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Saturday, October 31, 2015
October 31, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:11 PM :: 3454 Views
  1. Tulsi Gabbard, Bill Maher Agree: 'Liberals Need to go back to School on Issue of Islam'
  2. Charter Amendment: HART to Take Over TheBus, Handi-Van, Milk them to Cover Rail Operating Expenses
  3. DoE: Hawaii is ahead of President’s call to reduce testing in schools
  4. Star Adv: Aha to be controlled by 'Established Power Brokers'
  5. HART has shown the entire state what a really out of control project looks like
  6. Hawaii Obamacare Exchange: $300M Fiasco
  7. HEI Charitable Foundation grantees under pressure to support Merger
  8. Imagine ... a World Without Anti-GMO Activism
  9. Witnesses: Lesbians Are Lying
  10. Police: Homosexual Child Molester Stalks Kahului School
  11. It Begins: Marijuana Edibles Already being Sold to Kids in Hawaii
  12. Homeless Shelter Needed to Focus on Underage
  13. Maui to Get Homeless Tent Cities
  14. Kakaako: 67 tons of trash, more than 106 cubic yards of metals and 41 shopping carts
  15. Violent incidents frequent at Hawaii middle, high schools
  16. Rule would ban outside pay for teachers
  17. Police union in dispute with Kauai over officers' body cameras
  18. DWS Ups Ante on Red Hill Aquifer
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Friday, October 30, 2015
October 30, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:12 PM :: 4510 Views
  1. GOP: All Democrats Should Return Criminal Hee Contributions
  2. Bill 72: Property Tax Break for Honolulu Home Businesses
  3. S. Korea Bail out for Shipbuilder which Bails out US Shipbuilder
  4. Aha Moku Advisory Committee Hosts Public Meetings to Draft Rules
  5. 2015 Hawaii’s Outstanding Military Spouse Awards Program
  6. Ethics Comm., Stacked by Caldwell, Sets Special Meeting to Fire Totto?
  7. Ethics? Up to 61% of Legislative Allowances Misspent
  8. Transparency? OHA Lawyers try to Silence Criticism of Gentry Pacific Purchase
  9. Kanaiolowalu: Self-serving, misappropriating, unethical greedy people
  10. Blue Planet Will be Next to Endorse NextEra 
  11. Ige edges toward doing something about homeless
  12. Legislator hands over Correspondence to Anti-GMO Activists
  13. 2 Years Later--Thompson Academy Nepotism Charges Still On Hold Pending Criminal Investigation 
  14. After 7 Years on Welfare, State helps Waipahu family save up $30K
  15. UH Athletics Wants More Money for Bells and Whistles
  16. Health Department Resumes Posting Care Home Inspection Reports
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Thursday, October 29, 2015
October 29, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:58 PM :: 3700 Views
  1. Behind the Scenes a Maneuver to become Chief of Hawaiian 'Tribe'
  2. Honolulu Average Weekly Wages Below US Average
  3. Visitor Arrivals Reach Record High in September
  4. Investment Advice: Repeal the Jones Act
  5. Half a Million Dollars of Public Pension Money Paid to Dead People in Hawaii
  6. AARP and WHO accept Honolulu’s Age-Friendly City plan
  7. Study: Mixed Results from Pre-K Program
  8. Grassroot Institute Launches Maui Radio Program
  9. NYT: The Reign of Recycling
  10. State: NextEra Merger OK if a 'Sustainable B Corp' 
  11. NextEra, Hawaiian Electric want to nix talk of LNG, utility ownership models
  12. Rail: Scandals, Scoundrels and Incompetence
  13. Feeling Anxious? Legislators want you to be Dopey Instead
  14. Only 6 People Show up to Protest GMO Bananas
  15. The untold story of biotech’s supporters on the North Shore
  16. State Senate schedules special session on judicial nominees
  17. Waipio Boy Reports Attempted Kidnapping by Homosexual Child Molester
  18. Latest Gay Media Frenzy: Mainland Lesbians Resist Arrest, Kick HPD Officer, Sue
  19. 2 ex-officers get probation for hiding colleague’s attacks
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Wednesday, October 28, 2015
October 28, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:18 PM :: 3949 Views
  1. Tips From An Election Lawyer For Setting Up Private Racially-Exclusive Elections, er ... "Opinion Polls"
  2. Hawaii NAEP: Student Proficiency Drops Sharply
  3. Sabas Hovers in Background as Political Cronies, Unions, Businesses Suddenly Back NextEra-HECO Deal
  4. Ritte: Na'i Aupuni Election Not Pono
  5. OHA Launches Website to Push Fake Indian Tribe
  6. Charter Reforms To Boost Police Accountability?
  7. Will Ruling In Council Case Derail Honolulu Ethics Enforcement?
  8. Strive HI -- Charter Schools Slip in Rankings
  9. How Many People Will be Made Uninsured by Collapse of Obamacare?
  10. CDC: Most E-Cigarette Users Are Current And Ex-Smokers, Not Newbies
  11. Sugar Cane Burning Study Is Flawed And Misleading
  12. Ben Carson surges as the anti-Trump
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015
October 27, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:56 PM :: 4218 Views
  1. Plaintiffs File Appeal in Lawsuit Against Unconstitutional Na’i Aupuni Election
  2. HR3764: Legislation Strips Interior Dep't Authority over Tribal Recognition
  3. DoTax Mood Swings Put Extra $8M in Rail Coffers
  4. DHHL to Consult Beneficiaries on Proposed Rule Changes
  5. Homelessness: Ige Signs Supplemental Emergency Proclamation
  6. DCCA: Banking and Marijuana
  7. Abortion Doc: Harvesting Intact Fetal Heads “Will Give Me Something to Strive For”
  8. Nai Aupuni: An effort to seize away Hawaiian trust resources
  9. OHA Cronies Desperate to Organize Tribe Before Obama Leaves Office
  10. Hirono, Gabbard to Return Criminal Al Hee Contributions
  11. Feds Sent Experts to Hawaii to Show State How to Spend Money
  12. Kenoi: Homeless are Welcome on Big Island--No Sweeps Here
  13. Experts: If all you can do is Talk, It Can Take Years to Convince One Homeless to Accept Shelter
  14. Maui PD Testing Body Cams
  15. Tonight is last public hearing for proposed NextEra-HECO deal
  16. Takai Diagnosed with Pancreatic Tumor
  17. UH Chancellor: We Haven't Learned Anything from Arnold Firing, Will do it Again and Again
  18. Legislators Challenge Ige on Care Home Secrecy
  19. More on airport maintenance issues
  20. Judge imposes fines related to Waimanalo Gulch landfill spill
  21. Honolulu: Buying 5% More Expensive Than Renting 
  22. Anti-GMO Activists Take Aim at Banana Growers
  23. Latest Squawking from Anti-Aquarium Obsessives Will Likely be Ignored by legislature
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Monday, October 26, 2015
October 26, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:32 PM :: 2980 Views
  1. Feds 'Reestablishing government-to-government relationship' with OHA as a Tribe
  2. Hawaii Health Department Vulnerable to Waste and Abuse
  3. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted October 26, 2015
  4. Solar Industry Fights Weakening of Hawaii Law
  5. Voter turnout key for the Tribal 'Hawaiian' convention process
  6. Hawaii Sitting on 'Only' $656M Unspent Federal Highway Funds
  7. More UPW Positions--Just What the State Doesn't Need
  8. 98 percent of teachers received “effective” or “highly effective” (again)
  9. Study: Kauai Needs 2,900 Affordable Housing Units
  10. Landlords to be asked to rent to the homeless
  11. Message to Mainland: We Don't Need Any More Homeless
  12. 70% of Marijuana 'Patients' Males - 75% Have 'Chronic' ... uh ... Pain
  13. Your Vegetarian Hot Dog May Contain Meat ... and Human DNA
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Sunday, October 25, 2015
October 25, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:49 PM :: 4709 Views
  1. Abortion Survivor to Speak at Events on Maui, Big Island
  2. 5 Years: Another Jones Act Shipping Exec Heading to Prison
  3. Jones Act Ship: Only the Price is American
  4. Hawaii Veterans Treatment Court Graduates Five
  5. Pesticide Case by Hawaii Banana Workers Revived
  6. Chief Justice Appoints James C. McWhinnie Oahu District Court Judge
  7. Applications Sought for DLNR Hawaii Island Advisory Council
  8. Ten Million Words and Counting
  9. Does PV Add Home Value?
  10. Aha Uncertain: Hawaiians Bitterly Spilt on Becoming Fake Indian Tribe
  11. Caldwell Hints Middle Street to be End of Rail Disaster
  12. Ernie Martin's Mickey Mouse Magic Money Plan for Rail Funding
  13. State sank nearly $300 million into Obamacare Exchange before bailing out
  14. Alleged theft from Top Auditing Firm helped fund luxe travel
  15. Rail? What Rail? New Lane on H-1 Will Deliver Real Traffic Relief Starting Now
  16. Hawaii LNG Proposal: "A Ship and a Pipeline"
  17. Solar Industry Doesn't Respect Worker Safety
  18. 31% of Big Island Homeless from mainland
  19. Maui film industry rolling in Taxpayer Dough
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Saturday, October 24, 2015
October 24, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:36 PM :: 3232 Views
  1. Hawaii GOP: Democrats Should Return Al Hee Campaign Contributions
  2. Taxpayers Sue Hawaii for Rail Money Grab
  3. Lawyer: Police commission 'derelict' in handling police chief case
  4. Maui police chief praised for speaking out about officer arrests
  5. Volunteers Cool Laie Elementary for Less Than $20K
  6. UPW Bribed to Loosen Ridiculous Work Rules, Renovate Public Housing 254 Days Faster
  7. City Paying $154K / Month to rent Empty Office
  8. 'Preservation' Deal makes Turtle Bay Developer Richer
  9. Star-Adv: We've Sacrificed Three Telescopes, now Please Let us Build TMT
  10. Legislators Quietly Slipped a few more Million to High-Tech Schemers
  11. NM Gov. Martinez traveling to Hawaii for start of week-long trip
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Friday, October 23, 2015
October 23, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 9:37 PM :: 3523 Views
  1. Jeb Bush is First on the Ballot for Hawaii Republican Presidential Caucus
  2. "Shame on this court"-- Shouting Erupts as Seabright Upholds Nai Aupuni Election
  3. Grassroot: Plaintiffs Intend to Continue Fight Against Unconstitutional Election
  4. Akina v Hawaii: The Documents
  5. Taking sides against equality and unity
  6. Rail Surcharge: Necessary and Proper?
  7. State, Kaiser Begin Maui Hospital Negotiations
  8. Obama Gift to Hawaii -- 297 Drug Dealers
  9. HCDA Holds up Permit for New Year's Because 100 Homeless Refuse to go to Shelter
  10. Brower's Alleged Attacker Still Refusing Shelter
  11. Homeless Male Dead, Female Injured because Liberals would not force them to accept Shelter
  12. Ige Has Four Emergency Homeless Shelter Locations to Choose From
  13. Hawaii entrepreneur seeks marijuana dispensary license
  14. Public Won’t See Medical-Marijuana Dispensary Rules Until January
  15. Maui police chief speaks after second police officer arrested for bribery
  16. ‘Aloha Aina’ rallies drawing crowds, but maybe not voters
  17. Anti-GMO Activist: "Promote isle as ecological paradise"
  18. Native Hawaiian Law Grows 450% Since 1991
  19. Lawsuit challenges Hualalai geothermal survey--Usual Suspects looking for Rent Money
  20. UH Should Fire Lawyers Responsible for Athletic Contract
  21. DOE asks for $534 million for schools repairs, heat abatement
  22. $15 Minimum wage dies in Maui Council
  23. Schatz: $2.3M in Campaign Coffers

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Thursday, October 22, 2015
October 22, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:38 PM :: 3472 Views
  1. Lawsuit Challenges 10% Skimmed by State from Honolulu Rail Surcharge
  2. CNHA: Fake Testimony for Fake Indian Tribe?
  3. ACLU Complaint Leads to Change in Sand Island Shelter Rules
  4. VIDEO: Molokai Farmers not fooled by Ashley Lukens Anti-GMO Show
  5. State's Grab for Private Sector Jobs is a Giant Step Backward
  6. Video: The Affordable Housing Business with Stanford Carr
  7. Hawaii Suffers due to Lack of Republicans
  8. Council Using Massive Rail Tax Hike to Gain Power over HART, Caldwell
  9. Council demands HART Cede Some Authority
  10. Solar Schemers file lawsuit seeking injunction on rooftop solar decision
  11. $3M to Be Wasted Removing World's Second Most Productive Telescope
  12. Honolulu Police Commission says it lacks 'evidence' to put police chief on leave
  13. But Chief has Already Admitted to being under investigation by FBI--according to top police sources 
  14. Maui police officers arrested in bribery, theft cases
  15. Hawaii Panel to Keep Prisoners From Reoffending Does Nothing — And Never Has
  16. Ige nominates pair to circuit court posts
  17. Maui woman sues DOE for lack of deaf services for students
  18. Refusing Shelter, Homeless Scatter to Kewalo
  19. UH needs to force Ganot's hand on signing contract
  20. Activation of Aiea Public Library’s PV panels could take months
  21. Kauai Voluntary Pesticide Disclosure program to go Statewide
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Wednesday, October 21, 2015
October 21, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:02 PM :: 4011 Views
  1. FCC Commissioner: Disgrace that Feds Turned Blind Eye to Criminal Al Hee for So Long
  2. Strive HI Test Results--How Did your School Do?
  3. Relativity Media Issues Statement on Behalf of Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa
  4. Union Reverses Itself: Now Backs NextEra Merger
  5. "Second most scientifically productive telescope in the world" to be Shut Down to Satisfy Protesters, OHA
  6. Ernie Martin Proposal Would Force Legislature into Election-Year Re-Vote on Rail Tax Hike
  7. Council Uses 400 Empty Public Housing Units as Excuse for more money
  8. Judge to Rule on Na'i Aupuni Suit Friday
  9. Hawaii's Real Unemployment Rate 10.1%
  10. Knock knock. Who’s there? Your accountant, and it’s time for the company to leave Hawaii
  11. Police commissioners' lack of law enforcement experience a concern
  12. Hawaii Family Sues Police, City Over Stun Gun-Related Death
  13. Enviro Nuts Hope to use Coral Bleaching as latest Excuse to Attack Aquarium Fishers
  14. Caldwell Bike Plan Would Clog City's Busiest Roads
  15. UH College of Ed professors say facilities cramped, lacking key equipment
  16. Hawaii County Still Trying to Decide if it has any Ethics
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Tuesday, October 20, 2015
October 20, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:28 PM :: 3825 Views
  1. OHA Website set to Flood DoI with Pro-Indian Tribe Comments
  2. NYT: Missing Cargo Ship Highlights Vulnerability of Aging U.S. Fleet
  3. Jones Act Business Forum set for UH Manoa
  4. Keeping Track of Sex-Ed in DoE Classrooms
  5. Opposition from Hawaiians hampers Tribal election effort--Judge to Rule Friday on Lawsuit
  6. Silence grows ominous as Kealoha probes continue
  7. Ernie Martin Proposes $1.6B Tax Hike--But only gives $900M to Rail
  8. Hilo Hospital to Ask Legislature for Partnership Authorization
  9. HSTA Operative: Ige Should Cede Control of Labor Negotiations to Tsutsui
  10. Settlement with union over private-sector contracts could cost millions
  11. Hawaii Loses 8,100 Jobs in September, but Unemployment Drops
  12. Jeb Bush top Recipient of Soft Money from Hawaii
  13. Hawaii Attorneys Allowed to Help Medical Marijuana Industry
  14. Utility Regulators urged to focus on Marijuana
  15. PUC Commissioner Applies for Rooftop Solar Days Before PUC Cut the Credits
  16. IBEW Union says it now supports NextEra purchase of HEI
  17. Fixing Hawaii homeless problem more than a 60-day emergency, IHS exec says
  18. With Kakaako Gone, Martin Wants Nine New Homeless Tent Cities
  19. Maui County Council Legislative Package
  20. Hawaii among five states that see graduation rates drop
  21. Common Core testing in Hawaii schools yields mixed results
  22. Council Pushes Back Against Social Engineering--Bill Slows Bike Lane Constriction
  23. Soft on Crime: Five Priors, out on the Street, Gets 11 more
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Monday, October 19, 2015
October 19, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:58 PM :: 3101 Views
  1. Marijuana Dispensaries backed by Police Raids on Competition
  2. Lahaina: 5,000 March to Defend Tourism Industry from Assaults by Farmers and Astronomers
  3. DHHL Money Dispute Before State Court
  4. Bums say Hawaii Welfare Attracts Them Here: 500 Mainland Homeless Flew to Maui last year
  5. State to again let people seek Section 8 housing vouchers
  6. Hawaii fourth in the nation for millionaires per capita
  7. Usual Suspects Pour Money into Gabbard, Takai Coffers
  8. Consultant Latest to Attempt to Write Business Plan for Cancer Center
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Sunday, October 18, 2015
October 18, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:42 PM :: 3327 Views
  1. Am Samoa: Faleomavaega May Try Congress By Proxy
  2. Taxpayers Also on the Hook for VW Diesel Dupe
  3. If Ige wants to stick around, he needs to prepare now
  4. Hawaii Politicians Accept the 'Unacceptable' Until they Want to Pose
  5. Feds may soon Foreclose on Criminal Al Hee's Sandwich Isles Scam Company
  6. One Shelter Houses 104 Homeless Arrivals from mainland Since July 1
  7. Lassner: Common Core Reduces need for Remedial Work at UH
  8. Assisted Suicide to be Pushed in Legislature Again--'Several Thousand' Could be Killed off Cheaply Every Year
  9. NEM Gone, Co-op Solar Farms, Time of Use Charges are Next Big Thing
  10. Bizarre News: Gabbard Hires a Non-Cult Staffer
  11. Anti--Cane Activists Seek SMA Control over Agriculture
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Saturday, October 17, 2015
October 17, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:51 PM :: 4498 Views
  1. Schatz, Abercrombie Secretly Organized NextEra Merger Proposal
  2. OHA Lawyer Represents Contractor Accused of Using Political Influence to Rip-off State
  3. To Beat NIMBYS, Ige Takes a Page from Lingle Playbook--Signs Homelessness Emergency Proclamation
  4. Fiber optic cables were maliciously cut on Mauna Kea this Summer
  5. IRS Report Reveals Average Property Tax Deductions in Hawaii
  6. Labor Market Effects: Obamacare vs Hawaii Prepaid Health Care
  7. City now accepting Grants in Aid applications
  8. Criminal Charges Filed Against Rep McKelvey--$33,000 Missing Campaign Funds 
  9. Double-standard allows Chief Kealoha to continue while under FBI Investigation
  10. New Rail Projections Include $299M Federally Approved Slush Fund
  11. Student Sex to be Banned for UH Faculty, Admin--But Union Members Won't be Fired
  12. After Arnold Mess, UH Promises to Clean up its Act (Again)
  13. End to Net Metering Hits Solar Leasing Schemes Hard
  14. Don’t shoot test-score messenger
  15. First look at Hale Mauliola’s temporary modular housing
  16. DLNR Unable to Staff Harbors, Public-Private Partnership to be Sought in Legislature
  17. Hawaii: Where Not To Die In 2016
  18. Pounded by Gabbard, National Democrats Prepare to Capitulate
  19. How many ways can you tell a Kauai County Councilman to piss off?
  20. Federal Whistleblower Investigator Fired After Blowing the Whistle on His Own Agency
  21. Maui police officer accused of trying to bribe witness against him in Theft Case
  22. Former Honolulu police officer sentenced to 30 months in prison for Game Room Assault
  23. Police want to demote sergeant accused of giving fellow officer special treatment
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Friday, October 16, 2015
October 16, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:54 PM :: 3163 Views
  1. VIDEO: US Has Given a lot to Hawaii
  2. Video: A Visit with Duke Aiona
  3. Honolulu Repaves 202 Lane-Miles of Roads
  4. Federal Report: Hawaii Obamacare Exchange has Returned no Unspent Money
  5. Kauai Overtime Expenditures Out of Taxpayer’s Pockets
  6. Hawaii Tax Foundation to file lawsuit over state’s ‘administrative’ take on rail tax--Alternative to Tax Hike
  7. Star-Adv: Back-room dealing and secrecy on Rail Votes
  8. Feds Push Council for Rail Tax Hike
  9. Council Sets Rail Tax Hike Vote, Public Hearings 
  10. Secretly Recorded Conversation Opens Window on Movie Mogul's Relations With Maui County Government 
  11. Ige Promises to Keep on Sweeping
  12. Saddened over the Loss of their Precious Kakaako, Espero, Brower Want to Hand Aloha Stadium Over to Homeless 
  13. DoH Policy Creates Pent-up Demand for Cronies' Medicated Marijuana
  14. Civil Beat: Is Gabbard Really a Democrat?
  15. SunRun Considers Legal Action Against PUC's Net Energy Metering Ruling
  16. Gov. Ige still opposes NextEra Energy-Hawaiian Electric sale
  17. Shameless: UH Regents Demand $16M from Legislature, Give Arnold $700K
  18. NCAA panel hears UH basketball case
  19. HPD Officer Still on Payroll After Pleading No Contest to Attempted Break-in of Woman's Home
  20. Is Police Misconduct a Secret in Hawaii?
  21. Hawaii health providers create cost estimation tools
  22. 'Organic' Stores Smell Profit During GMO-Free Month
  23. Hip bicycle lanes are not the answer on King Street
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Thursday, October 15, 2015
October 15, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:38 PM :: 4548 Views
  1. How to Tell the DOI 'No' Today
  2. Obama Cabinet Member to Meet with OHA 'Entrepreneurs' at Pelatron
  3. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: The Democrat that Republicans love
  4. Does Subsidized Housing Reduce Homelessness?
  5. Students at 37 Hawaii public high schools earn Advanced Placement Awards
  6. Ethics Commission Obeys Hanabusa, Secretly Dismisses Ethics complaints, Saves Council from Rail Re-votes
  7. Doomed: Kealoha in Crosshairs of Federal Prosecutor who Brought Down San Diego Mayor
  8. Peter Apo: Federal Recognition Opponents cannot claim to be Hawaiian--But Haoles Can 
  9. Ritte Quits Nai Aupuni Election--"Federal Recognition is Predetermined Outcome"
  10. Hawaiians divided again over Na‘i Aupuni election
  11. OHA Lawyer Represents Contractor Accused of Using Political Influence to Rip-off State
  12. More Than 50% of Kakaako Homeless Have Been Forced into Shelters
  13. Carbone: Diabolical E-Cigs Making Less People Smoke Tobacco, Ruining Cancer Center
  14. Source: Arnold to Get 'Biggest Settlement Ever' from UH
  15. Does Mayor or Commission Have Authority to Dismiss Police Chief?--Supreme Court to Decide
  16. Supreme Court Orders Anti-GMO Lawyer Suspended from Bar
  17. Anti-GMO Activists Target DeCoite in HD13
  18. SBA Loans up in Hawaii
  19. Hawaii Fishery Reopens After Buying Part of Marianas Island Quota
  20. Liberals: Asians are Failures in America and we're 'Troubled' by any Talk to the Contrary
  21. Russia’s Pacific Paradise
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Wednesday, October 14, 2015
October 14, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:28 PM :: 4072 Views
  1. Party's Over: PUC Ends Solar NEM Effective Immediately
  2. DLNR: Camping on Mauna Kea Continues to be Prohibited
  3. State to Dopers: Follow the Rules or the Police Will Get You
  4. Starting with Kealoha, Feds expand inquiry to Department-wide police corruption
  5. Broken Trustee Jervis’ law license suspended only 6 months for Looting Trust
  6. UH Maintenance Backlog Caused by Raids on Maintenance Funds
  7. Two More Days to Haul Trash out of Kakaako
  8. Micronesians Looking for Medical Care end up in Homeless Camp
  9. Half of uninsured in state can get Medicaid
  10. UPW Upset because CCA Horning in on its Prison Business
  11. Maui Planning Commission Rejects Latest Anti-Cane Burning Scheme
  12. Study says LNG use helps cut air pollution
  13. FBI investigating yet another Maui mortgage scam
  14. Democrats could kill Obamacare by repealing ‘Cadillac tax’
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Tuesday, October 13, 2015
October 13, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 7:40 PM :: 3308 Views
  1. 'God bless the military' sign to stay at Marine base in Hawaii
  2. City Returning to Kakaako to Remove 'Tremendous Volume of Trash'
  3. American President Challenges Matson's Guam Monopoly
  4. Victory for Local Food: Hawaii’s $100M Longline Fishery Reopens
  5. Moody's -- Hawaii outlook positive
  6. Gallup: Hawaii Leads U.S. in Financial Well-Being
  7. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted October 13, 2015
  8. Why GMO?
  9. IT Upgrades Could Save Hawaii $101M -- Report
  10. Fortunately for Maui, Tsutsui was Kept out of Hospital Discussions
  11. Espero: Chief Should Step Aside until FBI Finishes with Him
  12. Morita: Hawaii Energy Policy Driven by Birthers
  13. Choy: UH Needs to Be Downsized
  14. Hawaii DoE Among Top States Suing Parents of SPED Kids
  15. Project Immediately Halted Because Group of Usual Suspects oppose geothermal survey on Hualalai
  16. Sam Slom on Making the GOP Relevant in Hawaii
  17. Everybody Wants to talk About Trump
  18. Cane Burning Study Co-Authored by Chemtrails Activist
  19. Kauai Paper Finally Gets Around to Visiting a Seed Farm
  20. Hawaii County prosecutor to dismiss 20 cases involving Mauna Kea arrests
  21. Drug Addicts Camped Along Ala Wai Canal Refuse Shelter
  22. City Proposes Waianae Housing for 75 Homeless
  23. New Civil Beat Editor: I Just Got Here and I want to Help Keep the Homeless on the Streets
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Monday, October 12, 2015
October 12, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:56 PM :: 4810 Views
  1. Tulsi Gabbard ‘Disinvited’ from Democrat Presidential Debate
  2. FULL TEXT: Report reveals details of AG investigation of Rep James Tokioka
  3. Rail Tax Hike Will Cost Family of Four $4000
  4. HART: Ansaldo Understaffing of Rail project "unacceptable and inappropriate"
  5. Ige: Secret Meetings, No Public Events for Weeks on End
  6. Tsutsui: Ige Foolish to Ignore Me--I want to control Collective Bargaining
  7. Nai Aupuni Faces Oct 20 Court Showdown
  8. Star-Adv: We Must Pay Lawyers to go through motions of pretending to Consider Rusting Offshore Wind Junk Farms for Waikiki
  9. Europeans, Mainlanders Demand Hawaii Legislature Let Doctors Kill off Expensive Patients
  10. Independent Audit of State IT Wasteland Needed
  11. Hawaii Island Electric Coop Rebuts NextEra Testimony
  12. Homeless Moving West--Camp in Kalihi valley
  13. 120 Airline Tickets to Fly Maui Homeless back to mainland
  14. Quota troubles for Hawaii’s longline fisherman impacts ahi prices
  15. Another sad tale of airport maintenance woes
  16. State completely drought-free for First time since 2008
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Sunday, October 11, 2015
October 11, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:31 PM :: 5325 Views
  1. Taking a Homeowner’s Exemption for a Home You Can’t Live In
  2. Recall: Disgusting Organic Cheese Infested with Listeria
  3. Abercrombie: Fake Indian Tribe will be my Revenge on Hawaii
  4. Abercrombie in Congress: How would you like to have 1.8M Acres of Land in Hawaii?
  5. While Feds Circle Overhead, DHHL Fights State for More Funding
  6. Star-Adv Pushes Rail Tax Hike
  7. Obamacare Health insurance rate hikes will hit middle class hardest
  8. Students are put off by mounting costs of UH Tuition
  9. Homeless Don't Want to be Helped--But its not up to them to decide
  10. Kauai Police Chief: “Most of these individuals who do mass shootings have mental health issues"
  11. State Ag Report Proves Anti-GMO Nuts Wrong on Kauai Pesticides
  12. Movie Mogul Kavanaugh Gave a Lot to Maui Mayor
  13. Religious sign at Marine base is staying put--Atheist Group to Sue on Behalf of 'Church of Satan'
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Saturday, October 10, 2015
October 10, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:08 PM :: 3784 Views
  1. Gabbard: Obama arming al-Qaeda, ISIS
  2. FBI moving against HPD chief, wife--Special Prosecutor Appointed
  3. List of Honolulu Neighborhood Board Vacancies
  4. Court Slaps Down Federal Grab for Control of State Waters
  5. VIDEO: Albert Einstein and Neil Armstrong Discuss Honolulu's Rail
  6. Kakaako Sweep Forces 48 More Homeless to Finally Accept Shelter
  7. Hawaii public school enrollment dips
  8. #5 in USA: Hawaii Collects $4361 Taxes Per Capita
  9. Hungry? Hawaii Bigeye Tuna Industry Reels Two Months after Being Shut Down by Quotas
  10. "North Korea will present a very real threat to Hawaii"
  11. Judge grants motion invalidating Mauna Kea emergency rule
  12. UH-Hilo to buy new teaching telescope; Hoku Kea replacement won’t go on Mauna Kea
  13. OHA Lawyer: Rowena Akana is Stupid
  14. Record-setting trash prompts extension of homeless sweep
  15. HPD wants to fire sergeant caught fighting on video
  16. Ethics: Hawaii County Council Protects Double Dipping, Self Dealing
  17. UH Regents to discuss 'Hefty' settlement deal with former basketball coach Gib Arnold
  18. Hawaii State Bar Association convention to focus on medical marijuana dispensaries
  19. Hawaii to Expand Voluntary Pesticide Reporting--But only by Big Ag Companies
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Friday, October 9, 2015
October 9, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:26 PM :: 5407 Views
  1. Cost of Illegal Immigration in Hawaii
  2. Public Sector Unions: Bastions of white-collar Privilege
  3. Fitch: Hawaii debt levels are high
  4. WSJ: Hawaii Pacific University Piles on the 'Other' College Debt
  5. Hawaii Organic Farm Crops Worth $13.9M
  6. Hee Crony Resigns as KSBE Trustee After Being Rejected for New Term
  7. Full Text: Chief Kealoha Files Anonymous Suit to Shut Down Ethics Investigation
  8. Hanabusa Slams HART: "I am the Only Person there not to just sit there and vote yes"
  9. Lawsuit over possible ethics lapses has city revisiting bond measure to finance rail
  10. Borreca: Ige's Mauna Kea Stalemate 'The best he can do'
  11. Governing: Ige Bogged Down in Details
  12. Hawaii Suffers under 'Unaffordable Care Act"
  13. 100 Crimes Reported at Kakaako Homeless Cam Since Late August
  14. Trash volume delays Kakaako cleanup
  15. 19 More Homeless Finally Agree to Accept Shelter
  16. AP Suckered by Phony United Nations Deputy Ambassador Watching Honolulu Homeless Camp Clearing
  17. Caldwell's Ala Moana sewage spill much larger than reported
  18. Millions of dollars sat unused as UH College of Education classrooms were allowed to deteriorate
  19. Anti-GMO Activists Funded by “fortunes derived from big oil, big industry, big pharma and big banks.”
  20. Star-Adv: NextEra Not Serious
  21. Green Energy: New Schofield Biofuel Generator frees Campbell Generator to Burn Diesel
  22. DoT Airport Division Making Hawaiian Airlines Late
  23. Army prepares for removal of isle’s Stryker vehicles
  24. While Cronies Line up for Licenses, Police Raid Ordinary Dopers to Eliminate Competition
  25. Alleged Child Molester Allegedly Grabs Makaha Boy
Read More..
Thursday, October 8, 2015
October 8, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 8:05 PM :: 2993 Views
  1. Full Text: Hawaii Business Groups Slam Police Refusal to Enforce Law on Mauna Kea
  2. OHA Trustee Says Na'i Aupuni is Fake Tribe
  3. Akana: Ultra-Secret OHA Slush Funds, Strange Cartoons, and World Travel
  4. Hulu Lindsey: Nai Aupuni Exclusionary, Anti-Democratic, Violates Kapu Aloha
  5. FULL TEXT: Whistleblower Suit Claims Ansaldo Padding Rail Contract
  6. Activists Claim GMOs Cause Homosexuality
  7. Hawaii Abortion Laws and How They Differ From Other States
  8. Factors that Explain Honolulu's High Pedestrian Accident Rate
  9. Taiwanese Animators' Bermuda Triangle mystery: El Faro missing ship still on the water after 40 years
  10. Martin: "I don't know if Rail Tax can get out of Committee"
  11. Hee Crony Booted from KSBE Trusteeship 
  12. Ige Admin Against Revised NextEra Proposal
  13. Dr. Akina Discusses the Proposed DOI Rule on Hawaii Public Radio
  14. Eight Homeless Go To Shelter: City Clears 126 Tons of Trash and 128 Hypodermic Needles
  15. Sweeps Force Homeless Person to Move into a House
  16. Desperate to get Homeless Back into Waikiki, Civil Beat Lies About Federal Rules
  17. Review Hiring Polices for Hawaii’s Special Education Positions
  18. HCDA to request millions of the Legislature for Kalaeloa infrastructure
  19. No food service in Honolulu Community College cafeteria for 13 months
  20. Ozawa wants bike lanes to receive City Council approval
  21. Kauai County Charter Changes Coming?
  22. Try a little introspection, investigate what’s behind opinions that differ with yours
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Wednesday, October 7, 2015
October 7, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:14 PM :: 3912 Views
  1. Why was 40-Year Old Ship Sent into Path of Hurricane?
  2. Hawaii: Child Care Costs More than College Tuition
  3. ‘Know GMO’ documentary challenges anti-GM scare campaign
  4. Oct 15 Last Day to Register for 'Hawaiian' Tribal Election
  5. Video: Free Market Solutions to Homelessness with Victor Geminiani
  6. New Assisted Suicide Law Could Especially Hurt the Poor
  7. Corporations Buying Influence? Native Hawaiian Election Throws Out All the Rules
  8. Full sovereignty: It's just a daydream
  9. Lawsuit: Ansaldo Padding Rail Contract
  10. High Tech Tax credits: State Gave Away $1.7B to Rich Scammers
  11. Taxpayers will pay more as 'Arbitration' Forces more UPW Make-Work Jobs
  12. OHA Pohakuloa Suit Faces October 16 Deadline
  13. Hawaii Board of Education set to vote on new school calendar
  14. Hawaiian Electric’s Big Island utility may be worth $727M, expert says
  15. Drug use down, use of synthetic urine up in Hawaii workplaces
  16. UH students going to class in unsafe, unsanitary College of Education buildings
  17. Strengthening families leads to lifelong success
  18. Hawaii Judge Spent Decades Re-Ordering Family Structures

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015
October 6, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:20 PM :: 3582 Views
  1. Obamacare Rate Hikes Approved: 27% HMSA, 34% Kaiser
  2. DNC Disarray: Gabbard Undercuts Wasserman Schultz Over Debate Schedule (VIDEO)
  3. NBC News Pumps Petition to Strip McKinley HS of Name
  4. Hawaii Congressional Delegation How They Voted October 5, 2015
  5. Delegate candidates "Well-Connected to Agencies Spearheading Federal Recognition Process"
  6. Hawaiian constitutional convention election process is flawed
  7. Pro-business groups ask Ige to move forward on TMT construction
  8. Rail transit project would make City and County of Honolulu top energy consumer in Hawaii
  9. City prepares for last two homeless sweeps in Kakaako
  10. Shelters Have Plenty of Space but Kakaako Homeless Don't Want to go
  11. Honolulu is the worst US city for drivers
  12. Anti-GMO Franken-Activists Seek 'Every Email'
  13. Dumping Ground for Anti-GMO Obsessives Goes Unfulfilled under Ige
  14. State regulators ask Hawaiian Telcom about phone outages that lasted weeks
  15. Hawaii Among Top States for Mortgage 'Defects'
  16. School trips can meet ethics rules
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Monday, October 5, 2015
October 5, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:38 PM :: 4233 Views
  1. Memo Outlines Reasons The Akaka Tribe Might be Very Disappointed with Interior Department
  2. Standard-Setting Deal on Pacific Trade Ironed Out After Six Years
  3. “Time to repeal the Jones Act”
  4. US Scores Near Bottom in International Tax Competitiveness
  5. Some well-known names look to score pot licenses
  6. Big Shots: High Cost of Electricity Makes Marijuana Unprofitable, So Don't Bother Competing With Us
  7. HECO President Says Cheap Electricity Is a 'Pipe Dream' in Hawaii
  8. Kaiser Permanente’s vision for Maui Hospitals 
  9. Anti-GMO Lobbyists Refuse to Reveal Funding Sources
  10. Council Enacts TOD Zoning
  11. Homeless Person Owns Four, Count'em Four Tablet Devices and a Laptop
  12. DoE Teacher Tries to Blame Parents for SPED Downfalls
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Sunday, October 4, 2015
October 4, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:26 PM :: 4004 Views
  1. Ways to Own a Utility
  2. These Democrats Who Voted For Obamacare Are Now Desperate To Change It
  3. Meet the New Sovereign: Interior Department Controls Voting Process After 'Aha
  4. State may be out $1.7B in taxes--thanks to High Tech Tax Credit Scammers
  5. Rail: How much more can we afford?
  6. Hawaii Be bold, Utah homeless reform expert urges
  7. Sweeps Should be Celebrated
  8. Schatz uses false urgency to nag people into donating
  9. Power-generation paradigm must change
  10. LNG to save the Islands more than $2 billion
  11. Maui County Will Appeal Injection Well Ruling
  12. Soft on Crime: 12 Priors, out on Probation, Does it Again
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Saturday, October 3, 2015
October 3, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:31 PM :: 3086 Views

  1. Hawaiian Electric Companies propose new community based renewable energy program
  2. Rusting Wind Junk Coming to Waikiki--Second floating wind farm planned
  3. 'I told you so' -- Now Rail Proponents Should Apologize
  4. Health Department Racks up Overtime While Failing to Spend Federal Money
  5. PUC Approves HECO Plan to Build Another Diesel Plant, Calls it Green 
  6. Aha: Elect No Politicians
  7. Hawaii Scores 60% on gender parity
  8. City removes nearly 9 tons of trash as Kakaako enforcement continue
  9. Maui police officer arrested in felony theft investigation
  10. DV Survivor says law enforcement failed to pursue case
  11. Teacher accused of touching student inappropriately; Parents want DOE investigation details released
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Friday, October 2, 2015
October 2, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 6:11 PM :: 4039 Views
  1. EPA, State, Navy Agree to upgrade Red Hill storage tanks
  2. AG Charges Third Waianae Homeless Shelter Employee With Embezzlement
  3. U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii Voter Registration Drive
  4. ‘Smart Growth’ Drives up Housing Costs
  5. New Hawaii Endangered Species Listings Set Stage for Federal Ecosystem Control
  6. Interior Department Tribal Shakedown Grabs for Rail Project Money
  7. Caldwell: Council Must Approve $1.8B Rail Tax Hike Before Legislature Reconvenes
  8. Hawaii has feds’ attention, and that’s not a good thing
  9. Who Should Own Hawaiian Electric?
  10. Regressively Progressive
  11. Outside Audit of IT Incompetence Demonstrates OIMT's Incompetence
  12. Department of Public Safety names new state sheriff
  13. Hawaii Gun Ownership Soars, Gun Crimes Drop
  14. Homeless: More Murder and Mayhem
  15. So-Called 'Innocence' Project will help Even More Guilty People Than Before
  16. Schatz Committee Assignment Means Campaign Cash will flow from High Tech Schemers
  17. UH Plans $16M 'Ask' From Legislature
  18. UH Cancer Center Deadlock
  19. 100s of Oahu Parks Abandoned by Caldwell Administration
  20. Man who embezzled funds from nonprofit nets 2-year prison term
  21. Police department internal investigations lead to 5 suspensions
  22. Transsexual Bullying Aims at DoE
  23. Invest $2,000 in Solar Farm, Cut Your Electric Bill
  24. Dumbest 'Clean' Energy Scheme Ever Coming to Big Island--Still not Approved by FAA
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Thursday, October 1, 2015
October 1, 2015 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 5:20 PM :: 3516 Views
  1. 'Aha Candidates--Legislators, Trustee Violate Resign to Run Law 
  2. Fresh off Obamacare Disaster, Obama Orders Hawaii Legislators to Impose Family Leave Mandate on Employers
  3. Senate Puerto Rico Package to Include Jones Act Exemption?
  4. Hawaii Rejects Fake Indian Tribe nearly 2-1
  5. Nobody Fooled any more--Aha is All About Federal Recognition
  6. Usual Suspects Running to Control Fake Hawaiian Indian Tribe
  7. Their purpose? To position themselves to be the biggest feeders at the money trough
  8. Criminal Hee: Further up state Democratic political ladder
  9. State IT Contacts are "Rail #2" “dilapidated and decentralized” "$100Ms" "Contracts we may not even know about" 
  10. NextEra--Its One and Done
  11. 115 Homeless Flown Back to Mainland
  12. Kohala Parents Demand Local Control--no Marijuana Stores
  13. Pereira Complains About Attacks on Principals
  14. Stupid Atheists Propose Kaneohe Sign Invoke Specific Gods
  15. Public Gets Chance to See Plan for Giant Wall Surrounding Ala Wai Canal
  16. How Did the City Get It So Wrong on Waikiki Tower Proposal?
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