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Tuesday, May 10, 2011
May 10, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:03 PM :: 6563 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Kauai County News, DHHL, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party


  1. Coverup: DoE changes tests, surveys to create illusion of progress
  2. UPDATE: Hawaii Right to Life PAC endorses more Honolulu Neighborhood Board Candidates
  3. Hawaii Congressional Delegation: How They Voted May 9
  4. Borreca: Abercrombie will face a day of reckoning
  5. The Table of Shame - can we afford everything we wish for?
  6. Nails in the Coffin: Legislature approves 252 bills this year
  7. As Redistricting Looms: Abercrombie touts Return to Multi-Member Districts
  8. Hawaii Ethics Commission Hasn't Issued Advisory Opinion Since 2006
  9. ACT 221 Scammers on Big Wind: Governor must Seize Molokai Ranch and Give it to us!
  10. Higher Electricity Sales mask Effects of Decoupling
  11. Crisis? Kauai County Begins Hiring
  12. Recycling subsidy in danger
  13. Murkowski welcomes U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka back to work after rib injury
  14. APEC Preparations: Weak start for state’s homeless initiative
  15. APEC Preparations: Prostitution expected to surge for APEC
  16. APEC Preparations: Free plane ticket to Texas for homeless woman in Waikiki
  17. Point Panic Homeless Camp proposed as Site for Obama Library
  18. Expensive Private School Brainwashes Manoa Children
  19. Pot-Heads, State of Hawaii team up to soak landowner for $15,000 a day
  20. Hordes of Wildly Posturing Activists block Appointment of Kauai Archaeologist
  21. Sellers’ Remorse: Maori get head back
  22. Hitler Poster Child Changes Life, Finds Hawaii Home
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Monday, May 09, 2011
May 9, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:28 PM :: 4115 Views :: Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. Medical Homes: Will Medicaid patients suffer to save HGEA, UPW?
  2. Opening Pandora's Box Of Hidden Tax Increases
  3. DHHL outlines plan to reduce number of leases, keep beneficiaries waiting
  4. Special Session? Rep Belatti outlines Legislative Payraise Scenarios
  5. SA: Students do better when they spend less time around the DoE
  6. SA: Authorize and Sell Rail Bonds Now
  7. JAL: Golden Week visitors to Hawaii down 41.7%
  8. Aloha Cargo, part of Young Bros Monopoly, reaps benefits of Superferry’s demise
  9. NYT: Hawaii Captive Insurance Laws help create “Shadow Insurance Industry”
  10. Hawaii Tax Credits behind Obama Admin scheme to Tax Drivers by Miles Driven
  11. Hawaii Foreclosure Law could weaken Mortgage Securities Market
  12. OHA’s Robert Klein helping Gold Coast Residents make State pay for their Seawall
  13. Session Wrap: Agriculture, Aina Fail to inspire Taxes and Subsidies
  14. Petition to Require an EA for EA Exemption Lists
  15. UH Tree Ring Study: Global Warming started in 1700s
  16. Crazy Scene: 10,000 psychiatrists gathering for annual meeting in Honolulu
  17. Samoa to jump forward in time by one day
  18. FP: Inouye threatens Cut-off of Palestinian Aid Money if Hamas Joins Gov’t
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Sunday, May 08, 2011
May 8, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:27 PM :: 6937 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. Honolulu GOP Releases List of Republican Neighborhood Board candidates
  2. UHERO: Hawaii’s Government Pork feeding frenzy coming to an end
  3. Abercrombie to Democrats: We are to blame for all of Hawaii’s Problems
  4. Huge Success: Duke Aiona’s Drug Courts 1/3 of National Recidivism Rate
  5. Nonaka: New Taxes cost $2400 for family of four
  6. Abercrombie Declares War on AARP, promises to bring back Pension tax
  7. Abercrombie may call Special Session to balance Budget on Backs of Seniors, Employees
  8. Pension tax idea galvanized potent voting bloc
  9. HB865: Abercrombie doubles Freight Tax to hire more HGEA
  10. Maui Budget: Spending, Taxes Both Hiked
  11. Oily Characters: Robin Danner studies North Dakota Indian Reservation to learn how to set up government
  12. New Hawaii law signed last week makes it harder for lenders to confiscate people's homes
  13. Abercrombie-Schatz Initiative to help homeless fails to get even one person off streets
  14. Environmentalists rally against proposed beach hotel tower
  15. Invasive Species Control Threatens Endangered Native Birds
  16. Kauai County’s energy savings flicker
  17. Taiwan sponsoring exhibit on Hawaii-educated Sun Yat-sen at Honolulu's city hall
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Saturday, May 07, 2011
May 7, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:18 PM :: 6140 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. Feds may prosecute State employees who carry out Medical Marijuana Program
  2. Abercrombie Imposes Obamacare: Medical Homes are future of Health Care Delivery
  3. Inouye Introduces Bills to Imprison Fishermen, seize boats
  4. SB120: Legislators authorize raid of more than $17 million in special funds
  5. Abercrombie: “Political Status quo strongly in place--We did not get all we wanted”
  6. Abercrombie signs Foreclosure bill, Vetoes two others
  7. HGEA Hiring Re-started: Bigger state budget restores some jobs
  8. Obamacare: Governor announces ‘medical home’ concept
  9. State to cut funding for Ohana, Evercare
  10. How Legislators will get their pay raise after voting against it
  11. Ever optimistic, lawmakers hope for veto of pay-cut bill
  12. More public schools drop out of summer sessions
  13. Session Wrap: Hawaii Gets New Appointed Education Board, Not Much Else
  14. Session Wrap: Energy Bills Pass, But Little Spark
  15. Undersea cable bill sunk by lawmakers
  16. Legislature votes to force Ratepayers to bail out biofuel project
  17. Rolling in Dough: Kauai FY12 supplemental budget $21 million higher
  18. Yagong displeased with mayor's plan to delay retiree insurance premiums
  19. Hawaii Legislature passes bills to help Hilo lessees
  20. Hawaii to receive more than $47 million in Title I education money
  21. Install Waikiki street cams
  22. Just in time for APEC, Environmentalists continue to allow Spread of Bedbugs throughout Hawaii
  23. Four Castle students arrested on suspicion of burglaries
  24. Clayton Hee kills effort to fix flawed DUI law
  25. Kakaako homeless man is the King of Clean
  26. HMA teams up with mainland company
  27. Among The Truthers
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Friday, May 06, 2011
May 6, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:14 PM :: 6602 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party


  1. Panos to Council: Floating Rail Bonds before federal funds are secured is dereliction of duty
  2. Video: Kahuku Wind turbines don’t even turn on windy day
  3. SA: Dick Rowland: The Grassroot Institute founder promotes the cause of liberty
  4. High Turnout in Neighborhood Board Elections
  5. How Abercrombie suckered Senate into Creating GE Tax Bogeyman
  6. Will Force Special Session to raise taxes more: Abercrombie expected to veto Flawed Legislative Pay Cut Extension
  7. CoR, Unfinished Business Could Bring legislature Back For More
  8. Hawaii kills undersea power cable bill (For now)
  9. Solar power firms fight for subsidies
  10. Hawaii Lawmakers Agree to Pension Reform for New Hires
  11. Freight Tax Doubled: Hawaii Consumers forced to pay for HGEA Jobs
  12. Kenoi's budget cuts 2%
  13. Geniuses: Kauai Co figures out that it doesn’t make sense to sell bonds and not use the money
  14. Treadmill Mystery At Hawaiian Home Lands
  15. Palafox gives up UH medical school post
  16. Police officer found not guilty in false-overtime case
  17. Law Stops Non-Judicial Foreclosures For 12 Months
  18. Sen Akaka recovering after breaking 2 ribs while preparing to denounce Special Forces
  19. CB Poll: Only Obamabots think Obama gets credit for Killing Bin-Laden
  20. Is Councilmember a Radio-Controlled Robot?
  21. Homeless Tent City in Waianae: They don’t do anything, leave loads of trash behind
  22. Dopers: Obama Reneges On States Rights on Medical Marijuana
  23. Visitor industry gives back to Maui County troops
  24. Gambling With Hawaii: The fight over legalizing gambling
  25. Hawaii hotel occupancy slips; room rates rise
  26. New Deal for Hong Kong and US trade
  27. 7-Eleven plans to add 46 stores in Hawaii
  28. Oahu H-POWER plant expansion reaches halfway point
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Thursday, May 05, 2011
May 5, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:50 PM :: 8040 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. Hawaii Christian Coalition to Pray over Capitol May 5
  2. Study: Hawaii has most expensive rentals in Nation
  3. VIDEO: House Republicans speak up on Taxes, Budget
  4. Marumoto: State becoming addicted to Marijuana Money
  5. Berg on Transit Authority: Mayor, Council Leadership put Cronyism ahead of qualifications
  6. Cam Cavasso: Family and the Future
  7. Hawaii Right to Life PAC endorses Neighborhood Board Candidates
  8. Slom: Business freeze hiring in response to Legislature, Non-Profits may close doors
  9. Hawaii citizens missed some lawmakers’ bullets; bit others
  10. Marumoto: Retirees have won the Day, Pension Tax is Dead
  11. Political Correctness: SEALS who got Bin Laden also captured Jihadi murderer of Big Isle man—and were prosecuted for it
  12. Inouye, Akaka votes: A ticket to USA for Guantanamo detainee who attempted attack on Honolulu
  13. UH Medical School to lose Tobacco Settlement Funding
  14. Akaka, Inouye to hold hearing to complain about ‘racist’ language used by Special Forces killing Osama
  15. Hawaii Legislature poised to approve broad changes in public worker retirement benefits
  16. Slom Questions If State Legislative Budget is Balanced
  17. Its Party Time! Jobs Available Soon At Some State Agencies
  18. Abercrombie, BoE, Obama’s Sister put on Education Reform Dog n Pony Show
  19. Hawaii lawmakers to vote on massive pay hike
  20. Race Hustlers Recognize State Akaka Tribe is Illegal
  21. Conklin: Best for Process to fizzle once again
  22. Bond sales for rail work get preliminary approval
  23. Honolulu Council Learns Rail Contractor Gave A Gift — Two Months Later
  24. Abercrombie sends out Lawyer to Argue for Judicial Secrecy
  25. UH Manoa Perfesser gets no jail time for Rape of Child
  26. Hawaii Conspirator in Thai Laborer Trafficking Case Admits Guilt
  27. Hawaii lawmakers kill proposal to end Medicare Part B reimbursement benefit to public retirees
  28. Hawaii Hotel Room Revenue up 19%
  29. REAL ID: Hawaii Not In Compliance, Residents may be blocked from flying without Passports in January, 2013
  30. Schatz: Feds Will Provide APEC Funds
  31. Legislators seize Tobacco Funds, cut $4 million from medical school fund
  32. After 30 Years of Failure, Legislature votes to re-fund Aloha Tower Development Corp.
  33. Proposal would require developers to provide warning sirens
  34. Kauai Bus Shelters $50K Each
  35. Hawaii Co Ending Free Bus Fares
  36. $40 Million Revenue Bond Bill Benefits Energy Venture
  37. Pork Project: Inouye delivers $5.5M for Green Energy and Pig Slop
  38. Guam Mayors Concerned About Possibility That Marine Buildup Won't Happen
  39. Oahu elementary school accredited as International Baccalaureate World School
  40. Maryland suspends Hawaii autism doctor's license
  41. HPD Officer Had 2x Legal Alcohol Limit
  42. Trial opens for HPD officer accused in overtime pay scandal
  43. Kau: Convicted Killer Occupies Million Dollar Shoreline Parcel
  44. Michigan Republicans Threaten to cut off Michigan Welfare Card use in Hawaii
  45. Gambling with Paradise: Illegal activities in Hawaii
  46. 'Million-dollar sharks' a boon to eco-tourism, says study
  47. Legislature praised for work on Dogs, Peacocks
  48. Donald Trump's lawsuits could turn off conservatives who embrace tort reform
  49. SA: Championship series needs reform
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Wednesday, May 04, 2011
May 4, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:18 PM :: 8393 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party, National News, Development
  1. Double-Digit Spending Increase and Taxes to Match: Senate Passes Budget 24-1
  3. Sewer Line Back Up Closes Capitol Toilets
  4. Big Victory for Abercrombie’s HSTA/DoE/BoE: Legislature stalls 180 day law
  5. First Item on New BoE Agenda: Take Care of Matayoshi
  6. Online shopping tax bills die in Hawaii
  7. ILind Looks at 14 Bills Passed by Legislature
  8. State's Flu-Shot Program Threatened
  9. Stanley Chang caught lying about Support for Gas Tax Increase
  10. Debt Service on Rail Bonds $380M/year
  11. Hawaii House-Senate committee backs health care reform conformity bill
  12. FACT CHECK — HGEA: Public Nurse Pay 'Woefully' Behind Private Sector?
  13. Hawaii Loses Substitute Teacher Class Action Suit, Could Owe $70 Million
  14. Price of Tavares: Battle over permits doubles cost of center for Molokai veterans
  15. KIUC Pursues Real Renewable Electricity, so Enviros Mount Opposition
  16. Luddites push Kauai Co to Harass Seed Industry
  17. Homeless Bills Miss Deadline
  18. Attorney General Louie confirmed by Hawaii Senate, completing Gov. Abercrombie's Cabinet
  19. Inmate sues state and prison guards fired for beating him
  20. Shapiro: Green on right track to make medicinal pot rules more rigid
  21. Trailer Parks for Homeless on Ag land?
  22. Kahuku Village managers Ousted
  23. Developers may be shut out of cash for affordable housing
  24. Mid Pacific Institute Enviros brainwash Preschoolers
  25. HPD Releases Cost for President’s Hawaii Security Detail
  26. Book Reviews of Biography of Obama’s Mother
  27. CBS chief calls 'Hawaii Five-0' next billion-dollar franchise
  28. Hawaii attorney general may join BCS lawsuit
  29. The Oracle Nation Of Islam Answers The Call To Hawaii
  30. “Khalid Shaikh Mohammed basically gave up nothing until after he had been waterboarded”
  31. Tight security at Obama granny's Kenya home
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Tuesday, May 03, 2011
May 3, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:11 PM :: 7785 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. SB1274: Obamacare being used to Weaken Right to Appeal Insurance Coverage Denials
  2. Abercrombie signature gives special rights to Men who wear Dresses
  3. Nuclear Regulatory Commission looking into Depleted Uranium paperwork violations
  4. Maritime Industry Leader: Throw out Jones Act requirement for US Built ships
  5. Poverty Pimps Thrilled about State Akaka Bill
  6. After they raise our taxes, legislators will be seeking cover
  7. Pay raises for legislators not dead yet
  8. Abercrombie, Obama’s Sister and Omidyar cronies to discuss how to protect HSTA/DOE/BoE from angry parents
  9. Abercrombie Donor Kelly Hu Hosts Poker Tourney
  10. Pork Project: Hawaii Legislature Finds Money to Help Oahu Slaughterhouse
  11. Money for Inter-Island Cable, Credits For Clinton Crony Studio Dead?
  12. Governor Lobbies Lawmakers to pay for dark cable to Lanai, Molokai Big Wind projects
  13. Wind farm, ACT 221 scammers, push back against Geothermal expansion
  14. PUC denies First Wind's request for 'Big Wind' extension
  15. Michigan Welfare Money being Spent in Hawaii
  16. Do you know how long I’ve been in Government? Honolulu Councilmembers shout at testifiers
  17. WHT: Kenoi Campaign Manager cancels no-bid Police Services Contract after media Inquiries
  18. Kyo-ya Hotel: Three of Five Zoning Board Members have Conflicts of Interest
  19. Hawaii Trial Judges Worst Paid in U.S.
  20. Crisis? 16.9% More Spending for Kauai Human Resources Dep’t
  21. Crisis? $30M Projects for Kona
  22. Hawaii homeowners threatened by foreclosure would have options to stay in homes
  23. Hawaii Muslims painted as Victims by Islam Day Proponent
  24. Six decades after death, Maui man receives Medal of Honor
  25. State Court Employees Contribute $19,489 to Japan Relief Fund
  26. Hawaii Seeks to Prohibit Sale of Intact Pets
  27. With Enactment of Hawaii Employment Non-Discrimination Law, One-Quarter of U.S. States Ban Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity
  28. Program nurses a need
  29. Work resumes at Oahu's oldest church for construction of a multi-purpose center
  30. Obama’s friend pleads no contest in prostitution case
  31. Rasmussen: No Osama Bounce for Obama
  32. Donald The Mole


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Monday, May 02, 2011
May 2, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:06 PM :: 11201 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party, National News, Development, World News, Hawaii History
  1. Special Forces exterminate Osama Bin-Laden: Hideout was mansion next to Pakistani Military Academy
  2. Legislature to vote on $350M Increase in GE Tax
  3. Whirlwind legislative session draws to a close May 5
  4. Abercrombie signs Eight More Bills into Law
  5. Local Reaction To Osama’s Death: Relief, Worry
  6. Threat Level Raised At All Hawaii Army Installations
  7. How Much Hawaii Legislature’s Tax Hikes Will Cost You ($600M)
  8. Hawaii Legislature Increases Taxes, Spending, but Some Controversial Tax Measures Die
  9. Pay Raises for Hawaii Lawmakers Still on Table
  10. Law Lets Session Draw to a Close With Few Legislators Filing Disclosures
  11. Legislative Session Schedule for This Week
  12. Mortgage Foreclosure Bill Makes Cut
  13. Obama's close friend to appear in Honolulu court on Prostitution Rap
  14. Bill to protect victims of abuse nears OK
  15. Hawaii has nation’s Highest Teen Suicide Rate
  16. BoE Chair Horner continues to abuse Audit word 
  17. APEC conferees will see greener Nimitz Highway
  18. NYT: Standing Up for Guest Workers
  19. Project could help Nanakuli
  20. Honolulu Should Not Give Corporate Welfare Through Favoritism in Recycling Contracts
  21. Councilmember Tulsi Gabbard to drop use of Tamayo
  22. Four Seasons Resort reopens, recovered from tsunami damage
  23. Kauai Co Auditor surprised by county’s skyrocketing electric bill in 2010
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Sunday, May 01, 2011
May 1, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:47 PM :: 3734 Views :: Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. Hawaii spending to increase despite down economy
  2. Contractors Fear GE Tax Hikes Will Hurt Business
  3. House, Senate Reach Deals on Tax Increases
  4. County looks ‘OK’ despite cap on TAT: If tourism picks up, any excess will go into state’s general fund
  5. Bailey: Why are we struggling so hard with the concept of the importance of instructional time in Hawaii?
  6. DoE: 66% of class of 2014 won’t be taking Algebra II
  7. UH pays teachers more than nearly 40% of other PH&D universities
  8. Casino: Midnight at The Sausage Factory
  9. SA: Panel must assure openness to Democrat groups in redrawing voter districts
  10. Obama not immune from state's twisted bureaucracy
  11. Failed Solar Water Heaters to be replaced by On-Demand Hot Water heaters at Mayor Wright…
  12. …meanwhile Hawaii Energy to hand out more Solar Water Heater rebates with federal funds
  13. It Begins: Snapshots of 1930s Japan add “context” at new Arizona Memorial Visitor Center
  14. Parks Statewide Get Sprucing From Thousands Of Volunteers
  15. Medical? Behind backs of Doctors, Doper slips cannabis oil into feeding tubes of cancer stricken child
  16. State Health Officials Declare Latest Dengue Outbreak Over
  17. Land titles expert wrote 'Mahele' book
  18. Hawaii UPW was trailblazer in Communists’ quest for Government Unions
  19. Republican Lawmakers push back against Democrats’ Birther scam
  20. Food shortages and a frigid winter intensify pressures in North Korea
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Saturday, April 30, 2011
April 30, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 9:04 PM :: 10057 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party, National News, Development, World News, Hawaii History
  1. Friends of Lanai Calls for Big Wind Bidding Process to be Reopened
  2. 'Birther' Myth First Spread by Hillary Clinton Supporters in 2008
  3. Capped Out: Conference Committee Seizes Some TAT Revenue from Counties
  4. GE TAX Raised: Will reverberate throughout the economy as higher prices for consumers
  5. Bill Would Raise Hawaii's Production Tax Credits by 20%
  6. Proposal to start a casino in Hawaii dies
  7. Foreclosure aid bills advances
  8. Reefer Madness: Medical marijuana bill dies at the Legislature
  9. Native Hawaiian Recognition Bill Moves Forward in 2011 Legislature
  10. Homeless Hotline Tally So Far: 100 Calls, Emails
  11. Supreme Court Picks Reapportionment Chair
  12. Kailua High teacher charged with throwing hammer at student
  13. Hauula Charter School plans under way
  14. Hawaii residents victimized in ponzi scheme
  15. Horizon Lines reports loss, cites Hawaii slowdown
  16. Is Obama trying to anoint Trump?
  17. Golden Week volunteers help earthquake victims in Japan
  18. Celebration to mark Day of Prayer
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Friday, April 29, 2011
April 29, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 10:37 AM :: 5503 Views :: Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. Crisis? Arrivals up 9.1% spending up 16.9%
  2. Conspicuous Gallantry: Medal of Honor for Kaho’ohanohano, Svehla
  3. British Hawaii: U.K. flavor in the former 'Sandwich Isles'
  4. Immigration Files: UH Manoa Counseled Obama Sr. “about his Playboy Ways”
  5. Taxpayer Giveaway to Billionaire Clinton Cronies among Key Measures Being Voted Today
  6. Legislators cross swords with voting seniors at own peril
  7. House Wants Pension Tax, Senate Doesn’t
  8. Arrivals up 11.8% despite calamity
  9. Hawaii lawmakers reach deal on state budget, Required $500M in New Taxes
  10. Legalized Gambling Proposal Gains New Life at Hawaii Legislature
  11. HSTA/DoE Wins Big! Longer school day requirement in Hawaii delayed
  12. Big Win for Obama, Enviros: Maui town faces $6 gas amid record price surge
  13. Tax Set at Ten Cents, But Passage Not Yet In The Bag
  14. Crisis? Kauai County declares fiscal position sound
  15. City Lawyers Told Council Members What Not To Ask On Rail Fact-Finding Trip
  16. Redistricting panel's rules inhibit public's participation, groups say
  17. Legislators extend shield law protecting journalists' sources
  18. Hope Probation Strains Hawaii Criminal Justice System
  19. Lawmakers Finally Agree On Anti-Prostitution Bill
  20. Working together, we can break cycle of meth addiction
  21. Tsunami all clear put boaters at risk
  22. Arnold’s contract ordeal points to problems at UH
  23. Hanabusa Hosts Art Competition from which she is Excluded
  24. Relic of 'Blessed' nun to return to Hawaii
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Thursday, April 28, 2011
April 28, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:20 AM :: 6894 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. Hawaii Rated Worst State to Earn a Living
  2. Hawaii Anti-Trust Adventures: Investigating Big Five Control of Matson
  3. VIDEO: House GOP Caucus Hosts Balanced Budget Summit
  4. Abercrombie signs Six More Bills into law
  5. House saves the day after Senate votes 24-1 to dishonor Polynesian Discoverers of Hawaiian Isles
  6. Profitable Rhetoric: Mililani Trask signs Geothermal Deal
  7. Senate Run?  Hanabusa’s got her hand out again
  8. Start over on Big Wind Bidding, group tells state
  9. Legislators May Finish Spending this Morning, Taxing Next
  10. Will Hawaii Legislators Take 5% Pay Hike???
  11. Bag Tax: Enviros Fight Amongst Themselves over how much to steal from Consumers
  12. Golden Week Travel Falls 5% to 30% after Quake
  13. Caldwell/FACE: Mortgage legislation should address only 'bad actor' lenders
  14. Court dismisses challenge of Hawaiian Homes exemption
  15. Suspect Killed by Police had long record: Would be alive today if he were in prison where he belonged
  16. Helping the homeless is byproduct of preparing for APEC
  17. Insurers, Contractors still arguing over who will pay Trial Lawyers
  18. Hawaii Kai residents upset over proposed sewer rate hikes
  19. St Francis Medical center confronts Chapter 11 Again
  20. Bill would add teeth to domestic violence law
  21. Peter Boy is still missing, and his case remains inactive
  22. Dopers in Frenzy over Elimination of “Medical” marijuana for those who just want to feel medicated
  23. State driver’s licenses, ID cards do not conform to federal rules
  24. Big Foot: Hawaii County carbon footprint report released
  25. Hawaii Endangered Bird Conservation Program Recognized For Propagation Achievements
  26. Kill The Frogs?
  27. 3 Hawaii employers among semifinalists for award recognizing support for Guard, reserve troops
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011
April 27, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:23 PM :: 6560 Views :: Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party, National News, Development
  1. Abercrombie: HGEA Settles “without accusations and confrontation”
  2. HB1405: Lawmakers attempt an end run around the public in order to pass State Akaka bill
  3. Birthers vs. Truthers: The Double Standard on Conspiracy Theories
  4. White House Releases Obama’s Long-Form Birth Certificate
  5. Ignored Locally: Hawaii Investigative Reporter Gets National Recognition
  6. BoE says “Audit”, but No FINANCIAL Audits are planned
  7. Now that a Democrat is Governor, it is Time for Legislature to undo its “mistake” on UH regents
  8. Conference Committee Still Considering More Spending
  9. Abercrombie to Legislature; Just Ignore my AG on Medicare Pt B
  10. $150M Medicaid cuts risk care, opponents say
  11. Hawaii Legislative Conference Committee Working Hard on Instant Runoff Voting Bill
  12. HB688: Transsexual Agenda For Hawaii Schools
  13. Trial Lawyers seek Profit from Mass Release of Criminals
  14. Hawaii Human Trafficking Bill One Step From Governor's Desk
  15. Japanese Tourists 'Will Be Back Soon' to Hawaii
  16. Another Australian Airline to Fly Hawaii Routes
  17. No Hawaii Lawmakers Disclose Dependents With Stocks, Mutual Funds
  18. Josh Green finally figures out Medical Marijuana is a Scam, Pushes for Big Island Dope Dispensary
  19. HGEA vote fell well short of a mandate
  20. Nurses Head for Arbitration?
  21. HGEA Nurses underpaid compared to Private Hospitals
  22. SA: Don’t give more to nurses
  23. Bag Tax: Legislators plan to screw Retailers after luring them in with Revenue Sharing
  24. Coffman Screws Residential Solar Installers, Homeowners
  25. Hawaii to Drain Hurricane Fund to Cover Shortfall
  26. Obama Friend Titcomb Pleads Guilty In Traffic Court Case
  27. He’s No ‘Birther’ but Hawaii Senator Tackles Issues Surrounding Obama’s Birth Certificate
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011
April 26, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:51 PM :: 9914 Views :: Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party, National News, Development, World News, Hawaii History
  1. Back to bargaining Table: HGEA Nurses Reject Contract, other 6 Units Ratify
  2. Djou: Oahu has nation’s Highest Gas Taxes, City may raise higher
  3. Honolulu Pacific Office Properties could be De-listed by Stock Exchange
  4. HCR135: Special Interests hijack ALOHA Resolution
  5. Abercrombie signs Eight More Bills into Law
  6. Abercrombie announces Homeless Hotlines
  7. Birthers vs. Truthers: The Double Standard on Conspiracy Theories
  8. Panos for Mayor Again? Decision waits until after APEC in November
  9. Shapiro: Sam Slom moves to the fringe
  10. HSTA/DOE Join to Push Back against 180-day Law: Legislators want to fudge it
  11. Legislature resists governor's 'transformation of politics'
  12. Conference Committees To Focus on Tax Hikes Today
  13. Lawmakers still assuming fantasy returns on Pension Investments
  14. SA: Don't borrow to build rental-car facility  (Capital converted to operating!)
  15. 7000 Join AARP tele-Town Hall, Protest Pension Tax
  16. Department of Taxation suddenly decides cutting GE Tax exemptions will produce $41M less
  17. Amazon will dump Hawaii Affiliates if Legislature imposes GE Tax for online purchases
  18. The Price Is Wrong: Legislative Disclosures Undervalue Real Estate by $100,000s
  19. Hawaii County Property Valuations better than anticipated
  20. Kokobun’s Pork Project: State purchase of slaughterhouse key to food security
  21. Morita, Coffman team up with HELCO to deny Homeowners Solar Funding
  22. Slavery: Another supervisor pleads guilty, Cooperating with Feds?
  23. Kalapa: Nudging Government Toward Reform
  24. City & County of Honolulu Details Rail Bond Financing
  25. Schatz: Homeless 90-day Plan all about APEC
  26. Failed former Senator Ron Menor still out there pushing Gas Cap
  27. Another Honolulu Police officer to be arraigned on another drunken-driving charge
  28. Former TSA screener admits to stealing
  29. Act221 Scammers look to China
  30. Stockbroker Kimura Pleads Guilty
  31. Hawaii Government Employees Association Negotiations Not Authentic
  32. Abercrombie Rejected 2x: Selection Process for University of Hawaii Regents is Suddenly ‘Broken’
  33. Caesars CEO: Poker indictments present opportunity
  34. Judge halts foreclosure; others vulnerable?
  35. Stalinist Media Council still trying to seize HNN Broadcast License
  36. Plans for wave energy on Oregon Coast progressing
  37. Carter and other ex-leaders in North Korea on 3-day visit
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Monday, April 25, 2011
April 25, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:09 PM :: 7679 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Kauai County News, DHHL, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party, National News, Development
  1. Hawaii, Other States, Form Caucus to Oppose TSA Intrusions
  2. Will legislators share in the pay sacrifices?
  3. Taxes On Plastic Bags, Rental Cars, State Pensions, Alcohol Considered
  4. A User's Guide to Hawaii Conference Committees
  5. Hawaii Disclosure Law For Government Officials Not Transparent
  6. Honolulu Department's OT Jumps 49 Percent, Director Won't Talk About It
  7. Real ID:  Unfunded federal mandate to increase county costs
  8. Will Animal Liberation Nuts Torpedo Hawaii’s Collectivized Pork Slaughterhouse?
  9. Do Native Hawaiians Have The Right To Break Rules?
  10. Schools use Financial Aid to replace Family  with Government
  11. Do it for the children: Hawaii's Sex Abuse Treatment Center is truly a lifeline for child victims
  12. Abercrombie plans new initiative to finance Homelessness Industry
  13. On-bill Financing Would Make Clean Energy Accessible to Everyone
  14. Queen Lil Trust pays $100 Tax on $9.9M property
  15. Indicted Scammer makes one last sales pitch … in Hawaii
  16. Sun Country Airlines is Making Profit – Looking at Hawaii
  17. 'Spice' traps troops
  18. Forty-Four Years Later: Worthless dope smoking Bums not welcome at Haight-Ashbury
  19. Why The "Birther" Conspiracy Is Great For Obama
  20. Human Events: Birthers are Best thing Obama Has going for Him
  21. Hawaii senator questions Obama's true birth father
  22. Blessed Marianne Cope Returns to Molokai
  23. Christians save Students from latest DoE Mess, 75% to graduate
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Sunday, April 24, 2011
April 24, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:27 PM :: 8596 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party, National News, Development
  1. Battery-Back Up system catches Fire at new Kahuku Windfarm—Haz Mat team called in
  2. First meeting promises new direction for BOE  (promises, promises)
  3. Unlike Dods, Horner gives to Dems and GOP
  4. Some Worry Dead Excise Tax May Come Back
  5. Deadline looms for lawmakers struggling to balance budget
  6. State's spurious financial crisis has prompted legislators to look at funds previously off limits
  7. Calif-Hilo flights projected to bring in $50M, begin June 9
  8. New tuition hikes loom: State’s deficit delays decision on a price increase for UH  (Tax Hike Propaganda pt1)
  9. Funding for dams and reservoirs should be restored
  10. SA: Oahu's rail panel needs technical expert aboard
  11. Utility lines to be moved for Honolulu rail
  12. Federal contracts come to women and minorities
  13. Your Tax Dollars At Work: Groups Sue over use of “Wailuku Main Street” Name
  14. Big Isle redistricting to begin
  15. Obamanomics: Teen Unemployment hits 27%
  16. Fish farms struggle as DC-based Luddites try to stop them
  17. As Gays lose interest, Oahu Co Democrats demand State promote Gay Sex Tourism
  18. POLITICO: More than half of Democrats are 9-11 Trooothers
  19. Reality: Donald Trump Is President Obama’s New Best Friend
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Sunday, April 24, 2011
April, 2011 Letters to the Editor
By Letters to the Editor @ 1:48 AM :: 6401 Views :: Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party, National News, Development


  1. Sentencing reform creates liability issue
  2. No Development Moratorium in Kau
  3. Romy Cachola threatens Barbers Point Park Deal
  4. Habitat for Humanity accepting applications for Homes
  5. Honolulu Rail isn't that much different than Wisconsin


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Saturday, April 23, 2011
April 23, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:22 PM :: 7899 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party, National News, Development
  1. About the Birth Certificate
  2. Newsflash: DAGS releases comprehensive fiscal report for 2009
  3. SA: Feds need to ensure integrity of Hawaii's health care law
  4. HHSC Nurses rejecting HGEA Contract
  5. Hawaii lawmakers to decide on taxes and spending to balance projected $1.3B deficit
  6. Maui Chamber of Commerce: We’re TEA (taxed enough already); cut government instead
  7. High Gas Prices: Just one more excuse to raise taxes
  8. Measure seeks instant runoffs
  9. Real Clean Energy: KIUC Pushes Hydro Power
  10. Nonprofit Directors ask for maintained funding, restoration of grants
  11. Moana Surfrider:  Two Honolulu Zoning Board Members have hidden Conflicts of Interest
  12. Nanakuli industrial park dead
  13. Police officer arrested after Kona Street crash
  14. Herb Kane’s Wisconsin Roots
  15. Gay-Atheists hijack “Aloha Spirit” Resolution
  16. Chemophobia: Increasing levels of mercury found in rare Pacific albatross
  17. Birtherism: Where it all began
  18. Perfesser: Obama provides glimpse of future U.S. leaders
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Friday, April 22, 2011
April 22, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:18 PM :: 5950 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. Killing the 180 Day School Year: HSTA caught in a lie
  2. GOP: Legislature putting Prepaid Health Care Act at risk
  3. Berg: Cut the Golf Subsidy, no new taxes
  4. TEA Party: Support Sen Slom’s No New Taxes Budget
  5. Applicants Sought for Chair of Hawaii Reapportionment Commission
  6. Former California Mayor Jumps Into Hawaii Election Legislation Controversy
  7. Don Horner: “Just like Walter Dods”
  8. Shapiro: Legislature should democratize itself before meddling in city elections
  9. Hanabusa Still hasn’t moved into District, wants District to move to Her
  10. Solomon, Galuteria push State Akaka Bill in Conference Committee
  11. Borreca: A balanced budget is nice but it's not really required
  12. Fontaine: Conference Committee could slip 1% GE Tax hike into HB793
  13. Bill would lets 1000s of Criminals out of Prison Early 
  14. Green Energy Scammers offer UH $6M Bribe
  15. SA: Lower barriers to solar power
  16. Land officials vote to revert Aina Lea land
  17. Crisis? Maui Council gives $243K to Nonprofit that has already banked $300K of taxpayer money
  18. Lawmakers advance 2-year extension of shield law
  19. Transit Authority: Council Must pay for What We Spend
  20. New Tech School Model frees Nanakuli from DoE Failure model
  21. Student Veterans At UH Snub their Own Forum
  22. Suits Allege “Deplorable” Conditions at Mayor Wright Homes
  23. Robert Carson Godbey to be named Corporation Counsel for City & County of Honolulu
  24. Sierra Club: Bag tax Honors Our Religion on Earth Day
  25. Sierra Club takes stance against Anaina Hou permits
  26. VP Dan Quayle in Hawaii
  27. Civil Beat Endorses Censorship
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Thursday, April 21, 2011
April 21, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:30 PM :: 7984 Views :: Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. Shell Game: Rail Costs down, but Handi-van getting $1.15B?
  2. Honolulu Council Unanimously Opposes Instant Runoff Voting
  3. Slavery: Federal Suit targets A&B, ML&P Farms
  4. Missile Defense: Hawaii Five-O
  5. Gulen Cult trying to bribe Legislators with Free Trip to Turkey
  6. Conference Committee Starting with Tax Hikes
  7. SA: Don’t Count Deployed Military when redistricting
  8. State tax collections fall short of prediction—or do they?  (more tax hike propaganda)
  9. Golden Week loses some luster in Hawaii (more tax hike propaganda)
  10. House Clashes Over Saving Hawaii Health-Care Law
  11. True Colors: HSTA Freaks out over last minute Effort to save 180-day bill
  12. Hawaii Leads effort to Protect Transsexual Preschool Teachers
  13. Legislators should cut spending instead of increasing tobacco taxes
  14. Preserve the tobacco prevention fund for its intended purpose
  15. Rise in city gas tax makes it through Council hearing
  16. Council members question direction of rail authority
  17. Fired Honolulu Employee: Lax Oversight Led to Overtime 'Free-for-All'
  18. Maui Council Member: High Taxes are used to discourage Business (and this is an argument FOR tax hikes)
  19. The Right Price: A Few Favors For Neil’s Favorites?
  20. Mufi Launches Column, Discovers Tourism is Big in Hawaii
  21. Daily KOS: Hirono, Hanabusa start off slow in Senate race
  22. US, S. Korea Sign Agreement on Missile Defense System Development: Pentagon
  23. Mainland Firm Accused of Embezzling City Money
  24. After Obama’s sister Hired, Administration stops trying to cut E-W Center Funds
  25. HCC Chancellor Candidates Interviewed
  26. DOH: Waikiki restaurant one of 55 bed bug complaints in state
  27. Foie Gras Removed from Glamorous Maui Event After Animal Liberations Nuts outdo themselves in Sanctimony
  28. Married and in Hawaii, paroled killer complies with parole
  29. Hawaii Defense Attorney takes advantage of clients, is ordered to stop practicing law
  30. City considers relaxing fireworks storage law
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011
April 20, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:20 PM :: 5940 Views :: Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. Slavery: Federal Suit targets Six Hawaii Farms, labor contractor
  2. Hawaii Congressional Delegation: How they Voted April 18, 2011
  3. SB99: Preserve Young Bros Monopoly on Inter-Island Shipping
  4. Balance Budget Summit April 20 at Capitol
  5. Shapiro: HSTA drama could win back HGEA Concessions
  6. SA: Give DoE an extra $16.4M (more tax hike propaganda)
  7. Honolulu Seeks $2B Bond Issue to fund Rail
  8. Berg: Hawaii Profiteering Off Honolulu Taxpayers
  9. Hawaii Transportation Costs to Climb Again
  10. Arts Support may dull budget blades
  11. Crisis? Kauai county Agency on Elderly Affairs seeks more spending
  12. Tax Increases: Payback Time for the Environment
  13. Arakawa reduces Tax Hike Request
  14. Matsuoka, Cayetano’s Director of troubled Office of Youth Services, approved to Head Hawaii Paroling Authority
  15. Inouye:  USDA-UH research aims to rein in child obesity
  16. CB to Carlisle: Make HPD Obey Open Records Law
  17. Hawaii's first female narcotics undercover officer shares memories, hardships in world of narcotics trafficking
  18. Hawaii Legislature grants legal protection to any man willing to put on a dress
  19. Enhanced solar water heater rebate program ends
  20. Team of UH West Oahu students to compete in national free enterprise competition
  21. Hawaii Patient Info to go online
  22. Nation of Islam Visits Hawaii
  23. Trump, Abercrombie team up to promote Birtherism
  24. Media doing excellent Job Promoting Birther Candidate
  25. Should Radiation from Japan Scuttle Spring Break in Hawaii? A Mom Agonizes
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011
April 19, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:46 PM :: 5558 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. Abercrombie to Conference Committee: We Must Raise Taxes!
  2. Inouye: Ed Case will not be allowed to Crucify Me
  3. Inouye claims Lingle supports current version of Akaka Bill
  4. Carlisle nominates Horner, Okinaga, Hong to Transit Authority
  5. Redistricting Committee Log jam to be Broken by Recktenwald
  6. Hawaii, Yes We Can Cut Government and Stop Excessive Spending – Without Increased Taxes
  7. MMMC nurses protest growing cuts in contract (HGEA Circus to pressure Legislators for Tax Hikes)
  8. Medicaid cuts of $180M warned (Abercrombie’s DoHS Boss stages Tax Hike Dog n Pony show for Conference Committees)
  9. State's financial woes could mean fewer options for students in the fall (So we must raise taxes!)
  10. Businesses suffer from fewer Japanese flights (So we must raise taxes!)
  11. Another Abercrombie Appointment bites the dust
  12. 6 transit board nominees named
  13. Carlisle, Caldwell, Prevedouros: Next year's mayoral race could be re-run of last year's
  14. Hirono Steps up Fundraising after Akaka Announcement
  15. Rally today to support HB1520 and “on-bill financing” of clean energy solutions
  16. Sovereignty activist, convicted killer, faces eviction after decade of squatting
  17. SA: Slaughterhouse none of state's business (your tax dollars at work)
  18. State, geologists create plan to prevent climate change-induced erosion at Kailua Beach (Your tax dollars at work)
  19. Kona Farmers: Coffee Bill On Gov's Desk Creates More Confusion, Not Less
  20. Hawaii Bio-Gasification Project features in Corporate Buyout (your ratepayer and tax dollars at work)
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Monday, April 18, 2011
April 18, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:36 PM :: 6130 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. How They Voted: House approves Pension Tax and GE Tax Hikes
  2. After lobbying in Hawaii: Online Poker sites seized by FBI, execs Indicted
  3. Hawaii Windfarms killing endangered Birds: After five years Mitigation Lags
  4. Kabuki Over: Legislators to meet for two weeks behind closed door, make real decisions
  5. Losing bidders might delay rail project
  6. Hawaii tram plan to learn from Edinburgh fiasco
  7. City Council Nominates Financial, Union Leaders to Transit Board
  8. STEM: A Private foundation is doing the job the DoE won’t
  9. SA: Campbell High is too big, so Conference Committees must Raise Taxes
  10. Senate Bill 249 gives the government rights to purchase Oahu's only slaughterhouse
  11. Eco-Religion Begins Warm-Up for Earth Day
  12. In Nine Months, Police Dept. Arrests Just One Pimp
  13. Your Tax Dollars at Work: State burns $100K on Bicycle-Sharing program
  14. Hawaii County Building: Roof repair needed just two years after $27.7M renovation
  15. Parents: Teacher Hit Kailua Teen With Hammer
  16. Honolulu gas prices near record; Maui at all-time high
  17. Tsunami flotsam reaches Kauai?
  18. HNN: Republicans cause Teen Suicide (no media bias here, eh?)
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Sunday, April 17, 2011
April 17, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 4:49 PM :: 5471 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. Democrat Staffer, Obama voter heads Trump’s Birther Campaign
  2. GET exemptions in peril: Lawmakers want to reap taxes by spreading GE Tax
  3. Star-Advertiser: Taxes must be raised to pay for Tattoo Parlor Inspections
  4. SA: Cutbacks cripple many government functions (Propaganda)
  5. SA: Unions not resisting Pension restrictions for new hires (Propaganda)
  6. After six months of Abercrombie, and a lifetime of HGEA:  Government Employees’ Morale is low, thousands retiring June 30 (Propaganda backfires)
  7. HECO, Big Wind, Big Solar continue to obstruct rooftop installations
  8. Crisis: Maui Nonprofit banks $374K from County Grants
  9. Hawaii Reapportionment Commission starts work
  10. Naturopathic “Physician” presides over death at Childbirth
  11. Animal Liberation Nuts flood Leg with Opposition to State-Owned Slaughterhouse
  12. Bill mandates 'fixing' of cats, dogs before sale
  13. SA: Homeowners need shield from lenders' mistreatment
  14. Scammer Steals from Homeowners facing Foreclosure
  15. Enviro-Religion sees opportunity in High Oil Prices
  16. Fireworks storage called wrong place to start disposal
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Saturday, April 16, 2011
April 16, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:05 PM :: 5578 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. HGEA Contract: Government Workers get Paid to Stay Home Three Months
  2. SB756: Satellite TV Tax in omnibus Tax Bill
  3. Creative Accounting 101: Special Fund Raids
  4. Akaka’s Whistleblower Bill cited as example of Over-criminalization
  5. VIDEO: House GOP speaks up on Pension Tax, GE Tax, Internet Tax, Fees, and Special Funds
  6. VIDEO: House GOP debates Prepaid Health Care Act, Billion Dollar Cable, Foreclosures, Marijuana and More
  7. VIDEO: Hawaii Tea Party movement protests slew of tax proposals
  8. HGEA Contract: State creating new haves, have-nots
  9. ILind: Hawaii Taxes are about Average
  10. Hawaii Fires 10 Teachers for Misconduct in 2 Years
  11. Crisis? Hawaii jobless rate holds at 6.3 percent
  12. Hawaii’s Instant Runoff Voting Legislation – Veto Needed
  13. More Federal Funds? Not!  Reality begins to settle in for pork-fed Hawaii Politicos
  14. Big Wind and Big Solar continue to resist residential installations
  15. Heir to Vanderbilt Fortune to Represent Molokai?
  16. Cachola: Don’t Piss off the Legislature
  17. SA: Tighten historic homes rules
  18. Hawaii Dopers giving up on Fake Urine
  19. Aina Haina gunman released from Prison in January
  20. Crisis: Hawaii County Unveils $50M Government Building
  21. Contractors lobby for Insurers to Cover Shoddy Workmanship
  22. NYT: Waikiki Hotel using RFID Chips to track Stolen Towels
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Friday, April 15, 2011
April 15, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:59 PM :: 8170 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party, National News, Development
  1. No New Taxes! Rally April 15--Honolulu, Kona, Hilo, Kahului, Lihue
  2. HGEA Negotiators: Hide furlough days, recoup losses after Legislature adjourns
  3. Birthers thank Abercrombie, Obama Thanks Birthers
  4. Group: Abercrombie using ‘strong arm tactics’ to force Beverage Tax
  5. Marumoto: Pension Tax is a foot in the door towards taxing moderate, low income Pensioners
  6. Balance Budget Summit April 20 at Capitol
  7. How They Voted: SB1329 House passes Motor Vehicle tax Hike
  8. Honolulu Councilmembers reject Berg resolution, cite fear of retaliation
  9. Inspecting his cattle: Jeff Stone Polls Democratic Senate Primary
  10. Hanabusa: Lingering resentment toward Case among “Multi-cultural base”
  11. Good economic news belies Abercrombie’s Tax Hike Pitch
  12. Democrat ‘Non-Profits” Demand Tax Hikes
  13. OHA strengthens grip on Non-Profit sector
  14. Legislature proposes welfare for losing contractors
  15. Bombardier: Honolulu Didn't Keep Its Word on Rail Contract
  16. Breene Harimoto pulls back from Brink in Rail Fight
  17. NYT: Hawaii Doubles Down on 'Big Wind’
  18. Online Poker Sites which lobbied Hawaii Legislature Indicted by FBI
  19. Abercrombie’s Priest rejects Homeless Tent Cities, looks to River Street as model
  20. Times have changed for the Big Five, big labor
  21. VIDEO: MauiTime Publisher Tommy Russo Assaulted By MPD, “Dog the Bounty Hunter” team
  22. Maui Bag Ban: 75% Now Use Paper Bags as tree-huggers become tree-choppers
  23. Auwahi Wind, Sempra proposes Wind Farm on 18,000 acre Maui Cattle Ranch
  24. Senate's approval of appointed members marks a major change for school governance
  25. SA: Reconsider diploma decision
  26. 3 foreclosure reform bills could pass
  27. King of Pork Inouye appointed to serve on bipartisan federal deficit reduction team
  28. U.S. stages "most challenging" missile-defense test
  29. Hawaii, Other States, Form Caucus to Oppose TSA Intrusions
  30. Hawaii blast came as workers dismantled fireworks
  31. Federal Pork: Bill Kills Off Program on Hawaii Whaling Industry
  32. Forums to be held on 4 candidates for chancellor of Hawaii Community College
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Thursday, April 14, 2011
April 14, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:38 PM :: 4509 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. Crisis?  GE Tax receipts up 5.9% in February, TAT up 22.4%
  2. Abercrombie keeps pounding drums for more taxes, spending
  3. Senate votes to delay 180-day School Year
  4. Toothless Resolution: Audit the DoE
  5. Shapiro: Sen Kim really interested in House Race
  6. Sixteen Abercrombie Nominees Have Withdrawn
  7. SA: Legislature should not re-write Prison Sentences to release criminals
  8. Senators moot requiring tax payments for online sales
  9. Senate passes HB985 giving money to losing bidders
  10. Engineering Firm that designed defective $1.9 water tank continues to bid
  11. State Tax Credits On Chopping Block At Legislature (Plenty of money for Corporate Welfare)
  12. Honolulu County: Higher gas tax advances
  13. FTA did NOT require Phased-In Approach For Rail
  14. Councilman loses bid to stop state from "looting" rail funds
  15. Hawaii Investigates with Matt Levi: A New Television Series Begins This Week
  16. Unity House files for Bankruptcy
  17. Foreclosure counts expected to rebound
  18. Central Pacific stock down more than 20%
  19. Anti-GMO Luddites cry about their failures in Legislature
  20. Fireworks blast victims died from carbon monoxide inhalation
  21. WSJ: The GOP and the Birther Trap
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011
April 13, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:09 PM :: 4153 Views :: Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. New Federal Budget kills old Earmarks--Honolulu Rail, Highway, Sewage Treatment Funding in Danger?
  2. Brookings: Honolulu Rail Cost Overruns inevitable
  3. Berg: Council could reverse Ansaldo Rail Contract
  4. POLITICO claims Sen. Daniel Inouye goes silent on Hawaii Senate race
  5. House votes for Pension Tax, Bag Tax, Liquor Tax, Auto Tax and GE Tax Hikes
  6. Attorney General says Pension Tax may be challenged in Court, House passes anyway
  7. Carlisle: HGEA Agreement “an albatross”
  8. Carlisle: Borrowing Rail Funds could jeopardize rail Project
  9. Berg: Stop state from using city's rail fund as its own piggy bank
  10. Shapiro: Schatz is closest thing to a fresh face
  11. Crisis: City of Honolulu Personal Service Assistants make $65 per hour
  12. Hawaii Lawmakers Pass Employment Protections For Males who choose to wear dresses
  13. VIDEO: OHA Cronies now grub for money from Geothermal
  14. OHA Connection?  Fireworks Explosion Contractor tied to Native Hawaiian Affirmative Action Contract
  15. House Approves Buying Slaughterhouse
  16. Instant Runoff Voting Heads for Conference Committee
  17. Honolulu Council Advances Property Tax Bills
  18. Honolulu Council Special Meeting on State management of Rail Funds
  19. Want Lingle Back? Holter cites Abercrombie leadership on “Bee Industry”
  20. APEC Preview: Travelers Review Honolulu Airport
  21. FACE: Why Hawaii Needs A State Bank
  22. Symphony accord reached
  23. A study of single, childless urban workers between the ages of 22 and 30 found that women earned 8% more than men
  24. Bill O'Reilly Debunks Obama Myths: He 'Does Have A Legitimate Birth Certificate'
  25. Nearly 300 to depart Marine Corps Base Hawaii for deployment to Afghanistan
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011
April 12, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:00 PM :: 4431 Views :: Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. No New Taxes! Rally April 15--Honolulu, Kona, Hilo, Kahului, Lihue
  2. Djou: Hawaii needs Civil Service Reform
  3. April 11, 2011 How Hawaii’s Congressional Delegation Voted
  4. Sumitomo Files Protest: Flawed Rail bid selection may cost taxpayers $900M
  5. HCR71: HPV Vaccination Mandate Deferred
  6. Atlas Shrugged to Open In Honolulu April 15
  7. Abercrombie’s “Open” Administration lined with Campaign Donors
  8. SA: Abercrombie’s OIP Raid a “preemptive strike motivated by revenge?”
  9. As vote Approaches, Senators balk at Accepting Abercrombie Budget
  10. Fidell: No Internet Tax
  11. SA: Pay gaps that hurt women are costing isles
  12. All School Construction Wiped from Budget as Negotiating Position for Tax Hikes
  13. SB249: $1.6M for State-Owned slaughterhouse (pigs subsidized $53.25 each)
  14. Coalition breaks ground for new senior housing
  15. Lawmakers fold; poker bill fails to advance
  16. Sumitomo, Bombardier file rail contract complaints
  17. Mufi: Polls shows I could be Viable Candidate against Case
  18. Coffman takes over as state House Energy Committee chairman
  19. Borreca Touts Doomsday Cult:  Believers in 'peak oil' preparing for when a fill-up costs $100 (OHA’s latest money-making scam)
  20. Kauai Council:  They already knew prior to the meeting that Kuali‘i was going to be chosen
  21. Castle & Cooke strikes deal on proposed Molokai wind project
  22. Prison activists brief Hawaii lawmakers about how to let even more criminals loose
  23. Act 221 Scammers: Economic recovery relies on supporting homelessness Industry
  25. VIDEO: Debris from Japan tsunami will wash ashore on Hawaii
  26. Trace Levels of Radiation Detected in Hawaii Milk
  27. Akaka also fails for 11 years to get Whistleblower Bill Passed 
  28. Akaka Campaign Strategist found dead at 57
  29. Is Donald’s Trump Birther baloney a vast conspiracy ... to get Obama re-elected?
  30. And the answer is…YES! -- Trump Will ‘Probably’ Run as Independent If He Doesn’t Win GOP Nomination
  31. Obama’s sister, Aunt keep talking Birtherism Up
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Sunday, April 10, 2011
April 10, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:32 PM :: 6647 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Kauai County News, DHHL, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. No New Taxes! Rally April 15--Honolulu, Kona, Hilo, Kahului, Lihue
  2. VIDEO: Abercrombie holds fake news Conference to Announce HGEA's fake 'sacrifice'
  3. Abercrombie: State could seize 1/3 of Molokai for Wind Farm
  4. AP: HGEA members gain 9 more days off under contract
  5. Abercrombie’s Backer Reveals himself: Kenoi Claims Hawaii County will save $3M under HGEA contract
  6. Carvalho: Mayors trying to come together on HGEA agreement
  7. Sen. Slom Announces balanced budget with no new taxes
  8. Second Decking Deadline
  9. Borreca compares Ed Case to Aaron Burr, praises Case for apologizing, dropping out
  10. Homelessness Industry: State seeks to fill Moiliili Apartments with drug addicts, no treatment required
  11. Ansaldo Trains to be Driverless, Company tied to Watts Constructors
  12. Molester’s friend Bertram sues to seize land from Haleakala Ranch
  13. The new director of the OIP says she was not directed on IDing judicial nominees
  14. Crisis? Hawaii County wastes millions on Garbage
  15. Last blast for the rejected elected: BoE imposes two track Diploma system on DoE
  16. A&B: Ability to navigate Hawai Land Use Process one of our Core Competencies
  17. Legislators propose law to convert consecutive sentences into concurrent, let thousands of criminals out of prison
  18. Permitting reason for return to public service
  19. 4 charged in beating death of gambling house worker
  20. Death toll hits 5 in Hawaii fireworks bunker blast
  21. Fukino Debunks Birther BS --- Again
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Saturday, April 09, 2011
April 9, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:14 PM :: 6386 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party, National News, Development
  1. Abercrombie’s $100M omission: HGEA settlement tied to other secret labor agreements
  2. Government workers’ agreement to add more than $100 million to state deficit
  3. House GOP: HGEA Settlement is expensive, unfair
  4. Unity House HQ up for Sale
  5. VIDEO: Heritage Foundation Leader interviewed in Hawaii
  6. Tsunami: Obama signs Disaster Declaration for Hawaii
  7. Bonham:  Peak tax and business revenue returns sometime in 2012
  8. Maui Chamber of Commerce: 95% oppose either type of GE Tax hike
  9. Shapiro: Budget is so bad….
  10. After voting to Shut down Federal Government three times, Hirono, Hanabusa pretend to be against it
  11. OHA to turn its operatives around on Geothermal in Puna at Meeting today
  12. Kenoi profits 58% from Subdivision approval
  13. Crisis? Hawaii County finds $16M for Hilo Bayfront paths
  14. Crisis? $800,000 in county checks uncashed
  15. Former KPD officer convicted of driving drunk
  16. NYT: Explosion Kills Workers at Facility for Fireworks
  17. Did Trump really send investigators to Hawaii?
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Friday, April 08, 2011
April 8, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:07 PM :: 6749 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. No New Taxes! Rally April 15--Honolulu, Kona, Hilo, Kahului, Lihue
  2. HGEA: Contract Agreement includes Paid Time Off
  3. VIDEO: Lanai Wind Fall Out
  4. Abercrombie Announces $300M in new CIP Spending—“This is just the beginning”
  5. Full Results: Daily Kos Hawaii Poll
  6. GOP: Abercrombie Approval rating down to 48%
  7. Hirono, Hanabusa vote for Government Shutdown, stop paying troops
  8. Akaka Bill Passes Indian Affairs Committee
  9. How They Voted: Senate Ways and Means votes to hike GE Tax by eliminating exemptions
  10. SB1363 10-cents-per-bag Tax: Greens, Big Business, Big Government team up to Rip Off Consumers
  11. Borreca: Abercrombie is Tanking
  12. Rebellion in the Senate Kills 1%GE Tax Hike Proposal—Exemptions to be hit
  13. HGEA Agreement amounts to 1.5% Pay Hike—Carlisle
  14. Star-Advertiser: Abercrombie not upfront with public about HGEA Deal
  16. Federal Shutdown: Inouye uninterested in the kind of cutting that Democrats now see as necessary
  17. State-run Superferry plan still afloat
  18. Forum on geothermal energy to include OHA Cronies
  19. Elected BoE sez Bye-Bye
  20. Boaters bemoan lack of aid after Schatz comes back from DC Empty handed
  21. Meetings will gather comments on proposed wind farm
  22. Wood-Burning Power plant vote delayed
  23. IRV Produces results like Berg’s Win in Council District 1
  24. Hawaii journalist shield law extension advances
  25. Banned Fireworks Storage:  Explosion claims Four Lives
  26. Ways and Means votes against Legislators’ 5% Salary Hike
  27. Judiciary Committee defers bill to convert Sick Leave into vacation Days
  28. Inouye, Akaka: Let gay sex tourists give away Green Cards
  29. Prison Guard gets 18 months for Gay Rape of inmate
  30. University of Hawaii Wants To Close Major Research Group
  31. With Tourism squeezed, Rep Roy Takumi pushes against Free Trade with S Korea
  32. Ex-Reform Party Birther Trump touted Pelosi as “The Best”
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Thursday, April 07, 2011
April 7, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:08 PM :: 6749 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. State Reaches Agreement with HGEA
  2. Unemployment rate dips to 5.2 percent in Honolulu  (oops!)
  3. GE Tax hearing: Democrats demand choice between two types of GE Tax Hike, nobody fooled
  4. Democrats to buy Support for GE Tax hike with $100M in tax Credits
  5. HGEA: Tentative Agreement on Parameters of Contract 
  6. HGEA Comp Time: Governor Just Kicked the can down the road again
  7. Mayors still in dark about HGEA Contract
  8. House Finances passes Tax Credits for Billionaire Clinton Cronies, Bag Tax hiked to 10 cents for middle class
  9. Study: U.S. has 4M gay adults; 1.7 pct. of populace
  10. Committee Approves Five Hawaii Ed Board Appointees
  11. Kauai Council Rejects Biodegradable bags
  12. Rush to Use Crops as Fuel Raises Food Prices and Hunger Fears
  13. Hawaii County Council to burn through $56M—14 new projects
  14. Case to announce Senate bid within 10 days, claims to be OK with Inouye
  15. Loss of Hawaiian album Grammy greeted with dismay and shrugs
  16. Obama golf pal arrested in Honolulu prostitution sting
  17. Trump: I Have Investigators in Hawaii...'They Cannot Believe What They're Finding'
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Wednesday, April 06, 2011
April 6, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 12:50 PM :: 5150 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. HB793: Hikes GE Tax 25%, eliminates exemptions, Hearing Wednesday
  2. No New Taxes! Rally April 15--Honolulu, Kona, Hilo, Kahului, Lihue
  3. GE Tax Showdown in Senate—A vote to remember in November
  4. Senate Indian Affairs Committee to vote on Akaka Bill Thursday
  5. Ward: 100s of alternatives to tax hike
  6. House GOP Calls on Abercrombie to Cut Spending
  7. SB570: Hawaii Pension Tax Bill Alive and Well
  8. Recktenwald appoints Acoba Kauai District Court Judge
  9. Hawaii Guard told to prepare for possible deployment
  10. Senate Budget demands $650M in new Revenues
  11. Sen. Sees Unions Behind Tax Increase Proposal
  12. Airlift capacity nearly unchanged
  13. McDonald's Hiring 1,000 New Hawaii Employees  (no crisis here)
  14. Shapiro: New developments show rail project way off track
  15. Civil Beat catches up to Hawai’i Free Press on Todd Apo Ethics Violations
  16. Martin: No problem with Garcia’s $60K Side Job
  17. Maui Green Police hunt down Bag Ban Violators –impose $1000/day fines
  18. Senate Hearing Begins on Board of Education Nominees
  19. Bills target isle harbors for private development
  20. Insurer, hospital agree on new compensation system
  21. UH advised to ‘forgive’ debt
  22. UH-Hilo seeks $36M to build student housing
  23. Hawaii County to buy 3000 ac of ‘open space’
  24. Man Who Conned Hawaii Inmates Pleads Guilty
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Tuesday, April 05, 2011
April 5, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:15 PM :: 7064 Views :: Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party, National News, Development
  1. Todd Apo and KoOlina: Ethics Violation kept secret since 2007
  2. VIDEO: GOP balances budget without Tax Hikes
  3. No New Taxes! Rally April 15--Honolulu, Kona, Hilo, Kahului, Lihue
  4. Hawaii’s Congressional Delegation: How They Voted April 4, 2011
  5. Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders own 11,383 Hawaii businesses
  6. Abercrombie gets around to announcing appointment of Kawakami to State House
  7. Abercrombie Appoints Judge Loo to Maui Circuit Court
  8. Hawaii Gun Permits hit new record in 2010
  9. Kaauwai: Are you better off now than you were 2 1/2 years ago?
  10. Senate Dems to Force choice between two types of GE Tax hike
  11. GE Tax Hike: Tell them what you think
  12. Now Where Will They Find The Money?
  13. Unions Rally at Capitol, Demand more Spending
  14. Ethically Challenged Apo among picks for Transit Authority
  15. A State Indian Tribe for OHA Cronies
  16. Loser Van Dyke on New Akaka Bill: Nothing to see here, just move along
  17. Judiciary to Vote on AG Louie
  18. Senate Hearings for BoE Nominees to Begin Tomorrow
  19. Japan Airline Cuts countered by increases elsewhere, Charters planned for Golden Week
  20. Timeshare in Hawaii: Build it and They Will Come
  21. Movie stars, billionaires and corporate execs are arriving more often in private jets
  22. Lawmakers give men wearing dresses a chance to strike it rich
  23. Shapiro: Where was the vetting on Maui judge appointment?
  25. Kalapa, Milks win majority on Credit Union Board
  26. Kamehameha headmaster to retire after 23 years
  27. Clayton Hee about to Kill Shield law
  28. It's Too Early For Law Regulating Undersea Cable
  29. Borreca: Global warming should be on governor’s agenda
  30. Superferry Redux: Pasha Line new vessel to offer roll on-roll off service
  31. State held responsible for deaths of 2 women
  32. ABC News: Duckworth for Hawaiian Senator?
  33. Bill Clinton: 'Birthers' will hurt GOP
  34. LA Times: Why Hillary Clinton must run in 2012
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Monday, April 04, 2011
April 4, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:10 PM :: 6097 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. HB793: Hikes GE Tax 25%, eliminates exemptions, Hearing Wednesday
  2. Save Our Jobs—Stop SB741 Alcohol Tax
  3. Abercrombie’s Board of Education: Accountability begins now, and it’s already ugly
  4. U.S. Supreme Court Won't Hear Nader Hawaii Ballot Access Case
  5. Abercrombie Administration delays endangering lives of Combat Pilots, soldiers
  6. Hawaii Hotels posting strong revenue and occupancy rates
  7. Prudential: Worst may be over for Oahu Real Estate Market
  8. Senate to Hear Testimony against both kinds of GE Tax hikes Wednesday
  9. Unions, Non-profits to push for more spending at Rally today
  10. Governor has no clue on balancing budget
  11. Tax Hikes Pending in Hawaii Legislature Might Require Cigar Smokers to Take Out a Second Mortgage
  12. HD 14 Nomination raises ethical questions
  13. Bill: Instant Runoff Voting
  14. Rail:  Council grills Carlisle Admin on Billion Dollar Deception
  15. Berg Cheapest On Honolulu City Council
  16. Former news anchor ready to give her all for schools  (Another one who did not apply)
  17. Council to consider county furloughs, wage cuts
  18. SA: Turtle Bay reset welcome
  19. California firm joins Molokai wind project: Pattern Energy Group is expected to “engage all of the community”
  20. Ocean AC project is safe, firm says
  21. US Rep. Hirono says she advanced measure granting $6M Hawaii airport improvement pork
  22. Brockovich still pushing Hexavalent Chromium Scam
  23. 175 years of boarding at LHS celebrated at David Malo Day
  24. The quiet Draft of Tammy Duckworth?
  25. Samantha Power to be the next Secretary of State?
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Sunday, April 03, 2011
April 3, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:27 PM :: 5602 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. City finally 'Sees the Light' on Lunalilo Home Rd
  2. Waialua Robotics wins big in Vegas
  3. Abercrombie Secretly Appoints Kawakami to replace Morita in State House
  4. Hawaii Legislators Dump 180 day school year
  5. Brian “I am not a clone” DeLima: BoE Policy Audit to “look at what decisions can be handled by the superintendent and her staff, and reduce our footprint”
  6. Star-Advertiser: Akaka should submit bill that had Lingle’s support
  7. Hawaii sees travel numbers rise
  8. The drop in tourists from Japan to Hawaii may not be as severe as originally thought
  9. HTA: Japan Tourism Drop Less Than Expected
  10. GOP hits Garcia on conflict of interest
  11. SA:  The HIPA clout
  12. Respect citizenry via judicial selection transparency
  13. Volokh Conspiracy: Hawaii Ban on Photographing Human Remains Older Than 50 Years?
  14. Success: Homeless Sweeps push families into Shelters
  15. Abercrombie's Priest calls on public to ignore child neglect and abuse by homeless
  16. Progressives launch attack on MRC Greenwood spending
  17. Widely implemented ‘food safety’ program hurts local farmers
  18. DDT being used to wipe out Mosquitoes in Kaiula
  19. HPD’s pitch for more funds: “Budget cuts slashing DARE program on Oahu”
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Saturday, April 02, 2011
April 2, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:17 AM :: 7545 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party, National News, Development
  1. GOP Files Ethics complaint over Nestor Garcia’s $60K side job
  2. Abercrombie names DBEDT Deputy Director
  3. HB1049: Raid on Hurricane Fund to Trigger 7.5% Tax on Premiums?
  4. Panos: Wind Study doesn't answer questions about Cost
  5. Abercrombie names new UH Regents, E-W Center Board members
  6. Friday Night Surprise: GET Hike Back on Table
  7. Maui News: Abercrombie is “pathetic excuse for leadership” we need Linda Lingle
  8. Legislators prepare to gut 180 day law
  9. Rail Funds: Oahu Taxpayers $623M, Congress $34M
  10. Bombardier wants the city to disclose more information about Ansaldo’s Winning Rail proposal
  11. Molokai expels Wind Farm, Maui could be next Victim
  12. Carlisle says labor savings may have to go beyond 5 percent
  13. Secret labor Agreement: Hawaii commerce department to end furlough days
  14. Tax Sweeps of Vendors Begin Again
  15. Obamacare Preview: Penalties for those with health risks considered in 2009 by Hawaii’s public employee health plan
  16. One week after Dengue Fever, Mosquito Control becomes excuse for Tax Hikes
  17. VIDEO: Prison or Youth ChalleNGe? The future fate of Kulani
  18. Brewbaker resists jumping to conclusions about Japan Tsunami
  19. Airport parking rates to increase statewide
  20. Office of Information Practices Director Selected
  21. Bankruptcies average 297 per month, down from 330
  22. Canadian Hawaii Real Estate Fraud to face trial
  23. US task force arrests 61 fugitives on Maui
  24. Ariz. law bans abortions based on race or gender
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Friday, April 01, 2011
April 1, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:02 PM :: 7240 Views :: Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. House GOP releases Balanced State Budget without Tax Hikes
  2. Wildman’s Firm didn’t pay Payroll Taxes 
  3. Mufi on Senate race: Washington DC has always been an interest of ours
  4. Hawaii House GOP Proposes Budget Fixes without Tax Hikes
  5. Abercrombie Head Fake: Senate to decide between Two types of GE Tax Hike
  6. More Federal Funds? Schatz returns from DC Empty Handed
  7. Asselbaye: “We cannot continue cutting government”
  8. Tax on sugary drinks would be discriminatory and seriously harm our economy
  9. Hawaii Tax Revenues rise with Gas Prices
  10. Hawaiian Airlines to DOUBLE flights to Japan (Meanwhile Abercrombie prophesizes doom)
  11. Tsutsui Names Ex-Rep Amaral to judge selection panel (Crony of Danner sisters, tied to new version of Akaka Bill)
  12. Lambda, ACLU drop suit, plan for next suit: “We’ll be watching closely for any signs of problems” with Civil Unions
  13. Abercrombie: My relationships with Legislators are excellent, we’re not pals
  14. New BOE era off to good start
  15. Senate to vote on Closing School, converting to Prison
  16. Former Casino Boss; Don’t Do it!
  17. Legalized Bribery Bill Tabled
  18. Hawaii State Bank resolution still alive 
  19. The Bus: Doesn’t have the financial mobility to add routes—as Rail expenses mount
  20. Stock buy foments talk of A&B breakup
  21. State receives 12 more suspected cases of dengue
  22. States Propose Measures to Alter, Remove CON Processes
  23. Program may bring displaced citizens of Japan to stay on Maui
  24. Turtle Bay project pared down
  25. $45M fine tilts Horizon to bankruptcy
  26. Birthers have nothing on rabid anti-Bushers
  27. Found Photos: The Story of Chicago's "Little Hawaii" Neighborhood
  28. With mom in hospital, “Psychic” Sylivia Brown’s son struggles to keep up
  29. Sale of $100M home has Hawaii connections
  30. Omidyar Accidentally Buys Hawaii
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Thursday, March 31, 2011
March 31, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:22 PM :: 6707 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Kauai County News, DHHL, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. No New Taxes! Rally April 15--Kona, Hilo, Kahului, Lihue
  2. 2011 Akaka Bill grants Tribal officials broad immunity from Hawaii Criminal and Civil Laws
  3. 2011 Akaka Bill: More than 73% of Hawaiians not "Qualified" for membership in Akaka Tribe
  4. Tax Freedom Day in Hawaii: April 6
  5. Governor renews push for beverage taxes
  6. Palafox Redux? Wildman withdraws over “unresolved situation”
  7. Hawaii Right to Life: Oppose HCR 71 on HPV vaccination
  8. Supreme Courts seeks Six Volunteers to Discipline Lawyers
  10. ...Hillary Nears All Time High
  11. One Dead In Marine Helicopter Crash Off Kaneohe
  12. Abercrombie backs GE Tax hike on Shipping, Airlines, Cellphone bills
  13. New Akaka Bill Ignores Lingle Concerns
  14. City's deceptive bidding process for rail contract hid $900M in costs
  15. Legislators want to accept $200 bribes from unions, business, pension funds
  16. Abercrombie’s New BoE to do Policy Audit, NOT Financial Audit
  17. SB1284 Designed to force Disabled children back into DoE Schools
  18. Shapiro: Dope Bills all about Money, not ‘Compassion’
  19. Painters’ Union leader arrested at rally
  20. APEC planners: Hawaii will be ready
  21. Hawaii could be fallback site for firms in Japan
  22. Hurricane Fund, Rainy Day Fund wiped out  Just to get thru June
  23. While Abercrombie preaches Doom and Gloom, Stalled condo projects on Oahu move forward
  24. Effort to Amend Kauai Plastic Bag Ban becomes entangled in procedure
  25. Study: Big Isle least healthy in State
  26. FERC approves Wailua hydro
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011
March 30, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:37 PM :: 5405 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. No New Taxes! Rally April 15--Kona, Hilo, Kahului, Lihue
  2. Daily KOS Polls Hawaii Senate Race: Mufi 47–Lingle 40
  3. CoR: Tsunami effect smallish, Weak February tax receipts major factor
  4. COFA Migrations: Field work complete, GAO Audit report due in September
  5. VIDEO: House debates Retirement, Gambling, Insurance—and frozen Bread
  6. HTA addressing “short-term consolidation of flights” by JAL
  7. State honors sacrifice of 17 with medal
  8. Hawaii Visitors Up 11.8% in Feb—so how are tax receipts down?
  9. Pot, Kettle, Black: Abercrombie calls Trump Bankrupt
  10. Forbes: Honolulu most expensive tourist destination, prices up 20% on strong demand
  11. Media Portrays Public as supporting Tax Hikes, Lottery
  12. Cayetano, Slom and Slater plan to sue over rail project
  13. Akaka Bill Reintroduced to Congress
  14. Precisely as Predicted: Hawaii's Race To The Top Delayed
  16. Kauai Dems Name three to Replace Rep Morita
  17. AARP Rallies against Pension Tax, for more spending
  18. Last Appointment: Hee v. Louie
  19. Two Hawaii Labor Trafficking Bills Still Alive
  20. Gay Marriage: Invented in Hawaii for first time in history of human race
  21. Medicaid for non-American non-immigrants?
  22. Japan's tsunami debris headed for West Coast, then Hawaii
  23. Abercrombie Fundraiser to be sentenced on Dope Charges
  24. Punatic Dopers Sue County, demand $5M
  25. Kakaako homeless: where are they now?
  26. Hi Co Furloughs: Council Pressures Kenoi on bargaining position
  27. Zoo accreditation in jeopardy
  28. Tsutsui on Akaka: New definition of Obsequious
  29. Pawlenty Calls Out Trump’s Birtherism
  30. Why Liberals Love the Birthers
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011
March 29, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 11:23 AM :: 5333 Views :: Kauai County News, DHHL, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. No New Taxes! Rally April 15--Kona, Hilo, Kahului
  2. Hawaii Legislature to Honor 16 fallen Heroes
  3. Djou: No plans to seek seat in Senate
  4. Durbin's Flawed Islamophobia Hearing
  5. Rep Brower: “Info Brief Your Ego”
  6. Was Abercrombie Bragging about Secret Labor Settlement?
  7. Delayed Refunds: Abercrombie could use Budget trick he derided as Phony
  8. Senate Ways and Means Committee considers 5% GE Tax
  9. Making The Tax Increase Hidden
  10. State’s Finances Grim, State Agencies Asked to Cut Spending by 10 Percent, Legislators debate excuses needed for GE Tax hike
  11. Soda tax getting another look in Hawaii
  12. Senators seek specifics on Abercrombie's vow to remake government
  13. But Administration Testifies in favor on more spending
  14. Kouchi: What state services do you want to keep? (Peddling Tax Hikes)
  15. DoE Advertiser claims cuts will end Education reform
  16. JAL drops one Honolulu Flight for three weeks in April
  17. Gaming advocates are seizing on the Tsunami panic
  18. Hawaii’s public financing pilot project likely to fall along with Arizona’s campaign law
  19. Alexander to preach Abercrombie to Catholics
  20. “More Federal Funds” Ecos now claim “$10s of Millions in Tsunami damage” to NW Hawaiian Isles
  21. Honolulu City Council Chairman: 'Don't Tell Me I'm a Whore'
  22. Carlisle’s Roads Nominee is stockholder, employee of Contractor CH2M Hill—But Councilmembers approve anyway
  23. Berg, Anderson: Counties being ‘robbed’, State ‘skimming’ TAT
  24. Committee OKs bill to end discount on recycling fees
  25. Maui residents oppose wind farm access road plans
  26. Hawaii WWII Vets Mark Anniversary: Group Plans Celebration For Congressional Gold Medal
  27. Japan nuclear isotope that reached Hawaii identified as iodine-131
  28. Pearl City river considered a breeding ground for mosquitoes
  29. SA: Stop shark tour boat violence
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Monday, March 28, 2011
March 28, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:45 PM :: 5538 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. SB605: Legislators to raise Salary Caps for DoE Bureaucrats?
  2. Redistricting for A Republican Hawaii
  3. Abercrombie to Petty, Bogged Down Legislature: Stop bickering and pointing fingers
  4. Hawaii Wind Developer tied to Largest-ever asset seizure by anti-Mafia police
  5. SB1363 Bag Tax: Greens, Big Business, Big Government team up to Rip Off Consumers
  6. CB: Raising GE Tax “looks increasingly plausible”
  7. ACT 221 Scammers Push for Hawaii Stock Exchange Formation
  8. OHA Homeless Tent City , Akaka Tribe Bills nearing final approval
  9. SA: Poker Bill violates Federal Law
  10. Poker Alliance “dubious” about State regulation of Internet Poker
  11. Alaska looks at Tourism: “Hawaii’s success story”
  12. Japan Airlines cuts flights to Hawaii and other destinations
  13. SA: Palolo Elementary a model for improvement
  14. Isle food stamp use rises As state gives them to families making over $48K/year
  15. Keeping Hawaii Inmates' IDs Out of The Trash
  16. Haleiwa businesses rally around shark tour owner
  17. Senate Judiciary Committee Sitting on Human Trafficking Bill
  18. 9th Circuit Panel Upholds decision in suit against Hawaii's State Historic Preservation Division
  19. 2 Big Island resorts still closed because of tsunami damage
  20. Bill seeks end to city subsidy for recycling
  21. Revisionist History: Godless Senators now consider abolishing Columbus Day
  22. Prominent Chinese blogger charged as crackdown deepens
  23. Birther Trump: I want Hawaii governor 'investigated'
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Sunday, March 27, 2011
March 27, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:57 PM :: 8315 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party, World News, Hawaii History
  1. Djou: Presidential Leadership is Missing in Libya
  2. No New Taxes! Rally April 15--Kona, Hilo, Kahului
  3. Case: Poll shows I whip any Democrat in 2012 Senate Primary
  4. VIDEO: FBI investigating Gulen Charter Schools, parents pulling kids out
  5. Hawaii to keep prisoners on Mainland: Lack of space forces state to continue to bid out for incarceration
  6. Robotics: Six Hawaii Teams headed for St Louis Championships
  7. Still No response from Obama as Hirono, Abercrombie beg for Disaster Declaration
  8. $2900/month from Ewa developer:  Nestor Garcia has ANOTHER side job
  9. HECO to select Cable Contractor, Hand Ratepayers the Bill
  10. Abercrombie uses Kahuku Wind Scam to pressure Lanai, Molokai
  11. Louie’s Record as Chair of Aloha Tower Development Corp should bar confirmation by Senate
  12. Chang: Poker Casinos don’t go far enough
  13. Tsunami justifies push for State Pension Reforms
  14. Hawaii may drain hurricane funds to pay for Abercrombie give aways
  15. Cayetano, Dan Case back Abercrombie’s Judicial secrecy
  16. Ed Case to Decide About Hawaii Senate Bid Soon
  17. Only Four Legislators think Abercrombie’s pet Think Tank is worth $200
  18. SA: Tsunami justifies push to diversify Tourism Market
  19. Democrat Operative pushes to revive Single Casino proposal
  20. Crime in Waikiki: Tourism Industry pushes back against Homelessness Industry
  21. Hawaii medical (sic) marijuana dispensary bill amended—could open up in Waikiki
  22. Alaska Airlines Begins Service to Lihue from Oakland and San Jose 1,000 new visitors every week
  23. Diabetes Program Begins in Vulnerable Marshall Islands
  24. Gay opposition rises against Israel Apartheid Week
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Saturday, March 26, 2011
March 26, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:20 PM :: 6055 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. Prince Kuhio: The bridge from Kingdom to State
  2. Hawaii Internet Poker Bill part of nationwide effort by illegal Gambling Sites
  3. Hotwire: Hawaii hotel rates jump 25%, growth tops nation
  4. Side Effects: Children Face Reduced Access to Coverage Under Obamacare
  5. Waialua HS takes lead in Robotics Regionals
  6. Another Secret Labor Agreement Exposed: Paid Time Off given 4,900 UPW, HGEA members by Abercrombie Admin
  7. Inouye Backs Obama’s Libya War 
  8. Progressives want to silence debate over Senatorial race
  9. Japan Tsunami now becomes excuse to drain Hurricane Fund to pay for Abercrombie Giveaways
  10. Hawaii seeks to protect its unique health law?
  11. Stanford Carr: “Maui Real Estate is booming”
  12. Naval shipyard: “We’re Hiring”
  13. Hawaii House committee chair doesn't want to hear from Ethics Commission
  14. Inouye pushes Kalaupapa flight subsidy for Contributor
  15. Cronies squabble over how to profit from School Closures
  16. OHA’s End-run Bad For All Hawaii
  17. Tobacco tops list as Ethics Commission Releases Lobbying Expense Disclosures
  18. Pearl City residents asked to clean up dengue breeding grounds
  19. Rep Rivere to speak out against North Shore Arsons
  20. The Best and Brightest: Rep Jerry Chang Trapped in London, needs $2800
  21. Maui Internment Camp: “He was treated good”
  22. Plastic ‘disappears’ from garbage patch
  23. Laysan Island completely covered by Tsunami, Seven workers survive
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Friday, March 25, 2011
March 25, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 3:24 PM :: 5964 Views :: Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. Conservatives lead Hawaii GOP--but will they pay for it?
  2. VIDEO: “All Costs for Wind Cable are on the Ratepayer”
  3. Berg, Tamayo to host Community Meeting on Emergency Preparedness, Waimanalo Gulch
  4. “More Federal Funds”: Abercrombie pumps Tsunami claims up to $30.6M
  5. Abercrombie reopens nominations for Commission on Water Resource Management
  6. Borreca: Democrats wrong if they think U.S. Senate race is a slam dunk
  7. Council Chair collects $60,000/year “salary” from Pro-Rail Developers’ group
  8. TRUTH: Hawaii hotels three-fourths full, room rates mostly up
  9. LIES: Hawaii's New Budget Deficit: $1.3 Billion
  10. Hawaii Taxation Report outlines plan to pick your pocket
  11. SB755 Gaming Bill passes Second Read
  12. Online Gambling:  “A Grey, Murky, Quasi-legal Area”
  13. True catastrophe is failure of state leaders
  14. Ethics: Legislators Retaliation threats against Kondo alarming
  15. State Jobs for Life: Hawaii Departments Fired 67 out of 14,000 in 2010
  16. Myron B Thompson Nepotism: Vice principal's bonus and a $175K gift to a support group
  17. Hawaii now an option for military dependents evacuating Japan
  18. St. Francis to resume control of Hawaii Medical
  19. Pastor of Kawaiahao Church reminds critics that the history of his congregation is that it is native Hawaiian but also Christian
  20. Man raped in Lahaina Homeless Tent City
  21. Kahuku Community spilt on Wind Farm as Ribbon Cut
  22. SA: Sink state-run superferry idea
  23. Arson suspected as another shark tour boat burns
  24. Anti-plastic Luddites target food industry
  25. Shinseki still forced to deny rumors spread by 9-11 trooothers
  26. Dengue fever hits Pearl City
  27. Parole Denied in 40-Year-Old Murder Case
  28. Kalaupapa residents lobby for lower airfares after monopoly hikes price to $500
  29. Honolulu TV stations claim wins and growth
  30. Hawaii Parental Rights Amendment to be heard
  31. Human remains found in Sand Island freezer—no foul play suspected?
  32. Birthers Hound Kapiolani Hospital
  33. Hawaii Reporter: World Famous Psychic, Author Sylvia Browne Hospitalized in Hawaii
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Thursday, March 24, 2011
March 24, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 1:33 PM :: 6553 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Kauai County News, DHHL, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. SB218: House Health Committee may save St Francis Hospitals from Closure
  2. Surprise: Gaming bill passes House Committees
  3. House GOP: Democrats Support Gambling Instead of School Supplies for Children
  4. Attorney General demands $170M from Online Travel Companies
  5. Kapolei Shopping Center lease to generate $140M for DHHL
  6. Hawaii Rifle Association annual meeting Sunday
  7. Hilo, Kapaa top list of Drunkest Cities in America
  8. Hawaii: The Worst State to Shop Online
  9. Rep Fontaine supports SB 52 Registration of Sex Offenders
  10. Slom: Gambling & Tax bills bargaining chips for GE Tax hike
  11. Bad Bills Still Alive as Legislation Cross Houses
  12. DoE killing 180 day law with help of Senate Education Committee
  13. Star-Advertiser: Instant Runoff Needed to Prevent Republicans from Winning Elections
  14. House Republicans score 5x the CIP of Dissident Democrats
  15. House Committees Approve Poker Proposal --Surprise Amendment Would Allow Poker Tournaments, On-Line Hosting
  16. Rep Brower gets Schooled on Gambling Law
  17. Things that make you go hmmmm.....THE GAMBLING BAIT AND SWITCH
  18. Council on Revenues will meet Tues to give Abercrombie the numbers he needs to justify Tax hikes
  19. GE Tax Exemption bill Held, more Prep for overall GE Tax Hike
  20. Prep-Work for GE Tax Hike: “Disaster's tourism impact isn't just Japan”
  21. Census: Hawaii 1 of top 5 states in tax growth
  22. HTA to spend $3 million to stampeded Legislature into Hiking GE Tax after Japanese arrivals drop
  23. Judge rejects suit challenging rail survey (nice show for LaHood)
  24. New rail lawsuit takes shape
  25. Feds tout Honolulu rail project
  26. SB367: HECO wants to socialize cable cost, privatize any profit
  27. Electricity utility and state officials will dedicate Oahu’s first large-scale wind farm today
  28. HB680: Bill would abolish Kakaako makai community panel
  29. Kauai Council to Hike Property Taxes $144/year
  30. Election 2012: Kenoi buying Kona Votes with CIP
  31. Cabanilla Resolution: Eliminating NIMBY
  32. Looser ethics bill for legislators will make influence-peddling easier
  33. State Senate Honors Ronald Reagan
  34. Matsumoto in smack down of Berish on ERS
  35. Online Travel Companies Owe Hawaii $170 Million In Unpaid Taxes
  37. Hawaii: 35% of teen Pregnancies end in Abortion
  38. SA: ‘Obamacare’ not so abominable for Hawaii’s Medicare beneficiaries
  39. ILWU Pushing Frozen Bread Bill to boost Love’s
  40. Former GM: Scrap Yard Doesn't Need Subsidy
  41. Murderer may walk streets thanks to Judge Michael Town
  42. Ex-officer admits vandalizing SUV
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011
March 23, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:53 PM :: 7582 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. Legislators, DBEDT support two casinos and Internet Gaming—Amendment violates Federal Law
  2. Hawaii Congressional Delegation AWOL on Libya
  3. 9-11 truthers claim Shinseki running for Hawaii Senate seat, Inouye’s office forced to deny
  4. US Approaching Insolvency, Fix To Be 'Painful': Dallas Federal Reserve Chair Fisher
  5. Only “modest decline” in Japan travel
  6. Shapiro: Governor needs to deliver on vow to do more with less
  7. Abercrombie on Rail:  “It’s all photos and photo-ops right now. I’ve seen those before.”
  8. Honolulu Council plays hardball over Transit Authority
  9. State Still Wants to Cap Counties' Share of TAT
  10. Public Workers “comfortable with furloughs” -- May Be Offered 'Mini Furlough'
  11. Legislators, Big Business push Bag Tax on Hawaii shoppers
  12. First Hawaiian: $1.8M raised for Japan relief
  13. Bill legalizing $200 bribes still alive
  14. HCR107 to investigate secession from United States
  15. SA: DoE Doesn’t need to test students (SB1282)
  16. Panel tables bill over electing attorney general
  17. Mysterious Abercrombie OIP pick Rejects Offer, vanishes
  18. Hawaii Legislature Backs Off Punishing Tourism Publications
  19. Developer: Maui Windfarm to be dead in 25 years
  20. Akaka teams up with 47 Senate Dems to protect Green Energy Scammers
  21. Resurrected: Gambling Inserted into Shell Bill
  22. County mum on felon fire captain
  23. Former Maui officer charged with sex assault, kidnapping
  24. Despite Furloughs, Overtime Down in Most City Departments (Oops!)
  25. Other Cities Report Problems with Honolulu Rail Contractor
  26. County hearing officer recommends Hu Honua permit approval
  27. Hawaiian Elec. in Solar Power Pact
  28. Developer gets approval for new mall on DHHL land in Kapolei
  29. Tsunami, Power Outages Still On Minds Of Many Ewa Residents
  30. Hawaii’s #6 Tax Delinquent ensnared in Calif. building dispute
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011
March 22, 2011 News Read
By Andrew Walden @ 2:11 PM :: 5980 Views :: Hawaii County News, Agriculture, Maui County News, Congressional Delegation, Honolulu County News, Democratic Party, Hawaii State Government, Republican Party
  1. Kucinich, Nader: Obama could be Impeached for Libya War
  2. Tsunami Roulette: Are Kahului fuel tanks and sewage plant at risk?
  3. Regime Change is goal of Obama’s Libya War
  4. Hanabusa still lives at Ko Olina
  5. Subcontractors, airlines, others would pay the GET
  6. UHERO: We still think the economy is going to recover
  7. Borreca Joins Abercrombie’s Doom and Gloom Brigade
  8. Delta: Japan travel decline a 6 to 9 month one time event
  9. Hawaii’s February unemployment holds steady at 6.3%
  10. SA: Reject Abercrombie’s assault on travel media
  11. Is Wildman a Pay-to-Play Judicial Appointment?
  12. Hawaii reapportionment commission forms
  13. SB367: Oahu electric customers would pay for undersea power cable under pending legislation
  14. Green Energy Scammers Panic over 2016 Sunset (HB1270/HB566)
  15. Honolulu Contracts for 80 rail cars at $574M
  16. City Says Rail Contracts Coming in Under Budget; Critics Not Convinced
  17. House Has Approved Government Purchase Of State-Run Superferry
  18. Luddites Frantic as First Application For Factory Fish Farm in U.S. Waters Poised for Approval
  19. BoE Chair Toguchi calls for suspension of 180-day law
  20. “Worse than Furloughs” DoE, BoE promise chaos if Legislature Cuts Budget $110M
  21. Legislature pushes plan to close school, convert to prison
  22. Still Celebrating Islam Day on September 11, Muslims give away shoes in Kalihi, SA helps them raise money
  23. Hawaii County Cuts Spending, Holds line on taxes
  24. OHA $329K buys favor from Hawaiian Orgs
  26. Hokulia Plaintiff: “My Mom, an Eighty Eight Year Old Bar Fly in Kailua-Kona”
  27. Officer probed for crash Sunday after license was revoked
  28. Hawaii Doper Church defeated: Idaho Supreme Court rules against claim that marijuana is a religious sacrament
  29. HMSA applies to raise plan premiums by 4.2%
  30. NLRB: OK To Spy on Your Boss
  31. Threat to internet links? “We need to go out and find out what the hell is happening in Hawaii”
  32. 125th Anniversary of ILWU
  33. Mufi: 'CNMI could learn from Hawaii strategy'
  34. Pacific troops get new leader: The crisis in Japan is a top priority as Francis Wiercinski takes charge
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