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Thursday, February 28, 2013
February 28, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:22 PM :: 5072 Views
  1. Sequestration Scare Tactics: Caldwell Administration Threatens Sec 8 Housing Evictions
  2. Solar Scammers Pleased by SB623: Extends Solar Tax Credit Giveaway
  3. Pine Announces Improved Leeward Bus Routes
  4. Mad Money Video: Jim Cramer Rips Jones Act
  5. Peg Legs and Eye Patches - Ninth Circuit Wades Into Piracy
  6. Status Of Appeal Of Land Use Commission’s Koa Ridge Approval
  7. Gallup: Hawaii Again Tops Nation in Well-Being
  8. Woodward at War
  9. Rep Hanohano Launches Racist Tirade
  10. Senate Ctte Advances Minimum Wage, HHSC Privatization, Gun Control, Abercrombie Preschool, Film Tax Credits
  11. HB1149 Would Require Windfarm Decommissioning Plan
  12. Star-Adv: We’ll Take Same-Day Registration
  13. SB286 Count Every Person for Apportionment, Moves to Full Senate
  14. Hawaii government technology stuck in time warp
  15. DoE: The Numbers Don’t Lie (But HSTA Member Does) 
  16. UHPA Dumps NEA in Slap at HSTA
  17. Pension Debt May Damage Hawaii Bond Ratings
  18. What The Police Commission Isn't Doing About Misconduct
  19. Proposal could extend benefits to Age 21 for foster children
  20. EPA Sues Over Waimanlo Gulch, City ‘Will Not Pay’
  21. Tow company still overcharging motorists
  22. Senate Committee Moves Turtle Bay Purchase Bill
  23. Star-Adv Parent Removes Last Printing Press From Kauai
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013
February 27, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:26 PM :: 9931 Views
  1. Hawaii Welfare Recipients 2nd Healthiest in US: 75% Not Disabled
  2. Hawaii Nursing Homes Ranked by US News
  3. AECOM Scores $43.9M Rail Contract
  4. Politico: Is President Obama Telling the Truth about Sequestration?
  5. Omidyar Plan to Develop Hanalei Advances on Kauai
  6. Legislative Crossover Next Week
  7. PLDC Redux: DelaCruz, Solomon Playing Same Legislative Games
  8. Abercrombie: “Will Continue to Impose Contract”, Claims Teachers Agreed to Last Best Final Offer
  9. Kipapa Elementary faces more abuse claims
  10. UHPA Quits NEA
  11. Price: Awarding Contracts to Friends is No Big Deal
  12. City DPP Claims No Favoritism for Jeff Stone Hao Street Project
  13. HREA: No Solar Scammers Interested in HECO Offer
  14. Now That Rail is Approved, Repairing Roads is Suddenly Worth the Cost
  15. $1000 Marijuana Fine to be Money-Spinner
  16. 1994: Hawaii Police Union 'Outguns' Students
  17. HB321: Same Day Voter Registration
  18. HB1481 Public Funding for Political Campaigns
  19. House to Consider “Romy Cachola Bill’
  20. Bill to Alter Hawaii's School Bus Contracting Process Advances
  21. New House Leadership Knocks Calvin Say Appointee off Water Commission
  22. HI jail officers shift duties during escape probe
  23. Backlash for Red-Light Cameras Hasn’t Slowed Spread
  24. University of Hawaii criticized for spending money to study itself
  25. Tougher sidewalk bill clears first hurdle
  26. Church will employ homeless on a farm, in Kim Chee factory
  27. Ian Lind: Hawaii Media Doesn’t Attack Military Enough
  28. New York investors want to acquire Hawaii landowner CommonWealth REIT
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013
February 26, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:20 PM :: 4833 Views
  1. The Numbers Don’t Match: Obama vs Harkin on Hawaii Sequester Impact
  2. OHA Offers Cash Prizes for Weight Loss
  3. DoE Cash Rewards for Academic Progress
  4. Designed to Fail? HECO Seeks Green Energy Projects on Oahu
  5. 23 Hawaii Robotics Teams Qualify for VEX World Championships
  6. UHERO: Minimum Wage Hike Unlikely to Help Working Poor
  7. DoE: ‘No Impact’ from Sequester
  8. Non-Profits Have No Idea of Sequestration Effect
  9. Abercrombie Soda Tax Simplistic and Simple-Minded
  10. Solar Scammers Seek Free Reign Over General Fund
  11. Good News: Vote By Mail Bills Nearly Dead
  12. Same-Day Voter Registration on House Judiciary Agenda
  13. Abercrombie Holds $1000/plate DC Fundraiser
  14. DATABASE: A Compilation Of Honolulu Police Misconduct
  15. 1994: UH Student vs. The Police
  16. Settlement over Homosexual Rape Gang at school calls for big changes to campus
  17. Caldwell Left High and Dry as Mattson’s Pick for Corp Counsel Withdraws
  18. DoE: Only Two Schools Meet Requirements for Instructional Time
  19. $260,000 study tackles UH accountability
  20. Pro-American Speakers Will no longer be Censored at Hilo HS, Albertini May not Force his way into Teacher’s Classroom
  21. Farmers, Ranchers Question Federal Takeover of 271,062 Hawaii Acres
  22. HB252 Amends Definition of ‘Qualified Native Hawaiian Constituent’
  23. HB1374: Amend Procurement Code to Hold Contractors Responsible for Past Performance
  24. Bill Would Give Banyan Drive Properties to Hawaii County
  25. Caldwell hopes to smooth Oahu's ragged streets with $150 million for repair work
  26. After Ten Years Obstructing Traffic Lights, Punatics Finally Get their Traffic Circle
  27. Lepeuli, Kauai: Trails and Tribulations
  28. HNN Suckered by Bogus “Road Pollution Filter”
  29. Chevron to Waste Money on Least Cost-Effective Form of Solar
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Monday, February 25, 2013
February 25, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:12 PM :: 4398 Views
  1. Reapportionment: Plaintiffs Attorneys Back SB286
  2. Bill 4 to Create New Honolulu Council Slush Fund?
  3. CIP: $113M New Spending at Airports, Harbors
  4. What the Public Isn’t Being Told About Police Misconduct
  5. Reapportionment: Trade Canoe for Census Base?
  6. HB603: Calvin Say ‘Castle Doctrine’ Bill
  7. A soda tax would hurt business revenues and cause worker layoffs
  8. $5.75 Million Settlement Awarded to Deaf and Blind Students Sexually Assaulted by Gang at Hawaii Public School
  9. Taxpayers Owe $550K After Kids Are Put in ‘House of Horror’ with Sovereignty Activist
  10. Pathways needed to help homeless
  11. Hawaii lawmakers debate geothermal energy proposal
  12. Abercrombie: I Want $20M to Turn the Bourgeoisie into Welfare Queens
  13. Whale Worshippers Hit Whales, Then Demand Ferry Slow Down
  14. Caldwell: Five-year plan for Potholes
  15. Foreclosure law has Hawaii homeowners associations covering maintenance costs
  16. Transportation and Economy
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Sunday, February 24, 2013
February 24, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 10:02 AM :: 4549 Views
  1. Just a Vicious Circle, Higher Minimum Wage, Higher Prices
  2. Bob Woodward: Sequester Was Obama's Idea
  3. Even lipstick can’t disguise PLDC look-alike proposals
  4. PLDC Staff Kept on Payroll Awaiting New Role
  5. Fear Monger Abercrombie: 19,000 jobs affected if budget deal isn't reached
  6. Danger: Legislature back from Recess, Begins Voting Again
  7. Poverty: Tax Cut or Minimum Wage Hike?
  8. KSBE Says ‘Investing in keiki is for all our futures’
  9. Kabuki: ACLU, Seitz Preen, 911 Truther Albertini Pretends to Score Victory
  10. Hilo HS Flashback -- Fri Feb 22
  11. After Death of Lifelong Criminal, Family Sues Police
  12. Electric Car Charger Co Claims to Have Two Buyers, Refuses to Name Them
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Saturday, February 23, 2013
February 23, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:56 PM :: 9858 Views
  1. UHERO: Weakening Yen May Cut Tourism
  2. NFIB Small Business Day at the Capitol
  3. Obama Gives Abercrombie $937K to Devise System to Force Doctors into 'Medical Homes'
  4. DBEDT Releases Economic Projections
  5. DoE Changes Student Assessment Tests Again
  6. Grassroot Perspective Podcast: Liberty and Movies
  7. Reason: Former Gov. Ben Cayetano on Hawaii's Fiscal Mess and Stupid Rail Plan
  8. BoE: Releases Fiscal Reports from 2012
  9. State Auditor: Releases Annual Report for 2012
  10. WCCC Prison Guard Allegedly Part of 400lb California-Hawaii Meth Ring
  11. Prison guards might face physical fitness tests
  12. Federal cuts forecast to slow isle economy
  13. Federal officials warn of likely flight delays if spending cuts of $1.2 trillion kick in
  14. Hawaii Naval forces could lose billions to sequester
  15. Bill to ban imposed worker contracts deferred
  16. Window is closing on Luddites’ ability to require labeling of GMOs
  17. DoH Seeks Profits from Medicated Pot
  18. HB619/HB15: Criminalize Bird Feeding
  19. Towing firm admits struggles
  20. VAWA: National Democrats Use Violence Against Women to Give Tribal Authorities Jurisdiction over Non-Tribal Members
  21. Obama to Have Two Libraries?
  22. Flags to Fly at Half-Staff in Honor of Helene Eleanor Hale
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Friday, February 22, 2013
February 22, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:41 PM :: 4946 Views
  1. SB120: $3.5B Rate Hike and No Natural Gas for Hawaii
  2. Could Soda Tax Shutter Hawaii's Only Can Maker?
  3. Hawaii Foreclosure Relief: 1,468 Homeowners Get $158M Wiped off Books
  4. Did murder suspect have help escaping?
  5. Chevron: We’re Staying, But Prices are Going Up
  6. Danger: Senate Ways and Means Moves 70 Bills
  7. Solar Loans to Help Scammers Make Out Big
  8. Snow, Wind Rail Lash Isles as Global Cooling Intensifies
  9. MRC Greenwood: I’m Gone in 2015
  10. HB713: Will Block Police from Investigating Applicants
  11. After Decades, Hilo Teachers, Parents Tired of Albertini’s BS, Tell Surrender Monkeys to get new Spokesman
  12. With American Military on Decline, Time to Focus on Gay Sex
  13. Regents Flatter Themselves Seven Illegals Get Discount Tuition so BoR can “Do the Right Thing”
  14. Abercrombie Fails on Elevator Inspections
  15. Hawaii Supreme Court hears Sunshine Law case: Kanahele v. Maui County
  16. Union Power Ensures Hawaii Has Hefty Government Labor Force
  17. Star-Adv: Allow limited-service hotels
  18. Defense Witnesses in Jimmy Pflueger's Federal Tax Fraud Trial Include Well Known Politicians
  19. Hawaii Appeals to be UAV Test Site
  20. Intelligence: North Korea set to conduct intermediate-range missile test
  21. Anti-GMO Activists Vandalize Kauai Roads
  22. Kawamoto Houses Used for Crack, Meth


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Thursday, February 21, 2013
February 21, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:35 PM :: 4847 Views
  1. Heritage: Protectionist Jones Act Harms Puerto Ricans
  2. Upcoming Event: The PLDC and Property Rights in Hawaii
  3. Washington Legislator to Address Maui TEA Party
  4. Long Lines to Vote? Not for the Vast Majority of Americans
  5. Only 11.4% of DoE Graduates Score on AP Exam
  6. Impeach Hawaii's Governor? State Senate Establishes Causes
  7. 61% Raise on Tap? State leader pay to jump double-digits; next round of raises drafted
  8. NYT: Hawaii Democratic Senate Primary ‘Could be Competitive’
  9. Sheriff: Proper Procedures Not Followed With Escapee
  10. Star-Adv: AG Louie Should Hound Greenwood from Office 
  11. 19,000 Hawaii Defense Workers At Risk Of Being Furloughed
  12. Surfeit of myths complicates teacher contract negotiations
  13. Hawaii DOE Not Spending Race To The Top Money Fast Enough
  14. Legislature votes 23-1 to Protect Child Molesters
  15. Homeless Industry Wins Control of Waikiki
  16. Abercrombie Administration Cuts Deaf Services, then Lies About it
  17. Local 5 Blocks Limited Service Hotel Construction Bill
  18. 7 Caldwell cabinet appointees approved by Council
  19. Court Blocks Greens’ Challenge to Rep. Say’s Residency
  20. Which Ethics Director To Believe?
  21. Are Hawaii Schools Doing Enough to Prevent Youth Sports Concussions?
  22. Honolulu to be Inundated by Global Worming—NOT!
  23. Greenfellas: The Italian Mafia Muscles In On Green Energy Racket
  24. Will Chinese Communists Close Slave Labor Camps?
  25. Ex-Con, Felon, 9-11 Truther Relays Third-Hand Account of ‘Threats’
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013
February 20, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:35 PM :: 6486 Views
  1. Holy Paparazzi! Molokai Mocks Steven Tyler Act, Sen English
  2. Governor Excludes Union from Refinery Task Force
  3. Former DPP Head Running Controversial Wailupe Valley Project
  4. Prosperity? Hawaii Congressional Delegation Scores Zero
  5. Can Vote-By-Mail Fix Those Long Lines At The Polls?
  6. Hawaii Congressional Delegation: How They Voted February 19, 2013
  7. AARP Opposes Chained CPI as Threat to Veterans Benefits
  8. SB69: Hearing Feb 20 for Extremist Anti-Gun Measure
  9. Repeal the Jones Act, Reduce the Price of Gasoline
  10. Hospitals Chase Medicare Performance-Based Bonuses
  11. Secret U.S. military flights carried officials, equipment to N. Korea
  12. Schatz: Obama Administration May Recognize Akaka Tribe Without Congress
  13. Double-Digit Pay hikes weighed for politicians, appointees
  14. Shapiro: All-mail voting needs fraud insurance
  15. SB 707: Senate Unanimously Repeals PLDC
  16. Settlement Prelim OK in Homosexual Rape Gang Case at Blind-Deaf School
  17. Kim to Gays: “This is a Democracy, Everyone Has the Right to Propose Legislation”
  18. Perreira: Tesoro refinery closure will Mean Higher Prices, Energy Crunch
  19. Furloughs hit more than 100 at Schofield
  20. 3 hour airport security waits under sequester
  21. Star-Adv: Tents and sidewalks don't mix
  22. HPD officer investigated for 'pepper pellets' incident caught on camera
  23. Property Forfeiture bill advances
  24. State might OK red-light cameras
  25. New take on city park law OKs vendors at festivals
  26. Board of Education Spurs DOE Officials To Fix School Bus Program Faster
  27. Charter School Employee Challenges Status as State Employee, Ethics Fine
  28. UH might tighten reins on its execs’ sabbaticals
  29. Advocates Suddenly Find 293 More Illegal immigrants Who might qualify for in-state tuition
  30. Show Us The Money: Bill Calls For Early Financial Disclosure
  31. Will Local Taxation Drive Gasoline Above $5.00 Per Gallon As A Norm?
  32. Workboat Magazine LTE: Jones Act Reform
  33. Lawsuit: Was SSgt Killed by Defective Mortar Round?
  34. Hawaii Happiest State in USA
  35. Army seeks community input for marine study
  36. 2013 VEX PAN PACIFIC Information
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Letters to the Editor, February, 2013
By Letters to the Editor @ 7:16 PM :: 10886 Views

Former DPP Head Running Controversial Wailupe Valley Project

HB1357 / SB1343 Limit Development to Freeway Capacity

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013
February 19, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:04 PM :: 4815 Views
  1. Gays Threaten Expulsion of 11 Democrat Legislators
  2. Mitsunaga Names Names, Slams UH for Favoritism Towards Kobayashi
  3. Lingle: Hawaii Republican Party is Thriving
  4. Wells Fargo: Hawaii to be Hardest Hit by Defense Cuts
  5. Bipartisan Bills present opportunity for Hawaii Jones Act LNG Ship Exemption
  6. $45B Project: Alaska Plans 800 Mile LNG Pipeline
  7. Residences at Aina Haina: Jeff Stone's Plans in Wailupe Valley Opposed
  8. Six States Consider Assisted Suicide
  9. HawaiiFreePress: 20,001 Tweets -- 5,001 Followers
  10. Navy Saves $35M By Cancelling Pearl Harbor Work
  11. Looking for Campaign Cash, Schatz names executives as ‘community liaisons’ for Senate office
  12. Heenan: Akaka Should Have Left in 2006
  13. UH researchers and solar industry lobbyists duke it out over tax credits
  14. HB856/SB1087 State Loan Giveaways for Solar, Wind Scammers
  15. CB: Bills at the Legislature Feb 19
  16. In Swipe at HSTA, UHPA to Vote on Leaving NEA
  17. With more retirees, EUTF becomes a ticking time bomb
  18. USA Today: Hawaii should walk away from Steven Tyler Act
  19. State Shuts Down Dozens of Small Businesses
  20. Star-Adv: Don’t Give Granma a Free Ride, We Need the Money for Rail
  21. Should Hawaii Residents Filing Their Taxes Online Pay an Extra Fee?
  22. $200,000 County Gun Buy Back Program is Bad Deal for Taxpayers
  23. More Funds Needed for Long term Care for Mentally Ill Homeless
  24. Kaiser workers: “A Strike is very Likely”
  25. James Pflueger, One of Hawaii's Wealthiest Residents, is on Trial for Tax Fraud After Hiding Assets in Switzerland
  26. North Korea Plans More Nuclear Tests
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Monday, February 18, 2013
February 18, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:58 PM :: 4507 Views
  1. Do Property Rights Matter When the Environment is Going to Hell in a Handbasket?
  2. Dallas police-fire pension fund has $Multi-Million bet on Hawaii real estate
  3. Health Insurance Exchanges Create State Problems
  4. Micronesia: Waa'gey Planning & Partnership Tour a Success
  5. HCDA Lets Building Sit Empty 14 years over Botched Flooring Job
  6. Star-Adv: Stop Putting so Many Drug Dealers in Prison
  7. Defense lobbyists say cliff now unavoidable
  8. Enviros: Bag Tax? Conveyance Tax? We’ll Take Both
  9. $8.4B Short? ERS' new leader confident fund will meet obligations
  10. Care Home Industry Pressures Lawmakers to Weaken Inspections Bill
  11. After 10 years, Home-school bill on hold again
  12. Kona: UH seeks to save cash by trimming some work at West Hawaii campus
  13. Public land sought for artists’ lofts
  14. Italy makes 'Mafia' arrests over Sicily wind farms
  15. 9-11 Trooother Claims Academic Freedom to Take Over Military Mom’s Library
  16. Scoop the nuts: Mentally ill roundup plan after train pushes
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Sunday, February 17, 2013
February 17, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 10:22 AM :: 5487 Views
  1. Jerking the Hotel Industry Around, You Can’t Trust Lawmakers
  2. Methadone, Soma: City, State, Josh Green to Split the Profits with Pill Mills under SB876
  3. PLDC Under New Name: Hawaii lawmakers push school land development
  4. HSTA Members Push for 25% Increase in GE Tax
  5. While Legal Immigrants Wait, Activists Move Illegals to Front of Line
  6. UH Finds only SEVEN Illegals Among Student Body
  7. Shapiro: Politicos try to go green but keep losing track of it
  8. ACLU Working to Ensure Honolulu Homeless Stay Homeless
  9. Clarify rules on activities at Oahu's beach parks
  10. Poll: 20% of Oahu Residents are Feeding Strange Cats
  11. A List of Places to Name After Inouye
  12. Mainland Gays, Star-Adv  Use Jim Nabors to Legitimatize Gay ‘Marriage’
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Saturday, February 16, 2013
February 16, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:56 PM :: 4804 Views
  1. Russian Nuclear Bombers Circle Guam
  2. 421 Candidates Register for Honolulu Neighborhood Board Elections
  3. NRA: Hawaii Anti-Gun Bills on the Move
  4. Consumer Freedom: Taxes Shouldn't be a Tool for Social Engineering
  5. Transparency: Hawaii State, County Websites Score Mixed Reviews
  6. Grassroot Perspective Podcast: Celebrity, Steven Tyler, & the 1st Amendment
  7. Bills Introduced to Cut Sugar Subsidies
  8. Trafficked Thai Workers' Dreams Become Nightmares
  9. New PLDC: Bill To Develop School Lands Clears Hawaii House Committees
  10. Star-Adv: Hospitals deal promising but tread carefully
  11. HB721 Mandates Insurance Coverage for Autism
  12. Abuse of Disabled Girl: Mililani DoE school faces new allegation
  13. SB932 May Cause Mentally Ill to Refuse Treatment
  14. SB223 calls on candidates to prove political affiliation
  15. Sequester will impact DOD's civilian workforce
  16. Gabbard Thinks Women Should Be Part Of Military Draft
  17. Raising the Minimum Wage – Truth and Consequences
  18. Al-Jazeera Cheers Kauai Anti-GMO Protesters
  19. BWS new billing system brings added cost
  20. Judge: Internet commenter can stay anonymous
  21. ‘Selfish’ Attorney Robert Kim Reprimanded for ‘False Statements’, ‘Deception’
  22. Young Brothers asks Hawaii regulators to OK rate Hike plan
  23. Hawaii Supreme Court to decide if state bodies can avoid public notice by repeated recesses
  24. Sunshine Law is brighter on Kaua‘i
  25. Soft on Crime: 65 arrests, 22 convictions Caught Selling Drugs at Age 77
  26. Senate committee OKs Watson as U.S. district judge for Hawaii
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Friday, February 15, 2013
February 15, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:47 PM :: 8770 Views
  1. KOS: Hanabusa Underperformed Obama the Most for any Incumbent in USA
  2. Gallup: 5% of Hawaii Residents Gay
  3. UHERO: Weakening Japanese Yen Will Cap Tourism Growth
  4. State Launches New Teen-Focused Obesity Prevention Campaign
  5. OIP: "Obvious Problems" with UIPA Records
  6. Recall: Organic Spinach Sold in Hawaii Tainted with Hemorrhagic E Coli
  7. “Damned Sellout” Mililani Trask Defends PLDC
  8. SB215 Creates “Public-Private Partnership Authority” to Replace PLDC
  9. Hawaii House votes to repeal public land agency
  10. Banner Health getting closer to a deal with state hospitals
  11. HB1027: Bill Aims To Prevent Candidates From 'Helping' Voters Fill Out Ballots
  12. Abercrombie Uses $275K in State Money to Push Soda Tax Hike
  13. SB120: “Could Lead to Rate Hikes”
  14. HB506: Reneges on Every Building Contract in the State
  15. Mainland Gays: It’s Not Over in the Aloha State
  16. SA: Reject HB399,  Leave sex ed to DOE control
  17. Broken Trust Figure Rockne Freitas nominated to be UH West Oahu chancellor
  18. Hawaii House passes watered-down shield law
  19. Legislators Suck Up to Celebs
  20. Hawaii lawmakers explore more tax breaks for films
  21. Obama Early Education Scheme Echoes Abercrombie
  22. KHON: Security breaches by public agencies
  23. Feds Bust Alleged Online Bookie, Lawyer Hints at Release of Client List
  24. Eco-Faddist Caught in Lie -- Claims She Isn’t Trying to Destroy Fishing Industry
  25. 2 bills would rid sidewalks of tents
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Thursday, February 14, 2013
February 14, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:36 PM :: 4911 Views
  1. HART Becomes Nervous After Arrest of Rail Contractor CEO
  2. Audit: DoE Burns $150M/year on Construction and Maintenance, Tosses Records in Trash
  3. Audit: Teachers Stealing Cash Fees Collected at Adult Schools
  4. Historic Preservation Division Offers Feds a Laundry List of Excuses
  5. Antolini vs Callies: Moon Court Favored Public Participation, not Environmentalists
  6. Beverage Tax Heads to Senate Ways and Means Committee
  7. For the First Time Satellite Tracking Used to Knock Down Missile
  8. Jones Act shackles Puerto Rico; No Jones Act frees Jamaica to grow its economy
  9. What’s Wrong with Pay for Performance?
  10. Crooks, Cronies among donors to Caldwell's transition committee
  11. Ethics agenda: Mayor Caldwell's donor fund
  12. Senate Panel Mandates HGEA, UPW Control, Advances bill that would allow hospital takeover
  13. State's pension fund falls short $8.4 billion
  14. Anti-rail group will appeal federal court decision
  15. Soda Tax: Government is not a substitute for responsible parenting
  16. HB399: Mandate New Gay Sex Education Curriculum in DoE
  17. BoE Agenda Tuesday, February 19, 2013
  18. Hawaii Senate committee pushes forward wage hike
  19. Higher Ed Committees Come Down Hard on UH
  20. PLDC Stain Spreads to Other Abercrombie Initiatives
  21. Lanai wind farm opponents take their case to lawmakers
  22. GM Labeling Bill Facilitates Fear Mongers
  23. Star Adv: Lack of Gay Marriage Will Destroy Tourism Industry LOL!
  24. Pupus and Politics: It's That Time of Year at the Hawaii Capitol
  25. Crackdown on local vendors
  26. Pflueger Cheated on Taxes to Pay for Kaloko Manslaughter Defense, Los Angeles CPA testifies
  27. SB358: Post Adult Care Home Inspection Reports Online
  28. Ethics controversy a standoff between current and former ethics directors
  29. Jeff Stone Development Scheme Causes Anger in Aina Haina
  30. Worst roads: State embarks on projects to resurface highways and freeways
  31. HB66: Don’t Release DUI Suspects Until Sober
  32. Star-Adv: Obama's goals match Hawaii's
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013
February 13, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:21 PM :: 4303 Views
  1. UHERO: Solar Tax Credits Could Cost $1.4B
  2. Grassroots Training for Hawaii Conservatives--Sign Up Here
  3. Full Text: State of the Union Address
  4. Full Text: Sen. Marco Rubio Response to State of the Union
  5. Electric Rates Punish EVs
  6. Green: Soda tax is ‘the right thing to do’
  7. Star-Adv: $92M -- Cafeteria improvements long overdue
  8. Commercial Beach Ban Kills Non-Profit Events
  9. Are Hawaii Lawmakers Protecting A Lobbyist From the Ethics Code?
  10. University Officials Find It Hard to Break Habit of Secrecy
  11. Telescope: Sovereignty Activists Organize Circus, Demand Rent Money
  12. Abandon Democracy to Fill Potholes?
  13. Landlord may levy excise tax if bill is a business expense
  14. Pflueger’s financial problems cited in his tax evasion trial
  15. Student surveys can help evaluate teacher effectiveness
  16. Don't let at-risk youth slip between the cracks
  17. 9-Year-Old Jessica Lunsford - Murdered By a Repeat Sex Offender - Inspires Lawmakers in Hawaii to Introduce Tougher Legislation
  18. Bill Legalizing Marijuana in Hawaii Dead For Session
  19. Hawaii Lawmakers Consider Tougher Penalties for Soliciting Child Prostitutes
  20. HB343: Bill clarifies gambling laws to cover 'sweepstakes' machines
  21. HB533: Fly Homeless Back to Mainland
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013
February 12, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:51 PM :: 4900 Views
  1. HFF: What's Happening at the Legislature
  2. Hawaii Teacher Absenteeism 2nd-Worst in USA
  3. Hawaii Teacher Absenteeism: How Did Your School Do?
  4. RTTT: Hawaii DoE Wins Partial Removal of 'High Risk' Status
  5. Ethics: Charter School Employee Fined $10K
  6. Gallup: Alaska, Hawaii Follow D.C. in Highest Gov't Employment
  7. Selection Committee Releases Names of UH Regent Nominees
  8. Bishop Silva Reacts to Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI
  9. NYT Editorial: Steven Tyler Act 'Boneheaded'
  10. Seismic Activity May Indicate North Korean Nuclear Test
  11. Hawaii Congressional Delegation: How They Voted February 11, 2013
  12. Legalization of gay marriage appears stalled for session
  13. Limp: Mainland Gays Miffed at Failure to Penetrate Legislature
  14. Senators Question Use of Taxes as Behavior Modification
  15. Senate committee approves soda fee
  16. House, Senate Committees Vote for Repeal of PLDC
  17. House Takes Lead On Gov’s Bill To Develop School Lands
  18. OHA Pitch to US Congress: Not One Word About the Akaka Bill
  19. Abercrombie administration relying on threats rather than persuasion?
  20. HSTA Teacher; All Hawaii’s Education Problems Created by Evaluations
  21. Hirono: Military cuts could affect Hawaii tourism
  22. Department of Defense Announces Nomination of 4 Star General to Head Pacific Command
  23. Hearing Scheduled For Casino, Shipboard Gaming Bills
  24. State pension fund rises to $11.9 billion
  25. Luddites Target Seed Industry Water Supplies
  26. Goodfellow Bros. cutting 100 jobs after Hawaii agency shoots down Maui mega-mall
  27. Genshiro Kawamoto’s derelict properties trigger new legislation
  28. State lets tow firm off the hook in fraud claims
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Monday, February 11, 2013
February 11, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:12 PM :: 5361 Views
  1. 292 Candidates Register for Honolulu Neighborhood Board Elections—Deadline Friday
  2. The First Amendment Is a Sweet Emotion
  3. Chief Justice Delivers State of Judiciary through Social Media and Releases Strategic Plan
  4. Gun Control? Hawaii Does Not Comply With Existing Background Checks
  5. Mainland Gays Lobby Legislature to Change Family Structure
  6. Soda Tax to Steal $37M from Local Consumers
  7. Audit: School Cafeteria Staffing Based on 48-year old Formula
  8. Hawaii Fishermen in Uproar About Cascade of Environmental Protections
  9. TMT hearing set for Tuesday
  10. LUC converts one third of Grove Farm lands into IAL
  11. SB693: Install Red Light Traffic Cameras
  12. HB980: Ban Use Of Electronic Mobile Devices In Cars
  13. SA: Use audit to find DMV's problems
  14. Neighborhood Commissioner Fined $57K for Hoarding, Illegal Dumping
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Sunday, February 10, 2013
February 10, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:24 PM :: 5930 Views
  1. Bribery, Blackmail: Louie, Coppa Secretly Recorded Offering to Trade Away Investigation, Buy Silence from DHHL Exec
  2. Caldwell Announces Mattson's Cabinet Picks
  3. Sen Thielen’s PLDC Repeal Bill Gutted and Replaced With ‘Recreational Renaissance’
  4. Just Which Programs To Cut?
  5. Legislature Blowing Chance to Save HHSC from Complete Collapse
  6. How HMC Collapse Claimed One Life—And How Health Exchange Will Claim More
  7. HSTA: Preschool Voucher bill a threat to public schools
  8. Abercrombie at PLDC Hearing: There’s Gold in Them Thar Schools!
  9. ‘PBF Fees’ on Your Electric Bill to be Tapped to Pay for ‘On Bill Financing’
  10. Hawaii legislative preview: Marijuana, human trafficking, sugary drinks, PLDC all agenda
  11. Lawmakers dig into privacy, money matters and poop
  12. HB673: Walter Ritte Wants Some Money, So House Votes to Squeeze Agriculture, Tourism
  13. Steve Case: Hawaii's tech land baron
  14. Killer Gets Five Years after ‘Slipping’
  15. DLNR May Lift Ban on Kealakekua Kayak Rentals Soon
  16. Zoo Must Continue Working to Keep Accreditation
  17. Israeli surfers rescue 8 drowning children in Hawaii
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Saturday, February 9, 2013
February 9, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:03 PM :: 4311 Views
  1. Broken Trust Partners Abercrombie and Levinson Demand Legislature Invent Gay 'Marriage' Now
  2. Audit: UH Skips 'Annual' Employee Evaluations for 15 Years
  3. Suckers: HTA Maneuvered into Supporting Tax Hike On its Own Industry
  4. SLAPP, Love, and Retaliation: Kauai County Attorney Nominee in Court
  5. Grassroot Perspective Podcast: Obesity, the Soda Tax, and the Nanny-State
  6. Lawmakers poised to renege on tax promises
  7. Report: Hawai‘i trails Far behind other states in Medicare benefits
  8. SB1085: Abercrombie Full Court Press for Soda Tax
  9. Senate Committee Kills Teachers’ Labor Board Bill
  10. ‘Occupy’ Teams Up with Quack to Fight Geothermal
  11. HB642: Hawaii lawmaker backs off bill to create a sports task force
  12. PLDC Bills Being Heard Saturday
  13. HS Students: Don’t Legalize Marijuana
  14. Carpenters Cash Continues to Flow to PRP 
  15. Sen. Hee Wants to Limit Tyler Act’s Scope
  16. Senator Tries, Fails to Regulate Airfares
  17. LA Gun Control Nut on Killing Spree Cheered by Progressives
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Friday, February 8, 2013
February 8, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:21 PM :: 5457 Views
  1. North Korea Prepares to Launch Mobile Missile Able to Reach Hawaii
  2. S&P Downgrade Causes HART-Burn: "Less Confident" Buyer will be Found for Ansaldo
  3. HB497: Extends Solar Tax Credit Giveaway for a Few More Years
  4. Keeping involved with Hawaii law-making
  5. Legislators Study Mandatory Long Term Care Insurance Plan
  6. SB639: Big Pharma Opposes Control of Meth Precursor
  7. UHERO: Bag Tax and Conveyance Tax Have Downside
  8. Hanabusa Left out as Maui County Gets Federal 'Smart Growth' Funding
  9. OHA Gravy Train: 148 Non-profits Seek $36M Grant Money
  10. PEW: Hawaii Elections Performance Index Ranks 44th
  11. Governor Appoints Max Otani Deputy Director of Corrections
  12. EPA Releases State Enforcement Performance Information and Comparative Maps
  13. Abercrombie Kicking Democrats Out of Office to Re-launch Gubernatorial campaign
  14. Molokai Big Wind Deal Falls Apart, Ritte Upset
  15. Sovereignty Group Tied to Child Torture Tries to Take Over State Archives, Iolani Palace (Again)
  16. HHSC Privatization Bills Proceed over HGEA Objections
  17. Radcliffe: Prisoners Don’t Want to leave Arizona Prison
  18. Richard Kelley: State wants to raise tax on visitors — what would George Mason say?
  19. Army grids for $175M in isle cuts
  20. Gay Marriage Debate Headed to Honolulu Hale
  21. Honolulu Rail Authority: Archeological Survey Mandated by Court is Done Ahead of Schedule
  22. SB484: Motorcycle helmet Law
  23. Lines spur call for licensing office audit
  24. Tesoro isn’t Even Closed Yet, But Gas Prices Already Rising
  25. HB1363: Solar Scammers Blow Chance at Condos
  26. Preventative Medicine? DoH Drags heels on Supervision of Meth Precursors
  27. Hawaii Health Connector Reports to Legislature
  28. Hawaii Teachers Union Asks Legislature To Force Labor Board’s Hand
  29. Legislators Hijack anti-GMO Bill as Protectionist Move
  30. Alleged ‘Stars’, B-List Has-Beens, Demand Censorship
  31. State says no smoking at public housing
  32. Suicide Squad Pushes Agenda in Hawaii, Other States
  33. Rep. McDermott addresses HB901 - Relating to Solid Waste
  34. Cheape: Labeling of Imported GMO Whole Produce a Good Compromise
  35. Hawaii to Host International VEX Tournament This Month
  36. Celebrating 40 Years As A Free Man
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Thursday, February 7, 2013
February 7, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:17 PM :: 5020 Views
  1. NRA: Deeply Flawed Hawaii Mental Health Bill to be Heard Friday
  2. World Economic Forum: Reform Jones Act to Grow Economy
  3. Dojo Mystic Ousted From City Administration
  4. Keaau K-8: Nearly 1,000 students assigned digital devices
  5. SB465 “Tramples on First Amendment”
  6. Public Charter School Commission names director
  7. Geothermal development proposal prompts behind-the-scenes flap at OHA
  8. Legislator Demands Answers from DoTax
  9. Mainland Gay Activists Wave Money Around—Can $2M Buy Gay ’Marriage’?
  10. Movers, Shakers Give Big To Gov's Re-Election, But Labor Support Soft
  11. DHHL nod withstands accusation
  12. Sugary drink tax draws mixed response
  13. HSTA Shills Demand Poor Hand Over $1B in GE Tax Hike: Claim DoE Has ‘Cut Every Ounce of Fat’ from Budget
  14. Legislature Hears Bills to Clean Up School Bus Contract Waste
  15. HSTA Angered by its Inability to Stack Teacher Evaluation Commission
  16. HSTA Tax Hike Signwave at Capitol
  17. Hawaii State Library Website Back Up After Forgetting to Renew Internet Domain
  18. Unfunded Liabilities are Putting Hawaii Taxpayers in Dire Financial State
  19. Counties Demand Cut of Abercrombie’s TAT Hike
  20. College of Pharmacy could be in danger of losing accreditation
  21. UH Vendors Go Unpaid for 120 Days
  22. Star-Adv: Anti-paparazzi bill goes too far
  23. Kaiser: Closing Urgent Care Facility Means Better Care
  24. Greenwood Confused About Which Telescope
  25. High Utility Bills Drive Restaurant out of Business
  26. Electric Car Charging Station Builder Collects Stimulus Funds, Walks Away Laughing
  27. Politically Connected Developer hopes to open Kakaako amusement park before start of summer
  28. Rep. Thielen addresses HB154 relating to industrial hemp
  29. Bills Moving Forward Provide Neighbor Islanders With Better Access to Hawaii Legislature
  30. Enviros Seek Bill to Ban Uhu Fishing, $10,000 Fine
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013
February 6, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:56 PM :: 7541 Views
  1. Abercrombie Unveils Early Childhood Action Strategy
  2. Caldwell's Secret group to disclose its Secret donors
  3. IRS Police Leading Investigation of alleged DoTax Criminals
  4. Poll: Hanabusa 42% - Abercrombie 35%
  5. GE Tax Hike Passes First Hurdle
  6. Hawaii School Board Scrutinizes High Teacher Sick Leave, Turnover Rates
  7. Hawaii Ed Department's Food Service Problems Mirror School Bus Woes
  8. Hawaii state library website and services down—apparently no one renewed the domain registration
  9. Encampments must be removed
  10. Abercrombie’s Latest DHHL Pick Called ‘Divisive’
  11. Homosexual Child Molester gets 5 Years
  12. Internet Gambling Corporation: Bill Introduced in Hawaii Senate
  13. Legislators Rush to hand out Money to Solar Scammers
  14. Public Utility Commission orders on-bill program to finance clean energy
  15. Hawaii lawmakers investigate university tuition
  16. Abercrombie to Pick 3 New UH Regents
  17. On second thought, construction of $300M telescope atop Maui's Haleakala is under way
  18. Expedia 4Q profit plunges After Hawaii Loots Company
  19. Rep. Aaron Ling Johanson addresses HB916 – Minimum Hourly Wage
  20. Better Government – Minority Caucus Package 2013
  21. Usual Suspects, Usual BS: Gay ‘Marriage’ Will Make You Rich, Rich, Rich!
  22. New Study: Hawaii drivers spending less time in traffic
  23. 43% of Hawaii Roads ‘Degraded’
  24. Act 221 Scammers to Host Transportation Forum
  25. HR6, HCR3--Pot Heads Push for ‘Industrial Hemp’


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Tuesday, February 5, 2013
February 5, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:00 PM :: 7576 Views
  1. Gallup: Hawaii Ranks Third in 'Economic Confidence'
  2. Gun Buyback Bill Re-Scheduled to be Heard in Senate Committee this Thursday
  3. Secret Donors fund Secret high-level assistant for mayor
  4. Homosexual Rape Gang May Have Claimed 35 Victims at Blind-Deaf School
  5. Solar Scammers Resigned to Reduced Tax Credits, Focus on On-Bill Financing
  6. 25% Pay Hike: Method of legislative raises is 'ingenious political move'
  7. Solomon Reneges on Repeal PLDC Bill
  8. DoE, Dela Cruz, Tokuda Challenge Governor’s Plan to Develop School Lands
  9. HSTA Teacher, Boycott Standardized Testing
  10. Hawaii Teachers Talk Strike
  11. Senate President: 'Bloated' Bureaucracy at University of Hawaii is Making Tuition Unaffordable
  12. Hawaii lawmakers mull over unfunded liabilities
  13. Plan now for future of long-term care
  14. Lawmakers Say no to Ethics Again and Again
  15. Legislators: Gambling Has no Chance this Year
  16. Fire Department Buys Faulty Defibrillators, Covers it up – 2 Dead
  17. 83% Higher in Hawaii -- Adding up the cost of incarceration
  18. Outreach finds rental units for the chronically homeless
  19. Consumer education, Not Taxes: How to encourage healthier choices
  20. North Korea 'preparing for two nuclear tests'
  21. Feds launch criminal probe into landfill runoff
  22. Bill aims to label all genetically modified food
  23. Hawaii Home Prices up 12.5%--5th fastest increase in USA 
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Monday, February 4, 2013
February 4, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:30 AM :: 19069 Views
  1. Watershed Plan: Abercrombie Executive Order Allows Logging of Dead Trees
  2. Hawaii Mayors Back Gun Ban
  3. Abercrombie’s TAT Head Fake Wins Acceptance of Proposal to make 9.25% Rate Permanent
  4. Legislature rules for public notice already getting sidestepped
  5. Put Adult Care Home Records Online?
  6. IAL: Grove Farms Threatens to Expel Ranchers in Favor of Biofuel and Property Development
  7. Don't be surprised if both refineries close, experts say
  8. Record tourism numbers, but not in all respects
  9. House Ag Committee considers GMO, taro legislation
  10. SB768 Internet Gaming Bill
  11. Bill would raise waste surcharges in Hawaii
  12. Annual St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser for the Paniolo Preservation Society
  13. How to Honor Choombama
Read More..
Sunday, February 3, 2013
February 3, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:04 PM :: 3981 Views
  1. DoTax Employees Secretly Arrested, Fired
  2. 236 Candidates Register for Honolulu Neighborhood Board Elections—Deadline Feb 15
  3. Banner CMO to Meet HHSC MDs, Staff
  4. Jacking Up the Heat in Tax and Fee Hell
  5. Minimum Wage Increase Could Put People Out of Work 
  6. Sources: Schatz Not Doing His Job, Delegation Splintered
  7. Shield or Cape? Evil twin replaces flaming liberal in Hawaii governor’s mansion
  8. Cost of Delays $500K/Month: Construction of telescope ‘in limbo’ due to appeal process
  9. The “New” Public Land Development Corporation
  10. HB1249: HCDA to Grab Control of Hilo’s Banyan Drive Hotels?
  11. Kalealoa: Ordy Pont to Be Transferred to HCDA?
  12. Star-Adv: We Have a Right to Force a New Family Structure on Society
  13. List of Gun Bills Before Legisature
  14. Hemp, tuition and food on lawmakers' agenda
  15. Bag Tax Just a Money Grab
  16. HSTA Signwave at Capitol
  17. Implement 'restorative justice' in schools
  18. Many Hawaii residents lack means to pay for nursing care, report finds


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Saturday, February 2, 2013
February 2, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:45 PM :: 6243 Views
  1. Caldwell Secretly Appoints ‘Chief of Staff’--Convicted Criminal Harry Mattson
  2. New York Fed Recommends Jones Act exemption for Puerto Rico
  3. Nobriga vs DHHL: Some Days You Get the Bull
  4. Celebrity Incentive To Move To Hawaii: We'll Give You An "Inoffensive" Space
  5. HB1357 / SB1343 Limit Development to Freeway Capacity
  6. Energy Secretary Steven Chu resigns; led green energy push
  7. Te’o Hoaxer Was Turned Gay by Child Molester
  8. $5M Settlement in Homosexual Rape Gang case at DoE Blind-Deaf School
  9. State IT Upgrade tied to DoTax Arrests
  10. Star-Adv: House Judiciary Committee Weakens Shield Law
  11. Hawaii Preschool Initiative Passes Committee Votes
  12. Fake Marijuana Legalization Bill Vote Postponed
  13. Activists Continue Push for Sovereignty Movement Training Center at Kulani Prison
  14. After 42 Arrests in 11 years, Kapa‘a man finally sentenced
  15. Liquor Commission Pretends to Investigate after Pro-Bowl Incident, Shooting
  16. Advertising on Police Tape? Civil Beat Falls for Bogus Occupy Story
  17. Bill would affect future UH athletic contracts
  18. Blood in Water: Anti-Superferry Hypocrites Slice Whale Open With Propeller
  19. Big Island Braces for Tourism Decline
  20. Hilo sort station diversion rate falls short of promises
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Friday, February 1, 2013
February 1, 2013 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:22 PM :: 4514 Views
  1. Feds Release RTTT Report: "We will continue to work closely with Hawaii"
  2. Hawaii Charter School Law Improves from 35th to 14th in Nation
  3. Rep. McDermott: after nine years of development, new principal evaluation process still flunks
  4. Lanai to PUC: Murdock's Wind Waiver No Longer Valid
  5. Breaking Down The Tesoro Refinery Closure
  6. Honolulu at the Bottom of Top 300 Cities
  7. LINK: Committee on Energy & Environmental Protection Posts Hearings on Facebook
  8. IRS: Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will Be $20,000 Per Family
  9. Gay Activists: Hawaii ‘Marriage’ Push May Backfire
  10. Gabbard: Marriage is the Cornerstone of Civilization
  11. Primaries: Hanabusa Still Considering Her Options
  12. Paying for Play: Donors Give Abercrombie $2M
  13. New Order: Committee Chairman Rejected 6-4 on Bill Sponsored by Majority Leader
  14. Idiot Rhoads Drops Effort to Gut First Amendment
  15. Abercrombie administration appears to be leading attack on journalist shield law
  16. Former Cocaine Dealer Seeks Senate Ban on Candid Media Photos, Videos
  17. Rhoads Protects Lobbyists from Scrutiny
  18. Don't overrate student feedback
  19. State Denies Counties Ticket Money Again
  20. Group asks Hawaii regulators to revoke waiver for Lanai wind farm
  21. Homelessness Industry Invades Chinatown
  22. Law Will Prohibit Homeless from Sleeping on Bus Stop Benches
  23. Bus Cuts?  Riders wait for mayor to fulfill promise
  24. Public housing, fancy cars: lawmaker proposes crackdown
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