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Friday, February 28, 2014
February 28, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:03 PM :: 4097 Views
  1. Slom: Djou to Announce Congressional Campaign?
  2. Judge Elwin Ahu Announces Campaign for Lt Governor
  3. Grim scenario for Hawaii's Obamacare plan: The numbers don't add up
  4. As Health Exchange Implodes, Abercrombie Releases ‘Transformation Plan’
  5. UHERO: 2013 Hawaii Growth 'Disappointing', 2014 'Marked Down'
  6. Residents in States With Troubled Exchanges Can Still Get Subsidies
  7. Maui: Huber's Anti-GMO claims lack evidence
  8. More questionable social engineering comes to Hawaii’s public schools
  9. FACE Ad campaign pushes minimum wage hike
  10. SB2487: Small Business Regulatory Review Board to be Abolished?
  11. Fallen Marine Rafael Peralta's family accuses reporter of playing 'race card'
  12. House Bill 14: Mandatory Kindergarten, Lowering Compulsory School Attendance Age to 5
  13. Honolulu Firm Selected to Represent Kauai County in GMO Suit
  14. HTA: Tourism Down 5th Month in a Row
  15. DBEDT App Displays Demographics of Hawaii House, Senate Districts
  16. Illegal Gambling Operators Give $20K to Clayton Hee Campaign
  17. Hee vs Fale: Same-sex marriage fight apparently not over yet
  18. Governor mum on PUC appointment
  19. Kenoi: Signing GMO bill was to end ‘shouting’
  20. Kauai Idiots Protest Against Dairy farm
  21. To Placate Anti-GMO Hallucinations, SB2777 'Narrowed'
  22. Star-Adv vs Hawaii: Military draw-down long overdue
  23. Poll — Oahu Voters Don't Like Mufi
  24. Negotiations Over Hawaii Minimum Wage Go Down to the Wire
  25. Waipahu First of Many to be Transformed for Rail TOD
  26. Study Questions Benefits of 'Medical Home' Programs for Chronically Ill
  27. Senate Budget Committee Advances Four Key Education Bills
  28. SB894 would allow for a forced sale of Turtle Bay property
  29. Hawaii Supreme Court Takes Up Lawsuit Challenging Koa Ridge Project
  30. Next Steps for the Geothermal Request for Proposal
  31. Prison Guard's Wife Gets Federal Prison Time
  32. DLNR Plan to Kill Owls, Egrets Blasted
  33. Three Killed in Lanai Plane Crash
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Thursday, February 27, 2014
February 27, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:19 PM :: 4044 Views
  1. Matsuda: Fate of Prepaid Health Care Act Depends on Hawaii Health Connector
  2. LA Times: Hawaii Health Connector Refused to Cough up Secret Budget
  3. HI leaders worry military cuts will compromise Pacific security
  4. Auditor: 11 Special Funds Do not Meet Criteria
  5. Health Connector May Convert itself into Telemarketing Business to Make Money
  6. Health Connector Abandons Enrollment Goals, Seeks new Funding Sources
  7. How Abercrombie, Schatz Can Win Easily
  8. Complaint Filed Against Hee for Acting Like Hanohano
  9. Measures on food labeling appear doomed
  10. House Defers Minimum Wage over Tip Credit
  11. Effort to Save Oahu Residents From Rail Failed Despite Valiant Effort
  12. Can the Legislature save HECO?
  13. Council committee scraps Caldwell's $20M Garbage Tax
  14. Caldwell wants Honolulu to spend $25M to encourage transit oriented development along rail line
  15. Honolulu Mayor wants significant increase in programs for homeless
  16. Kauai Councilman Scores $250K Settlement from Former Prosecutor
  17. Poll — Voters Want Higher Minimum Wage, Reject Legal Pot
  18. Should Hawaii Let Public Schools Raise Money for Private Nonprofits?
  19. Many Oahu Schools Miss Basic Food Safety Checks
  20. Tax Foundation of Hawaii opposes proposed electric vehicle tax
  21. Sovereignty Activist Loses Neighborhood Board Committee Chairmanship
  22. Liquefied natural gas could play key role in isles' energy transition
  23. Trask Geothermal Scammers Demand Meeting 
  24. Bill to allow online gun registration makes headway despite police opposition
  25. Drone bill could affect Maui missing women search
  26. Judge finds accused rapist mentally unfit for trial

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014
February 26, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:25 PM :: 5940 Views
  1. Duke Aiona: Great News for the Campaign
  2. Clinton’s chief economist supports Jones Act reform for Puerto Rico and Hawaii
  3. Looks Like Hawaii Won't Need To Count All Those Soldiers, Sailors, And Marines In The Next Reapportionment Anyway
  4. BLS: Hawaii Union Membership Rate 22.1%
  5. VIDEO: Aloha Obamacare Wipeout
  6. Honolulu tops list of America’s Most Overpriced Cities
  7. Hawaii's Choice: Let the Fleecing Continue or Bring on the Competition?
  8. Full Text: State of the City Address
  9. Rep Fale to Challenge Clayton Hee for Senate
  10. Tranny Supports 'Racist' Hanohano
  11. Progressives Mock Sovereignty Activists
  12. Trench Warfare: Schatz vs Hanabusa
  13. Poll: Kim, Takai Lead Race for Dem Nomination in CD1 
  14. AARP: Health Connector needs a sustainability plan
  15. HSTA can learn from students
  16. Hawaii Lawmakers May Give Counties Millions of Dollars in Extra Hotel Tax Money
  17. Kauai Gives Anti-GMO Whackos the Test Case they Need to Uphold GMO Bans
  18. SB2777 May Face Amendments to Satisfy Anti-GMO Activists
  19. Kauai Idiots: Proposed Dairy Farm is 'Mind-boggling Environmental Disaster'
  20. Ag Board to End State Milk Price Fixing Scheme?
  21. Former prosecutor can’t prevent Undisclosed Bynum settlement
  22. Don't Destroy Police Disciplinary Files Just Yet, Hawaii Lawmakers Say
  23. Back pay on the way for Hawaii substitute teachers

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014
February 25, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 10:14 PM :: 6048 Views
  1. Kanoho Helm Debunks 'Developer-Driven' Big Cable Scheme
  2. Senate Minimum Wage Bill Will Fail Hawaii's Low-Wage Earners
  3. Hawaii Charter School Law: Measuring up to the Model?
  4. Union Contractors to get Exclusive Deal on NAVFAC Project at Hawaii Marine Corps Base?
  5. Can they get up? HI Legislature to fund coordinator to help seniors avoid falls
  6. DBEDT Reduces Projected Growth Rate
  7. Abercrombie Releases $62.4M in DoE CIP
  8. Poll: Schatz - Hanabusa Tied 40% Each
  9. Disrespectful Schatz Hasn't Earned it
  10. Hirono: Proposed military cuts are 'Good News'
  11. Abercrombie Holding $2500/head Fundraiser in DC
  12. Hanohano, under siege, has talking-to
  13. Hospitals, Airports, 5th Floor: State Funding Emergency Festers
  14. Honolulu Electric Bill Jumps to $91.8M
  15. Failed California Anti-GMO Initiative Backers Conspire to Impose themselves on Maui
  16. Federally funded sex ed program teaches Hawaii middle schoolers that butts are genitals
  17. CD1 Candidates Argue over how to Raise Taxes
  18. Minimum Wage to Boost Hawaii's Already-High Labor Costs
  19. Legislators Use Lobbing Rules to Harass Pro-Family Activists
  20. Full Text: Judge releases documents in Deedy murder case
  21. NFL may move Pro Bowl to Arizona
  22. More rail transit traffic woes in store for Oahu drivers
  23. 'Car To Go' Isn't Here Yet, But Legislators Scheme to Tax it
  24. 13 Security Breaches in 7 years at Unprotected Iolani Palace
  25. SB72: Even More Excuses to Let Murderers and Rapists out of Prison Early
  26. Alleged Manoa Harasser Released, Supposed to be in Drug Treatment
  27. Star-Adv: Troubled youth need treatment, not a prison bed
  28. Mainland Quacks Seek to Retake Control of Hawaii Medicated Marijuana Business
  29. SB2270: Sue Your Neighbor for Zoning Violations
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Monday, February 24, 2014
February 24, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:36 PM :: 4075 Views
  1. CD1 Poll: Good News for Charles Djou
  2. Poll: Ige-Abercrombie Tied at 37% Each
  3. 1000 Friends: Stop residential development adjacent to Kakaako Waterfront Park
  4. SB2938: Online Gun Registration to be Heard Feb 25
  5. Alec Baldwin Flees to Hawaii Seeking Transsexual Dry Cleaning?
  6. Abercrombie's Big Cable Designed by Dick Cheney's 'Energy Cabal'
  7. Abercrombie Heckles Governor Jindal at White House
  8. The Usual Nuts Launch GMO Ban Ballot Initiative in Maui County
  9. $48M Given to 18,000 in Hawaii Welfare Overpayments
  10. 4,200 Mentally Ill Children in Hawaii With no Treatment Facility
  11. Agencies Struggle With Pilot Program for 10 Mentally Ill Children
  12. Troubled youths may get chance at treatment
  13. Haunted, Court Psychiatrist Retires After 22 Years
  14. Hanohano Censure among items on lawmakers’ agenda
  15. SB2426: Streamline HTA Marketing Plan
  16. Abercrombie Wants $132K for Travel, Buyouts, Membership Fee
  17. Hawaii's Pricey Claims Settlements Include Paying Out $30K for Sun's Glare
  18. Mollway: Raising the state ethics bar?
  19. Maui Farms Fined for Violating Minimum Wage
  20. Hagel to propose big cuts in Army in 2015 budget
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Sunday, February 23, 2014
February 23, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:08 PM :: 4922 Views
  1. For Supporting Mufi: Up to 1/3 of Democrats Could be Expelled
  2. Can We Best Help the Poor by Making Their Lives Complicated?
  3. Anti-GMO Industry Responsible for Death on Maui
  4. Big Cable Will Soak Ratepayers for $1.5B
  5. Creation of the Hawaii Electricity Reliability Administrator
  6. Lessons of past losses could help Hannemann
  7. Renewed rivalries and rants are like watch, wince, repeat
  8. Minimum Wage: Clayton Hee Preparing to Screw it up -- Again
  9. Health Connector to be funded by $15M Tax on Insurance Policies?
  10. Briefing will address fixes for Connector
  11. Kakaako Development Opposed by Global Warmers
  12. Current UH regent skipped as gov appoints 4 to board
  13. Give judges and probation officers tools needed to help juvenile offenders
  14. Teachers protest new program
  15. Pono Madness & Condom Festivals
  16. Inspections begin soon for new restaurant ratings
  17. Star-Adv Flies Reporter to Puna to Chart Course for Defeating Hanohano
  18. Kenoi: Assessments Will Go Up, But not Tax Rates
  19. Obama Wasting Troops’ Sacrifice
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Saturday, February 22, 2014
February 22, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:51 PM :: 5244 Views
  1. Full Text: Legislators Challenge Abercrombie over Morita Dismissal
  2. February 21, 2014: Election Commission Releases Updated Candidate List
  3. 300 Republicans Celebrate Lincoln Day, Launch New YouTube Ad
  4. Feds: Hawaii's High Energy Costs Drive Push for 'Clean' Energy
  5. Does Hawaii Need An "Environmental Court?"
  6. No Surprise: DoE Includes Tranny on Pono Choices Review Panel
  7. Hawaii Health Connector Website: 41% of Defects Still not Corrected
  8. Shutdown of Coal Plant will Boost Electric Rates 3%
  9. Hawaiian Electric executives 'earned' higher salaries in 2013
  10. Alleviating Poverty Through Tax Policy Modifications
  11. Perfect Timing: Anti-GMO Activists 'Honored' as ‘The Daily Show’ films GMO segment in Kona
  12. SB2375: Anti-GMO Activists Attack Local Produce Bill
  13. Money grubbing Atheists Try Again for $1M from Hawaii Churches
  14. 1,900 Kiddie Porn Leads in Hawaii--Will Legislators Approve Funding to Investigate?
  15. Law Prevents Police from Helping Mentally Ill Person
  16. Panel to scrutinize cost of government, Propose More Tax Hikes
  17. Queen’s Medical Center shares patient data with Hawaii HIE
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Friday, February 21, 2014
February 21, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:07 PM :: 4880 Views
  1. Carpenter: Complaint Must be Filed Before Democrats can Expel Mufi
  2. Supreme Court Nominee Wilson's Written Opinions
  3. How Hawaii Will Achieve Food Sustainability: Jail a Farmer!
  4. A Major Hurdle for Student Veterans
  5. Honolulu Ethics Commission Calls for Audit of Water Board
  6. Is your baby carrying excess fat? Hawaii wants to know
  7. Free Speech on Campus? Grassroot Institute Interviews FIRE
  8. See it Live: Famed Nimitz' WWII 'Diary' to be Unveiled Online Monday
  9. Abercrombie Names UH Regent Nominees
  10. Hawaii Supreme Court: How Do You Solve A Problem Like ... Appellate Mootness? More Process!
  11. Big Cable Plan: Spend $800M to 'Save' $423M
  12. Not rehiring Morita at PUC dicey move for Abercrombie
  13. SB2777: Farmers Still Have Chance to Free Themselves from Anti-GMO Oppressors
  14. Health Connector Blames DHS 'Bottleneck' For Worst-in-the-Nation Performance
  15. HB2529 Amended: Hawaii Health Connector to Remain Private Nonprofit
  16. Oahu man waits nearly 2 months for Obamacare insurance
  17. Rail: City restarts property acquisition process
  18. VIDEO: Geothermal bills debated in House Committee
  19. High cost oil fired generation creates potential for shift in Hawaiian electric sources
  20. HB1796: Clearer Rules for Schools With Uncontrollable Kids
  21. New policy eliminates hidden fees at UH
  22. Shakedown: Billion Dollar Telescope in Court Again
  23. Caldwell Ignores Committees on Women, Disabilities
  24. Future Caucus debuts to engage young people
  25. Who Are Hawaii's U.S. Senate Candidates' Biggest Donors?
  26. Honolulu Inflation only 1.7%
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Thursday, February 20, 2014
February 20, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:54 PM :: 3707 Views
  1. Sabato: Hawaii Governor's Race no Longer 'Likely Democratic'
  2. VA Mortgages Again Available as DoH Reverses Catchment Tank Rules
  3. DBEDT: Shortage of Housing Supply Contributes to High Prices
  4. Matson Raising Fuel Surcharge 5%
  5. SB2147: Silver Alert
  6. Gallup: Hawaii Drops to 8th in Well-Being
  7. "Is there a way to allow a person to end his life without making someone else a criminal?"
  8. Spoiler: To run for Governor, Mufi forming "Independent Party" Today
  9. Hanohano Targeted because She Opposes Pre-K Initiative?
  10. Aila: Hanohano Accused DLNR Staffer of 'Genocide'
  11. Tip credit stymies accord on raise
  12. Lobbyists Test Another Path to Influence
  13. Hawaii Ethics Commission Examines How Lawmakers Spend Their Allowances
  14. Will Land Swap Restore Ag in Wahiawa?
  15. Prison pitch includes new facility in West Oahu
  16. EPA seeks tougher safety standards for farmworkers
  17. Anti-GMO 'Home Rule ' Reso Passes Hawaii Co Council
  18. 5.5 percent raise sought for police chief, deputies
  19. Kauai Police commissioner resigns: Is Target of Federal Gambling Investigation
  20. After Killing Them, Pflueger Cuts off Farmers Water
  21. City Council gives initial OK to $10 trash pickup fee
  22. Easing the housing crunch for low-income citizens
  23. Opponents of planned Kakaako condo want permit revoked
  24. A second chance for vets
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014
February 19, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:28 PM :: 4800 Views
  1. Say NO on SB 2521 ~ Do Not increase Food costs for Hawaii
  2. BoE Reaffirms Commitment to Hawaiian Language and Culture
  3. FDA: ‘Natural Supplements’ Industry Victimizes Korean Community with Hidden Chemicals
  4. Hawaiian Electric Reports 2013 Earnings
  5. Growing Inequality? Hawaii Ranks #8 in USA
  6. Today at the Legislature
  7. Abercrombie: Wilson Promises to be Activist Judge
  8. Mile Wide, Inch Deep: Poll Shows that GMO Labeling is Backed by Know-Nothings
  9. Organic Profiteer: Sen Ruderman Rakes in $1M/year Profits from 'Natural Foods' Store 
  10. DLNR: Hanohano Blames Malihini for 'Genocide'
  11. Mainland Homosexuals Spent $509,900 to Marry Hawaii
  12. FBI Investigates Kauai Police Commissioner for Bookmaking
  13. Feds Grab for Control of all West Hawaii Water Resources
  14. Rail opponents give up fight after Two court decisions
  15. Pacific Resource Partnership’s media campaign targets Kakaako
  16. HHSC: $109M for Electronic transition of Health records
  17. Morita: Abercrombie Preparing to Dump me as PUC Chair
  18. Kahuku Wind Project Faces Blowback
  19. The Future Electric Utility Ratepayer
  20. HB2116 Help Young Energetic Criminals Get Back out of Prison Even Quicker
  21. Big Island Rally Remembers Murder Victims
  22. California Mother of 6 Stole Dead Father's Disability Payments for 21 Years from Hawaii Government
  23. Federal Contractors Relieved at Metcalf Ruling

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014
February 18, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:31 PM :: 4653 Views
  1. 9th Circuit Court: Honolulu Rail Project On Track
  2. KOS: Ward Poll Shows Aiona is Winning on His own Popularity
  3. Abercrombie Names former BLNR Chair Wilson to Supreme Court
  4. Survey: UH Manoa Offers 13th Best Return on Investment in US West
  5. Hawaii Among 10 Least Expensive Insurance Markets
  6. Ethics Comm. to Discuss 8 Bills Before Legislature
  7. OHA and Kakaako Makai
  8. UH Med school leads nation in funding
  9. Today at the Legislature
  10. Rail: Effect of Ansaldo Restructuring 'Remains to be seen'
  11. Democrat: Aiona's Popularity Shows Need for Cleansing of Voter File
  12. Cayetano: A lot of Angry Voters out There
  13. Preschool, GMOs, Kakaako, and Homelessness: More Poll Results
  14. Friday Deadline for Kauai County to Respond to Suit against Anti-GMO Law
  15. Anti-GMO Activists Still Talking about Ousting Kauai Mayor
  16. Hawaiian Immersion Schools Flood DOE Lawn to Rally for Policy Changes
  17. Fired Honolulu Police Officer’s File Destroyed Before Discharge Revealed
  18. Political Radar: Arguments for Public Funding not Square with Record
  19. HB2590 Same Day Voter Registration Chaos
  20. Hee: Only Police Should Have Drones
  21. Council revisits ethics proposal
  22. Lockheed Martin Builds $475K Tech System for Governor's Office
  23. Open Data Institute Signs Up Hawaii Affiliate
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Monday, February 17, 2014
February 17, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:52 PM :: 4666 Views
  1. GMO Labeling Could Add $800/yr to Hawaii Grocery Bills
  2. Honolulu: Highest Taxes in USA for Low Income Residents, 9th Lowest for High Income Residents
  3. Quid pro Quo? HSTA Endorses Ige for Governor
  4. Ige: Polls, Endorsements Show Momentum
  5. Stung by Star-Adv Poll, Schatz Releases his Own Numbers
  6. National Republicans Meet With Grassroots Volunteers in Hawaii
  7. Supreme Court: Damage To Unique Property Subject To Unique Rules
  8. Poll: Aiona 48% - Abercrombie 40%
  9. Nobody Wants Obamacare: 60% say Changes Needed, 24% want Repeal
  10. Caldwell Approval 72% to 19%
  11. Star-Advertiser: Caldwell's Garbage tax Goes too Far
  12. Lingle chief of staff returns as consultant to Honolulu City Council Chair
  13. The Perfect Storm: Tsunami of Forces Threatening HECO
  14. Don't let privacy fears ground Hawaii's well-established hobby aircraft community
  15. Getting the Right Balance on Drones
  16. New police cameras note license plates
  17. N Shore Residents Protest Ernie Martin's Bill 47
  18. Marine families in Hawaii worry soil under base housing may be toxic
  19. House bill due for a floor vote would ban tobacco (but not marijuana) at UH
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Sunday, February 16, 2014
February 16, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:35 PM :: 5284 Views
  1. Election 2014: Candidate Filing List Now Totals 14 Pages
  2. Caldwell's Latest Scheme: Garbage Tax
  3. 13 Nominated for UH Board of Regents
  4. Applicants Sought for Ethics Commission
  5. Die on Medicaid? State Could Seize Your House
  6. Poll Shows Deep Ethnic Divide: Hanabusa 48% -- Schatz 40%
  7. Poll: Kim Leads Pack for CD1
  8. Poll reveals Profound Ethnic Split
  9. Once a beacon, UH dulled by the dim bulbs in politics
  10. State budget depends on continued private-sector growth -- which has slowed
  11. Star-Adv: Let Kakaako Get Crowded with Skyscrapers, But Give Lawyers a Chance, too
  12. 5 things ahead in the Hawaii Legislature this week
  13. 600 Homeowners Victimized by Solar Scammers: Paying $305/mo for Nothing
  14. SB3049 Ruderman Panders to a Key Constituency -- Fukushima Radiation Conspiracy Theorists
  15. The Misnamed State Agency: The Consumer Advocate
  16. Governor Lingle Regales Students Over Shabbat Dinner
  17. Medical Marijuana Triples Auto Crash Fatality Rate
  18. The Interconnection Nightmare in Hawaii and Why It Matters to the US Residential PV Industry

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Saturday, February 15, 2014
February 15, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:54 PM :: 3269 Views
  1. Flags to Fly at Half-Staff for Sgt Drew M Scobie
  2. ObamaCare: Taxpayers Spend $56,819 To Sign Up Each Person In Hawaii
  3. How They Voted: House Rejects Religious Freedom Restoration Act
  4. Statewide Meetings: Parents Protecting Their Children from Pono Choices
  5. Budget: Kalbert Young Talks to Grassroot Institute
  6. Abercrombie Appoints Dr. Linda Rosen Director, Department of Health
  7. Supreme Court: Lower Courts too Dismissive of Pro-Se Litigants
  8. Four Things You Should Know About The Minimum Wage Debate In Hawaii
  9. HPU Prof. Distributes Land to the Landless
  10. Internet Tax Freedom Act Celebrates Sweet 16
  11. Ninth Circuit Confirms Right to Carry Arms in Public
  12. Comcast merger sparks calls for government intervention
  13. Housing First Funding Depends on Sale of City-Owned Apartments
  14. 'I don't plan on going back'--A Housing First Story
  15. HB2533: Legislation Would Revive Partial Public Funding Program
  16. Congressional Candidates to Meet With Trannies Today
  17. Kim "Saddened' by Manahan's CD1 Challenge
  18. 2012 Killer Out after a Few Months, Already Violating Parole
  19. Court considers Hu Honua liens
  20. HECO cleared to pursue negotiations to buy what passes as low-cost PV power
  21. What is Renewable Energy?
  22. String of OIP opinions require court settlements involving state or counties to be public
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Friday, February 14, 2014
February 14, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:42 PM :: 3770 Views
  1. Bad Company: Honolulu Rail Car Supplier Ansaldo Breda May be Sold, Liquidated
  2. Atheist Scores $200K from New Hope Lawsuit Settlement
  3. How They Voted: House Rejects Religious Freedom Restoration Act
  4. Video: Legislators Debate Religious Freedom Restoration Act
  5. Slom: SB2160 Should be called Peter Boy Kema Bill
  6. SB2196: Barrel Tax Snatches $80M out of Consumers Pockets
  7. First Wind Dumps Battery System to Restart Kahuku Windfarm after Fire
  8. House Committee May Consider Expulsion of Hanohano after Cannibalism Remarks
  9. HCDA Reform? House is Just Faking it to Look Good for Voters
  10. Underground Pesticide Market Secretly Serves Hawaii Vegetable Farms
  11. Trask: Elected Officials Should be Censured for Spreading anti-Geothermal Hysteria (LOL!)
  12. HHSC Privatization proposal advances
  13. Experts Fret over Abject Failure of Hawaii Obamacare
  14. Caldwell's Garbage Tax Would Hit Nonprofits, Small Business Hard
  15. Rail facility redesign costs $4.25M
  16. Bills may weaken Sunshine Law
  17. Bill to legalize pakalolo dies but bill to decriminalize lives
  18. HB1899 Would Make Homeless into Sacred Cows
  19. HCDA Schedules Hearing for Residents Protesting New Condos on Ala Moana Blvd
  20. Iolani Palace releases surveillance video of vandalism suspects
  21. Hawaii Among 10 Places Where Health Insurance Costs The Least
  22. SB2126 Allows Schatz to Resign so Abercrombie can Appoint Hanabusa after she wins General Election
  23. UH Hilo Pharmacy school in peril
  24. The Conversation: Carl Bonham on Raising the Minimum Wage
  25. KFVE-TV ownership transfer challenged

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Thursday, February 13, 2014
February 13, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:06 PM :: 3936 Views
  1. Bhagowalia Quits Abercrombie Administration, Flees State
  2. Caylee’s Bill Up For Public Hearing Today
  3. VIDEO: Pono Choices Forum at State Capitol
  4. SB2999 SD1: Dissolve Failed Hawaiian Roll Commission
  5. Xtreme Bankruptcy: Burned out Wind Farm Battery Maker to be Auctioned off
  6. Study: Wind Farms Die After 10-15 years
  7. Hawaii legislators reject Azerbaijani Resolutions
  8. Hawaii Boasts Most Expensive U.S. Destination for Presidents' Day Weekend
  9. Hawaii pesticide data: Homes not fields found to be source of most problems
  10. Today's Legislative Agenda
  11. HUD: $4,200 Contribution to Ernie Martin Buys $1.2M Loan Forgiveness?
  12. Star-Adv: Use LNG to ease ratepayer costs
  13. Caldwell's Latest Trick: $120 Garbage Tax
  14. Senate panels OK OHA plan to develop Kakaako parcels
  15. PHOCUSED, Hee Demand Legislators Use Minimum Wage to Screw Restaurant Industry
  16. Thanks to Supreme Court ruling, VOG is now Basis for Lucrative Workers Comp Suits
  17. Fraud: Hawaii Pays $400K Disability to Daughter of Dead Man for 2 Decades
  18. U6: Hawaii's Real Unemployment Rate 11.5%
  19. Pine, Arakawa Top GOP Fundraisers
  20. Atheist Trash Score $200K from New Hope Settlement
  21. $100K Raise for DoE Sup't?
  22. Homeless program coming to Hawaii
  23. Open-government advocates are alarmed at advancing legislation
  24. Ethics: Hawaii County takes a Page from Caldwell's Playbook
  25. Under Senate Proposal, Parents Could be Prosecuted for Unreported Missing Children
  26. Moving in the Legislature:
  27. Did the Legislature Learn anything from 'Islam Day' Fiasco?
  28. Fire: After 18 Months, Kahuku Wind Farm Finally Repaired
  29. Attorney Gen. to investigate palace break-in
  30. Niu Valley SPED Teacher's aide investigated for stabbing student with pencil
  31. Internet Access to Patient Records Now Available
  32. Hawaii Among Most Satisfied with Standard of Living
  33. Gingriches to sign books in Lahaina
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014
February 12, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:21 PM :: 4205 Views
  1. Anti-GMO Activists Welch on Promise to Provide Pro-Bono Defense for Kauai County
  2. Fiscal watchdog disputes Hawaii governor’s surplus claims
  3. Schatz v Hanabusa: Vituperative, Byzantine Contest Hottest in USA
  4. HB2148 Would Allow Military Pistol Training to Satisfy Handgun Training Requirements
  5. Justice Reinvestment: Hawaii Reduces Prison Population by 4%, Increases Costs by $900K
  6. I Aloha Molokai opposes HB1942 & SB2754
  7. Guard soldier adored his family and the ocean
  8. Attorney: Creagan Appointment Rigged
  9. 20,000 Hawaii Medicaid Applicants May Lose Subsidies because of State's Inability to Complete paperwork On Time
  10. House Committee shelves plan to kill HCDA
  11. Hawaii Senate Committees Advance Dole Land Exchange Proposal
  12. Hawaii Legislature Moves Closer to Raising Minimum Wage
  13. Ige: We Have Minimum Wage Bill from Last Years Conference Committee
  14. Hawaii Legislature to Hear Bills Decriminalizing Pot
  15. In Motion in the Legislature
  16. Star-Adv: Pono Choices is Anti-Gay
  17. Kalbert Young: Sustainability = More Spending
  18. Schatz and Hanabusa strut their credentials as liberals
  19. Lawmakers attempt to reopen popular rock climbing site
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014
February 11, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:26 PM :: 4611 Views
  1. Senator Sam Slom Appointed to Special Investigative Committee
  2. Hawaii In The Eminent Domain Spotlight
  3. Abercrombie Creates Lucrative New Positions for Bhagowalia, Lieutenants
  4. PUC Decision and Order in Decoupling Case
  5. City Blames ORI for Failed HUD Negotiations
  6. SB2521: Clayton Hee Sneaks GMO Labeling Bill past angry Farmers
  7. Senate considers new take on partnerships for HHSC
  8. Behind the ballooning medical e-records cost
  9. Abercrombie Chaos: State to be temporarily without health director
  10. Forgetful Abercrombie Was Two Days Late With Supreme Court Nomination
  11. State contract issues lead to foreclosure process for residential care providers
  12. State paying $5 million for airport screening that airlines used to pay for
  13. Killer of Japanese visitor could walk free Thanks to Abercrombie's Soft on Crime Parole Board
  14. Forbes: Woman Criticizes Honolulu's Government, Has Her Protest Signs Bulldozed
  15. Legislators Consider Legalizing Hashish
  16. Lawmakers Consider Whether the Public Should Inhale .... or Not
  17. Proposed legislation would crack down on Hawaii mortgage fraud, fake liens
  18. Bill targets home births
  19. Why Do Takai and Cabanilla Care So Much About Azerbaijan?
  20. The Many Reasons Why a City or County Attorney Should Not Provide Ethics Advice
  21. Judge Orders Release of Police Disciplinary Records
  22. Judge to Decide on Releasing Deedy Trial Transcripts
  23. Iolani Palace vandal suspects appear in court
  24. Grid Modernization is a Multi-Edged Sword
  25. Number of solar photovoltaic permits issued on Oahu drops 25%
  26. Bill could restore funding cuts for high school sports
  27. Patsy Mink's Legacy Guts UH Athletic Finances
  28. Retaliation is #1 as Discrimination complaints up in 2013
  29. These Maps Show The Geography Of Interracial Marriage
Read More..
Monday, February 10, 2014
February 10, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:46 PM :: 4718 Views
  1. UPDATE: Did McManaman Quit Abercrombie Administration or Not?
  2. Republicans Build Momentum in Legislative Races
  3. Is inequality actually lower in Honolulu?
  4. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted February 10, 2014
  5. Blake Oshiro Charges 'Health Spa' expenses to taxpayers
  6. Senate panel OKs 3 housing measures
  7. Style beats Substance: Is Tulsi Gabbard Hawaii's Invincible Rep.?
  8. Hawaii Electric Rates up 56% in Three Years
  9. The Unraveling of Hu Honua Biofuels
  10. Liquefied natural gas site proposed, Sierra Club Opposed
  11. Federal agency wants $8 million returned
  12. Police Release Names of Vandals Who Allegedly Smashed Door at Iolani Palace
  13. More than 100 people express frustration over Niihau proposals
  14. Banning officers from drinking alcohol while carrying a loaded gun
  15. Pothead Losers Head for State Supreme Court
  16. Panel passes bill to Throw Tobacco smokers out of public housing
  17. Senators Worry Marijuana Pipes are being used for Tobacco
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Sunday, February 9, 2014
February 9, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:43 PM :: 3831 Views
  1. Election 2014: Dozens Pull Papers in First Week of Candidate Filing
  2. You Like Tax Credits, Why Don’t We?
  3. Minimum Wage Fraud Revisited–Again and Again
  4. Defending Liberty: Grassroot Institute Interviews Ilya Shapiro
  5. Abercrombie's Soft on Crime Parole Board Cuts Sentences for 14 Murderers, More Coming
  6. HART Begins Deploying Excuses for Rail Cost Overruns
  7. Shapiro: Caldwell Hedges Bets on Rail Cost Overruns
  8. Since we're flush, it's time to refill rainy-day reservoir
  9. Residents demand HCDA change or die
  10. 'Affordable' housing
  11. Statewide system of mobile medical facilities stands to lose a third of its funding
  12. Sovereignty Activists? Police, Media Protect Anonymity of Vandals who Smash Door at Iolani Palace
  13. Caldwell Admin Questions Anti-hoarding proposal
  14. Renewed Push for Tax Hike on Waikiki TVRs?
  15. Power usage dropping on Kauai
  16. Waikiki Bike Share to Cost $7000 per bike plus another $1882 per bike per year
Read More..
Saturday, February 8, 2014
February 8, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:07 PM :: 4083 Views
  1. Did McManaman Quit Abercrombie Administration or Not?
  2. Taken: HI convict pleads guilty to stealing $200,000 in gov’t welfare
  3. HB1624: Religious Freedom Not a Priority for House Judiciary Committee
  4. SB2149: Combat Fraudulent Liens and Mortgage Filings
  5. Natalie Iwasa Makes City Council Run Official
  6. Guilty: Mainland Bisexual Moves to Maui, Adopts and Rapes Foster Boys
  7. Report: PV customer credits Driving Up Electric Rates
  8. Maui News: Arakawa Deserves Credit for Business-friendly Atmosphere 
  9. Dozens testify to restrict power of HCDA
  10. State may yank 990 acres from UHWO for TOD
  11. More than $1 billion in rail contracts scheduled to arrive in 2014
  12. Sen. Kim warns UH, student fees not a bailout
  13. Sen. Dela Cruz Advocates for New Agency to Facilitate Public-Private Partnerships
  14. Honolulu Officials Give Up on Central Oahu Nonprofit Embroiled in Scandal
  15. Niihau Fishing Bill Will Redefine Rights of Shoreline Property Owners
  16. Liquor panel too slack, DUI councilman complains
  17. 10,000 Rental Units Needed for Homeless
  18. DoD to Defend Oahu Electrical Grid Against Attacks by Green Energy Scammers and Terrorists
  19. Anti-GMO Lawyers Not Quite Pro-Bono
  20. Compact Impact: Guam Frustrated With Abercrombie's Lack of Leadership
  21. Mass layoff at Kaiser Permanente Hawaii
  22. Kihei Rejects Naming HS After Patsy Pink
  23. Obama, Bethany Hamilton urge nations to allow religious freedom

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Friday, February 7, 2014
February 7, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:28 PM :: 4755 Views
  1. Flags Fly at Half-Staff for Chief Warrant Officer Edward Balli
  2. China Will Deploy Subs that Could Nuke Alaska or Hawaii This Year
  3. Clayton Hee: “We give notice we cut you at the knees”
  4. HI lawmakers: Obamacare exchange failures warrant state takeover
  5. Epic Fail: Where Four State Health Exchanges Went Wrong
  6. Schatz 93% More Liberal Than Average Senator
  7. Taxes, Transparency, Initiative, Referendum, Recall, Children and More Supported by Legislative Minority
  8. SB2153: Follow the Tax Credit Money
  9. SB 2169: GE Tax Cut Would Help Working Families and the Poor
  10. Another $19.1M CIP for HHSC Hospitals
  11. Reagan Dinner Attracts Sellout Crowd
  12. Today's Legislative Agenda
  13. Only 3,614 Sign up for Hawaii Health Exchange
  14. Federal judge to rule in Honolulu rail case ‘as soon as I can’
  15. Pre-K Initiative Requires $50M/year
  16. Star-Adv: Reject DHHL's arrogant, shameful bid for secrecy
  17. Bill Would Exempt OHA Board from Open Meetings Law
  18. OHA renews push to lift ban on residential development
  19. What Should Lawmakers Do With Hawaii's Development Authority?
  20. Three Bills: Will Hawaii Lawmakers Pass the Charter Schools Test?
  21. Hu Honua Bioenergy replaces Hawaiian Dredging as contractor
  22. Keeping pot, gaming illegal is police chief's plan
  23. Blame Game: Sen English points finger at cops for enforcing his cellphone law
  24. HB1804: Lawmakers advance bill that would criminalize lying to police
  25. Health Savings Accounts to be Promoted for Hawaii LTC Savings
  26. Sierra Club Attacks HC&S Biomass Facility
  27. HB2226: West Hawaii Reps Attack Small Business
  28. Guilty plea expected in 200K Hawaii welfare fraud case
  29. Could this be the solution to America's probation problem?
  30. Niihau County?
  31. Pastor sues Maui County over religious pamphlets distribution
  32. Contractor warning came 5 months before brakes failed on ZipperLane
  33. Hawaii in World War II was civil rights black hole
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Thursday, February 6, 2014
February 6, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:41 PM :: 4291 Views
  1. Schofield Engineers Return from Afghanistan
  2. KOS: Abercrombie Terrible, Vulnerable, Deeply Unpopular–And Headed for Landslide Reelection
  3. Lawsuit Alleges Abuse at Kauai Prison
  4. Bills on their way to becoming laws that promote fiscal transparency
  5. Faleomavaega still missing; American Samoa in legislative Danger
  6. Full Text: Maui Mayor Arakawa State of the County Address
  7. Hanohano Committee Votes to Exempt DHHL from Open Records Laws
  8. Honolulu Risks Losing Millions on Affordable Housing Projects
  9. SB2728: Sen English Behind Unconstitutional Grab for title to Hawaii Roads, Trails
  10. Will Hawaii Go To Pot – Or What?
  11. Estimated Water billing Down to 3,000 per Month
  12. Lawmakers to debate bills aimed at Hawaii Community Development Authority
  13. OHA pledges not to build condos on Kewalo Basin waterfront
  14. Tax relief brewing
  15. HB1999: Pretend to Protect ratepayers
  16. Victims of Solar Scammers Blame HECO
  17. Honolulu solar PV industry showing mixed signs so far this year
  18. SB2924: Let Public Utilities Commission Keep More Special Fund Money
  19. Higher Athletic Fees Coming? $2 million shortfall forecast for sports
  20. HB2454: GMO regulation task force bill moving in Senate
  21. SB2433: Anti-GMO Activists Cheer Effort to Harass Farmers Market Vendors
  22. HB2022: Enviros Harass Restaurants over Styrofoam Again
  23. HPD sergeant facing demotion for confrontation with Occupiers caught on video
  24. Automatic jail time proposed for repeat car break-in thieves
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014
February 5, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:03 PM :: 3944 Views
  1. Hawaii Shippers Council testifies to Puerto Rico Senate in support Jones Act reform
  2. UHPA Files 'Prohibited Practice' Charges Against UH Administration
  3. "You Brainwashed Me": Victim Confronts Alleged Homosexual Child Molester
  4. Lloyd Lim: A Theory of Business Regulation
  5. Ten Steps for a Market-Oriented Health Care System
  6. Services scheduled for fallen Kapolei soldier
  7. DoE Announces New Review of Pono Choices Curriculum
  8. Green Energy Scammers Angered by Abercrombie's Refusal to Sign 242 pages of Rules Which Would Force Gasoline and Electricity Prices Even Higher
  9. PV systems eat into HECO sales, but not Profits
  10. Matayoshi Reward for Imposing Gay Agenda: $250K/year
  11. SB2837 Would Expand Secrecy of DHHL Leases
  12. Child protective cases to stay closed
  13. Bid to Override County GMO Restrictions Is Dead — for Now
  14. Biotech-Aided Farming Should Not Be a Crime
  15. Kihei Charter School plans new $21M campus as Maui awaits start on state’s $130M public high school
  16. Oil Export Debate Renews Fight Over Protections for U.S. Shipping
  17. Big Cable: PUC Holds Non-Disclosed Legislative Briefing
  18. Hawaii may nudge its people to save early for care
  19. Hawaii County to Issue New RFP for Waste to Energy
  20. Proposed drone regulations draw fire from Users
  21. Hawaii County police probe death of man in custody
  22. SB2591: Can Misconduct Bill 'Validate' Public Trust in Hawaii Police?
  23. Violations at federal building where employees claim mold is causing serious illness
  24. Hilo Bay: Shark Gobbles Up Delicious Turtle in Front of Startled Tourists
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014
February 4, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 9:16 PM :: 3938 Views
  1. Bitter Abercrombie Bickers With 'Irresponsible' Legislators over CAFR Credit
  2. Gallup: Hawaii Liberals Outnumber Conservatives by Paltry 0.7%
  3. HI lawmaker renews fight to end or revise controversial sex ed program
  4. UHERO: Hawaii's minimum wage, poverty, and job creation
  5. Lagging Health Connector Launches New Ad Buy
  6. In Search of the Glass Ceiling: Deciphering Data on Gender and Wages
  7. DOE reports on school year and instructional time
  8. Hawaiian Electric deactivates Honolulu Power Plant
  9. HB452: Hawaii House Unanimously Passes Election Fraud Bill
  10. Multiple Gun-Related Bills to be Heard in state Senate Committee Today
  11. Rep Thielen Pushes Hemp Legalization
  12. Today's Legislative Agenda
  13. Cronies give Caldwell $449K, 2nd only to The Abercrombie
  14. Caldwell Pushes Massive GE Tax Hike
  15. HB1999 Challenges HECO Monopoly
  16. Good News: House Panel Defers Child Molester Protection Bill
  17. SB110 to Protect Agriculture from Anti-GMO Lunatics?
  18. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia's Surprising Advice for UH Law Students
  19. Atheist Trash to Re-File Lawsuit Against Churches
  20. Sen. Chun Oakland Seeks $220M for Affordable Housing
  21. Honolulu Councilman Wants To End State Control Of Kakaako Development
  22. More coordination with state urged for rail planning
  23. PUC Quietly Moves on Solar Permit Rules
  24. Funding for cooler schools advances
  25. Star-Adv: Lift secrecy veil on child-abuse proceedings
  26. State places Kaneohe preschool on 'probation'
  27. The Jones Act is an ‘expensive luxury’
  28. Hawaii Supreme Court rejects sovereignty defense
  29. Union complaint delays UH smoking ban
  30. Bills aim to help homeless into private homes, Kick Smokers out of Public Housing
  31. Hu Honua faces nearly $37M in liens
Read More..
Monday, February 3, 2014
February 3, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:37 PM :: 3264 Views
  1. Candidate Filing Opens Monday Feb. 3
  2. Hawaii Republicans are active and working hard for a better Hawaii
  3. LIUNA, UniteHere 'Bitterly Disappointed' With Obamacare
  4. WaPo: Hanabusa is 4th Biggest Loser in Politics
  5. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted February 3, 2014
  6. Today's Legislative Agenda
  7. Stop Rail Suit will be heard Thursday
  8. Secret Document:  'Decoupling' Costs Rate Payers $161 per Year
  9. Usual Crooks, Cronies Top List of Abercrombie Max Donors
  10. Big Turnout for GOP Caucuses
  11. Mental health cuts linked to violence
  12. Bill would open child abuse hearings
  13. Bill would allow undocumented residents to acquire driver’s license
  14. Fruitful Lessons From Papayas to Oranges
  15. Predictable: Kauai Activists begin Attacking Dairy Farm Proposal
  16. SB2938 Calls For County Online Registration of Firearms
  17. Star-Adv: Use Solar, Batteries to cool schools
  18. Surfer girls, Philadelphia freedom and newbuilding finance
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Sunday, February 2, 2014
February 2, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:23 PM :: 4301 Views
  1. Anti-GMO Activists Claim Kauai Mayor’s Office has been Legally Vacant since 2010
  2. Regressive Taxes: State Hypocrisy on Minimum Wage
  3. Feb 4-5: Pono Choices or Poor Choices?
  4. Faleomavaega on Hillary’s Hit List?
  5. I Need a Gun, Mommy, but I won't use it (now)
  6. ACU Chair Al Cardenas to Speak at Maui TEA Party Event
  7. Caldwell announces new economic development team
  8. Living History Day: USS Missouri Celebrates Double Anniversary
  9. Kim vs Chang in CD1 Money Race
  10. Only the law blocks OHA from makai development
  11. Star-Adv: Don't throw out HCDA
  12. Bills Would Create State Groups to Advise Honolulu’s Transit-Oriented Development
  13. Ige, Abercrombie Maneuver over GMOs
  14. Farmers are the 1 percent we need
  15. Maui Fund Race, Carroll, Ing, Woodson, Cochran Short on Campaign Funds
  16. This Week's Attractions at the Legislature
  17. SB2344: Trans-Agency Climate Change Council to Rule Your Life
  18. HB1684: Popular manta ray dives may see strict regulations
  19. Housing comes first: A Proven Way to Help the Homeless
  20. A new probation program in Hawaii beats the statistics
  21. Slim, casual memoir offers enriching look at late judge
  22. Solar panel installations push electric utilities to the brink
  23. DoH, Cane not Corn top User of Atrazine
  24. Scammers impersonating deputy sheriffs, state warns
  25. 2nd Tranny Convicted of Manslaughter in buttocks-injection trial
  26. Families Make Up 69 Percent of Hawaii Households
Read More..
Saturday, February 1, 2014
February 1, 2014 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:24 PM :: 3955 Views
  1. Sen. Sam Slom Introduces Legislative Package
  2. Marijuana Group Poll Shows More Support for Legalization
  3. Bird Group: Survey Shows 90% in Hawaii Want Cat Control
  4. Fundrace: Abercrombie $533K, Ige $56K
  5. SB3088: Big Cable to Service Wasteful Offshore Wind Farms
  6. Grabbing for TAT, Mayors Push GE Tax Hike
  7. HSTA Rejects Bills to lengthen school year, set instructional hours
  8. OHA pursues plan to double revenue from Kakaako land
  9. HB1654: More Administrators to Administrate the Administration
  10. Lobbying filings offer look at cost of gay-marriage fight as Legislators Continue to Seek Retaliation
  11. Sierra Club Joins Anti-GMO Whackos on Maui
  12. Health Dep't: Supermarkets Responsible for Cleanliness of Customers Dirty Reusable Bags
  13. IAC: Judge Hara Should Have Recused Himself
  14. Couple faces $15K fine for turning mill into residence
  15. SB234 Iwi reburial bill riles Native Hawaiians
  16. Foundation Headed by Chicagoans taking bids for Obama library
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