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Thursday, December 31, 2020
December 31, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:58 PM :: 2116 Views
  1. Ige: Federal COVID Relief Won’t Prevent Tax Hikes
  2. Dear Mayor-Elect Blangiardi: Please Add Transparency To Your Agenda
  3. “Lands on Maunakea are some of the best managed and protected lands in the entire state.”
  4. Nearly $70M spent statewide through Hawaii Restaurant Card program    
  5. Katherine Kealoha got a 13-year sentence, but she’ll be released in 2030. Here’s why.
  6. Hawaii’s UPW-Controlled Prisons: When Inmates had guns
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Wednesday, December 30, 2020
December 30, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:59 PM :: 3255 Views
  1. Hawaii needs the federal corruption probes to keep moving forward
  2. Blangiardi’s transition team announces Cabinet selections
  3. Caldwell claims to close $400M shortfall without the slightest inconvenience to public unions
  4. University of Hawaii budget proposal to the Legislature includes $78M in cuts
  5. Tax Cheat Gary Hooser says ‘Raise Taxes’
  6. Hawaii heiress Abigail Kawananankoa got $142,000 federal bailout loan
  7. Biden: Vaccine Distribution being Slow-Walked until Jan 20
  8. Spying on You: COVID-19 exposure notification app going Statewide
  9. 48 Priors: Life Long Crime Spree Finally Comes to an End
  10. Hawaii Worst State to Retire
  11. The War On Tiki Bars
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Tuesday, December 29, 2020
December 29, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:44 PM :: 5036 Views
  1. Lori Kahikina, new Rail Boss, Obstructed Dillingham Dig
  2. HART Fails To Address Risks Of Fraud, Waste And Abuse
  3. Gov. David Ige opposes plan for casino in Kapolei
  4. Caldwell’s Legacy As Honolulu Mayor Is Marred By Rail And Homelessness
  5. Nursing homes begin vaccinations, but who’s next?
  6. Hawaii sees 38% increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations—Case Count ‘Artificially Low’
  7. Tourism recovery not seen until summer, hotel execs say
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Monday, December 28, 2020
December 28, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:48 PM :: 2104 Views
  1. Public support for unions is a hard sell when so many in the private sector are hurting--so here’s how to manipulate a Billion Dollar tax Hike
  2. Next shipment of COVID-19 vaccines to arrive in Hawaii this week
  3. Are Open-Book Tests Making It Too Easy To Become A Honolulu Police Officer?
  4. Thousands turn out for The Food Basket’s 100th ‘food drop’ since April
  5. COVID disinformation is dangerous to society
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Sunday, December 27, 2020
December 27, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:40 PM :: 2870 Views
  1. What Emergency? Hawaii Tourism Authority Keeps Funneling Money to WCIT/DTL Scheme
  2. Hawaii’s leaders bring profiles in futlessness to dreadful year
  3. Potential Kapolei casino raises concerns in Las Vegas
  4. Over a hundred car break-ins and thefts reported within a week
  5. Sick Leave: Lets Pay People to Stay at Home and Do Nothing
  6. Puna Cell Phone Tower Permit Triggers Anti-5G Nuts
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Saturday, December 26, 2020
December 26, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:43 PM :: 1716 Views
  1. More Hawaii residents struggle to pay bills, survey indicates
  2. Hawaii Begins Public Debate Over Whether To Allow Vaccinated Travelers To Skip Quarantine
  3. Kauai COVID Numbers are Low—Why Hasn’t HSTA-DoE Reopened Schools?
  4. Navy begins to assess secondary containment for the fuel at Red Hill
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Saturday, December 26, 2020
Letters to the Editor December, 2020
By Letters to the Editor @ 12:36 AM :: 3092 Views
  1. The Manchurian Candidate
  2. TO: All OHA Trustees--"it is about power"
  3. TMT Ethics: Taxpayer Funds for Benefit of Protesters
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Friday, December 25, 2020
December 25, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:24 PM :: 4099 Views
  1. Federal corruption probe targets DPP staffers
  2. Renewed push for disclosure of final sealed record in Miske-related case
  3. Panel defers 2% pay hike for Maui mayor, council
  4. Hawaii DOH gives vaccine distribution update
  5. About 20% of Honolulu’s first responders received the Moderna coronavirus vaccination shot
  6. Hawaii nursing homes experience falling COVID-19 deaths and cases
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Thursday, December 24, 2020
December 24, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:20 PM :: 3139 Views
  1. Caldwell, Amemiya Owe Public Answers On Surveillance Scheme
  2. Hawaii to delay state furloughs after virus relief bill passes
  3. Caldwell, Robbins Next Failure: Keep Building Rail in Phases Forever
  4. Hawaii vacation rentals 32% occupancy in November—outpace hotels
  5. Mayor Kawakami requests ‘resort bubble’ alternative to Safe Travels Program
  6. Kauai Building Homeless Housing Units
  7. PUC OKs regulatory changes for Hawaiian Electric
  8. Hawaii Joins Legal Battle Over Telework Tax
  9. Caldwell announces new H-POWER contract to recycle ash, prevent it from going into Oahu landfills
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Wednesday, December 23, 2020
December 23, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:06 PM :: 2369 Views
  1. Green: Exempt Vaccinated Hawaii Travelers From Quarantine  
  2. Do Reformers Change Government Or Vice Versa?
  3. Some Honolulu Police Officers Are Doubling Their Salaries With Overtime
  4. Tulsi Gabbard refuses vaccine until all front-line health care workers and seniors get inoculated. 
  5. Convicted Felon Complains About Getting Free Stuff too Slowly
  6. 112 homeless dead because we could not force them to accept shelter
  7. Casino Yes – Telescope No???
  8. Banning pedestrians from the road into the Waipio Valley runs contrary to state and county law
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Tuesday, December 22, 2020
December 22, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:08 PM :: 2730 Views
  1. Did Caldwell Entrap the Police Chief? 
  2. Deadline extended for $250M federal grant for Honolulu Rail
  3. Federal COVID-19 aid could postpone Hawaii state worker furloughs, Gov. David Ige says
  4. 30,000 doses of coronavirus vaccines arrive in Hawaii, many slated for neighbor islands
  5. Hawaii hotels continued to see huge declines in November despite pre-travel testing program
  6. Inmates who get COVID-19 will no longer be added to Oahu’s daily case count
  7. Department of Hawaiian Home Lands to help with down payments outside DHHL Lands
  8. Hawaii Reboots Depression-Era Conservation Corps Using Pandemic Assistance Funds
  9. Miske’s Lawyers Push for More Rights for Client
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Monday, December 21, 2020
December 21, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:10 PM :: 3030 Views
  1. Caldwell Admin Ordered Covert Honolulu Police Unit to Investigate Former Medical Examiner
  2. Congress to Restore Medicaid for COFA Citizens after 24 Years
  3. Criminals Trying to Give Each other COVID May Put Oahu Back on Tier One
  4. Chinatown conditions worsen in pandemic—Overrun with Drug Addicts and Lunatics
  5. Safe Travels Fails To Lure Many Travelers From Japan To Hawaii
  6. Residents’ sentiment toward tourism has worsened
  7. Hawai'i could receive $1B as Congress agrees on nearly trillion dollar relief package
  8. Struggling families still waiting for city grocery cards plagued by delays
  9. Property tax assessment appeals on the rise
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Sunday, December 20, 2020
December 20, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:32 PM :: 2619 Views
  1. Ige: There’s No Money To ‘Sustain Government As It Existed’—”we could raise taxes”
  2. How One death on Kauai Was Used to Destroy Tourism Industry
  3. Lackluster Hawaii tourism widens losses for hotels
  4. Hawaii’s Artificial fiascos, such as rail and stadium
  5. Physician Shortage—Hawaii GE Tax -- Only State Taxing Medicaid and Medicare Benefits 
  6. More EV Subsidies and Mandates in 2021 Legislative and Council Agenda
  7. Always Fake: Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning to stop pretending after 15 years
  8. ‘Unlawful Conduct’ Councilmember a board member for company receiving CARES funds
  9. Pandemic-related stress fueling domestic violence
  10. Sister Isle Counties Agree: COVID is Opportunity to Make You Pay to Create Feminist-Socialist Utopia
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Saturday, December 19, 2020
December 19, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:26 PM :: 2401 Views
  1. Furloughs?  UPW wants another pay raise and more positions
  2. Unions move to take legal action to prevent state worker furloughs
  3. HART Board Selects New CEO—Refuses to make name public
  4. Surrrprise! Aloha Stadium not quite shut down, will ‘entertain’ new events with added expenses
  5. Caldwell: Cut Maintenance at Blaisdell Center to force Renovations—Just like Aloha Stadium
  6. Kauai can’t afford a COVID outbreak, but they can’t afford a shutdown for much longer, either
  7. Pandemic Hits More Than 1,475 Hawaiʻi Inmates This Year—but doesn’t take a bite out of crime
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Friday, December 18, 2020
December 18, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:59 PM :: 2159 Views
  1. Corrections Commission Wants To Pause Planning On New Oahu Jail as Part of Plan to Let Lots and Lots of Criminals out onto Streets
  2. HART board votes to oust CEO, search for as-of-yet unnamed replacement
  3. O-Posers: Hawaii Board of Education members oppose furloughing teachers, school staff
  4. “The fiscal impacts will get worse in the next two or three years”
  5. Hawaii emerges as leader in distributing CARES Act funding to solve housing issues
  6. Unemployed Demand HGEA Members Show up for Work
  7. Stripped of TAT, Kauai County Raids Reserve to fund HGEA Salary Increases
  8. Oahu to use $7 million towards COVID-related programs after CARES Act money runs out
  9. Regulatory Hearing Today -- The End of Coal in Hawai’i   
  10. Reckless Endangerment?  Alleged pistol in accidental shooting was police issued gun
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Thursday, December 17, 2020
December 17, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:49 PM :: 3144 Views
  1. Kouchi: Gambling must wait for the fake Hawaiian Indian Tribe 
  2. Recycling Dead Ideas: Similar DHHL Casino Bill 10 Years Ago
  3. What Did HPD Do To Prevent Another Kealoha Scandal? ‘Appoint Me’, Chief Says
  4. Hawaii Supreme Court Releases Cachola Arbitration Decision
  5. State issues new COVID-19 rules, shortening quarantine and extending eviction protections
  6. Survey: More than 40% of Hawaii restaurants may not be in business in 6 months
  7. Aloha Stadium Plan just like rail—Shut down to Save Money (but first pretend to be unsafe to juice new stadium boondoggle)
  8. Insiders Only Plan—Magic Money from the Federal Sky
  9. 7.6% of CARES Act funds left on Kaua‘i
  10. Maui EMS Pretends to Suffer Budget Cuts
  11. Denied: Hawaii bar owners ask court to let them open
  12. Teleworking from paradise may sting come tax time
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Wednesday, December 16, 2020
December 16, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:58 PM :: 3592 Views
  1. Hawaiian Home Lands considers proposal to build casino in Kapolei 
  2. DHHL Casino Plan Tied to DeBartolo—Convicted of Casino Bribery in 1990s
  3. Furloughs?  HGEA demands more ‘Positions’  -- Threatens to Delay unemployment, Medicaid and SNAP claims even more than they have been
  4. Hawaii public schools superintendent reveals furlough dates for teachers, other employees
  5. Make-work: Grab n Go Program Keeps DoE Food Service Employed preparing 22 lunches per school  
  6. Pandemic causes uptick in child abuse cases and challenges in reporting abuse
  7. In-person only: Early-learning dumping virtual classes
  8. Rail project in shambles –Robbins Leaving Sixth CEO to Quit in 9 Years
  9. Unexpected Delay in Honolulu’s “City Card" Program
  10. ‘Not worth the paper its printed on’ Former HPD chief Louis Kealoha ordered to pay back severance
  11. Elections Officials Want To Tweak Hawaii’s Mail-Voting Law Next Year
  12. Tax department following up on landlords who may be avoiding taxes on rental income
  13. Accidental shooting in Waiehu on Maui happened at police officer’s home
  14. Escape Plan: Few Remaining COVID-Free Inmates Try to Figure out how to get Disease
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Tuesday, December 15, 2020
December 15, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:55 PM :: 3248 Views
  1. Kouchi: Legislators Discussing Income Tax Hikes
  2. Caldwell Brings Back Alleged Child Molester    
  3. Future of rail project uncertain with $250M in federal funding still up in the air
  4. State to spend nearly entire $1.25B allotment of federal COVID-19 relief fund
  5. Surveillance Test Study Shows Few COVID-19 Positives During Safe Travels
  6. Three Times as many Pacific Islanders Hospitalized for COVID
  7. DoH Plan: Criminals Will Get COVID Vax Before You Do
  8. Criminal Releases Produce Spike in auto thefts, burglaries during pandemic
  9. Soft on Crime: 17 Convictions Does it Again
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Monday, December 14, 2020
December 14, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:56 PM :: 2130 Views
  1. Furloughs?   HSTA Demands a Pay Hike
  2. 5,000 to 12,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine arriving in Hawaii today
  3. Test at Airport?  Ige Still Pandering to Kauai Anti-Tourism Activists
  4. Hawaii County spent 80% of $80 million CARES funds
  5. More People Are Going Hungry And It's Only Going To Get Worse
  6. Many students choose in-person classes at Hawaii’s Catholic schools
  7. Judge Orders Honolulu to pay Louis Kealoha legal fees
  8. Legal Battles Loom With Developer Whether Rail Gets Finished Or Not
  9. Defense Authorization Act passed by the U.S. Senate on Friday includes more than $300 million in construction projects for military bases in Hawaii.
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Sunday, December 13, 2020
December 13, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:03 PM :: 4221 Views
  1. Ige: “I’m Contemplating Tax Increases”
  2. “There will need to be much more emphasis on early retirement.”
  3. Purposeful HSTA Chaos Blocks Obvious Solution for Education
  4. Usual Suspects Claim Government Employees pay is an Economic Stimulus (without laughing)
  5. Oahu property values come in flat for 2021
  6. How To Redefine The Housing Crisis In Hawaii so that Nobody Notices KSBE Profit Motive at Work
  7. How Lending Practices Restrict Hawaiian Homesteaders’ Borrowing Power
  8. Two-day summit covering Native Hawaiian homesteads
  9. Miske landed millions in loans after he knew of fed’s criminal investigation
  10. “How do you handle mean things people say on social media?”
  11. Hanauma Bay Restrictions Jam up Neighborhood
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Saturday, December 12, 2020
December 12, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:39 PM :: 3375 Views
  1. Luke: Instead of Furloughs, Reduce Number of Government Employees
  2. DOE Reveals Furlough Plan For Teachers, Other Employees
  3. Soft on Crime: Repeat Offender Gets 5 Years—will be released soon
  4. Hawaii Top Biden and Trump Precincts
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Friday, December 11, 2020
December 11, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:40 PM :: 2258 Views
  1. Kicking the Can: Mayor Caldwell says he won't furlough workers—Blangiardi will have to do it
  2. Furlough fight likely to wind up in court unless lawmakers step in
  3. December 15th at 11:59 at night, Restaurant Cards will go to zero
  4. Make-work: Grab n Go Program Keeps DoE Food Service Employed preparing 22 lunches per school
  5. Lift The Suspension Of Hawaii's Public Records Law
  6. 2012 Legislative Agenda: Gender Equity Legislation will create Jobs for Lawyers
  7. Replacing Kahele: Local Democrats prepare to fill Hilo Senate seat
  8. How Hawaii became a playground for Silicon Valley tycoons
  9. Despite millions in federal funds, HPD’s tent city at Keehi Lagoon sits mostly underutilized
  10. Dubin’s second appeal to U.S. Supreme Court denied
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Thursday, December 10, 2020
December 10, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:41 PM :: 2372 Views
  1. Hawaii Government News: Logistics of storing coronavirus vaccine safely in Hawaii and distributing it still being worked out (with 5 days to go)  
  2. Oahu overwhelmed with 20,000 in quarantine because Ige is pandering to Anti-Tourism Activists on Kauai
  3. Kealoha Mailbox Lies Designed to Keep Case in State Court—It Didn’t Work
  4. HPD Corruption: It takes a village to do denial this deeply.
  5. Feds Need to Indict Rail Officials
  6. Tommy Waters beats Tsuneyoshi -- expected to become chairman of Honolulu City Council
  7. Facing economic hardship, restaurants urge city to ease plastic utensils ban--get 90 days
  8. Defense Bill Calls For Red Hill Safety Reviews Every Five Years
  9. DLNR Has Transferred More Than 19,000 Acres To Use For Agriculture
  10. Bill2: Environmentalists Complain Bill Does not do enough to Force Little People to give up cars
  11. The Democrats' Elitism Is Getting Them In Trouble
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Wednesday, December 9, 2020
December 9, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:48 PM :: 2545 Views
  1. Hawaii COVID-19 Vaccine—Line up for Shots Starting Tuesday
  2. 4 Honolulu officers face criminal probe linked to COVID-19 enforcement overtime
  3. State officials confirm Governor Ige preparing to reduce quarantine restrictions for travelers
  4. Hawaii certifies Biden’s win of state’s presidential vote—Electors to Meet at Legislature Monday  
  5. Guilty plea ties Miske to Fraser murder plot
  6. Real estate donors injected last-minute cash into Blangiardi's final push for Honolulu mayor
  7. Changes To Hawaii’s Sunshine Law Could Improve Access To Public Meetings
  8. Homeless dude flies in from San Francisco, immediately arrested for emergency rule violation
  9. Soft on Crime: Thugs Get Away with it Again and Again
  10. Court to decide how injection wells decision impacts county
  11. As climate change threatens Pacific Islands, some atolls have been growing
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Tuesday, December 8, 2020
December 8, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:38 PM :: 2167 Views
  1. HART: P3 Bidders for Honolulu Rail include usual Rail Insiders—Prices Still Secret
  2. Incoming mayors want looser Safe Travels restrictions
  3. Mayor Roth says the state’s Safe Travels program is working
  4. City Council asks Mayor to revise tier system to help small businesses
  5. Hawai'i headed for a 'tough winter,' economists say
  6. 90% of Waiawa’s inmate population has tested positive for COVID in recent months
  7. GE Tax on Rent Becomes Obstacle to COVID Relief
  8. Ranked-Choice Voting is a System to Prevent Republicans from Winning Elections in Hawaii
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Monday, December 7, 2020
December 7, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:03 PM :: 2489 Views
  1. Prosecutor-elect Alm looks to rebuild office as it continues to take heat
  2. Anti-Tourism Activists rely on debunked claims as COVID Number Drop
  3. Two hours too late to avoid quarantine
  4. Hawaii Criminals Approaching Herd Immunity
  5. Blangiardi open to idea of using federal aid to help commercial landlords
  6. How Famous Eco-Activist Surfers and other Wealthy Homeowners Are Endangering Hawaii’s Beaches
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Sunday, December 6, 2020
December 6, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:59 PM :: 1933 Views
  1. 443,000 Came to Hawaii
  2. COVID: Hawaii political leaders always posture but never learn
  3. Huge state budget hole sucks up rainy-day funds, payment deferrals, bonds — and soon, jobs
  4. Time is running out for the state to spend more than $1 billion in federal CARES Act money before end of 2020
  5. Criminals Spread COVID Rumors in Effort to Block Arizona Transfer
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Saturday, December 5, 2020
December 5, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:58 PM :: 5409 Views
  1. Authorities who investigated Kealoha corruption scandal now turn their attention to city
  2. HSTA-DoE Budget Plan: Hold SPED Kids Hostage to get More Money
  3. Hawaii makes test order of 4,875 Pfizer vaccines
  4. All Four Mayors want pre and post-travel tests
  5. Senate COVID Ctte: Reinstate Quarantine -- Shut Down Tourism Again
  6. New proposal seeks to change penalties for those who break emergency orders
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Friday, December 4, 2020
December 4, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:04 PM :: 2134 Views
  1. State Borrows $750M to Make Payroll
  2. BOE approves $528M budget cut
  3. How HSTA Blocks In-Person Learning
  4. Suit: School officials did nothing to prevent sex abuse of special education student by HSTA Member
  5. Some businesses on rail line suspect passing trains linked to recent power outages
  6. Honolulu plans to keep 130 COVID-19 contact tracers through June
  7. Workers rally for in-person unemployment assistance
  8. Honolulu Taxpayers Will Foot The Bill For HPD Overtime Abuse
  9. COVID spike in Oahu prison
  10. Soft on Crime: Free on Recognizance after busted with nearly $1M in coke, cash and jewelry
  11. 10 Years and Counting: Subdivision Blocked Again
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Thursday, December 3, 2020
December 3, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:14 PM :: 1845 Views
  1. Visitor numbers Down 40% since stricter pre-flight testing requirement
  2. Budget crisis won’t spare schools -- $264M Cuts Coming
  3. Distance learning not looking good
  4. Hawaii plans to shrink contact-tracing team next year
  5. Police Commissioner: People Want Answers On HPD’s Low Crime-Solving Rate
  6. Honolulu Police Department switching to new data-reporting system
  7. Louis Kealoha owes city taxpayers $250,000, but they’re unlikely to ever see it
  8. Kauai Couple Allegedly Exposed Airplane Full of Travelers to COVID
  9. Roundup did not cause cancer in Big Island men
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Wednesday, December 2, 2020
December 2, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:58 PM :: 4598 Views
  1. Trump's Leaving But Can We Keep His Hawaii US Attorney?
  2. The Sorry State Of Public Information In Hawaii
  3. First 37,000 COVID Shots Coming to Hawaii
  4. Schatz vs Ige: ‘You find the money’ ‘No, YOU find the money’
  5. Has The Hawaii Tourism Industry Lost Its Clout?
  6. Kauai travel rules bring job, revenue losses
  7. Surgeon general, aide shouldn’t be prosecuted, tour guide says
  8. Hawaii Public Schools Keep Losing Students Amid Coronavirus Concerns
  9. First affordable housing walk-up under ‘Bill 7′ now in the works in Liliha
  10. DoE Exec: “Audit was best thing that happened in my career”
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Tuesday, December 1, 2020
December 1, 2020 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:26 PM :: 2212 Views
  1. ”No one in the Honolulu Police Department questioned the illegal orders to frame Puana”
  2. “We’re seeing a lower positivity rate right now than we did before travel started”
  3. Ige says nearly 300 people have entered the state and later been informed of a positive COVID-19 test
  4. More than Half of Restaurant Card Funds Spent by Recipients
  5. This Hawaii School Is Bringing Kids Back To Classroom
  6. Don’t let privileged minority stop rental housing and jobs
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