zone on wind turbine projects
  18. Care Home Industry Uses Love Story (Again) to Loosen Hawaii Laws
  19. SB199 would help fund police cameras
  20. Tulsi Gabbard: ‘Mind-Boggling,’ ‘Troubling’ Obama Won’t Recognize ISIS Islamic Ideology
  21. Hawaii County Overtime Abuse, County Vehicle Abuse Reported (Again)
  22. Students, teachers will need patience during Common Core test transition
  23. When can you record a conversation at work to prove discrimination?
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Monday, February 16, 2015
February 16, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:50 PM :: 3142 Views
  1. Will OHA Trustees Waste Another $5M on Push for Fake Indian Tribe?
  2. HCR33: Will House Pass Resolution Supporting Fake Indian Tribe?
  3. HB459 Forces 'Pono Choices' Gay Sex Program on Schools Statewide
  4. SB1071: Second Amendment Rights for Legal Immigrants
  5. Ige Ignores the Fervor that Got Him Elected: DLNR nomination a Public Disservice, Disappointing
  6. Hawaii Health Connector Website Collapses Again
  7. NextEra seeks smooth sailing in choppy waters
  8. Hawaii: Highest Paid Part-Time Legislature in US
  9. State Accounting System is 46 Years Out of Date
  10. Air service helps deliver fresh produce, medical supplies to Oahu
  11. Legislators Consider Harassing Farmers Market Vendors
  12. 100 Disabled, Elderly Drivers Wait as State Fails to Provide Medical Exams
  13. Will New Obstacles Dim Hawaii’s Solar Power Surge?
  14. Hirono is Only Democrat Supporting Rand Paul's 'Audit the Fed' Bill
  15. Hotels Report 'Unexpected Softness' in Demand
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Sunday, February 15, 2015
February 15, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:25 PM :: 3873 Views
  1. Maui Democrats Nominate Two Protesters and a Farmer for HD13 Vacancy
  2. Hotels as Renters
  3. Invisible Ige Holes up with the Big Cheeses as Cauldron Bubbles
  4. Partnership: All of Nothing for Maui's Only Hospital
  5. Star-Adv: Give OHA your views on Kakaako
  6. HSTA Operative Demands Legislators back off Instructional Hours Law
  7. So-Called 'Consumer Advocate' proposes greater secrecy in NextEra merger
  8. Revolving Door: From Star Adv to Billy Kenoi and Back Again as Capitol Bureau Chief
  9. If We can't Run a Zoo, How can We Run Rail?
  10. Matson: Only One Ship Coming This Week
  11. Dairy is safe for the environment, and we will prove it
  12. Tulsi Gabbard to Marry Another Cult Member
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Saturday, February 14, 2015
February 14, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:13 PM :: 3802 Views
  1. Feb 20: Last Chance to file for Neighborhood Board Elections
  2. Pro-Life? Hawaii One of Only Four States With no Abortion-Free Insurance Policies on Health Exchange
  3. HR235: Eliminate Hawaii Internet Access Taxes
  4. Grassroot Institute: Promoting our Principles in the Legislature
  5. SB727: Hike GE Tax Another 0.5% Statewide
  6. Ige Nominates DoTax, DoH Deputy Directors
  7. Horizon Settles Lawsuit, Clears Way for Sale to Pasha, Matson
  8. Right to Try Bills would Protect Terminally-Ill Patients from FDA Restrictions
  9. Jones Act Case to Be Heard by 9th Circuit at UH Manoa
  10. Rhoads, Chun Oakland Behind Massive Income Tax Hike
  11. Statewide Preschool: SB844 Passes Senate Education Committee
  12. Latest Excuse: Say's Palolo Home 'Being Renovated'
  13. Anti-GMO 'Babes' Admit They are Democrats, Ask Party Not to Nominate Real Molokai Farmer
  14. Ige to Sign over 400 Ac of Hana 'Forest Reserve' to Maui Windfarm Developer
  15. Legislators Continue to Fight to Keep Dole Land from Being Sold to Individual Owners
  16. Exposed: NextEra Schemes to Prevent Rate Cuts for Four Years
  17. Ige's AG Lobbied for Private Prison, Nomination Approved Anyway
  18. Obama Sends Labor Secretary to Talk to ILWU, Management
  19. Big Island Lawmakers Tell their Doper Constituents to be Hopeful About Getting More Weed from the Government
  20. Retailers Money Tied Up by Shipping Delays
  21. Opinions differ on mainland placement for Hawaii's troubled teens
  22. Dozens of mini iPads stolen from West Oahu schools
  23. Star-Adv: Taxi rules the problem, not Uber, Lyft
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Friday, February 13, 2015
February 13, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:37 PM :: 9805 Views
  1. Rail: Engineer Exposes The Hows and Whys of Cost Overruns
  2. 406 Candidates file for Neighborhood Board Elections
  3. DCCA Nails Solar Contractor: Unlicensed Work on DoE Schools
  4. Caldwell signs law prohibiting sitting or lying on pedestrian malls
  5. Cancer Center to Merge With UH Medical School
  6. The Worst Gun Bill of the Decade Died Yesterday
  7. HB558: Curbing Overtime Abuse
  8. Senate Transport Committee Votes for Rail Tax Extension, Admits it's to Build More Rail into Kapolei, Manoa
  9. Ige Opposes Maui Memorial Partnership Deal
  10. HEI's Plan to Gut Existing Solar Contracts
  11. Ige Finally Gets Around to Holding First 'Weekly' News Conference
  12. Castle & Cooke CEO: 'No Conspiracy' in Ching Nomination
  13. Hawaii hotel occupancy falls sharply
  14. Army chief says troop cuts on Oahu could be small
  15. Say Makes Excuses, Says Palolo is as Far Away as Sister Isles
  16. Cancer Center: UH Admin, Regents Still Trying to Figure out What Legislators Want
  17. No Joke: Star-Adv Claims University Administrators are Competent to Investigate Rape
  18. Pressure builds on Obama to intervene in West Coast ports slowdown
  19. Jury awards more than $658K to police chief's wife
  20. Waianae: Industrial Solar to be Approved while Rooftop Solar Waits
  21. Hawaii Senate Panel Panders to anti-GMO Mob, advances pesticide regulation bill
  22. GMO: Demagogue Hooser Refuses to Consider Evidence
  23. HB511: Attacks by Anti-Aquarium Obsessives to be Illegal
  24. Ruling overturns Hilo doctor's Medicaid suspension
  25. UH Manoa Ranks 203rd in USA
  26. HB227: Businesses in Chinatown and Waikiki to face a new threat: the sound police
  27. Legislature Looks at Non-Compete Agreements
  28. On The Move in the Legislature
  29. Airport: DoT Fixes Tiles, Decides to Leave Potholes Intact
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Thursday, February 12, 2015
February 12, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:49 PM :: 6985 Views
  1. 'Hewa Hui' Plan: Create Fake Indian Tribe, Keep 95% of Hawaiians Out
  2. Wind Turbine Buffer Zones: HB1384 Gets a Hearing
  3. Lockout: Management Shuts West Coast Ports Four More Days
  4. Small Business Caucus Backs HB266 Regulatory Review Board
  5. Angling for Money from Legislature, UH Report Tries to Explain Athletic Department Finances
  6. Ige's Secret Transition Committee: Stone, Alm, Hiraoka, Arakaki and others
  7. Ching Nominee Would Be In Position to give Castle & Cooke Lock on TOD Development, Other Developers to be Iced Out
  8. GE Tax Hike: Honolulu Council Plays Chicken With Legislature
  9. Rail Cost: We're Just Guessing, says Amemiya
  10. Rail: Drilling, Hammering into Wee Hours of Morning
  11. Some staff will oppose Ige's state prisons chief nominee
  12. Grandmother Asks for $1M Damages Against Police Chief's Wife
  13. Campaign Spending Commission dismisses complaint against Say
  14. HB1455 Passes 'Health' Committee: Legalizes Marijuana Sales
  15. Regulations: DoH 'Works to Limit Production' of Start-up Food Businesses
  16. Bill would allow media greater access to lava, other disasters
  17. Solar farm may short-circuit school expansion
  18. Maui High principal confirms school's former football coach under DOE investigation
  19. HECO: "Rates will 'stay' Low Til End of Decade"
  20. Mayor Signs Expanded Sit-Lie ban
  21. HPD: Tweeker With 10-year Criminal Record Busted in Allenby Case
  22. Wedding venue, parking structure, farmers market to be sandwiched in controversial corner of Ala Moana
  23. Hooser Burned by Testimony Against Smoke, Dust Ban
  24. Aila Defends Aquarium Collectors Against Hordes of Anti-Aquarium Obsessives
  25. Kauai: Anti-Dairy Obsessives Hire Oregon Lawyer
  26. 3 Muslims Killed by Progressive Atheist
Read More..
Wednesday, February 11, 2015
February 11, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:19 PM :: 5246 Views
  1. Geothermal: New Zealand Company Abandons Partnership with OHA
  2. PMA: Unwavering ILWU Demand Threatens to Sink Contract Talks; “Slowdowns as a Way of Life”
  3. HB459 Forces 'Pono Choices' Gay Sex Program on Schools Statewide
  4. Sexual assault and harassment policy updated by UH
  5. At End of Life, State Human Resources Management System moves to 'Private Cloud'
  6. HB1476: Rep Ing Introduces Bill to Hide Identity of all Campaign Donors
  7. Schatz' Boycott of Israeli Leader 'Shortsighted and small minded'
  8. Warning Label Bills Unfairly Single Out One Product
  9. Federal Monitor cites rail for 'Alarming' lack of cost control
  10. Takumi Admits HB1240 'Education' GE Tax Hike is Really About Rail
  11. Living Hawaii: The American Dream Is Broken for the Middle Class
  12. Progressives Spread Measles -- Where are the Anti-Vaxxers?  Kauai, of Course
  13. Will Belatti Hear 'Right to Try'? Bill would give terminally ill access to experimental drugs, treatments
  14. HB451 Reclassifies Sex as Rape--UH Administrators to Supervise 'Ongoing Consent' During Campus Coitus
  15. Money Laundering: Tranny Nowhere in Sight as School's ex-officials arrested
  16. House Committee Approves Bill to Repeal Undersea Cable Law
  17. HELCO Geothermal Decision Due Feb 17
  18. Honolulu City Council will consider rezoning for D.R. Horton's West Oahu Hoopili development
  19. The Case of a Wayward Land Use Lobbyist
  20. Which Lawmakers Are the First to Hold Fundraisers During Session?
  21. More to say about Say-complaint to be heard Wednesday by the Campaign Spending Commission
  22. Ethics complaint: Anti E-Cig Legislation ‘unduly influenced’ by unregistered lobbyists for Big Pharma
  23. Free Clinics Push for State to Pick up Micronesian Co-Pays
  24. 30mph Wind Blows Roof off, School Still to be Used as 'Hurricane Shelter'
  25. 18 more prison guards punished for contraband, other violations
  26. Police Reform Measures Gain Steam in Hawaii Legislature
  27. IHS: Sit-Lie Ban Forces 70 Homeless to Accept Shelter
  28. Loss of accreditation could spell disaster for Honolulu Zoo
  29. HB1076 could waive University of Hawaii tuition for family of some veterans--But UH Admin Says They Can't Afford it
  30. Interim Coach Rejects $185K Offer as UH Begins Yet Another Idiotic "National Search"
  31. Noisy Politicians Find New Way to Harass Businesses
  32. Bill Would Decrease Annual Interest Rate for Payday Loans from 459% to 36%
  33. ILWU Lockout/Slowdown Update
Read More..
Tuesday, February 10, 2015
February 10, 2015 Daily News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:07 PM :: 5000 Views
  1. Massive GE Tax Hike to Create New 'Special Fund' -- On the Move in House and Senate
  2. $185M GE Tax Hike: HB1240 on a Fast Track
  3. SB783: 'Worst Gun Bill of the Decade'
  4. Kanaiolowalu: 'Elections This Year'
  5. "Widespread Bribery and Corruption" Hawaii ERS Sues Petrobras
  6. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted February 9, 2015
  7. Rail to Make a Mess of Bus Service in Pearl City 'Until Further Notice'
  8. Should NextEra be able to use ratepayer funds to NOT produce electricity?
  9. Free Golf Scandal: Will Ige Act to Enforce Law?
  10. Hearing on Hawaii Rep. Calvin Say’s Residency Set for Friday
  11. Governor Ige dodges questions by insisting on written questions
  12. DLNR Nominee Lobbied City for Castle and Cooke, Koa Ridge?
  13. Counties Use TAT Hike Lobbying as Excuse to Raise Property Taxes
  14. State and Local Taxes Penalize the Poor and Benefit the Rich
  15. Hawaii ERS Falling Behind
  16. UHPA: Legislators Seeking Ban on Un-Regulated Sex 'Overstep Bounds' 
  17. Soft on Crime: Serial rapist's sentence cut in half by Hawaii court
  18. HB766: $15M for bare-bones Micro Units
  19. City Refuses to Grant Tax Exemptions for Solar Panels, Has Excuse
  20. House Tackles Proposed Rideshare/Taxi Regs
  21. Pre-Kindergarten: Funding Across States
  22. Slowdown: ILWU Short-Staffing Honolulu Docks
  23. Lloyd's: Jones Act Comes Under Pressure
  24. Ige’s Appointee to Head DCCA Cruises Through Senate Committee
  25. Police Oversight Bills to be Heard Today
  26. Hunters fight for development of 1st Hawaii Game Commission
  27. Ivory Ban Debunked
  28. City Begins Harassing Retailers Over Plastic Bag Ban
  29. City's $250K+++ Car Wash boondoggle
  30. Charter schools left out in the cold after lava threatens
  31. Winds Blow Roof off of Kailua 'Hurricane Shelter'
  32. HB1202 Would Legalize Vacation Rentals on Ag Land
  33. Hawaii Less 'Local' than Most States
  34. Hawaii Business Fluff-Piece Features Anti-GMO Lobbyist on Cover
  35. State of Hawaii Not Snooping in Twitter Accounts
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Monday, February 9, 2015
February 9, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:16 PM :: 4612 Views
  1. SEC Filing: Defective Turbines and Batteries, Secret Golden Parachutes at Hawaii Windfarms
  2. Forbes: Five Ways the US Government Keeps Native Americans in Poverty
  3. Documents Show Comcast Ghostwrote Abercrombie's Pro-TWC Merger Letters
  4. Solar Contractor Admits Defrauding Hawaii Consumers
  5. Crime Pays: Legislators Propose $50K per year Cash to ex-Convicts
  6. Section 8: Rhoads Seeks Grounds for More Lawsuits
  7. HB1501 Blocks HECO from Poaching PUC Staff
  8. ILWU Delays Unloading of Two Matson Ships
  9. Who Tried to Buy 2014 Ballot Measures?
  10. Inspection Reports for Some Hawaii Care Homes to Be Posted Online
  11. School Community Councils Allow a Voice in Hawaii Education
  12. Maintenance Funds for Public Housing Fall Short (again)
  13. HB444 Would Fund Waikiki Beach Replenishment
  14. Animal bills proposed
  15. Kauai: 'Caucasian Cranks' Propose Ban on Imu Smoking
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Sunday, February 8, 2015
February 8, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:33 PM :: 6750 Views
  1. Kauai Panel Seeks to Ground GMO Debate in Facts
  2. Three Hunting-Related Bills to be Heard Monday
  3. Maui Democrats Release Names of 13 Applicants for HD13 Vacancy
  4. Digitized Archive of 19th Century Hawaii Missionaries Goes Online
  5. HB1307: Fair Taxation?
  6. Top ‘Scientists’ Caught Adjusting Temperature Readings
  7. Three of Ige’s nominees to lead state agencies are Lobbyists
  8. Caldwell, HART promised no Tax Hike, No Borrowing
  9. HB14: HSTA Pushing to Gut Instructional Hours Requirement
  10. HB1468: Shut Down Big Cable Project to be Heard Tuesday
  11. HECO vs Reality on NextEra Merger
  12. Marijuana Task Force Member Pushes Drugs to Children
  13. SB791: Autism health coverage gains traction
  14. Calvin Say Case: Finally the Law Will be Enforced?
  15. Kauai: Accused Rapist Gets Off on Technicality
  16. Infamous Hit Man Enjoys Retirement Years With Family and Friends in Hawaii
  17. Silly UH Research Blames Windward Rains on Global Worming
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Saturday, February 7, 2015
February 7, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:48 PM :: 5600 Views
  1. Hawaii Polarized by Steamroller Activism
  2. Management: West Coast Port Lockout Begins Saturday
  3. HB536 Imposes Massive New Payroll Reporting Requirements on Businesses
  4. Mementos Reveal Civil Rights Icon's Exposure to Armed Self-Defense
  5. 369 Candidates file for Neighborhood Board Elections
  6. Creating "Paradise of the Pacific": How Tourism Began in Hawaii
  7. State to Fire Medicaid Director after $144M Tech Disaster
  8. Somebody Begins to Notice that Hawaii Tech 'Startups' are all Taxpayer-Funded Frauds
  9. Ige Fires DLNR Water Deputy William Tam
  10. Lawmakers look at a fine for those who don't vote
  11. Lockout: Hawaii to Run out of Bottles?
  12. Obama Foundation: Hawaii 'To get some piece' of Obama Library
  13. Bill to create low-income mobile home parks advances
  14. HB1213/SB1219: Who Qualifies as Independent Contractor 
  15. Officers disciplined in 110 misconduct incidents
  16. Maui Police Fire More Stun Guns Than Honolulu
  17. SB1345 Would end multi-track schedules in public schools
  18. Maybe Hawaii Hospitals Will One Day Rise to the Level of Thailand
  19. Looted by Profitable non-profit, Honolulu Zoo is a Mess
  20. State-Owned Bank Would Direct SubPrime Lending to Deadbeats
  21. Controversial Hawaii caregiver training bill deferred indefinitely
  22. Task force prescribes cures for University of Hawaii Cancer Center
  23. Hawaii leads in sports tourism
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Friday, February 6, 2015
February 6, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:52 PM :: 4243 Views
  1. Gallup: Hawaii Liberals Outnumber Conservatives by Only 1.9%
  2. Farmer: HB1514 is 'The Last Shovel of Dirt on Our Graves'
  3. Obama Budget would Increase Top Marginal Capital Gains Tax Rate in Hawaii to 35.8%--#2 in USA
  4. Ige Appoints Carpenters Union Political Director to DLIR
  5. Hawaii Family Advocates' Dream Team to Tackle Legislative Priorities
  6. Ige Announces HCDA Nominations
  7. Federal Report Calls Rail Project ‘alarming’
  8. HB1468:  Iwase Opposes Bill to De-Authorize Big Cable
  9. Chief's Wife 'Angry' at Grandmother with Lost Home in 'Mortgage' Deal
  10. Visitors' spending is not keeping up with arrival numbers
  11. House Version of REIT Tax Dies
  12. Ige's DLNR Nominee Oversaw Unregistered Lobbyist
  13. West Coast Port Lockout Drumbeat
  14. The protectionist Jones Act vs. US economic freedom
  15. Right to Farm: Bill Passes to Prevent County Councils from Pandering to Anti-GMO Mobs
  16. HB1514: House Committee Panders to Anti-GMO Know-Nothings
  17. Will Anti-GMO Activists be Busted for Unregistered Lobbying?
  18. Ike Choy's Bill to Cut UH Programs Deferred in Face of Opposition
  19. OCCC to be Replaced by New Prison at Halawa Site?
  20. HB438: Lets Waste Another $6M 'Without a Plan' on Kahoolawe
  21. Roz Baker: Small Businesses Should Follow Me into Bankruptcy
  22. Cop's ex-girlfriend speaks out about alleged abuse
  23. Hawaii's largest oil refinery turning to other markets, including South America
  24. Zoo nonprofit gives just 10 percent of its funds to Honolulu Zoo
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Thursday, February 5, 2015
February 5, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:13 PM :: 4557 Views
  1. HB1252: Repeal Act 195, Abolish Hawaiian Roll Commission 
  2. PMA: We'll Pay ILWU's Obamacare Tax--Take it or be Locked Out
  3. Hawaii Supreme Court Could Sock Expedia for $626M in Hotel Taxes
  4. Tax Rate 50.4% on Small Business Income, Hawaii #2 in USA
  5. Hawaii Personal Income Taxes: "Highest Dollar Amount of Any State"
  6. Hawaii Ranks 3rd in Certificate-of-Need Laws--Which Mean Fewer Services for Patients
  7. On the Move: House Omnibus Marijuana Package
  8. HB1452 Heard Without Notice: Permits Vacation Rentals "In any area of zoning classification"
  9. SB958: Repeal Corporate Income Tax
  10. SB946: Repeal GE Tax on intermediary business transactions
  11. DoE Opens Office of Hawaiian Education, Seeks Director 
  12. SB286: Proposes 'Very Powerful' Inspector General to Investigate Waste, Fraud, Corruption
  13. Hawaii Consumer Advocate Rejects Call to Delay Review of NextEra Deal
  14. SB1268 on the Move: Allows Ige to Stack BoE with HSTA Operatives
  15. UH fires back over fired coach's contract, HGEA Files Grievance for Arnold
  16. UH's mounting legal bills
  17. Ige Backpedals On Posting Care-Home Inspection Reports Online
  18. LURF, Lobbyist Fined $4000
  19. Ige Blocked Renters' Tax Relief
  20. HMSA contests bills forcing Connector participation
  21. Crackpot Anti-GMO Bills on the Move
  22. Hawaii Co Council: Make The Activist Lawyers Defend their Own Anti-GMO Laws
  23. While Legalizing Marijuana, Legislators Plan Powdered Alcohol Prohibition
  24. Sheriff, Prison Guards Not required to disclose misconduct
  25. Another HPD Officer With Domestic Violence TRO
  26. Kauai County: Retaliation Pays
  27. American Samoa Chief Procurement Officer Pleads Guilty to Corruption Charges
  28. Armed guards in Hawaii: No mental health checks, no firearm training
  29. Tulsi Gabbard Co-Sponsors Bill for Republican Mega-Donor
  30. House will decide if Rep. Say should lose his seat
  31. Taxpayers cover costly tab of Washington Place compound
  32. Middle-Class Millionaires
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Wednesday, February 4, 2015
February 4, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:03 PM :: 9790 Views
  1. Free Golf: Ethics Comm Nails Rail Contractors, UH Vice Chancellor, DoT Deputy Director, and Brian Minaai (Again)
  2. Djou: How to Fix the Rail Mess
  3. People's Pulse Contradicts Ward Poll: "Economy, Housing Remain at Forefront"
  4. Latest to Make Fool of UH Administrators, Fired Coach Arnold says "I am Innocent, Gimme $1.4M"
  5. HB287 Embarrassment: Broad and Vague Exemptions Render Transparency Meaningless
  6. DLNR: Pacific Whale Institute 'Will be Held Accountable' for Grounding Catamaran
  7. Will Hawaii County Use Mainland Anti-GMO Activist Lawyers?
  8. SB873 Would Legalize Marijuana, Nullify Federal Prohibition
  9. NY Attorney General: 79% of ‘Natural Supplements’ Totally Fake
  10. Ige’s Honeymoon Ended With Nomination of Ching
  11. Ige so Secretive, Many Believe the Fix is in for NextEra
  12. Galuteria Caught Cheating on Property Taxes--Claims Two Homeowners Exemptions?
  13. Throwing Good Money After Bad: Another $28M for Health Connector?
  14. Bills Place Conditions Before NextEra Merger
  15. Ige Appointee Resigns After Just Days on Job 
  16. Public trust split in HPD misconduct investigations
  17. SB497: Transparency in Police Discipline
  18. HPD Unable to Compile Crime Statistics Since 2010
  19. Hawaii’s Sunshine Law Is Getting Cloudy As Lawmakers Debate
  20. Bill 82 would trigger higher rents for Waikiki businesses
  21. HB496 Make Small Business Provide 3 months Paid Time off for Employees
  22. SB593: Anti-GMO Crackpots Seek Takeover of Agribusiness Development Corp
  23. Omidyar Still Pushing Hanalei Bay Development
  24. Kauai: Gays Eager to Recruit Kids
  25. Potheads Upset: May Need to make Up Better Excuses than 'Pain' to get Weed
  26. California labels e-cigarettes a public health threat (or financial threat?)
  27. Bills Seek funds for Hilo Medical Residency Program
  28. HB128: Make Grandparents pay Child Support
  29. Fuel Spills Lead to Barrel Tax Bill
  30. Chevron Hawaii operation likely to be sold later this year
  31. Kaiser Claims Local 5 Strikers Block Emergency Patient
Read More..
Tuesday, February 3, 2015
February 3, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:19 PM :: 4471 Views
  1. HEI 'Solution'--Remotely Shut off Your Solar Panels
  2. HB321: Marijuana on the Move in the Legislature
  3. Hawaii Ranks 11th in World for Captive Insurance Domiciles
  4. Hawaii 5th Lowest Financial Gap by Race
  5. Jones Act: The little-discussed policy that's a major problem for international trade
  6. Only 27% Support GE Tax Hike
  7. HB420 Audit the PUC Bill on the Move
  8. NextEra-HEI Merger Not Popular
  9. HB825 tasks Hawaii state DCCA with licensing vacation rentals so they can be taxed
  10. Shocking cases of HPD officer misconduct highlighted in new report
  11. Prosecutors mum on overlooked sex assault cases
  12. Need $10K? Go See DAGS
  13. HHSC, HPH, Castle, Queens, HMSA to share electronic medical records on state health info exchange
  14. Bill would keep employers out of workers' social media posts
  15. Poll: 73% Support Pushing Homeless into Shelters
  16. SB328: Now that Atheists are Gone, Churches can Rent School Facilities Again
  17. HB555: Rep Ike Choy Proposes Eliminate All Academic Programs with Fewer than 10 Graduates/year
  18. Sources: UH strongly considering self-imposed sanctions in response to NCAA violations
  19. Star-Adv: UH Admin Right to Give Arnold $200K
  20. GasCo Moving Forward with LNG Plan
  21. Dim-Witted Anti-Superferry Activists Run Catamaran Aground
  22. Savio to Launch Rent to Own Project
  23. Anti-Pesticide Hype Produces Latest Crop of Buffer Zone Bills
  24. Bronster: Anti-GMO Activists Have Conflict of Interest
  25. Hawaii Polarized by Steamroller Activism
  26. Lawsuit: Former State Senator Steals Property from Elderly Mother
Read More..
Monday, February 2, 2015
February 2, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:01 PM :: 4005 Views
  1. SB27 SB31: Short Form Bills on Transparency -- OHA's Trojan Horse?
  2. Full Text: UH Cancer Center Report
  3. Hunting-Related Bills Begin to Move in Legislature
  4. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted February 2, 2015
  5. Rail Deficit/Tax Hike Hype: Now $2 Billion?
  6. Large Rail Contractors Dump $1.3 Million into Local Campaign Coffers
  7. NCAA Violations: Arnold Scored $200K Payout Thanks to Bley-Vroman
  8. Some UH Profs Challenge 'Gender Equity Specialist'
  9. HB623/SB715: Bills Ban Diesel Electricity, Attack LNG
  10. Poll 43% sat 'No' to NextEra
  11. Ige’s Appointments Tend to Come Late on Fridays
  12. Micronesians being switched from Medicaid to Obamacare
  13. Housing First Building Opens Today
  14. Bills cover electronic smoking bans (and Betel Nuts too)
  15. HMC, Straub, NHNC Top Safety Ratings for Hawaii Hospitals
  16. Kaiser Permanente union workers begin 6-day strike
  17. Unable to Defeat Longliners, Eco-Hypesters Gin Up Phony Mercury Numbers to Scare Consumers
  18. Johanson Makes More Excuses for Party Switch
Read More..
Sunday, February 1, 2015
February 1, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:02 PM :: 4120 Views
  1. Why Won’t Obama Use the Words ‘Islamic Extremism’? Watch What Tulsi Gabbard Says
  2. Wes Lo's Smoking Gun: Improvement of Medical Services on Maui Started With Fight for Second Hospital
  3. Community-Owned Energy: How Nebraska Became the Only State to Bring Everyone Power From a Public Grid
  4. 'Right to Try' Legislation Can Save Lives
  5. Compulsory Voting for Hawaii?
  6. Akina: Government can help lower the cost of living by getting out of the way
  7. Full Text: NCAA Allegations vs UH men’s basketball program
  8. Source Shifting
  9. Rail: Bogus Ward Poll Deployed to Pressure Legislators to Raise GE Tax
  10. Ige, legislators start session with questions and riddles
  11. Star-Adv:  Connector woes demand deeper probe
  12. Applications being accepted for House Dist 13 seat
  13. HB207 would make OHA Brainwashing Mandatory for Members of Boards, Commissions
  14. SB 1014 Would Make Homeless into Sacred Cows
  15. SB126: Allow Ige to Stack BoE with HSTA Operatives
  16. McDermott Wants Voters to Decide Same-Sex Marriage
  17. Tax Credits for HECO -- Scam Battery Technology -- Bills Before Legislature
  18. How an Hawaii anti-GMO Activist Changed her Mind
  19. UH chancellor: Alleged violations 'disturbing'
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