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Tuesday, November 30, 2010
November 30, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:29 PM :: 16007 Views

Wikileaks cables reveal China 'ready to abandon North Korea'

Anti-Military DLNR Pick demands Prayer as part of Public Hearings

Abercrombie DBEDT Pick financed biofuel, solar projects

Abercrombie: Clayton Hee has destroyed his chances of ever getting anywhere

Inouye offers defense of congressional earmarks

COFA medical care: Abercrombie will have to clean up his own $8M mess

Hawaii's initial unemployment claims fall 25.8%

Special Election: LoPresti claims trucker tried to run car off road

HPR Candidate Forum for Honolulu Council Special Election

A.G. Mark Bennett joining Starn O'Toole Marcus & Fisher

Shapiro: A Target on my back

US Supreme Court to rule on “equalizing” funds to publicly-financed candidates

SA: Set priorities for dam repairs

Public hearings set for Na Wai Eha water withdrawal applications

Arakawa names key water, finance directors

Kaua‘i’s government hospital

Hawaii’s QUEST Expanded Access Long Term Care Recognized Nationally

Human Rights Day Candlelight Vigil in Solidarity with Chinese Dissident Liu Xiaobo

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Monday, November 29, 2010
November 29, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:03 PM :: 7566 Views

Hawaii Concealed Carry launches Firearm Permit Initiative

Deadline Today to register to vote in special council race


Shapiro: Abercrombie serves up waffles on BOE

Cachola: Counties’ Legislative Package hinges on aquarium fish

Civil Beat Publishes salaries of Honolulu County Employees

Lawmakers return to US Capitol to clean up leftovers

Obamanomics keeps construction prices, activity depressed

43% of DoE teacher hires not licensed

SA: Patients before policymakers

Nuclear option advances energy independence

Hawaii Senate panel holding hearing on PUC decision to allow Pasha inter-island cargo business

Democrat WHT targets Univ of the Nations

Residents protest rate-of-growth bill

Video captures lava igniting home in Kalapana subdivision

Tax Hike shuts Fiji’s namesake Bottled water firm

Location of firing range challenged on Guam

Gay Atheist behind leaks of 250,000 State department cables, military files

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Monday, November 29, 2010
November, 2010 Letters to the Editor
By Letters to the Editor @ 10:11 AM :: 9452 Views

Kue! Sovereignty Activists to protest Abercrombie Inauguration

Slavery: Defender calls Federal Prosecutor “corrupt” 

Honolulu Mayor Expects $100M Budget Shortfall, but Rail is Still On

Hawaii Sunshine better than TV

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Sunday, November 28, 2010
November 28, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:23 PM :: 12943 Views

As debate looms, Honolulu Council Special Election residency challenges multiply

UPDATE: Residency Challenge filed against Kioni Dudley Council Candidacy

Hawaii Anti-Trust Adventures: Rubber hose enforcement

Fragile Urban Families: New findings show just how bad things are for the kids

Who will pick the BOE?

Star-Advertiser, Toguchi agree: Colleges to blame for failure of DoE

Private School Enrollment slide continues

AP Interview: Gov. Lingle defined by struggle

Abercrombie thesis applies Marcuse, Gramsci

Legislators’ Favorite Convicted Child Molester attacks Rep-elect Fontaine 

Back to the bad old days: Takamine to head Labor Dept?  

Abercrombie fundraiser busted with 6oz Marijuana

New details on two men arrested near military housing

Suspicious vehicle searched for possible explosives; Two men arrested

Hawaii Vendors Prepare For Tax Crackdown

War on Agriculture: Proposed hike in Dam and reservoir compliance fees

War on Aquaculture #1: Fish to be covered by Maui animal cruelty laws?  (But who will protect fishermen from eco-cruelty?) 

War on Aquaculture #2: UH Manoa Prof joins war against local food production, attacks fish farms (He’s a seismologist!)

Fast-tracking eases permitting, approvals for affordable housing in Kihei

Lava Destroys House at Kalapana Gardens 

Am Samoa: Togiola Upstages Faleomavaega with Hillary Clinton

Tuvalu: Christians too intelligent to fall for Gaian Cult of Warming

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Saturday, November 27, 2010
November 27, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:49 PM :: 15425 Views

Register by Monday to vote in District 1 election

Auditor finds minor problems with 121 state funds

Lingle reflects on her governorship, eyes future political endeavors

SA: Tam should serve jail time

Atheist Capitol protestor found not guilty by Democrat judge, lawyer hopes case will bring an end to public prayer

Acquitted of lesbian murder attempt in Hawaii, woman goes on to rob banks in KY

Kauai Mayor Bernard Carvalho announces incoming cabinet

Nissan's silence on Leaf shipment frustrates isle residents

Harnessing the elements: Water Department turns to air for power

Greenpeace demands West & Central Pacific Fisheries commission ban fish aggregators

Flashback: Honolulu Record backed North Korea

Documentary will feature never before seen photos of Atomic tests

1860 Portland Oregonian publisher became emissary to Sandwich Isles

1931 Kamehameha School for Girls–”Everything Hawaiian was suppressed”

Pro-democracy movement wins Tongan election

FDIC Chair: Will the next fiscal crisis start in Washington?

Not so akbar: Muslim terrorist wanna-be fails to blow up crowd at Portland Christmas tree lighting


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Friday, November 26, 2010
November 26, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:56 PM :: 5130 Views

Residency Challenge filed against Kioni Dudley Council Candidacy

Three Republicans seek Ewa-Leeward Council Seat

FULL TEXT: Hawaii $1.1B settlement agreement with Citigroup

Party Unity? Caldwell ignored by “Abercrombie people”

Borreca paints picture of “distant, ambivalent” Aiona 

Volunteers to help Sen. Slom track Senate committees

SA: Improve access to Legislature

Coming to Kauai: Taxation Department cracking down on cash transactions

HSTA members upset by health insurance transfer back to the EUTF

Computer software shows teachers whether students understand lessons

After proposing massive tuition hike, UH requests $100 million in construction bonds from the Legislature

Deferred acceptance allows many to keep their criminal records clean

Ex-shelter director sent to jail

Kekaha farm owner has plans for much more than shrimp

Gas Co. will turn waste to fuel

Chevy Volt 93 mpg

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Thursday, November 25, 2010
November 25, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:50 PM :: 14912 Views

The hidden story of the third Thanksgiving: 1623--giving thanks for freedom

Gaming Industry Lobbyist, Progressive activist screen Abercrombie cabinet picks

Thanksgiving message from Lingle and Aiona

Mother of Lt Gov. Aiona dies at 93

UH considers raising tuition 185% 

KITV VIDEO: Lingle says Hamamoto promised to keep furloughs on non-instructional days 


AFL-CIO officer, HGEA operative fight Say over Speakership


Abercrombie caught lying about federal funds

Progressives name three possible Hanabusa replacements

Councilman Rod Tam, still in office for five more weeks,  Pleads Guilty To Theft Charges

Federal employee sentenced to a month in jail for steering a contract

Con man Rewald directs a Los Angeles talent agency

Star-Advertiser & Honolulu Unitarian Church claim all human progress created by liberals

Kamehameha proposes to buy Haleiwa site eyed for hotel

Failed Delivery of overseas absentee ballots explained

Arakawa names flower farmer as economic official

A peek into the profitability of Star-Advertiser owner Black Press

POYNTER: 6 Months In, Honolulu Civil Beat Still Testing the Market For Paid Conversation

Your Tax Dollars at work: Hoku Corp. amends polysilicon supply agreement

Perfect Title scammer sues Obama

Kauai Bureaucrats play musical chairs

PUC does not answer call for Pasha hearings

Special session to consider $56M bond

Price doubles, hope fades for S. Kona police station

Ag board OKs coffee bean quarantine

Punatics protest TSA rules

Drug Enforcement Administration to Put Temporary Ban on Synthetic Marijuana

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010
November 24, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:31 PM :: 12224 Views

Aiona: “Maybe run again for Governor in 2014”

Hawaii High Schools ranked by college performance of graduates

The hidden story of the third Thanksgiving: 1623--giving thanks for freedom

Stop Treating Everyone As An Equal Threat 

Carrier Group heads for Korea 


Hawaii gets $1.1B settlement from Citi

Clayton Hee, Gary Hooser still in running for DLNR


HB444 Proponent Blake Oshiro mentioned as possible House Speaker

City Parks Director Quits over bungled Craft Fair closure

Council members pick committee posts

Hawaii DoE flew 652 Employees to Disney World “conference”

Shapiro: 1 giant store is to replace another in Kailua, ho-hum

Privately owned Big Isle Hospital beats HHSC Hospitals in survey

Selling Sex in Honolulu: Unlicensed Massage Parlors Lack Enforcement Scrutiny

Still not offered a job in Legislature, Maui man held on $1M bail on sex assault charges

2011 Nissan LEAF gets best-in-class 99 mpg EPA rating

HECO continues to push palm oil importation issue

Survey: Honolulu one of country's safest cities

Kauai Council backs Furfaro for chair, organizes committees

Contrails or chemtrails?  Free floating Anxiety strikes Kauai dopers, trust fund babies

Memminger: Seven Simple Ways to Reduce the National Debt (Without Convening A Government Commission)

Nature Conservancy gives “scientists” junket to Palmyra in exchange for agit-prop on global warming, plastic

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010
November 23, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:32 PM :: 10470 Views

Heritage: Don’t Give In To North Korea Demands

The hidden story of the third Thanksgiving: 1623--giving thanks for freedom

New Biography: The Spirit of Father Damien The Leper Priest-A Saint for Our Times

'You did what?' How anti-trust lawyer broke up Big 5

Full Text: 18 Hawaii Groups call for greater openness at Legislature

Obama’s New START limits anti-missile defense

Last elected BoE to be sworn in Nov 29

Governor Lingle’s official portrait unveiled

Congress: How Hawaii delegation voted Nov 22

Federal Judge Agrees: CAIR Tied to Hamas

Concerned not enough dope is reaching cities, Hawaii Legislators call for expanded marijuana distribution

Registration deadline approaches for Special Election

Dissident group lining up to tackle House Speaker Say

Hawaii joblessness steady - but your island may vary

Responses refute existence of any recent 'Kill Haole Day'

Hawaii Welfare Recipients Spend Thousands In Tennessee

Advocates say halting mental-illness treatment leads to more problems

Lingle: “Don’t fire the Cabinet”

Isle artist Christy Fujii paints the state's first female governor

Hawaii Stands Alone on Charging For Review of Court Records

DoE News: Kahuku Football player commits suicide

DoE News: 2 boys arrested after explosion at school

Native Hawaiian Can't Live in State Park

Murkowski's opponent contests vote count in Alaskan Senate election

UH Manoa Study acknowledges that global climate models are “seriously deficient”

Insurgent attack kills fifth Schofield soldier

Muslim terrorist wanna-be arrested in Honolulu in plea deal talks

Hawaii ACLU looks for plaintiffs to file TSA Search lawsuit

One servicemember’s struggle with PTSD but he's not alone

Obama condemns N. Korea's 'outrageous act'

Star-Advertiser won’t participate in SPJ’s annual “excellence in journalism” competition

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Monday, November 22, 2010
November 22, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:59 AM :: 13099 Views

Hawaii GOP State Senate results underline importance of community commitment

First-hand report: North Korea has 2000 modern centrifuges

Slater: Honolulu rail project could hit state finances hard

Kalapa: Imbalance in next governor's agenda

Shapiro: City turns around PR disaster on senior fair

Half of Hawaii DoE class of '09 enrolled in college, but math and English pose a challenge for many

BoE Lunch Wagon: Did Hawaii become part of Cuba?

CB: Will Green Light for Tanoue Be Green Light for Developers?

CB: Prostitution Busts for Men Turn Up Mostly Locals, Few Tourists

Dissension in Doperville: NORML attacks THC Ministry, Roger Christie

Big Isle farm promises rich biofuel source

LA Times: Tidal power: Could waves provide 10% of America's electricity?

Mormon temple in Laie is still place of 'refuge'

U.S. official calls North Korea's nuke claim disappointing and provocative

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Sunday, November 21, 2010
November 21, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:41 PM :: 14786 Views

Aloha Family Alliance: Our advice is do not give up

Democrat-Advertiser still crying about loss of Inouye Earmarks

Delusions and Panic: Abercrombie can go back to Congress and save the S1011 version of Akaka Bill

Maui MD: Medicare cuts a concern to Hawaii doctors

Isle fish farming good for environment and economy

Protesters aim to deflate Lanai wind project

State lays groundwork for more clean energy

Mateo set to remain chairman of council amid reorganization

Kailuans take on Target

Kona: Pine Trees development plan blocked

Amendment to law allows state officers to have Tasers

Scientist: North Korea has 'stunning' new nuke facility

800 isle soldiers deploying to Iraq

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Saturday, November 20, 2010
November 20, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:08 PM :: 11778 Views

In face of opposition, lame duck Maui Council punts on property tax hike

BoE refuses to follow law: Rejects meal price increases

14 candidates seek District 1 Council seat vacated by Apo

TAT, Water top Arakawa Agenda

Carlisle hit over illegal seizure from pawn shop/fence

Speaker: Say still 2 votes short, Rep Roy Takumi mentioned as possible compromise candidate


Okino compared to neutered donkey

Advertiser, Eric Ryan team up to cheer attack on GOP Chair Michael Steele

“Progressive” Ian Lind defends earmarks: Hamakua ditch spending at top of list

Unity? Kona faction Council chair appoints Kenoi loyalist Co clerk

Kauai utility receives $110M loan guarantee

University of Hawaii's Final Report from secret negotiations on HRS 343

Abercrombie no response on Civil Commitment for pedophiles

Honolulu Reporter searching for Court files on prostitution cases finds himself surrounded by Deputy Sherriffs

East-West Center Responds to Criticism

Big Isle UH campus announced

Micronesians sue to block cuts in Hawaii’s Taxpayer-Sponsored Healthcare Benefits

No cash No PASH: Feeeel-good liberals renew assault on pig hunting

No cash, no PASH: Fighting over the meaning of the native Hawaiian rights defense in the Kalalau Valley

Kauai TVR fight: Director Ian Costa resigning from Planning

Feds Won’t Block Aloha Petroleum’s Purchase of Shell Oil Hawaii Operations

A place to pay tribute to Hawaii's Fallen Law Enforcement

Lame Duck: Web Censorship Bill Sails Through US Senate Committee

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Friday, November 19, 2010
November 19, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:43 PM :: 9316 Views

FULL TEXT: State Senate Committee Assignments Finalized

FULL TEXT: New version of Akaka Bill introduced in US Senate

Honolulu Shipper Maersk fined for doing business in Iran

Hawaii DoT sells $201M in bonds

Democrat Borreca: We need Inouye’s earmarks because they are …uh…just symbolism


SA: Raise Retirement age for Gov’t employees and cut pension benefits

Fate of Civil Unions tied to leadership struggle in House

Tokuda pledges to slow walk appointed BoE

CB Publishes list of OHA cronies and their salaries

It begins: Texas firm with Abercrombie ties to take over Big Island development

Abercrombie won't attend seminar for new governors

Crony Watch: Governor-elect offers glimpse of hope, change, employment

Bureaucrats gone Wild: Mayor's craft fair rescheduled just days after its cancellation

Moiliili: Homeless Tent City vanishes after police arrest 15 for meth

How Edison turned DoE’s big failure into a huge success

Federal Suit Says U.H. Security Breaches Harmed 100,000

Hawaii's economic forecast for 2011: Growth in Tourism, Government

Weak economy inhibits charitable giving

Foreclosure Alternative: Hand over deed, walk away, and get $3000

Kukui phases in rent rises

Kaua‘i homeless rate drops, state figure rises

Kauai: Asing’s lengthy council career ready to sunset

Time Magazine/PEW: Marriage: What's It Good For? (yes, this is a warm-up for civil unions)

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Thursday, November 18, 2010
November 18, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:05 PM :: 8800 Views

Honolulu Council Special Election: Mel Kahele, Waimanalo Gulch, and other baggage

FULL TEXT: Report on Hawaii Personal Information Breaches -- 479,000 victims in state

Four Loko: Does The FDA Really Need More Power?

Hawaii County seeks nominees for Reapportionment Commission

Excellent news: GOP push to end earmarks could hurt funding for Inouye cronies

State owes $10.8B for workers' retirement, has nothing

Hawaii physician shortage to grow to 2,000

Akaka submits new version of Hawaiian recognition act

Former Advertiser Editor: Average Americans are more of a threat than al-Qaeda

Hawaii Election Commission releases updated results

Abercrombie insists on having BoE Albatross hung around his neck

McCully Homeless Tent City: 15 arrested on drug charges

Wisconsin Gov aims to cancel rail “boondoggle”

After 8 years in public eye, Lingle deserves time to herself

Kalihi, Puuhale Elementary Facing Possible Consolidation

State Tax Crackdown Has Market Vendors On Edge: Vendors Say State 'Picking On The Little Guy'

Allegiant puts off Hawaii to 2012

State sued for food stamp delays

Some in isles could run out of federal jobless benefits

Mentor brings meaning to Koloa Technos

Isle seed crop value jumps 26 percent

Colorado dope dealers come to Hawaii Capitol

Akaka Bill supporter Murkowski wins reelection

Recession reduces rents, homelessness

Attention Rida Cabanilla & Roz Baker, another potential staffer:

NYT: Stepfamilies are rethinking post-divorce living arrangements

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010
November 17, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:27 PM :: 7964 Views

New version of Akaka Bill introduced in US Senate

Panos: Carlisle’s start disappointing

S&P Downgrades Hawaiian Electric to Brink of Junk, Conservation, Regulatory Lag Blamed

Christmas cancelled: Hawaii Tax collectors force shutdown of craft shows


Shapiro: Abercrombie needs to evaluate rail funding

Hawaii ERS has only 65% of what it needs to meet pension obligations

Abercrombie teams up with Homeless Tent City Supporters

Gay-Atheist Oahu Democrats trying to cut off Lingle’s funding for 2012

Panos Prevedouros plans run for Mayor 2012

Inouye says he knows more than Obama

CB: Will Big Island Gain a House District?

Murderer eighth to move here

West Oahu Parents Protest School Firings

Large union rally invades Hilton property

SA: Anonymity, not 'haole,' is issue

Feds: Put rare Hawaii dolphin on endangered list

Illicit fireworks will draw more state scrutiny

Maker of Four Loko drink to remove product from stores

Website will accept applications to supply renewable energy to HECO

Kona Residents gaining water option through improvement district

Drug treatment facility gaining support on Kaua‘i

Attention Hawaii Democrats: Potential Legislative Office managers available

The Hawaii Environmental Movement: A Brief History by Henry Curtis

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010
November 16, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:33 PM :: 12184 Views

Inouye becomes useless? House, Senate Republicans place moratorium on Earmarks

NYT: Obama’s economic view rejected on world stage

Aloha to Current Nonprofit Property Tax Exemptions?

Maui Council to consider property tax hike on residential homeowners

Special Election: McDermott, three others see Apo’s Council seat

New lines will be drawn, but likely no additional House seats for Big Isle

Gay-Atheist SA Editors: Tax Churches, Hospitals, Schools, non-profits to feed the machine

Neil Abercrombie’s ‘New Day’ Comes With A Price

Abercrombie, Legislators form conspiracy

2,400+ Apply For Jobs With Abercrombie

Borreca: Will Say hold on to Speakership?

Hawaii public school fees on the rise

Futility: Daniel Inouye defends earmarks

Hawaii's General Fund Down 6% So Far This Fiscal Year

EW Center defends WW2 Program

Washington: Hanabusa participates in new member orientation

S&P Downgrades Hawaiian Electric to Brink of Junk, Conservation, Regulatory Lag Blamed 

US Treasury Grants for Solar, Wind to Expire

Secrecy surrounds Parker Ranch's sale of 3,509 acres to biofuel pioneer

Star-Advertiser gives DC-based Luddites space to bash Fish farming

Farm lease dispute goes to arbitration

Cataluna: 'Kill Haole Day' myth diverts attention from real problems

Road to Riches: Overtime at City Road Division

Maui County unpaid for roadwork for decades: Developers could owe millions for deferred infrastructure fees

Who would marry a killer?

Hawaii prisons have lowest ratio of guards to prisoners

Maui News: Corals love sewage

Reuters: Obama’s Asian failure to be matched by European failure

CB: State Allows Developers to Flout Solar Mandate

Alcoholic beverage Four Loko under fire

ACLU looks at justice in Indian country (Akaka Bill preview)

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Monday, November 15, 2010
November 15, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:17 PM :: 5972 Views

VIDEO: Bishop Estate refuses to negotiate lease with Kamilonui Valley farmers

Marumoto challenges latest Gensiro Kawamoto scheme


Redrawing District Boundaries One Consequence of Election


National Journal: 2012 Hawaii Senate race to be top GOP priority

Hawaii Legislative Agenda for elderly: Legal dope and assisted suicide

Elderly Fraud Cases In Hawaii Exploding: Cases Increase 110% Within Last 2 Years

Job applications for Abercrombie administration due Monday

Shapiro turns Kamilonui Valley into argument for tax hike

Vote to hike Hawaii County debt set Wednesday

Young Bros mobilizes flunkeys to protect monopoly

Ethics Complaints Up at Honolulu Hale

Number of North Korean defectors to South Korea tops 20,000

Judges cite 'Kill Haole Day': After a court rejects anonymity for plaintiffs suing Kamehameha Schools, the dissents note racism

SA: Ailing Akaka Bill inexcusable

Hobbled Dems, eager GOP back for lame-duck session

Brainwashing: UH Hilo Diversity Committee sponsors a Diversity Symposium 

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Sunday, November 14, 2010
November 14, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:01 PM :: 12698 Views

AP Exit Poll: Hawaii is only state where independent voters don't think government is doing too much

Even After Resignation, gay-dominated Oahu Democrats vote to oust Okino over Gay Civil Unions

Slom outlines strategy to take on Legislative Democrats

Abercrombie’s new Chief of Staff implicated in Akaka Bill debacle, has only been in Hawaii since ‘03

Fidell urges Act 215/221 scammers to pack Abercrombie cabinet

Honolulu council considers massive property tax hike for churches, non-profits

SA: Charter School shows superiority of independent boards

HTH: Appointed school board a long way off

70% of DoE Teachers are in first five years of employment

Quiet Controversy in Schools: Noncertified Teachers

Losing with grace can lead to winning opportunities

Delusional SA Editors: Obama’s G-20 Failure sets stage for Hawaii to become “Geneva of the Pacific?”

Ahi farm's ocean lease OK'd

Kenoi tries to fast-track park deal before Lingle term ends

Kauai Council: Furfaro for transparency?

Will Republicans cut out Inouye’s Earmarks?

Sorority stands up for fallen sister


Universities in Hawaii, Chicago in early stages of eyeing proposals for an Obama library

Maryland Con-Con vote similar to Hawaii

Hamas Terror Group rated “A-“ by Better Business Bureau

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Saturday, November 13, 2010
November 13, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:15 PM :: 10775 Views

Hanabusa pledges to raise taxes on small businesses

Maui Council considers $6M property tax hike

Hawaii Senate committee lines up for civil unions

Schatz announces appointments to staff posts

BLNR grants wind farm lease to company facing bankruptcy, licensed to kill Nene, Shearwater, Pueo

Achievement: Black students leave Hawaii DoE in the dust

Hawaii robotics teams win Tokyo tournament

Technology spreads bullying in Hawaii schools

The secret life of a tracker: How one man made himself the public shadow of Charles Djou for three months during his special election campaign

Mom of slain Eastern Illinois coed is 'outraged' that killer will be in 'paradise' in Hawaii

Drink linked to UH attacks

Kaiser Permanente Hawaii Receives National Recognition for Integrated Care Model

State Must Pay For Reef Restoration: Construction Causes Damage To Live Coral Reef

Kauai Auditor to probe enforcement of county permits

Marsland family trust gives $1M to Shriners

First democratic elections risk unsettling balance in Tonga

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Friday, November 12, 2010
November 12, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:14 PM :: 6413 Views

CBS News: Hawaii AG Bennett’s suit could be deathknell to drug price manipulation

The Obamacare Burden To Your State Budget

Lingle and Lee honor state's U.S. veterans


McDermott vs Kahele for Leeward-Ewa Council Seat

Budget: Abercrombie discovers there is no tooth fairy

Point man for federal stimulus spending in Hawaii sees the benefits -- and limitations

DoE/BoE wants to close 5 schools-but opposes Audit

Hawaii-based Marines leave for 7-month deployment

Hope for Hawaii's homeless veterans

Star-Advertiser pushes for Homeless tent cities

WaPo looks at Lingle’s 2012 plans

Overseas ballots arrived too late to vote

State refuses to hide suicide's case records

Under Wraps: $2M in Contracts to Lychee Production headed by Mufi campaign aide 

A Council measure is drafted to address lax oversight of breaks for historic properties

Vote to reclassify Koa Ridge is not valid, the Sierra Club says

Affordable-housing plan needs county's OK

1,271 Hawaii Foreclosures in October

Hawaii remains tops in millionaires

Dope smoking progressives at Maui Time love Eric Ryan

Murderer’s wife identified as UH Prof Rachael Rivers Boulay

Abercrombie Announces Leader to Plan Inaugural Events

Ellsberg in Hawaii: Obama more secretive than Bush

Bad Joke: Democrat media finds Hanabusa “crushworthy”

Gay Lobby continues to use school bullying to impose agenda

$824,373 fine sought for damage to coral

Republican leader Dick Tuell dies at 75

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Thursday, November 11, 2010
November 11, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:25 PM :: 9061 Views

Hawaii Veterans Day Events

Gary Okino forced to resign from Democratic Party


Tourism Marketing: In London and ashamed to be from Hawaii

Hokulia Bypass: Hawaii Supreme Court upholds land acquisition for road

US Supreme Court refuses to hear Hawaii beach accretion case

Speaker? Calvin Say two votes shy

Governor Lingle says she will consider running against U.S. Sen. Dan Akaka

Failure of Akaka Bill dims Akaka’s 2012 chances

Shapiro backs DoE school closures

Josh Green: I’m keeping my seat

DCCA: Easing regulations and expanding online services helped Hawaii businesses

Green groups oppose MECO plan to bring in palm oil

Stalinists, Soros team up in attack on HawaiiNewsNow

Carlisle nominee Chin: “not intent of admin to grow number of City employees”

Maui: Council members discuss leadership posts

Decision pending on Alii Health

State sues 2 firms over alleged prescription drug price gouging

Bank lawsuit seeks to overturn nonjudicial foreclosure by condo association

Controversy persists over possible road sale 

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010
November 10, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:13 PM :: 4898 Views

Maui Victims of Sovereignty Mortgage Scammers may lose home

Special Election: Former Rep. Bob McDermott to seek Todd Apo’s Honolulu Council seat

Maui TEA Party to gather Veterans Day

AP: Akaka Bill “as good as dead” 

Gay-Atheist lobby will control selection of Hanabusa’s replacement 


Moves afoot to appoint Mr Kim Coco Iwamoto to new BoE


Legislative Democrats maneuver in secret to shape new BoE:  How will they keep it under HST/HGEA control?

Abercrombie has work cut out for him stamping out economy’s bright spots

Hawaii RNC members continue to back Steele

Colliers: Honolulu has highest industrial rents in North America

Honolulu Mayor Expects $100M Budget Shortfall: Carlisle Plans To Drastically Reduce Construction Budget

After losing election, Tavares’ minions decide to lessen their oppression of small business signage

OHA stalling request to cough up employee salary list, claims not to be public agency

Kauai Community calls for drug treatment center

Prosecutor Tries To Block Killer's Hawaii Move: Kaneshiro Says State Missed Required Steps

International Transformation meeting in Honolulu

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010
November 9, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:45 PM :: 8594 Views

East-West Center hammered for “sustained, biased and politically-motivated attack on World War II veterans”

Democrat Borreca, Willes Lee team up in effort to split faith-based voters off of GOP


Shapiro: The road doesn’t get easier for the Hawai‘i GOP

Special election set to fill Apo's city council seat

Honolulu Muslim Terror suspect was 'polite, friendly'

DOE wants to close two schools in Kalihi

Charter school heads fired: Kamaile Academy's board says the move was needed to qualify for federal funding

Carlisle Supports Tanoue As Head Of DPP

Tax Hike Pending in Honolulu City Council for Hawaii Historic Properties

Maile named administrative director of the courts

Local 5 and Kaiser Permanente reach contract agreement

Convicted Illinois Killer Coming To Hawaii to live with UH Perfesser

In Korea, Inouye, Illinois Republican thinking about Free Trade

EW Center Ripping the USA: Revising History Dismally

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Monday, November 8, 2010
November 8, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:14 PM :: 7173 Views

Church-based voter drive brings 15,000 to polls, powers GOP House gains

Stacey Djou: On the bright side

Shapiro: Sen Donna Mercado Kim to terrorize tourism, witch-hunt Lingle appointees

Civil Union Supporters Hopeful After General Election

Abercrombie's 17-point victory startles some, despite his union help

Hawaii Progressives thrilled by GOP gadfly Eric Ryan

NYT: In Waikiki, Fears That Construction Will Spoil Beach

WSJ: Hawaii Local's Inside Play

Kobayashi to back Garcia for council chair

Kona faction retakes Hawaii Co Council: Yagong Chair, Hoffman V Chair

Hawaii's economy is improving, but the degree of the rebound is uneven (job growth is flat)

Kalapa: Just say no to more tax subsidies for business

BOE meeting to discuss closing Farrington complex schools

Hawaii Mafia enforcer back in court again

Kauai County plans meetings on drug treatment programs

Procedure change at Hawaii Community Correctional

Efforts to curb use of injection wells continue: Maui Wastewater Working Group doesn’t want work tossed aside

Akaka Bill backer Murkowski appears on target to win Alaskan Senate seat

Clinton visits American Samoa after two-week trip to Asia

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Sunday, November 7, 2010
November 7, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:20 PM :: 7075 Views

Gay Civil Unions has four vote margin in Hawaii House

Business leaders will keep watch on Abercrombie’s pledge to hold down taxes: "If one public-sector job may be lost, we won't do it."

SA Editors back Kaauwai, Nonaka GOP candidate recruitment efforts

Sole GOP senator, Slom plans program to keep public informed about bills in Legislature

Borreca: Slom communications onslaught can start GOP rebuilding

Guard salutes Lingle, Lee: “Two of Hawaii’s most deserving figures”

Manga Tropica takes look into Hawaii’s future under Abercrombie, Dems

Maui: Molester’s underling and failed Dem HD11 candidate keeps agitating against new jail

SA: More HGEA hires can protect Hawaii from rampaging lunatic murderers

Tesoro profit up; Hawaii production down

Hawaii Governor Commends Pearl Harbor Shipyard for Support of Innovation Initiative, STEM

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Saturday, November 6, 2010
November 6, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:05 PM :: 9359 Views

House Republicans elect Rep Gene Ward Minority Leader

Senate Democrats announce Committee Chairs

Election Results: Dems hold Samoa, GOP holds Guam

Reward for organizing Furlough Agit-Prop: Omidyar operative named Abercrombie’s deputy chief


Maui's Shan Tsutsui will become the first non-Oahu president in more than 30 years

Maui Chamber of Commerce “disappointed” by Tsutsui

Kokubun shut out of Senate presidency

Guard to honor Lee and Lingle in ceremony

SA: After this time, Hold line on A+ fee hikes

Kaua‘i gets night game, hosts Kalaheo Saturday

Economist looks to 2011 for sustained recovery in Hawaii

LUC denies Ooma development, saves developer from wasting millions on lawyers

Human Trafficking Charges Against Aloun Farms Owners Multiply

Star Advertiser rate hikes may drive Leg to move legal notices online

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Friday, November 5, 2010
November 5, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:35 PM :: 10436 Views

NRO: Finally, They Tossed Out That Classy, Polite, Dignified Incumbent!

Rail funding in jeopardy as key House sponsor ousted by Americans

Abercrombie lied: Clayton Hee to head DHHL?

Peter Principle: Transsexual, other elected BoE members expect Abercrombie to appoint them to BoE

Inouye: Akaka Bill “not a priority”

Djou: Won’t rule out future run

Lingle: “Wait and see”

Too fast for Democrats to kill project, Lingle, Brass re-dedicate Kulani Prison as School

Election-day Registration: Progressives new scheme to maximize Democrat voting & Fraud

State Senate Democrats select Maui's Tsutsui to replace Hanabusa as president

Kremlinology Hawaii Style: Democrats comment on new Senate Leadership

Abercrombie to flood Democratic Party with Obamabots, wipe out old boy factions

Oshiro to introduce Civil Unions bill again

Oahu’s rash of incumbents

House GOP caucus to elect new Chair

Abercrombie:  Finances not important to Rail EIS decision

Abercrombie Announces Transition Plan

Sen.  Josh Green applies for DoH Director

Abercrombie reaches out to education leaders in first act as Governor-Elect

Sam Slom: Grand Old Party of one

Cataluna: Pull up stakes, Colleen, and move to your district

SA to Carlisle: Emulate Tavares on vacation rentals

Enviros team up with future jailbird GTMO Greenwell to stick it to aquarium business

Surfrider Foundation Strongly Opposes Reclassification of ‘O’Oma Land

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Thursday, November 4, 2010
November 4, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:52 PM :: 4921 Views

Full District by District Gubernatorial Results: Aiona wins HD40, near tie in two other districts

Inouye: “Odds of passing the Akaka Bill are bad”

Hawaii Right to Life PAC: “All pro-life candidates are winners”

Democrats: Hawaii is different, suckers

Slom: Election shows Democrat/union machine is alive and well

Aiona, Djou thank their supporters

Nominations sought for State Water Commission

Hawaii now has most one-sided state legislature in the country

Nonaka: GOP already regrouping

Exit Poll: Drawdown of Lingle popularity by HSTA/DoE/BoE/SOS furlough scam was key to Abercrombie victory


New School Board Could Be Appointed By March

September visitor arrivals climb 8.9%

Transition Hawaii

Recount Requests Possible in Two Races

Djou wins in East Oahu, Ewa, Mililani

Precinct numbers show candidates' strong area

Many incumbents lose in neighbor isle races

Turnout figures show Democrats elected by swarms of wealthy, connected insiders

The Future: Kids Vote favors Aiona, Djou

Hawaii Co: Yagong could be in line to chair council

Slew of changes ahead for Honolulu City Council

Maui: Arakawa begins forming cabinet

Christmas in Hawaii: Obama invites the Americans he impoverished to live vicariously through him

Lawmakers pretend to address foster care issues

DoE can’t educate children, but they can ban peanut butter

A+ poised to increase its monthly fee by $25

County closes most sex discrimination cases: Some settled, some dismissed

Judge torn on fate of nuke victims' care (Thanks, Neil)

HW: A new look at “haole” covers familiar ground

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010
November 3, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:58 PM :: 10213 Views

Democrats: Hawaii is different, suckers

Everything you need to know about Abercrombie and Hanabusa

Full State by State results: Republicans win control of House

Final Read: Hawaii General Election Results -- Abercrombie, Hanabusa win

UH Manoa Anti-Americans place E-W Center funding at risk

Voters want, and due, action (What they want)

A clear path on gay unions (What they get)

Voters favor appointed BOE

Voter turnout remains low

Big election, big puzzle: What’s wrong with the polls?

Second guessing the Republican campaign

Hanabusa: Negative campaigning worked

Hon Council 4 Races Decided In Election; Apo's Resignation Coming

Killed by Steve Case? Hukilau Foods files for bankruptcy

Lawyers for officers claim charges overblown

UH Security Breach of Personal Information Could Have Been Prevented, Expert Say

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010
November 2, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:59 PM :: 16522 Views

VOTE TODAY til 6PM Find your polling place

Photos: Aiona, Finnegan tour Roberts Hawaii, other businesses

The Morning after the Election

Hawaii Family Forum makes final push to Get Out the Vote

Hawaii Right to Life PAC Urges Vote for Aiona

New Aiona-Finnegan radio ad trumpets Hilo, Maui endorsements

Gallup predicts Largest Republican margin in Several Generations

VIDEO: Aiona on HNN Sunrise

Abercrombie admits responsibility for costing Hawaii millions under Compact of Free Association

Former AG Lilly: Hanabusa Responsible for Superferry Demise--Not Aiona

SA: Aiona, Djou victories would mark “historic shift”

Republicans excited about Election Day

145,000 Votes Already Cast

Boylan points to possible GOP Legislative gains

Obama jumps into Hawaii race

GOP, Dems make final push in Hilo Monday

Justice: GTMO Greenwell goes from Council to jail

Abercrombie campaigners complain about sit-in arrest

Justice Dept. Deploying Hundreds to Monitor Polls

Gubernatorial candidates address stadium concerns

After election, talking stink goes from roars to whispers

City housing office would lack expertise to fulfill goal

Streamlining permits gets mayor’s boost

S.I. Man Charged in Terror Investigation Due in Court (Hawaii terror arrest)

Hillary Clinton speaks out on Hawaii Slavery case

Geothermal's Second Chance: Lessons from a turbulent past could help expand this renewable energy’s future

Ranking Hawaii’s Big Charities

Common sense trumps bag bans

Hawaii bankruptcy filings go below 300

Survey measures gay marriage in US

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Monday, November 1, 2010
November 1, 2010 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:50 PM :: 11784 Views

VOTE Tuesday Nov 2 Find your polling place

Aiona-Finnegan Closing TV Ad: Jobs, Education, Economy

Hawaii Tribune-Herald Endorses Duke Aiona and Lynn Finnegan

Gallup predicts Largest Republican margin in Several Generations

Aiona campaign rally at Kuhio Terrace 

'Vote for righteousness,' flock told: Candidates compete on a chart in church 


Carlisle Looking To Fill Key Administration Posts


GOP looks to Hawaii to make waves

Another progressive says Hawaii vote is referendum on Obama

Kalapa: Holding Your Breath Won't Help, Get Out And Vote

Volcanic Ash wins hypocrisy contest

The Hypocrisy of Putting Down ‘Mainland Money’ Flowing into Hawaii

Maui County's strict rules keep rentals in check

HECO, IBEW talk past deadline

Foreclosure crisis mounts in Kona

Group to buy cultural site from builder

Former NRA President to speak in Kaneohe

Big Isle mayor takes heat for TV program expenses

Seed industry answers latest Sierra Club lies

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